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02-08-08: We're baaaack.

The Website Woes are no longer a problem. I've cancelled my two websites with Ipower, going to be a refund for,  and hooked up with If we're lucky this website will be accessible by Chinese New Year.

Ipower Problem: 02-03-08: We're getting the heck out of Dodge. If there's an interruption of service I'm hoping it'll be the last one for a long time. God willing and the creek don't rise.


02-02-08: AVI, Gallery, and Blog are gone. While updating the dynamic webpage, that bit at the top of the Com pages that has links, the server went wonky again. This is an attempt to see if I can publish a page at all.

02-01-08: I'm still rebuilding the website. We're down but not out. If that's all you're curious about you need not read further. If out of morbid curiosity you want to know more then read on....

My blog is toast. I'm bummed. I thought that having a WordPress blog on my own site would keep my posts in a database that I can archive. Silly me for that false hope.

Rebuilding this website, nearly a gig of content, is a slog. It's also emotional, ya know? Like clearing out an attic, going through old stuff. If it was content that didn't belong to me it'd be easy to do, but since I've been sharing my polymer clay journey with y'all for nearly 10 years it's bringing up old memories, most good, some bad, some sad. I think of Syl and Andy who passed away and who were both such a bright presence on the clay list. 

So I'm going to go back to writing rambles instead of starting up another blog, as such, no technorati hits for me. At least rambles I can archive on my HDD at home instead of trusting a fickle database in the control of someone else who isn't emotionally connected with the effort of sharing thoughts.

Anyway, the Biz-Archive doesn't have a separate search engine because the "new server" doesn't support "subsites". Thrilling, that means that has to find another home because that's completely made of separate subsites. Just thinking outloud, but it's the writing on the wall folks. We got to find a host that we can trust not to erase us, give us "improvements' that translate into a reduction of service.

Since the website here has been erased twice, been out of sorts for weeks, I wonder if that's the universe giving me the opening to revamp the site, change things around, retire some stuff that never gets hits, bring forward things I really treasure that's been hidden in cobwebbed cul de sacs. I've held off reorganizing this website because so many people have links to the tutes, but my links are showing as broken on their stats so what's the point?

I am retiring the AVI section since I'm using YouTube. Plus the AVI section takes up tons of space. Demo logs are on the short list because Epson is closing down, the screen shots stored on a half dozen accounts of volunteers has to be saved, stored, and links changed and it's all due to the demos. That's a powerful hunk of work and disk space. So I'm wondering if it's worth it. Does anyone read the demologs? I doubt it. I wonder if only some of the best demo shots should be salvaged? Still thinking outloud here. 

01-30-08: Ipower erased the entire site again reinstalling FrontPage Extensions a second time. As Aunty Entity said in "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" ...."We shall rebuild!"

01-29-08: Well evidently it isn't just my website that's been having problems with Ipower web host. I did a search "Ipower FrontPage transition problems" and found that a lot of Ipower customers are moving their websites to another web host. Looks like that's what I'll have to do after two weeks of the same problem not being solved, having my website deleted so they could "fix" things on their end and still experiencing the same problems as I did since the transition. I feel bad for people who use their website to make their income. I can't even consider working on the e-commerce section of my site until it's moved to another webhost.

01-28-08: The website is being reloaded bit by bit. It's taking longer than expected. The "Gallery" got goofed up and the content created since the last back up still needs to be rebuilt.

01-24-08 Ever since my web host "transitioned" this website to a new server I've had problems editing, saving, you name it. Push came to shove and this website had to be deleted and the back up from my computer uploaded. That means that any new content that I had from 01-05-08 to 01-24-08 has got to be rebuilt.


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