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Family Index - 05-31-07 Blue Moon: Some things happen rarely, like this second full moon in a month, today's full moon. So these two pictures are the "Once in a blue moon" collection. Family events that are special and rare.

05-11-07: Family has been my focus the last couple of weeks. The picture below has four half brothers. From left to right: Bushyaib, Said, Nafie and Ibrahim. Bushyaib and Said are my boys and they have different fathers. Said, Nafie and Ibrahim have the same father and three different mothers. This is an important picture because we thought that Nafie was "lost to us" and getting the half brothers together was a big deal. They all needed a shave though.

05-27-07: NaNa, Said and Bushyaib. This is an important picture because it was the first time since 1989 that my Mother visited my home. She had not seen the artwork I've been making these last seven years. So it was a big deal moment.


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