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American Craft Show - 08-15-08: San Francisco: Elise Winters
It was Elise Winters who sent me a post card about the
American Craft Show that I knew about it at all.

I went to thank her for sending me the post card and
evidently it was because I joined the National Polymer
Clay Guild that she had my address at all.

She had not heard of CITY-o-Clay or my website
because, as she said, she didn't do much with the
That's her website

But then she remembered something not linked to her
website that she has been putting computer time into
and that's the Polymer Art Archive. She wrote it down
on the back of another postcard and gave it to me.

That's new to me, I've only check the site to make
sure the link was correct. I think we'll be visiting
that archive over and over.

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