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American Craft Show - 08-15-08: San Francisco: FordForlano
I got to meet and shake the hand of Steven Ford, who is the partner of David Forlano. The both of them used to work under the name of "City Zen Cane".

Now they are at this website.

Steven said, "Yeah, we realized it's been 20 years since we starting on this journey so we put together a retrospective, time line sort of thing." and he hands me this rectangle fold out cardboard thing with pictures of their time line.

You can see it on their website by going to the archive and rolling your mouse over the thumbnails.

I have to admit that I was a giddy as a school girl meeting Steven Ford. "I feel like a groopie!" I confessed.

I told him about CITY-o-Clay and how when we got started is when he and David started using real silver with their work. But that they both were inspiration to so many polymer clay artists. They were "icons" to us in the early days.

He smiled modestly, being only human and a very nice down to earth guy. "Oh the ClayMates are not going to believe I shook your hand."

I talked to another polymer clay artist afterwards and she said,

"Don't wash that hand for a week!"

Do check out Steven and David's website. What they do with polymer clay is still inspiring.

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