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American Craft Show - 08-15-08: San Francisco: Gild The Lily
Gild The Lily

This is the artist who said I shouldn't wash my hand for a week after shaking hands with Steven Ford.

Jacquelyn Rice I believe her name is. I'm sorry that I didn't make sure it wasn't Uosis Joudvalkis. My bad.

Look under 2007, new work, brooches.

Now these brooches were just awesome. Some of the most unique use of polymer clay that I've seen anywhere.

She said, "We're going to be putting more new pins on the website, so tell your ClayMates to come back to see the new things. Ok?"

The pins and brooches I saw were more amazing than the ones from 2007. She has leaves there that looked like they were just plucked from the tree. I don't know if they were real leaves encased in polymer clay or if they were clay leaves. We were chatting too much about other things that I didn't ask her about technique.

The pins were organic, wistful, lovely. I didn't even have the presence of mind to check out the garments because the pins had caught my eye and I was on the look out for polymer clay artwork.

She was warm and welcoming, supportive and fun. She wished me well in teaching online for free. That was nice of her.


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