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American Craft Show - 08-15-08: San Francisco: Kayrn Kozak
Karyn Kozak was one of the most fun people I chatting with at the American Craft Show. Her artwork is as colorful and eccentric as she is.

She used to have a domain "kkozak..." but it expired and someone else bought it so if you find articles with the old website url know that she admits to not being that computer savy. Her current website doesn't have much to show, but there are examples of her work there and if one did an online search for her name you'll see more examples of her artwork.

One brilliant thing she did do at her booth was to cure polymer clay at different parts of the process. She had one cured bit of snakes of gradation of color going from a light blue to a purple. Just the snakes stacked and then cured. Then she had a 4 square block of reduced checkerboard design. "I used to have square partly cut off. Curled down, ya know? But someone broke it off." and she rolled her eyes. Then there was a third cured cane that had many designs on it and it was in the process of being reduced.

After years of people asking her if the items were "painted" she cured these "in process" polymer clay canes to show people how the designs are made.

I told her it was brilliant.

She was fun and away from the crowd has a wicked sense of humor.

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