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American Craft Show - 08-15-08: San Francisco: Sarah Shriver
Sarah Shriver was also a fun person to chat with. I waited until the artists were alone before approaching them. I don't have money to spend on their artwork but I wanted to share their work with all y'all here.

Sarah's cane work boarders on magic. I tell ya true. There's not only a lot of detail but the choice of colors and the blending all work together to give designs that are organic, soothing, metaphysical in some weird way. I'm using the old meaning of "weird" as in spiritual.

You got to see it to believe it.

Sarah was very friendly, thought my African inspired chop and toss necklace was "festive". She's a local gal so I do think that helped in our being able to communicate. She was impressed that I teach for free and no she didn't recall hearing about CITY-o-Clay or about my website, which is alright. That we know about her is more important.

I asked her for permission to share her work and link her to my website and she said she would be pleased, "I don't have any proprietary feelings towards my work." she said.

We talked about teaching and I shared with her that I've been asked whether I was afraid to share technique with the general public, for fear of someone else using my technique. She and I both laughed merrily dismissing that fear.

I said, "Sure, here, go ahead, there's only 4,327 steps to this technique. Be my guest."

She laughed and added, "And you know, if they get to step 4,325 they most likely would have veered off into their own unique expression."

She was friendly, kind and supportive. That goes a long way in my book.


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