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01-07-09 - Blends More On Blends
For those who are new we have a "blends" page and there's some sections that show how to make a blend without a pasta machine.

Most new clayers only know about the "Skinner Blend", where two colors are over lapped and then folded in half and pressed in a pasta machine. One repeats that fold and press about two dozen times.

There is an easy breezy way to make a blend where you only press a half dozen times. After the first fold and press roll up the sheet and TWIST it, like a wet wash cloth. Compress and pinch off along one edge and stick that in the pasta machine. Do that 6 times and you'll get those colors blended.
Here are demo screen shots showing how to twist the blend when blending by hand.

If you have a pasta machine you can press between twisting. If you don't have a pasta machine those demo screen shots will show you how to blend by hand. Something I wish someone had shown me before I bought my first pasta machine.

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