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10-05-09: Ocean Jasper and The Challenge
Maybe there isn't a tutorial made for Ocean Jasper. Maybe it's up to us to figure it out. Check out this link, it will take you to a picture of Ocean Jasper.
Ok, this is how we reverse engineer anything in nature.

Your mission is, should you decide to take it, would be to do two things... well maybe three or more things, but basically two things....
1) Identify the colors you see, for extra credit points (not that there are any) - How would you go about mixing those colors that are obviously not straight out of the pack?
2) Identify what is a snake and what is a sheet in the design. Hot TIP: Remember if it's a dot in the picture it's a snake in the cane, if it is a line in the picture, it's a sheet in the cane.
If the there is a gradation of color that's a blend
That's all there is to cane, the rest is fiddeling with the bits, layering, cutting, stacking, reiterating and then doing the moon walk across your kitchen and farting out the window.
It's easier than you think.
If you really want to put an extra petal on your discipline daisy, copy that picture and with PhotoShop or some other graphics program, put arrows to different colors and identify them with text. Upload that on to Flickr or here in our shared photo area and you will be the grand winner of
A) Our never ending admiration
B) Angels will suck wind in through their teeth
C) Neo of Matrix will say "Whoa"
D) The Dali Lama will give you a squint, smile, and a thumbs up.
Take your pick of one prize.
So .... you game? You up for this mission impossible in polymer clay reverse engineering of real stuff in nature?
Nora-who can't stop laughing-Jean

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