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12-09-09: Save Our Site

Some of you might know that my husband left me in June and my son, Tosh and his girlfriend Amy have been living with me, supporting the apartment.

Now the recession has hit us hard. Amy lost her job and the unemployment check is delayed due to a computer malfunction at EDD in Sacramento. Tosh's usual employer doesn't have work for him until a client gets paid by a large corporation.

The rent, phone and utilities are paid up until the end of the year but after that I don't know what is going to happen with us. If I lose this apartment, the phone line, this website will stop having new content and in a few months it will disappear.

I am putting out an SOS. Help me save our site. I say it is "our" site because I've been providing free tutorial for nearly 10 years and I don't ask for membership fees nor do I try to sell you anything.

If you want this website to continue I need your help. I don't have a non-profit number to give to you so you can deduct any contribution off of your taxes. Any contribution would be only rewarded with my appreciation. I've set up an email account with gmail:  My Yahoo email is connected to my AT&T account and if I lose this phone line I can't be contacted that way.

If you trust me and believe what I say is true and not some con-job, you can use my paypal link below for contributions of any amount.

Official PayPal Seal

I thank you in advance for any contribution you can spare.


Nora Jean

12-10-09: I'm updating my google blog about this situation. My two blogs on this website will disappear along with this website if I take a tumble.


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