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Air Dried Clay: 10-13-09: Chatting with Maureen Carlson on Arts-Insights about ADC. I had dropped her a note about COC experimenting with Air Dry Clay and told her the brands we've used. She wrote back and asked for that information again.


I have samples of
that's what is on the package

LaDoll Karen Rhodes has her own label on the package
Padico-Japan is also on the label

Makin's Air Dry clay
The samples of different colors and extruder tools were sent to me in Oct. 2006. I just now dug the box out and opened it to answer your question. Now that my soon to be ex-husband has moved out I can think of giving some of these sample products some attention. Can't do air dry clay in an apartment with a chain smoker. Now the air is clear in more than one way.

Eva, a ClayMate and volunteer for CITY-Lists yahoo groups has working with Darwi, LaDoll, Premix, Creative Paperclay, and Das.

Astrid, a ClayMate and volunteer for CITY-Lists yahoo groups has worked with Premix, Artista, and Hearty.

See their observations on this web section:

Sorry for just getting back to you on this. I had to find that box of Makin's clay. I'm still stunned that I hadn't even opened it. The last couple of years have been disorienting. Now I'm an oriented oriental. LOL



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