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Air Dried Clay Astrid's Insights - 001: LaDoll, Premix, and Artista ADC 09-01-09

Posted to CITY-o-Clay

I have tried LaDoll and Premix air-dry clay before, trying to make a sculpt of an old man, but it didn't really work out that great for me but to each his/her own.... I think it is not so much the clay itself but more that I tried something big (as in intricate) before I really got to know the clay. For now the Old Man is sitting in my closet, watching over my other supplies LOL Maybe, when I have enough time, I will pick him back up and sand down his face etc.

As to what Eva describes as the differences between the clays, the Artista that I use does have that marshmellowy feel to it and it feels like working with a weird very light substance. For me, it does have the positive thing that I can make the clay very very thin (even as thin as paper) for my flowers. Also, since it comes primarily in white, you can color the clay by pre-mixing acrylic paint in it. For my flowers that works better than painting it afterwards, since it makes the petals look more natural. At least I think so...

I have attached 2 links about the clay. The homepage of the company I buy it through is in Dutch, but they have the site in an English translation too.
This link tells you about the clay in general. I have tried the colored clays (mostly red) but the consistency/feel of the clay is completely different and feels more like stretched out, chewed up bubblegum... I think they sell it under the name "Hearty".
This link shows examples of flowers people made with them and I have to say I absolutely LOVE what they look like.

Imho it would be awesome for truckers because it is not messy at all, doesn't stick to your hands and you can add pieces to it even after it has dried. Just wet the clay and on it goes :)

For Trace: I have so many packs of the clay that it will last me over 2 lifetimes so I won't miss one or two packs if you want to try it :)



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