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Air Dried Clay Astrid's Insights - 002: Artista and Hearty 09-02-09


Artista and Hearty are 2 different clays. It is said that the Hearty can be used as a coloring for Artista, but the consistency is totally different. Where the Artista is really lightweight and feels like marshmellow, the Hearty clay is also lightweight but to me it feels like chewy bubblegum that has been in your mouth too long LOL I don't know how else to describe it.

Since I pre-color the Artista with acrylic paint for my flowerpetals, it is hard to make a good red. All my tries always ended up as some shade of pink (btw...I absolutely hate the color pink!) so I tried making the petals for red roses with pure Hearty and it is a completely different consistency.



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