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Brummett is my Maiden Name
The origin of the name Brummett is English and the Coat of Arms contains A blue shield displaying a silver fesse, two gold leopards' faces, a red crown and two black fleur-de-lis. The Crest is A red crown, a unicorn's head and a rose. The family motto is

Concordia Res Crescunt

Harmony Increases Business

We have written an 1800-word history on the Brummett family name. A small excerpt from this history:


Spelling variations include: Broomhead, Bromeheuede, Bromehed, Broomehed, Bromhead and many more.

First found in in Yorkshire, where they were seated from ancient times.

concord.ia ADJ 3 2 NOM P N POS concord.ia ADJ 3 2 ACC P N POS concordis, concorde, concordior -or -us, concordissimus -a -um ADJ Late agreeing, concurring; like-minded; united, joint, shared; peaceful, harmonious concordi.a N 1 1 NOM S F concordi.a N 1 1 ABL S F concordia, concordiae N F concurrence, mutual agreement, harmony; rapport, amity, concord; union; friend concord.ia ADJ 3 1 NOM P N POS concord.ia ADJ 3 1 ACC P N POS concors, concordis (gen.), concordior -or -us, concordissimus -a -um ADJ agreeing, concurring; like-minded; united, joint, shared; peaceful, harmonious *                 N      5 1 NOM S F                         N      5 1 NOM P F                         N      5 1 ACC P F                 
res, rei  N  F  
thing; event, business; fact; cause; property; (res familiaris => property);
res                  N      9 9 X   X N                 
res                 N    Late  uncommon
res; (20th letter of Hebrew alphabet); (transliterate as R);
cresc.unt            V      3 1 PRES ACTIVE  IND 3 P    
cresco, crescere, crevi, cretus  V  INTRANS  
come forth/to be; arise/spring (from); be born; become visible/great; grow (up
thrive, increase (size/number/honor), multiply; ascend; attain, be promoted;


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