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LeafManTin - Demo Index

Sunday Demo - Log 1- Mixing Green, Easy Breezy Blend, Jelly Roll for Mini Food

bonsaikathy has joined the conference.

posey4u has joined the conference.

little38chevy has joined the conference.

mommaclara2001 has joined the conference.

blank274 has joined the conference.

mommaclara2001: Hello
little38chevy: hello e 1
little38chevy: ty nj
blank274: hi.  First time at one of these
norajean_sf: getting set up
posey4u: Hi everyone
norajean_sf: I need to send a post to the list that
we're getting ready
little38chevy: ((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) nice to
see old and new friends
posey4u: Jenny has her cam going too
little38chevy: cool
bonsaikathy: NJ do you want me to send notice
norajean_sf: Just did BK, thanks
posey4u: KEWL...KEWL..2 cams
bonsaikathy: ok
huntmommy has joined the conference.

huntmommy: hi
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to start my webcam and then
send you all invites to open it. Hey Kris, hold on to
your hat.
huntmommy: i'm so excited
bonsaikathy: what's on the menu
bonsaikathy: :)
You have invited blank274 to view your webcam.

You have invited bonsaikathy to view your webcam.

bonsaikathy: sadie?
You have invited huntmommy to view your webcam.

You have invited little38chevy to view your webcam.

You have invited mommaclara2001 to view your webcam.

You have invited posey4u to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Invites to cam sent out
little38chevy: ty nj
norajean_sf: who is new to Demo?
blank274: That would be me
norajean_sf: and Kris
huntmommy: i'm new
norajean_sf: ok, so everyone comes to know one another
let's do a roll call, first name and location please
blank274: do I need to have a webcam to view the
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
blank274: Ginny, West Virginia
bonsaikathy: no you don't
huntmommy: kris, London, ontario canada
posey4u: Marsha...Clearfield Pa.
norajean_sf: I got my head wrap on, bad hair day
norajean_sf: waving Hello
posey4u: you look Kewl NJ
norajean_sf: you're too kind
huntmommy: my son waved
blank274: shoot hubby just got home!  Will join you
guys in a little while!
norajean_sf: bigger and darker font please Kris, I got
Old Eyes
norajean_sf: ok Ginny
blank274 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Ok, next week end we're going to be
sculpting faces
huntmommy: better?
little38chevy: i stepped away and lost web cam
rschneiter1963 has joined the conference.

mommaclara2001: Clara WV
bonsaikathy: much better
norajean_sf: whew, that's much better
huntmommy: k
You have invited rschneiter1963 to view your webcam.

bonsaikathy: Hi Bec
rschneiter1963: hi I went to messenge you and I got
booted lol
bonsaikathy: :)
morganalilith387 has joined the conference.

wingsbe2 has joined the conference.

rschneiter1963: what we going to do today?
little38chevy: nj could you please try again for
You have invited wingsbe2 to view your webcam.

You have invited morganalilith387 to view your webcam.

little38chevy: its telling me we are using different
version of yahoo
norajean_sf: sent invites to cam
little38chevy: i have newest
norajean_sf: that's odd Jackie
little38chevy: i had it then  poof left
norajean_sf: but you can see the cam
little38chevy: no
little38chevy: it was up
norajean_sf: odd it showed you as seeing it, I'll send
another cam invite
You have invited little38chevy to view your webcam.

huntmommy: it did that to me too but it was in my tool
little38chevy: tyvm
huntmommy: i just had to reclick it
bonsaikathy: so what's on the agenda NJ
bonsaikathy: is this the sadie show
bonsaikathy: :)
little38chevy: tyvm nj
norajean_sf: that's a good question Bonsai Kathy
norajean_sf: I was asking everyone here if starting on
face sculpting was ok with them
bonsaikathy: sure is with me
norajean_sf: but if we have some new clayers maybe we
should start out with a blend
norajean_sf: do some basic techniques
norajean_sf: it's up to all y'all here
norajean_sf: so who's up for basic techniques for a
bonsaikathy: those sound good to me also
little38chevy: sure go for it
morganalilith387: i'm still hoping to catch some mini
food demos, if my work schedule will ever permit, but
i'll be happy with whatever the group is interested in
norajean_sf: the Easy Breezy Blend, bulls eye, stacked
sheets, chevron flip?
posey4u: hey gang I bought a bunch of books all I need is my gun & extruder...ya I
can use another lesson
huntmommy: ack my webcam just disappeared
norajean_sf: these basic techniques will be used over
and over.
rschneiter1963: how do you use one of them extruders?
You have invited huntmommy to view your webcam.

rschneiter1963: I mean for what?
bonsaikathy: yes, leaf cane well you're at it maam, if
you don't mind, I need to make one for my glasses I'm
norajean_sf: sent another cam invite to you Kris
huntmommy: got it
huntmommy: thank you
bonsaikathy: you take the clay and put it in the
extruder and then push the blunger through and it
makes shapes
rschneiter1963: for....
bonsaikathy: there are numerous disks to put in the
rschneiter1963: OH like my little hand one I dont like
bonsaikathy: stars, hearts, ovals, grass disks, etc.
rschneiter1963: kind of like a metal hypo
bonsaikathy: yes
norajean_sf: so let's start preparing the clay with
chopping it off the block and putting it in the food
processor, when it chops and whirls into a ball then
I'll do a "taffy pull" that redistributes the
plasticizers. Then I'll press sheets of clay. Ok?
bonsaikathy: ok
esther_reeves has joined the conference.

bonsaikathy: Hi Esther
posey4u: ok
esther_reeves: Hi
norajean_sf: Hey Esther
bonsaikathy: NJ is conditioning her clay and getting
You have invited esther_reeves to view your webcam.

esther_reeves: so I see. Hi NJ
bonsaikathy: slicing it thin, it will then go in the
rschneiter1963: do you just run it til it turns into a
bonsaikathy: when it forms a ball and is warm she'll
pull and redistribute the plasitcizers in the clay
bonsaikathy: conditions it
bonsaikathy: makes it easier to work with
little38chevy: i have nothing set up so will watch
today, kids cleaned up and moved everything
little38chevy: looking for everything,lol
mommaclara2001: Oh my.:D
bonsaikathy: by the way folks, just as a tip, things
like food processors and pasta machines and also
toaster ovens, all can be had if you watch the yard
sales for about 2-5$
danjefsel has joined the conference.

You have invited danjefsel to view your webcam.

rschneiter1963: going to look for one!
norajean_sf: danjefsel, introduce yourself honey
rschneiter1963: hurts my hands to condition
bonsaikathy: I've bought 2 toaster ovens for 3$ each
at yard sales and both have worked well
esther_reeves: I've just been moving everything so
builders can start work downstairs so i can't get to
anything either
bonsaikathy: ok NJ is stretching the clay no
bonsaikathy: now
norajean_sf: ok
morganalilith387: it's selena!!!!   hi selena :D
bonsaikathy: to redistribute the plasticizer
whwatson3733 has joined the conference.

You have invited whwatson3733 to view your webcam.

bonsaikathy: making long ribbons through the pasta
norajean_sf: ok, so yellow and blue makes... what?
morganalilith387: green
huntmommy: I'm finally back
huntmommy: can you send me a webcam invite again
huntmommy: sorry
little38chevy: wb
You have invited huntmommy to view your webcam.

wingsbe2: Green I believe
norajean_sf: so instead of using green out of the pack
we can mix our own green hues.
norajean_sf: so if I add a little yellow to blue we
get ....?
danjefsel has joined the conference.

rschneiter1963: a mess in my case
little38chevy: green
wingsbe2: green
You have invited danjefsel to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: a dark green, if we add a little blue to
yellow we get?
little38chevy: light green
rschneiter1963: light green?
norajean_sf: great
morganalilith387: dk green, or maybe teal
norajean_sf: let's do that then first and then blend
the two different greens together
huntmommy: hi selena
norajean_sf: ok?
huntmommy: i lost my web cam again
danjefsel: :) hello
You have invited huntmommy to view your webcam.

morganalilith387: wb selena :D
danjefsel: I made my first fimo today, thought it
would be fun to watch the show and maybe learn a
little:)  I am Selena and I make wire core fairy dolls
and accessories:)
rschneiter1963: waht is she doing?
danjefsel: and Lissa showed me thhe site and I shared
it with Kris;)
little38chevy: hello all <<<<<<Jackie
mommaclara2001: Sounds good Selena.
norajean_sf: I cut a big bit of blue and am adding a
little yellow. Then I cut a larger yellow and am
adding a little blue.
norajean_sf: we'll see what colors of green they make,
rschneiter1963: oh ok thanks
norajean_sf: here's a quick way to mix the colors.
morganalilith387: ok, this makes sossssss much sense.
 by rolling out the clay, you can see that you've got
pretty much exact proportions... much better than my
way of a pinch of this and a pinch of that, lol
morganalilith387: i mean soooooooooooooooo much sense,
danjefsel: like soap;)
rschneiter1963: she is rolling and twisting and
rschneiter1963: oh!!!!!  Like I did my pens!
huntmommy: i've been doing the pinching too
bonsaikathy: for those with a small black font, NJ has
requested that if possible you increase the font size
a bit and change the color or make it bolder please
bonsaikathy: she said her eyes are old, lol
rschneiter1963: ok
morganalilith387: s'okay.  my eyes are old too, lol
danjefsel: ok
danjefsel: :)
bonsaikathy: thanks, perfect
esther_reeves: OK hope this is big enough
bonsaikathy: yes and if you'll hit the B it will make
it bold, thanks ladies
bonsaikathy: it's just easier for those with old eyes
to read easier :)
danjefsel: my eyes are young but poor ;)
bonsaikathy: NJ has wrapped the larger sheet around
the smaller and twisted to blend the colors together
and make the respective green shades
bonsaikathy: she has a blue green and a yellow green
rschneiter1963: why the wax paper?
norajean_sf: because my work surface is green
norajean_sf: it's easier to see the different hues
rschneiter1963: oh ok
huntmommy has joined the conference.

bonsaikathy: pretty colors NJ
You have invited huntmommy to view your webcam.

rschneiter1963: if you mixed teh blue and yellow and
it looked more bluey just add more yellow?
huntmommy: so that is basically about 1/4 mix?
bonsaikathy: yes
little38chevy has left the conference.

norajean_sf: now if we want to lighten these up we can
add white or pearl
norajean_sf: and get a more pastel color. Shall we do
a blend with white and pearl to these two greens?
bonsaikathy: and likewise to darken you can add a tiny
bit of black
bonsaikathy: For those that are color challenged you
can see the difference you can get by varying the
amount of one color over the other, same exact colors
mixed but you got two totally different shades of
norajean_sf: ok a bit about blends
norajean_sf: people measure and stress
norajean_sf: no need
norajean_sf: as long as there's some over lap then
you're ok
norajean_sf: people stress about exact measures
rschneiter1963: when you do this do you keep it on the
same setting?
norajean_sf: always the widest settings
norajean_sf: but I'm not doing a skinner blend
rschneiter1963: ok no stressing anymore
norajean_sf: that's when you fold the two colors over
and press a couple of dozen times, right?
norajean_sf: I'll press 6 times
rschneiter1963: umm yes?
norajean_sf: because between each pressing I twist the
clay like a wet wash cloth
norajean_sf: watch
bonsaikathy: now over lap a bit and then roll and
norajean_sf: pinch it after compressing it inward so
the rollers have something to grab on to
bonsaikathy: green to one side and white to the other
bonsaikathy: a wedge shape
bonsaikathy: lay flat and always keeping the colors
white on oneside and green on the other roll again
norajean_sf: bringing someone in
nefret111 has joined the conference.

bonsaikathy: she'll do this about 6 times
You have invited nefret111 to view your webcam.

rschneiter1963: white to white?
bonsaikathy: and for those new to our demos we do
virtual scribing or what I'm doing describing what
she's doing so that when the logs are sent through
folks will understand what is going and
bonsaikathy: on
bonsaikathy: and yes Bec
bonsaikathy: that's right white to white and green to
bonsaikathy: and as you can see each pass blends the
colors in the middle a little bit more
nefret111: kathy, what is the project today, pls?
huntmommy: so when its all finihsed it will be a
shaded peice blending into each other?
bonsaikathy: we are doing a few basic techniques,
right now the easy breezy blend
bonsaikathy: yes
nefret111: thanks kathy
bonsaikathy: that's correct
bonsaikathy: welcome
everclay has joined the conference.

bonsaikathy: see the center becomes a pretty blend of
both colors
huntmommy: is this similar to the blend you woudl do
if you were making bread?
nefret111: so this twisting step means that she skips
having to put it throught the PM so many times?
bonsaikathy: if you mean the skinner blend, it is but
this is an easier method of doing it
bonsaikathy: yes exactly
everclay: Hi there
nefret111: thanks
bonsaikathy: welcome aboard
rschneiter1963: what did she just do?  pop bubbles?
bonsaikathy: yes
mommaclara2001: Hi Everclay
You have invited everclay to view your webcam.

everclay: thank you
bonsaikathy: because if you leave them, they'll just
get worse with each pass
huntmommy: good to know
everclay: and thx for the visual, too
bonsaikathy: thanks for changing your font and making
it a bit bolder
norajean_sf: 6 passes through the pasta machine
bonsaikathy: easier to read:)
huntmommy: beautiful
nefret111: wow - what a time-saver
everclay: is this better
norajean_sf: now I'm going to fold this blend so I can
get a long ribbon with the light color at one end and
the dark color at the other end, after that I'll do a
jelly roll
bonsaikathy: perfect thanks
huntmommy: are you using the widest setting?
bonsaikathy: ok she's folded it so that it will go
through the pasta machine short side first
norajean_sf: now I'll roll it up with the lighter bit
in the middle
bonsaikathy: ends up with a very long ribbon light to
bonsaikathy: you can roll either form the lightest end
first or from the dark depends on what you want to do
with this
bonsaikathy: it would be nice if I could spell, :)
everclay: your spelling looks fine to me
bonsaikathy: she has ended up with a jelly roll in the
center and dark on the outside
nefret111: looks like a nice green onion
norajean_sf: that's a jelly roll with a blend
nefret111: or a leek
norajean_sf: good observation let me show you
something, getting a link
danjefsel: Veggies yae!
huntmommy: <:-P
norajean_sf: 2002-Sushi-01j
norajean_sf: spring onions or green onions depending
on where you're from
norajean_sf: it's just a blend like we just did
norajean_sf: but we keep the width of the ribbon the
length of the spring onion
nefret111: wow - how apropos!
norajean_sf: ok, now if this jelly roll was made with
yellow in the center?
norajean_sf: check that out, so easy it should be
everclay: luckily it's not
nefret111: oh yum!
huntmommy: awesome
norajean_sf: do a jelly roll blend with orange and
yellow in the center and get a good carrot worth
slicing, I'll get a link
bonsaikathy: and looks like if you add a teensy bit of
maybe orange or peach you'll end up with the exact
color of the inside
norajean_sf: look at the carrot slices here
nefret111: and the yummy translucent things
norajean_sf: and here too
bonsaikathy: on the half hour can we take a quick
break, I'm getting the look from the aussie here,
Lucy, she's saying Mom it's time to feed me:)
norajean_sf: good call Bonsai Kathy
huntmommy: so the carrot sticks are just tiny canes,
baked and cut while hot?
norajean_sf: I'll save log while folks check out the
jelly roll blends that make good mini food. Cut raw
norajean_sf: saving log, brb
bonsaikathy: ok


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