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LeafManTin - Demo Index

Sunday Demo - Log 2 - Chevron Flip with Sandwich veins

norajean_sf: I'll save log while folks check out the
jelly roll blends that make good mini food. Cut raw
norajean_sf: saving log, brb
bonsaikathy: ok
huntmommy: will it not squish?
bonsaikathy: if it's too soft you can stick it in the
fridge temporarily
huntmommy: ah, thanks for the tip
norajean_sf: ok, log saved
bonsaikathy: it's a good one to remember as it will
make things stiff enough that you can do that
rschneiter1963: I gotta question
norajean_sf: yes
bonsaikathy: ok well you were saving log I was able to
go feed her real quick, she was doing somersaults, lol
bonsaikathy: high in the air
You have invited esther_reeves to view your webcam.

huntmommy: :))
rschneiter1963: say I actually had a leaf cane and I
wanted to slice it real thin how do you do that?  it
seems when I slce that I get thin at the top and
thicker at the bottom
norajean_sf: let the cane rest, or put it in the
fridge for a bit
norajean_sf: rotate the cane between slices
norajean_sf: break the surface of the cane like when
you slice tomatoes, then bare down on the blade, use a
sharp blade
norajean_sf: when the surface tensions isn't broken
first there's a chance for smearing
bonsaikathy: and it's a good idea to not try to slice
right after you work with it
bonsaikathy: it's too soft and mush at that point
norajean_sf: just saw a bit on the edge of the cane
and then bare down on the blade
huntmommy: so you can actually slice cane raw and save
huntmommy: i always thought you had to cook first
norajean_sf: I have mini food cane that's years old
norajean_sf: raw
huntmommy: this is soo good to know
norajean_sf: if I need some hard boiled egg I pull out
this hella old cane
rschneiter1963: would razor blades be good?
pcajenny has joined the conference.

everclay: Hi Jenny
You have invited pcajenny to view your webcam.

mommaclara2001: Hi Jenny
norajean_sf: I suggest tissue blades, you can get them
at ClayAlley I'm sure
stargazer_sbpcg has joined the conference.

everclay: Hi Jean
You have invited stargazer_sbpcg to view your webcam.

pcajenny: hi
bonsaikathy: darned dog, feed her and she still won't
give up a whisker for the cause
mommaclara2001: HiJean
norajean_sf: Let's do roll call with all the new folks
bonsaikathy: Hi Jean
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
pcajenny: Jenny Pat NW Minnesota
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Eva, Jenny, Kathy, NJ, Mary, etc.
everclay: Eva - Denmark
huntmommy: kris Ont, canada
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville, WV
esther_reeves: Esther, Coventry, England
stargazer_sbpcg: Jean - SF-ish, California
posey4u: Marsha Clearfield Pa
rschneiter1963: Bec Marion Iowa
morganalilith387: lissa, pittsburgh-ish, pa
wingsbe2: Mary in Indy
stargazer_sbpcg: lol
norajean_sf: ish? LOL
stargazer_sbpcg: as in "nearby"
morganalilith387: exactly, lol
norajean_sf: like you are to me Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: yup
morganalilith387: i'm about 30 miles north of
posey4u: are you close to me in central pa
posey4u: yikes you must be real close
morganalilith387: i'm pretty far west
norajean_sf: Ok, it's the half hour. I'm going to do
biologicals, smoke em if you got em, brb
posey4u: are you near the ohio line
bonsaikathy: ok and will do the same other than smoke
here, lol
bonsaikathy: brb
morganalilith387: relatively speaking, i'm pretty
close to ohio.
everclay: brb - getting coffee
morganalilith387: as the crow flies, really close, but
driving the curvy roads, probably half an hour.
posey4u: well your closer than California
you know where I 80 is
morganalilith387: yes
tlt1946 has joined the conference.
posey4u: well im from Mercer exit 2  just go 119 miles
& thats where Im at now
You have invited tlt1946 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: does everyone have my cam open?
morganalilith387: ah.  i'm in zelienople.   mercer
isn't too far from me.
morganalilith387: yes :)
posey4u: yes I do
wingsbe2: yup
norajean_sf: I'm going to sandwich lighter clay inside
of sheets of darker clay to make veins and a center
line for a leaf. Then I'll mash this jelly roll blend
and do a chevron flip.
everclay: yes
posey4u: when I go home we should get together I have
a friend in Mercer who also wants to learn claying
tlt1946: oops, someone at the door....short visit this
time.......thanks anyway
tlt1946 has left the conference.

pcajenny: lol
beadyeyedbrat has joined the conference.

everclay: Hi Kim
beadyeyedbrat: Hiya
You have invited beadyeyedbrat to view your webcam.

stargazer_sbpcg: hi Kim!
posey4u: hey Kim
beadyeyedbrat: Hi Jean
rschneiter1963: ok back did I miss anything?
beadyeyedbrat: Nj is wearing leopard. What a surprise!
bonsaikathy: NJ is going to sandwich lighter clay in
to do veins and do a chevron flip
rschneiter1963: thanks
beadyeyedbrat: Kewl
beadyeyedbrat: Ze plug!
bonsaikathy: for those just coming in, NJ has done
color mixing, easy breezy blend and then jelly roll
bonsaikathy: now she'll do a chevron flip
esther_reeves: I'm doing the bouncing thing tonight :(
bonsaikathy: ok NJ, I missed a step there somehow so
I'll have to have you describe what you just did, lol
beadyeyedbrat: Squished da plugs
bonsaikathy: I was doing that earlier in msn Esther,
it's really frustrating
norajean_sf: I made a sandwich of light green and dark
norajean_sf: for the separation veins between the
segments of the leaf
norajean_sf: also for the center vein and surround
norajean_sf: I mashed the jelly roll blend and topped
it with the separation sheet
norajean_sf: cut it in half and am going to cut it
into smaller sections and stack for the chevron flip
norajean_sf: I'll take questions at this point
bonsaikathy: thanks
everclay: Kathy mentioned easy breezy blend
everclay: is that a skinnerblend?
beadyeyedbrat: Everything she does is easy breezy
everclay: lol
norajean_sf: LOL
beadyeyedbrat: So the rest of us can do it.
norajean_sf: instead of just folding the two colors in
half and pressing in the pasta machine
norajean_sf: I roll the two colors up and twist them
like a wet wash cloth
norajean_sf: and then press
norajean_sf: instead of 24 passes on the pasta
machine, it's 6
everclay: kewl - thanks
raven_hill_wench has joined the conference.

You have invited raven_hill_wench to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: I'll give you two links that review the
chevron flip without the separation sheet I'm doing
hlynn1975 has joined the conference.

raven_hill_wench: hi!
beadyeyedbrat: Hi
hlynn1975 has left the conference.

mommaclara2001: Hello Raven
norajean_sf: There'll be links on those pages to
screen shots reviewing the chevron flip and leaf
little38chevy has joined the conference.

You have invited little38chevy to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: so book mark those links and check them
out later if you like
norajean_sf: for you Jackie
little38chevy: tyvm
norajean_sf: so I'm going to cut and stack this jelly
roll blend that's been mashed to a fat ribbon, it's
been topped with a sandwich of light and dark green
for veins.
raven_hill_wench: ooh we are making leaves?
bonsaikathy: yes
raven_hill_wench: glad I didnt miss this
beadyeyedbrat: Think I'll do leaves for my second
beginner class
beadyeyedbrat: Thanks for the idea NJ
nefret111: kay is back, after putting a meatloaf with
pinon nuts into oven
bonsaikathy: ok after slicing in equal length
portions, then you stack them
beadyeyedbrat: <holdsoutplatetokay>
nefret111: here y'are!
beadyeyedbrat: thankee
nefret111: raw, but should be good
norajean_sf: now to do a chevron flip you slice
diagonally across the lines, whether it's just stacked
sheets or stacked mashed jelly roll blends
beadyeyedbrat: I have a microwave
nefret111: good
norajean_sf: this is where the flip comes in
nefret111: drum roll when she flips
norajean_sf: turn one half around to make the chevron
bonsaikathy: lol was just ready to describe it
bonsaikathy: thanks
beadyeyedbrat: NJ has flipped!
huntmommy: <:-P
rschneiter1963: NEAT!
nefret111: nice
norajean_sf: before I reduce this I'll add a center
beadyeyedbrat: Way cool
morganalilith387: woo hoo :D
little38chevy: nice
bonsaikathy: and you can either leave it that way or
add center vein right?
mommaclara2001: Oh Wow. I always get messed up there.
bonsaikathy: she took stacked sheet of the two green
colors and put between the two lengths she just cut
beadyeyedbrat: T says it's looks like a fern
bonsaikathy: so now when pressed and reduced that vein
will show up as the center vein
norajean_sf: now I'll use the rest of the sandwich
ribbon for a surround sheet
bonsaikathy: starting at the wide end point, she
placed iton the stacked sheets with the dark on the
beadyeyedbrat: good stuff
bonsaikathy: and rolled until it came back together
nndewbre has joined the conference.

You have invited nndewbre to view your webcam.

stargazer_sbpcg: i really like that!
norajean_sf: Now I'll reduce this leaf cane
norajean_sf: with THE FIST OF DOOM
nefret111: you could make different shapes of the
cane, too, i see
beadyeyedbrat: rut roh
stargazer_sbpcg: =))
norajean_sf: LOL
beadyeyedbrat: Jean be easily amused
stargazer_sbpcg: so true
rschneiter1963: fist of doom? like mashing it?
canastananny has joined the conference.

You have invited canastananny to view your webcam.

bonsaikathy: yes
nefret111: si, miss schneiter
mommaclara2001: Hi Tamara
bonsaikathy: sqeezing
bonsaikathy: to reduce the size
norajean_sf: To reduce I need an indentation to pull
the cane in opposite directions, don't be shy about
this stuff
canastananny: Hello everyone.
nefret111: good muscle builder
everclay: Hi Tamara
little38chevy: hello e 1
bonsaikathy: by squeezing in the middle she'll be able
to grab it easier
huntmommy: is this hwo you get all your layers to
stick together with no air?
bonsaikathy: Hi Tamara
bonsaikathy: yes
little38chevy: sorry i don,t know e 1 ,s name
rschneiter1963: now she is just pulling it?
little38chevy: <<<< mine is Jackie
bonsaikathy: we'll do another roll call soon
bonsaikathy: it helps
huntmommy: that is always my biggest problem
little38chevy: ty kat
nefret111: ooh nice
beadyeyedbrat: I likes it I DO!
little38chevy: thats very nice
nndewbre: hi all, jumping in for a few minutes
bonsaikathy: welcome
mommaclara2001: Hi
nefret111: hi, dew
rschneiter1963: so she just pulled it right to make it
bonsaikathy: yes
beadyeyedbrat: You pull and smoosh
bonsaikathy: it's amazing how the design stays isn't
beadyeyedbrat: Just takes time to get the feel for it.
huntmommy: it is
huntmommy: quick question
beadyeyedbrat: Would go very well with your lilies?
norajean_sf: Top of the hour, time to save and then
I'll take questions.
huntmommy: i am trying to sioften some fimo granit and
its crumbly
huntmommy: should it crumble?
everclay: that's normal
everclay: with Fimo
huntmommy: cool
beadyeyedbrat: If it's old
huntmommy: so as i work it it will stay together?
everclay: try use a little bit of mix quick to help
huntmommy: i don;t have any
nefret111: hm, some people whirl it in a little,
dedicated food chopper
everclay: or mineral oil
huntmommy: k
everclay: a few drops for 2 oz will do
everclay: chop up the fimo
everclay: fine
everclay: put in plastic baggie
beadyeyedbrat: If it's too crumbly to stay together in
your hands, you need to add something.
everclay: add drops of mineral oil
everclay: and shake


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