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LeafManTin - Demo Index

Sunday Demo - Log 3 - Pressing the leaves to sheet, cover tin top

norajean_sf: Top of the hour, time to save and then
I'll take questions.
huntmommy: i am trying to sioften some fimo granit and
its crumbly
huntmommy: should it crumble?
everclay: that's normal
everclay: with Fimo
huntmommy: cool
beadyeyedbrat: If it's old
huntmommy: so as i work it it will stay together?
everclay: try use a little bit of mix quick to help
huntmommy: i don;t have any
nefret111: hm, some people whirl it in a little,
dedicated food chopper
everclay: or mineral oil
huntmommy: k
everclay: a few drops for 2 oz will do
everclay: chop up the fimo
everclay: fine
everclay: put in plastic baggie
beadyeyedbrat: If it's too crumbly to stay together in
your hands, you need to add something.
everclay: add drops of mineral oil
everclay: and shake
everclay: then leave a couple hours
huntmommy: well as i am workinh it its getting better
but still not like regukar fimo
everclay: and then squeeze the bag
beadyeyedbrat: You can even put it in a pocket
bonsaikathy: it's why I only use premo
huntmommy: i need to get some
beadyeyedbrat: In the baggie of course
bonsaikathy: it's so hard to work with fimo
little38chevy: lol
huntmommy: lol
beadyeyedbrat: I'm a former Fimo freak
bonsaikathy: brand new out of pack it's crumbly
norajean_sf: Log saved
nefret111: fimo soft is kind of nice, though
beadyeyedbrat: Now I'm a Kato convert
huntmommy: i think my craft store has premo
norajean_sf: Now I'll take questions if there are any.
huntmommy: this is fimo soft fresh out of the package
norajean_sf: For the folks in Europe, got questions?
pcajenny: I am a dedicated Fimo Classic user
nefret111: really!
norajean_sf: since it is late at night for you?
little38chevy: wish i had a store near by that sold
any clay,lol
esther_reeves: I'm fine
norajean_sf: Eva in Denmark?
everclay: no - I don't Norajean
everclay: you made it very clear
norajean_sf: Ok, just checking since it's nearly
midnight for you
rschneiter1963: question if done
everclay: it is midnight - but that's early for me
nefret111: what does eva call herself in this forum,
norajean_sf: questions, yes
everclay: I'm a night owl
norajean_sf: everclay is Eva the night owl ...hoot
esther_reeves: yes will have to go in a moment and
finish moving things before bed
rschneiter1963: when you were pulling and squishing I
could make it as small as I needed right?
little38chevy: lol
nefret111: thanks!  but i don't see everclay in my
list at the right???
rschneiter1963: or does it start to mesh together?
everclay: =))
norajean_sf: as small as you need it
beadyeyedbrat: You need to add her
nndewbre: Let's see if I'm learning anything. This is
a chevron, right?
norajean_sf: if you reduce it a lot yes the detail
will be lost
nefret111: Oh - thanks beb
huntmommy: so you don't roll you squish?
norajean_sf: that's a chevron flip
nefret111: eva, i'm raindrop
norajean_sf: I don't roll, I make effort to squish and
norajean_sf: rolling sometimes distorts the design
huntmommy: k
norajean_sf: unless you're just doing a bulls eye
huntmommy: so would you do the same with a citrus
bonsaikathy: NJ should we do a roll call since you
just saved log
norajean_sf: yes, no rolling, pull the cane like the
glass makers in old Venice
huntmommy: bulls eye is like an egg with yolk right?
norajean_sf: Yes Roll Call
morganalilith387: k, i'm getting the impression that
i'm not seeing anyone.  who do i need to add to my
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
esther_reeves: Esther, Coventry, UK
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
huntmommy: kris canada
beadyeyedbrat: Can you see me?
little38chevy: jackie in ontario, canada
vlady6us has joined the conference.

everclay: Eva - Frederikshavn
rschneiter1963: Bec Iowa
wingsbe2: Mary in INdy
morganalilith387: lissa, western pennsylvania
nefret111: kay in santa fe
vlady6us: sandie florida
You have invited vlady6us to view your webcam.

everclay: Hi Sandie
beadyeyedbrat: Kim Sandy Eggo CA
huntmommy: jackie where are you in ontario?
stargazer_sbpcg: jean - South SF, CA
little38chevy: brockville
little38chevy: you?
posey4u: Marsha Clearfield,Pa
huntmommy: i'm in london
vlady6us: hi everyone
little38chevy: cool
pcajenny: JennyPat NW Minnesota
huntmommy: to bad we were not closer
beadyeyedbrat: Hi Sandie
mommaclara2001: Hi
little38chevy: hello e1
vlady6us: hi kim
beadyeyedbrat: Long time no see
norajean_sf: I don't know who you're not seeing, click
on everyone on the attendees list who is not on your
Friends' list or change your preferences
vlady6us: lol..right kim
beadyeyedbrat: What's it been...8 hours?
vlady6us: not that long has it kim?
norajean_sf: leave the "ignore" section empty in your
preferences and you'll see everyone
vlady6us: hello norajean..thanks for the invite
norajean_sf: my pleasure Sandie
vlady6us: i see u and jenny have been very busy
nndewbre: Ahhh, chevron flip, got it.
nefret111: if anyone knows how to fix it so i can see
everyone, i'd like to know, pls
vlady6us: u need them all on your messenger list..M K
norajean_sf: It's in your Yahoo Messenger preferences
nefret111: k will look
mommaclara2001: I am going to have to leave, Nj. My
back is much better, but don't want to take chances.
Thabk you so much. The leaf is beautiful.
nndewbre: Norma Dewbre, Georgia
vlady6us: bye mommaclara
bonsaikathy: bye Mommaclara
little38chevy: hagn tc  mommaclara
mommaclara2001: Bye all. See you next time
huntmommy: bye
posey4u: bye Mommaclara
everclay: bye Clara
esther_reeves: I'm going to have to go too
canastananny: Bye, take care
mommaclara2001 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Go to your Yahoo Messenger Friend's list,
go to Ignore list
little38chevy: bye to anyone leaving have a good night
norajean_sf: leave it empty
vlady6us: bye esther
vlady6us: bye chevy
norajean_sf: so you'll see everyone
esther_reeves: bye all
bonsaikathy: bye Esther
bonsaikathy: good to see you
esther_reeves: you too
norajean_sf: If the button is clicked "ignore everyone
not on my friend's list" you wont' see everyone's chat
esther_reeves has left the conference.

norajean_sf: leave that button empty.
canastananny: Tamara, from Houston, Texas...sorry
about being late for the roll call...
huntmommy: maybe this is a silly question but what do
you do about finger prints?
spksgntly2 has joined the conference.

spksgntly2: yeah Im in!!
You have invited spksgntly2 to view your webcam.

little38chevy: cool
vlady6us: hi spksgntly
bonsaikathy: you can wear finger cots, or rub with the
smooth part of your finger, that's what I do
little38chevy: hi
norajean_sf: Let your clay rest a bit, when it's warm
it's likely to pick up finger prints.
spksgntly2: hi
nndewbre: Jenny, whatcha doing there girl?
huntmommy: k
canastananny: Hi
vlady6us: shes making mobius beads..NN
pcajenny: I am using the canes I have made, and making
mobius beads
vlady6us: that is so cool
spksgntly2: Im sure I missed out on alot tonight...I
had to get my son back to the barracks
rschneiter1963: making what?
nndewbre: Oh wow! are those made with the canes you
did a week ago?
huntmommy: i'm making mortar and pestles for a wizard
swap I'm in
little38chevy: those are very pretty jenny
huntmommy: tiny ones
little38chevy: oh wow
nndewbre: OH HOLY WOW!
beadyeyedbrat: Looks like stained glass Jen
nndewbre: Neat!
huntmommy: norajean was nice enough to give me some
hints today
huntmommy: where are you all seeing pics?
vlady6us: cool huntmommy
vlady6us: on webcams
beadyeyedbrat: ON the webcams
pcajenny: I just finished up some canes today, and
that is what i am working with
bonsaikathy: for those coming in later in the demo, NJ
has done a color mixing, easy breezy blend, chevron
flip and in a bit will work on face sculpting
beadyeyedbrat: You should see something next to their
names on your list
spksgntly2: how many webcams are going??
beadyeyedbrat: 2
pcajenny: mine
bonsaikathy: and where is the wizard swap going on
beadyeyedbrat: At least that's all I see
beadyeyedbrat: Wizard swap??
huntmommy: i only see the NJ webcam
huntmommy: on
spksgntly2: I missed the faces???
huntmommy: in the craft section
nndewbre: jenny, will you hold that up again for my
hubby to see
huntmommy: we are a bit swap
pcajenny: if you would like to see my webcam, right
click on my name and ask for a invite
bonsaikathy: hadn't heard of that
bonsaikathy: neat
pcajenny: or just click “veiw webcam”
beadyeyedbrat: I just entered one swap
beadyeyedbrat: Hosting another one soon
everclay: they are so neat, Jenny
nefret111: lovely, jenny
nefret111: moebius
everclay: which theme, Kim?
nndewbre: He said "Oh Jeezzz...."
huntmommy: i can't figure it
nndewbre: Thanks Jenny
rschneiter1963: So NJ is like layering?
beadyeyedbrat: The one I"m in is a Christi Friesen
dragon swap
nefret111: i still can't see everyone - i deleted all
the people on my ignore list, too  - pout!
bonsaikathy: she's laying leaf slices on a sheet
beadyeyedbrat: The one I'm hosting will be a
Phoenix/renewal swap
huntmommy: where are these swaps?
everclay: oh - sounds intriguing
beadyeyedbrat: Lynne Schwartzenburg (sp?) is hosting
the dragon swap
nndewbre: That was square to start with, right Jenny?
And you folded the corners over??
nefret111: eva, is your complete name everclay?
beadyeyedbrat: I will be hosting the Phoenix swap
nndewbre: yes, yes, i see it now. that is the diagram
you had last week.
canastananny: Thanks, pcajenny, I can see you too
spksgntly2: I need one of those blades
beadyeyedbrat: You cut your slices pretty thick for
the mobius Jen.
spksgntly2: I used my knife and they smooshed
beadyeyedbrat: I can't manipulate the clay when it's
that small and thick. <pout>
nndewbre: yes, yes, that's what I thought. Neato
beadyeyedbrat: The sharper the blade, the less
little38chevy: when mixing biege for faces do you mix
anything else in like trans
spksgntly2: figured that out after the 2nd cut lol
nndewbre: Are all those little square one of the canes
you made last week or two?
pcajenny: yep
bonsaikathy: NJ has almost finished covering the sheet
with the leaf slices
rschneiter1963: wow that is neat
vlady6us: cool nj
nefret111: what will nj's leaf sheet be used for - it
is gorgeous
nndewbre: so you had a pile of canes equal to the
amount of squares you have on that little square?
pcajenny: actually these are ones I made just this
past few days
pcajenny: yes
nndewbre: Wow!
spksgntly2: pretty
bonsaikathy: placed through the pasta machine
nefret111: oh - dragon skin
nefret111: mermaid tails
wingsbe2: how clever !!
little38chevy: lots you can do with that
pcajenny: I made 6 skinner blends, each was the width
of my pasta machine, and 5 1/2” long, 2 layers
rschneiter1963: oh so now it is all pressed together
huntmommy: jenny it says in my list that my request to
be added is still pending, maybe thats why i cant; see
yor webcam
pcajenny: then with those I made these canes
rschneiter1963: NJ are we will on teh widest setting?
nndewbre: Man this is bad when you have two cams going
and are trying to keep track of both of them.
spksgntly2: is everyone working on something that I
cant see?
pcajenny: huntmommy I sent you another invite
huntmommy: got it
huntmommy: thank you
vlady6us: u should be on when there are 4 cams going
nndewbre: Well if you can't see it huntmommy you'd
better get in here because it's neat
beadyeyedbrat: Try to keep your eyes uncrossed
morganalilith387: i don't have a webcam, but i'm just
knitting so you're not missing anything :D
beadyeyedbrat: Needle knitting or loom?
huntmommy: absolutely amazing
little38chevy: pretty jenny
bonsaikathy: great canes Jenny
morganalilith387: needles
rschneiter1963: what is NJ doing now?
cherilynsangels has joined the

huntmommy: jenny., just WOW
beadyeyedbrat: The pink worked for you
You have invited cherilynsangels to view
your webcam.

vlady6us: hi cherilyn
canastananny: Yes, they are so beautiful!
beadyeyedbrat: Hi Cherilyn
bonsaikathy: and what are you using them for again
everclay: Hi Cherilyn
pcajenny: there we go
cherilynsangels: Wow, this is awesome!
bonsaikathy: Hi Cherilyn
pcajenny: these are the canes I did with those skinner
canastananny: Hi, Cherilyn
cherilynsangels: Hi everyone
bonsaikathy: NJ is now adding smaller leaves around
the larger ones
little38chevy: hello
spksgntly2: hi cher
pcajenny: and these are what I am now slicing up to
make beads with
pcajenny: brb
spksgntly2: jenny can I see what your making?
beadyeyedbrat: That would make a cool box top JN
beadyeyedbrat: er NJ
pcajenny: bk
spksgntly2: oooo those are pretty
nndewbre: Hey, I hate to distract anyone but I just
stuck two heads in the oven, Premo, no foil in the
bonsaikathy: great
nndewbre: they are about 1  or 1 1/2 inchs thick
bonsaikathy: at some point tonight NJ is doing face
beadyeyedbrat: Bake for about an hour and a half
nndewbre: and I have burnt the last ones I did with
bonsaikathy: you should see her Shady Sadie
nndewbre: Really?
bonsaikathy: totally awesome
everclay: tent them with foil
beadyeyedbrat: Make a tent of foil to put over it
bonsaikathy: yup tent them with foil
spksgntly2: penny they look like quilt blocks
beadyeyedbrat: Which Sculpey are you using?
pcajenny: that’s what they are!
nndewbre: did tent them
pcajenny: quilt block
beadyeyedbrat: Your oven prolly spikes
spksgntly2: they are beautiful
spksgntly2: are they hard to make?
rschneiter1963: So NJ you filling in where it is solid
everclay: have you got a thermometer?
nndewbre: The regular sculpty, I think?
everclay: which kind of oven do you use
nndewbre: yes, I'll put it in there and watch it.
beadyeyedbrat: It's Sculpey hon, not Sculpty
posey4u: Guys I have to go...need to pick up BF...hes
watching the Steeler game ..gonna have him buy supper
...then I dont have to cook
greatauntjudy has joined the conference.

beadyeyedbrat: Is it the pink stuff?
beadyeyedbrat: Hi Judy
greatauntjudy: Howdy!
spksgntly2: hi judy
bonsaikathy: Hi there
pcajenny: kim, these slices are about 1/8” thick
artnut909 has joined the conference.

You have invited greatauntjudy to view your webcam.

beadyeyedbrat: Hi Nut
You have invited artnut909 to view your webcam.

morganalilith387: bye posey
norajean_sf: Let's do roll call since we have new
folks come in
nndewbre: yeah, figured I was spelling it wrong
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
wingsbe2: Mary in Indy
huntmommy: kris, canada
greatauntjudy: Dang, I missed the flip. Sigh...
rschneiter1963: Bec Iowa
little38chevy: <<<Jackie in ontario canada
greatauntjudy: jude, Tehachapi, CA
everclay: eva - Denmark
beadyeyedbrat: Makes it easier to google for info
cherilynsangels: I am so sad, I have to
leave to go bowling
spksgntly2: debbie, rochester ny
You have invited vlady6us to view your webcam.

artnut909: Michele - Los Angeles CA
greatauntjudy: My goodness! What a group!
beadyeyedbrat: Kim Sandy Eggo CA
morganalilith387: lissa, pittsburgh-ish, pa
pcajenny: Jenny Pat  Minnesota
nefret111: kay in santa fe
vlady6us: sandie florida
canastananny: Tamara, Houston, Texas
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
spksgntly2: I just back north from florida
nndewbre: Norma, Georgia newbie, can you tell?
cherilynsangels: I hope you all are on
when I come home
beadyeyedbrat: Ever notice how pc seems to be popular
around the borders?
nefret111: judy, are you in Klew Kountry?
beadyeyedbrat: Little in the midwest
vlady6us: back in about 15 minutes. im gonna leave
this all on
cherilynsangels has left the conference.

nndewbre: Jenny I bet those sell like hotcakes at that
quilting thing
greatauntjudy: I'm doing fine up here. Brrrrr, cold
little38chevy: anyone else?
little38chevy: for some reason i just lost both cams
pcajenny: yup
beadyeyedbrat: Judy, I may be coming up to visit Klew
next month. Maybe we can meet at one of the stores.
greatauntjudy: Hmmm...I don't drive, though. No car.
greatauntjudy: They don't let me out too often. LOL
beadyeyedbrat: How far are you from the store?
beadyeyedbrat: Maybe we can come hijack yous
greatauntjudy: I can't walk it...let me see, a few
greatauntjudy: Maybe closer. It's a small town.
rschneiter1963: Question
bonsaikathy: NJ has almost totally covered with a
second layer of leaves smaller than the first layer,
danjefsel has left the conference.

posey4u has left the conference.

rschneiter1963: Kathy why is she doing this?
artnut909: just got here... what's nj making with the
rschneiter1963: dont know yet I keep asking lol
greatauntjudy: Hijack! Yikes!
bonsaikathy: making  a designed sheet, she can then
use it for things like to cover a tin, to press
thinner and use to make clothing for one of her dolls
rschneiter1963: thanks
artnut909: aaaahhhhhh ty
bonsaikathy: to cover things kind of like you and I
did with the wine glasses but totally covered instead
of sculpted
norajean_sf: now I'll press this
nndewbre: Maybe to repair left man?
rschneiter1963: that is neat!
spksgntly2: how pretty
artnut909: oh how pretty
nndewbre: neat nj
huntmommy: that is beautiful
bonsaikathy: great NJ
everclay: looks like a canopy
bonsaikathy: very pretty
norajean_sf: since we have limits on how wide we can
press this, we can pull this sheet like pizza dough,
no tossing in the air, but pull from the sides
wingsbe2: Now I have to try this!  LOL The word is try
little38chevy has left the conference.

greatauntjudy: No tossing in the air? You take all the
fun out of things, NJ.
bonsaikathy: we also have the option to roll it
thinner with a rolling pin:)
rschneiter1963: that aint no altoid tin
bonsaikathy: :)
bonsaikathy: nope
artnut909: lol
spksgntly2: cd tin?
bonsaikathy: looks like it
beadyeyedbrat: A donation from AOL maybe
canastananny: that is what it looks like...
spksgntly2: do you have to put any kind of glue on
there or will it stick while its baking?
artnut909: as nj would say..."screw glue" lol
spksgntly2: lol
bonsaikathy: to do my wine glasses I just stuck the
clay to the glass
pcajenny: bk
beadyeyedbrat: wb
spksgntly2: welcome back
bluebell5071 has joined the conference.

You have invited bluebell5071 to view your webcam.

pcajenny: ty
bluebell5071: wow big group
nndewbre: I count 20
artnut909: a LONG cane
nndewbre: Oh that looks neat NJ
spksgntly2: thats very pretty
nefret111: gorgeous, nj!!!
greatauntjudy: There are two cams open? How can you
norajean_sf: It's not done yet
rschneiter1963: sure is neat NJ
huntmommy: beautiful
norajean_sf: but I need to save log, brb
nefret111: beady, your meatloaf came out soooo good
beadyeyedbrat: Are you in it Eva?
canastananny: Beautiful NJ
beadyeyedbrat: Oh goodie!
artnut909: jenny has her cam open
nefret111: is eva's name just everclay or is there
something else on it?
everclay: nope - haven't got the time
nefret111: wish you were here to help us eat it
morganalilith387: i still can't see eva
spksgntly2: thats a big quilt block!
beadyeyedbrat: ah
nefret111: i can't either, morgana
morganalilith387: she's on my buddy list, but not on
my conference list :(
nefret111: and i can't see anything she writes, either
vlady6us: im backkkkkkkkk
spksgntly2: wb
everclay: wb
nefret111: welcome back, v!
nndewbre: wb
vlady6us: ty all


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