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LeafManTin - Demo Index

Sunday Demo - Log 7 - Adding more leaves around the face, End of Demo

norajean_sf: I should save log though, brb
rjchase222: Howdy NJ!!!
bonsaikathy: hi Razma
rjchase222: Hi Bk!!!
rjchase222: I have  been playing the mad artist
today!! LOL
bonsaikathy: haha
miss_meme_30: what ya workin on raz?
rjchase222: working on making some bracelets &
necklaces & earrings!!
rjchase222: what great things has NJ been doing all
miss_meme_30: sry...brb
norajean_sf: back
wingsbe2: wb nj
norajean_sf: so I think I'll add more 3D leaves around
the face here
norajean_sf: Razma we did the DCF today
norajean_sf: so you didn't miss anything
norajean_sf: LOL
rjchase222: I can see that & congrats ya did a great
job on them!! LOL
nefret111: nj , will you prop the leaves into their
curves with cotton while it is being cured?
norajean_sf: so now I'll just slice some of today's
leaf cane and make leaves to add around this face.
norajean_sf: The leaves aren't going to be heavy
enough to make them slouch in the oven
norajean_sf: they'll keep their shape
raven_hill_wench: ok when you are making a cane, how
much do you squeeze it so it doesnt distort the
pcajenny: brb
raven_hill_wench: Im still having so much trouble with
norajean_sf: I dunno, I just squeeze the cane enough
to be able to hold it on both ends and the pull the
cane ends in opposite directions
norajean_sf: I find pulling the cane keeps the design
in tact better than rolling it
raven_hill_wench: I know rolling does NOT work  heh
rjchase222: I will have to try & remember to pull not
roll the canes
raven_hill_wench: I only get a couple good slices off
a cane and the rest is just a mess
raven_hill_wench: those leaves look so life
countrylady100ca has joined the conference.

countrylady100ca: Hi Ladies
raven_hill_wench: hi countrylady
rjchase222: Howdy Sonya!!
countrylady100ca: Hi   My name is Sonya From Alberta
countrylady100ca: Canada
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Sonya!
rjchase222: cold in Alberta Sonya?
You have invited countrylady100ca to view your webcam.

raven_hill_wench: hi Sonya, Im Shawna from Detroit,
norajean_sf: Howdy Sonya, just making leaves here
countrylady100ca: Sadly No cold.   Waiting for snow
Maybe big boom snow in February
countrylady100ca: Nice meet you Shawna
rjchase222: boy seeing these leaves brings back
memories of learning the DCF thats for sure! :)
wingsbe2: Sonya....yo are welcome to all the snow.  I
dislike it!!!  LOL
nefret111: kathy - sorry - i am i and out all evening
- fixing supper, etc. - hope you got back in time
countrylady100ca: I love to have all snow from you and
as long it is below 30 to Western Canada .  
bonsaikathy: okey dokey folks, I have things I'd
better do before time for bed so hope you all have a
great rest of demo
posey4u has joined the conference.

wingsbe2: Consider it yours!!!  LOL  I'd rather be in
countrylady100ca: What NJ plans with leaves
bonsaikathy: catch you later and NJ thanks so much for
doing this
countrylady100ca: Smile wingsbe  Your name please
morganalilith387: bye bonsaikathy
rjchase222: by bk
countrylady100ca: By Kathy
wingsbe2: Sure it's Mary in Indy
bonsaikathy has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Oh I didn't get to say bye bye to BK
countrylady100ca: Nice meet you mary.   Thanks for
offering snow wondering how you bring all snow to
western Canada   WINK
norajean_sf: brb
wingsbe2: Don't have any at the moment but besure I
will send it every time it shows up.   Some one just
send me some sunshine.
norajean_sf: back
countrylady100ca: I just joined my canadian claymies
for swap so I will starting play clay on umm Monday
out of question, tuesday nope   I guess wednesday.  I
have time for least two months
countrylady100ca: Funny  we have very nice sunshine
and moon this afternoon.   Ummm  I feel like middle of
day with sun and night of moon
wingsbe2: It was sunny today and yesterday but dark
and nasty for the previous 10 days :(
countrylady100ca: My hubby and I watch Discovery
Canada about the ice killer
pcajenny: brb
countrylady100ca: Welcome back Jenny
rjchase222: Wow NJ neat job!!
norajean_sf: I want to add more leaves but I think
that's all I'm going to do for this demo.
norajean_sf: I'm beat
rjchase222: No wonder NJ!!! :)
norajean_sf: LOL
rjchase222: Ya know that DCF will tire one out real
fast! :)
norajean_sf: it's just working so the cam can see
makes me have to stoop in a weird position, it gets
tiring after a while.
norajean_sf: I'll tell ya Razma
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: For those who are new DCF is "Dreaded
Chevron Flip"
rjchase222: Yep the DCF my nemisis !!\
norajean_sf: I'm going to chill here for a bit and if
anyone has any questions I'll take those. I'm as done
with this leaf face as I'm going to be fore this demo.
rjchase222: thanks NJ will catch ya when I get back on
the 25th of the month heading to Sedona & Chandler AZ
for 10 days!
countrylady100ca: Wow Rickie  wish you have fun your
norajean_sf: Oh that's right, you're going to see your
norajean_sf: If I recall correctly.
rjchase222: yep!!!!!!!!!!!
norajean_sf: That's wonderful, you have a great time
and put us all on No Mail while you're gone
norajean_sf: so you won't go bouncing on COC
rjchase222: I plan to otherwise puter would bust up
while I was gone!! LOL
norajean_sf: No kidding, Razma, the list has been busy
as of late.
rjchase222: U can say that again!!!
norajean_sf: If there's no questions on the techniques
I reviewed tonight I think I'll toddle off.
countrylady100ca: Okay  thanks NJ
rjchase222: OK have a good one!!! bye
countrylady100ca: Good Night
wingsbe2: Thank you so much NJ
rjchase222 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: I got to start supper and have Gerald to
put to bed in a few hours
morganalilith387: thanks nj, it's been awesome :)
norajean_sf: I'm glad you had fun
norajean_sf: well I should save log and then I'm outta
here. Thanks for coming everyone.
wingsbe2: Thanks again NJ 
greatauntjudy: Night NJ. I've got to go, too.\
greatauntjudy: Thanks for the demo! Neato!\
greatauntjudy: Night all!
stargazer_sbpcg: thanks NJ!
stargazer_sbpcg: Huggs!
morganalilith387: bye everybody!!!!!!!
greatauntjudy has left the conference.

morganalilith387 has left the conference.

countrylady100ca: Jean are you staying or start
another  chat group
wingsbe2 has left the conference.


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