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Face Sculpting Index - Friday Demo, Log 1: Face grid, V shapes, first pass

Demo Stuff
bonsaikathy has joined the conference.

vlady6us has joined the conference.

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bonsaikathy: Hi Sandie
raven_hill_wench has joined the conference.

vlady6us: hi kathy and nj and posey and shawna
everclay has joined the conference.

vlady6us: hi eva
everclay: Hi there
raven_hill_wench: hi vlady
posey4u: Hi everyone
bonsaikathy: Hi everyone
everclay: do you have your cam on NJ?
norajean_sf: Just got it on, had to change status line
vlady6us: ty nj
everclay: thx - got it
everclay: brb-going for a cup of java
You have invited everclay to view your webcam.

You have invited posey4u to view your webcam.

You have invited raven_hill_wench to view your webcam.

posey4u: me too...coffeeeeeeeee brb
norajean_sf: yes get coffee
norajean_sf: Marilyn in Australia will be coming soon
vlady6us: oh cool
norajean_sf: let's give folks a few minutes to log on and get their invite
vlady6us: ok
vlady6us: what has everyone been making this week?
bonsaikathy: I can help with virtual scribing, unless the phone rings or my last checkin comes in
melodyhill2000 has joined the conference.

vlady6us: hi melody
You have invited melodyhill2000 to view your webcam.

bonsaikathy: but if someone else can get the screen shots that would be great
bonsaikathy: I don't have the ability here at work
nndewbre has joined the conference.

melodyhill2000: hello
You have invited nndewbre to view your webcam.

vlady6us: hi nn
mazutwo has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: I think there's enough screen shots taken for the various face sculpting demos we've done in the past
vlady6us: hi mazutwo
mazutwo: Hi Everyone it's a lovely day today here.
You have invited mazutwo to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: I think what we do need is during question and answer sessions to let folks get their questions asked, seen and answered. Some folks felt bad that their questions scrolled up and went unanswered because they were unseen.
nndewbre: Hi everyone
norajean_sf: brb
nndewbre: Looks like I didn't miss anything, just walked in the door
norajean_sf: Ok has everyone seen the Prep page for face sculpting?
everclay: no
nndewbre: No, sorry, haven't had achance
norajean_sf: you can book mark it for later.
raven_hill_wench: Ive been studying the prep pages since they were sent
nndewbre: Oh, yes, I have seen that page.
norajean_sf: For those who have seen this page are there any questions before I start on the face grid?
everclay: got it bookmarked now - thx
bonsaikathy: not from here
melodyhill2000: no
lvmypolymerclay has joined the conference.

vlady6us: hi lynn
nndewbre: no ?
You have invited lvmypolymerclay to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: brb
lvmypolymerclay: Hey Sandie
vlady6us: long time no see lynn. how ya doinf?
bonsaikathy: Hi Lynn
vlady6us: doing
lvmypolymerclay: I've got the flu\
bonsaikathy: oh no
vlady6us: oh no thats not good
bonsaikathy: sorry to hear that
lvmypolymerclay: hi Kathy
bonsaikathy: it's been going around here and I've so far managed to escape it
lvmypolymerclay: I got it this past Sunday getting up at 4am to do the Disney Marathon
vlady6us: thats not good.
raven_hill_wench: I had the flu last week
vlady6us: how did u do in the marathon?
norajean_sf: For Lynn and Sandie
lvmypolymerclay: yeah I ran 2 miles and got the medal...DH finished though
bonsaikathy: NJ let us know when you're ready to go
vlady6us: ty nj
You have invited vlady6us to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Does everyone have my cam open and there's no questions before we start on the face grid?
nndewbre: yes, no question
norajean_sf: yes, no... LOL
lvmypolymerclay: no questions here
norajean_sf: maybe so
posey4u: yes kewl go
lvmypolymerclay: I got cam
raven_hill_wench: good to go
mazutwo: ok here
everclay: I'm ready to learn
nndewbre: yes can see cam, no questions
melodyhill2000: fine
norajean_sf: Now before I draw in the face grid I'm going to show you how to form the forehead and jaw line
bonsaikathy: NJ shall we do a roll call before starting
norajean_sf: good thinking, BK
nndewbre: I got some of those clay shapers NJ and really like them
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
vlady6us: sandie florida
everclay: Eva, Denmark
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
lvmypolymerclay: lynn florida
melodyhill2000: melody-missouri
nndewbre: norma georgia
posey4u: Marsha Clearfield Pa
raven_hill_wench: Shawna, Detroit
mazutwo: Marilyn Australia
lvmypolymerclay: we're sure spread out tonight
vlady6us: cool huh?
everclay: sure are
lvmypolymerclay: what time is it in austrailia
norajean_sf: Ok, now what is the difference between a man's jaw and a woman's jaw?
vlady6us: shape?
vlady6us: size?
lvmypolymerclay: hair
norajean_sf: LOL
bonsaikathy: man's jaw is more square, woman's is softer
raven_hill_wench: a mans is square?
norajean_sf: you're all correct, a man's jaw is actually larger, more square and sometimes hairy
vlady6us: lol
lvmypolymerclay: sometimes LOL
norajean_sf: so before we draw a face grid for a man's face let's make a jaw that looks like it belongs to a man, Ok?
bonsaikathy: NJ have you got 2 balls you could do each side by side
mazutwo has left the conference.

norajean_sf: oops lost Marilyn
nndewbre: I was afriad to think what Kathy was going to ask there....
lvmypolymerclay: I was biting my tongue
norajean_sf: I was going to say... LOL
posey4u: oops just got that
norajean_sf: So what I'm going to do is form the jaw line for a man with this One Ball, for now, we'll do a female face right afterward.
bonsaikathy: :)
bonsaikathy: NJ uses the clay smoother to push the face into shape
minwin has joined the conference.

You have invited minwin to view your webcam.

raven_hill_wench: and she makes it look so easy >:P
mazutwo has joined the conference.

bonsaikathy: yes she always does
You have invited mazutwo to view your webcam.

everclay: wb marilyn
bonsaikathy: wb
norajean_sf: I was sending invite to Marilyn
bonsaikathy: you should have seen her doing shady Sadie
bonsaikathy: my favorite thing I've ever watched her sculpt
norajean_sf: All we've done here is begin to form the jaw line for a male.
bonsaikathy: she was awesome
norajean_sf: look under the jaw
norajean_sf: get the ends of the jaw line even by looking underneath
bonsaikathy: good tip
raven_hill_wench: how big is the ball of clay as compared to what size you want the finished face to be?
norajean_sf: you'll see if they are not lined up better than looking right and then left
norajean_sf: Good question
norajean_sf: If you want a face for a one inch scale doll start out with a blank ball of clay that'll fit one inch scale
norajean_sf: so you don't have a shrunken head on a large body
raven_hill_wench: ok
bonsaikathy: and vice versa
norajean_sf: Because you're going to be moving bits of clay around the face, but the head will stay the same size
nndewbre: you pinched that ball in the middle didn't you NJ?
nndewbre: usde half of it for the neck?
norajean_sf: I just pinched off a head's size ball to work with
nndewbre: so should we start with a ball twice as big as we want it?
norajean_sf: we can start out bigger if it's easier to practice the moves, yes.
bonsaikathy: sh means to make the neck I think
nndewbre: yes
norajean_sf: trick about jaw bones
norajean_sf: feel the end of your jaw and move your finger upward, it'll end up in your ear
norajean_sf: see?
norajean_sf: use the end of the jaw to line up the front of the ear
norajean_sf: at the top of the end of the jaw
bonsaikathy: folks, for those with a small default font, to make it easier for NJ to read your questions and the rest of us with old eyes too, could you please increase your font size a bit and possibly change the color so it's easier to read
norajean_sf: where I poked just then, that's where the under side of the cheek bone will be
norajean_sf: there's an indentation on the sides of the head, the temple
norajean_sf: where we press with our fingers when we have a head ache
norajean_sf: temples are even with the top of the ears, for the most part
norajean_sf: if we put the indentation in now we are easing our way to the center of the face by mapping out the edges
norajean_sf: Now I'll do a face grid to map out where the features are going to be
bonsaikathy: one line up the center of the face, bottom to top
bonsaikathy: one across where the eyes will go
norajean_sf: under the eyes half way to the chin is the bottom of the nose
norajean_sf: half way down from the bottom of the nose to the chin is the lower lip
norajean_sf: now eyes are of a certain width, but they are often only one eye width apart
norajean_sf: measure the width of your own eyes
norajean_sf: see if the space between your own eyes are one eye width apart
bonsaikathy: yup
nndewbre: yup
norajean_sf: So when mapping out the area of the eyes, we use the eye width apart for a measure
nndewbre: yup
nndewbre: my fonts won't stay fixed
mazutwo: ok
bonsaikathy: then don't worry about it
nndewbre: OK
norajean_sf: There are "V" shapes on the face, some are right side up and some are upside down, by putting in the "V" indentations now we start to mound the clay around the features.
bonsaikathy: sometimes it can be a pill trying to change them on yahoo, I've had that happen,
nndewbre: it says they're changed but it doesn't show up
bonsaikathy: it's amazing how fast it looks like a face
vlady6us: gotta go..time to pick up the kid. night all and ty nj
vlady6us has left the conference.

bonsaikathy: bye
norajean_sf: The middle picture is the "V" shapes
norajean_sf: the picture to the left is lining up the ear by using the jaw line
norajean_sf: if you use the face grid and the V lines you'll get the rough draft of the face.
norajean_sf: are there any questions at this point?
nndewbre: no
posey4u: no
bonsaikathy: not yet
melodyhill2000: got to go-thanks nj
mazutwo: no
norajean_sf: once we map out the face with the grid and the "V" shapes, roll the clay shaper over the mounds and start to form features, not by adding clay, but by moving clay.
norajean_sf: See you Melody
melodyhill2000 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: I'll start rolling the clay shaper over the mounds to move the clay to where we need the features to be
mazutwo: Those clay shapers are good for theis work .
bonsaikathy: I forgot to ask you if this has a tin foil armature inside NJ, it's looking so pliable it doesn't look like it
nndewbre: That's a problem, I like to work without the foil inside but I burn them
bonsaikathy: tent the clay and it really does help and you can do like NJ does and do several curings instead of one long one
nndewbre: I do tent but didn't know I could do several instead of one
nndewbre: so if I just keep curing as I'm adding parts to the body the head will finally get done??
mazutwo: please explain doing several firings is it one the one part?
bonsaikathy: we'll ask NJ that when she gets back here
nndewbre: ok
bonsaikathy: I'm not sure but it's a good question for her to answer
bonsaikathy: do you use an oven thermometer
nndewbre: yes
bonsaikathy: ok
nndewbre: oven very steady
nndewbre: keeps it right on 275
bonsaikathy: good
bonsaikathy: as she's pushing the clay around the eyes and nose are starting to take shape
norajean_sf: That's what I call the "First Pass"
norajean_sf: it is just to push clay into areas we need clay for features.
greatauntjudy has joined the conference.

everclay: Hi Judy
You have invited greatauntjudy to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Howdy Aunt Jude
bonsaikathy: NJ, could you read back and answer the question about multiple curings please
greatauntjudy: Howdy!
bonsaikathy: Hi Aunt Jude
norajean_sf: scrolling up...
greatauntjudy: Couldn't get your web cam, NJ.
greatauntjudy: :(
nndewbre: Hi Judy
norajean_sf: I'll send you another invite, was the server busy?
You have invited greatauntjudy to view your webcam.

greatauntjudy: Yes.
norajean_sf: we'll keep on trying
greatauntjudy: There it is! Thanks.
norajean_sf: About multiple curing
norajean_sf: I've cured figures over and over, half hour at 260-275
norajean_sf: with no problem
norajean_sf: Are you using an electric oven?
nndewbre: I thought if I had a solid clay head I had to cure at least an hour, someone told me longer then that
nefret111 has joined the conference.

nndewbre: yes electric oven
You have invited nefret111 to view your webcam.

nefret111: thanks, kathy and nj!!!
bonsaikathy: welcome
norajean_sf: Norma, an hour is longer than I would cure clay
norajean_sf: and most likely why it's burning
norajean_sf: also here's a trick for electric ovens
mazutwo: Nj could you please tell me what size clay shaper you are using
norajean_sf: preheat the oven to the temperature suggested by the clay manufacturer, then put your clay in the oven, then turn the oven off, in the time the oven cools, the clay will be cured. This is something that I've had to do using electric ovens at friend's homes.
everclay: also saves money
nefret111: does this great trick work with toaster ovens, i hope??
norajean_sf: Marilyn, the smallest clay shaper is Zero size, and I use different sizes for different amounts of clay to be pushed around. Can't move an elephant with a broom.
everclay: lol
norajean_sf: I can't say for Toaster Ovens, they don't have the same sort of heat keeping ability
nefret111: oh, that's right
everclay: NJ are they rubber or silicone tipped?
norajean_sf: rubber I think, but hey, they could be silicone and I've got no clue
everclay: ok
norajean_sf: the big black one is hard, the lighter ones are soft, look
bonsaikathy: where did you get the black one
everclay: then you can't tell me what you prefer
mazutwo: That's good to know I was given one and it is huge
everclay: black is rubber I think
nefret111: i bake outside in a toaster oven, and it burns so quickly
norajean_sf: It depends on what I need to do. If I'm moving round a bunch of clay and it's rough draft state, the black one is a bully
bonsaikathy: use a thermometer
norajean_sf: if I'm trying to get finger prints off of a sheet of clay on a tin the softer tip will do
bonsaikathy: NJ where did you get that one
norajean_sf: The black one I got at an art store, it's called a "Colour Shaper" and painters use it
everclay: nefret - maybe your clay is too close to the element
bonsaikathy: ok
mazutwo: with the toaster oven I bring it to temperature and then shut it off it's a pain but i do this 3 times to get a piece baked without burning
bonsaikathy: thanks
norajean_sf: the smaller sizes I got from Karen at Clay Alley
bonsaikathy: yes I got mine from her too
bonsaikathy: but hadn't seen the large harder one
nefret111: thanks, all
everclay: I think you can get those at PCE
norajean_sf: Since it's near the top of the hour I'm going to save log and y'all can chat while I do that.

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