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Face Sculpting Index - Friday Demo, Log 2 - Man's face young, happy, sad, old

Demo Stuff

norajean_sf: Since it's near the top of the hour I'm going to save log and y'all can chat while I do that.
nefret111: i think i should use a heat sink (a tile) and then some aluminum foil
bonsaikathy: yes, that's what I do
nndewbre: I can't use my toaster over because it won't hold the temp, are there some that do?
bonsaikathy: I use a toaster oven with no problems but the temp is rock solid
everclay: nefret - I have to aluminum pans
bonsaikathy: unlike many from what I understand
nefret111: top and bottom, eva?
everclay: I clamp them together as bottom and lid
nefret111: great, kathy
nefret111: good idea
everclay: works wonders
nefret111: then it would be safe from both elements
everclay: sure
nefret111: i thought that when the weather is very cold, it makes it peak more often
mazutwo: good idea about top and bottom will try that
everclay: but you still have to check with a thermometer
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm taking the Top of the Hour break, 10 minutes or so, smoke em if you got em, brb
nefret111: i always have a thermometer inside
everclay: good
mazutwo: Where is the best place to put the thermometer
nefret111: wish i could do mazutwo's trick
everclay: right next to the pan
everclay: as close as you can get
mazutwo: thanks
everclay: yw
nefret111: have been known to bake small pieces in a hot pot
nefret111: works fine
mazutwo: what is a hot pot
nefret111: suze weinberg's
nefret111: schmooze with suze
everclay: brb
mazutwo: like the one they melt that stuff in that I can't buy here
nefret111: yes, mazu
nefret111: where are you, mazu?
mazutwo: Australia
nefret111: great, thanks
nefret111: zigzag doesn't have them?
nefret111: i know that they are over in NZ
mazutwo: I have tried there and someone said they sell them at an online stamp place but I have yet to check it out
nefret111: ok
nefret111: you still get fumes, so i was doing it to not have to go outside
nefret111: however, if you don't want fumes, put it outside, too
nefret111: or maybe by a window
mazutwo: embossing powder, sorry senior moment . Does it work on clay
nefret111: yes, it works very well
nefret111: my favorite technique is to imprint the clay, then sprinkle on emb. powder. as you cure the clay, the powder melts and fuses
mazutwo: Do you use it the same as the other powders are used on clay
nefret111: not really
nefret111: not like pearl ex
bonsaikathy: it works on clay
bonsaikathy: it gives a beautiful gloss finish
bonsaikathy: but I only seem to like the clear
mazutwo: I like what you said about it melting as the clay cures so i know not to use it on a vertical surface
nefret111: yes, that's right
bonsaikathy: yes it does melt
everclay: You can also mix it in trans clay
nefret111: you can sprinkle on various colors on the piece
mazutwo: something I have a fair bit of in my stash of goodies
bonsaikathy: but I think it'll be fine on a vertical surface, it sticks pretty good to the clay
nefret111: yes - i like verdigris in trans clay
nefret111: great, kathy
norajean_sf: back
nefret111: wb
norajean_sf: If we're ready we can go to the next step.
everclay: ready
mazutwo: Wow I have so much to think about, as i have some pots to make I will be able to do some new things. I haven't made a cane as yet so plain is good
nndewbre: ready
mazutwo: ready
nefret111: ready
norajean_sf: Ok, now this is the "First Pass" just mounding up clay where we need features
norajean_sf: there's no detail yet.
norajean_sf: the "Second Pass" is to move the clay from the eyes up to the eyebrows or we got a googly eyed dude. We move some clay from under the eye more to the cheek bone.
norajean_sf: We move some clay from the lower cheek to the mouth.
norajean_sf: I think that the problem that new sculptors have is they put in detail before the clay is moved into position.
bonsaikathy: I think you're right
norajean_sf: So I'm going to do the "Second Pass". If there's any questions at this point ask them now or I won't see them.
lvmypolymerclay: none here
beadyeyedbrat has joined the conference.

everclay: Hi Kim
beadyeyedbrat: Hi Eva
nefret111: hi, kim
bonsaikathy: brb
lvmypolymerclay: brb need some hot tea for my sore throat and cough
norajean_sf: If someone can share with Kim what I'm fixing to do, I'll go ahead and do it.
nefret111: kim, second phase
You have invited beadyeyedbrat to view your webcam.

nefret111: moving clay around now
nefret111: to where it is needed
bonsaikathy: don't do anything interesting yet
bonsaikathy: I'll be right back
beadyeyedbrat: I need more clay shapers
everclay: me 2
nefret111: i have only a wedge shaper
beadyeyedbrat: Me2
everclay: I got a knitting needle
everclay: or two
greatauntjudy: Crochet hooks can be handy, too.
everclay: just about anything can be handy
beadyeyedbrat: Paint brush handles...
mazutwo: i have a lot of dental tools
bonsaikathy: I do use paint brush handles
beadyeyedbrat: I've even put a small ball of clay on the end of a broken needle tool.
everclay: I've been thinking about making a few shapers with mold putty
mazutwo: very ingenious
beadyeyedbrat: Let us know how it works if you do
everclay: sure will
beadyeyedbrat: He looks smug
nefret111: some people shape the end of a fresh pencil eraser
beadyeyedbrat: Ooh
everclay: I tried that - didn't come out smotth enough
nefret111: ah
everclay: smooth*
beadyeyedbrat: Wonder if mold material might work
everclay: they make silicone shapers, right
everclay: so I don't see why not
beadyeyedbrat: hmmmm
beadyeyedbrat: I have some that is a year old...
norajean_sf: Now I'll do his lips, I start with the indentation on the center upper lip, use the center of the nose to line it up
norajean_sf: then do the lip separation line
norajean_sf: on the upper lip, on the sides there's a downward slope
norajean_sf: now push up under the lower lip
norajean_sf: I find the men's lips are less full than women's
norajean_sf: the lower lip often is narrower than the upper lip so I'll tuck in the outer edges of the lower lip
norajean_sf: looks like a man's mouth to me
norajean_sf: shall I do that again, without stopping to type?
everclay: almost ready to kiss - if you were so inclined
nefret111: heh
spksgntly2 has joined the conference.

You have invited spksgntly2 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: So let's do the lips again?
everclay: good idea
spksgntly2: hi everyone...sorry Im late
everclay: there goes the kiss
everclay: Hi there
beadyeyedbrat: One way to keep him quiet
spksgntly2: hi ever..
everclay: lol
nefret111: he is looking like dana andrews
spksgntly2: is that a hard plastic tip or like a sponge tip?
everclay: rubber or silicone
spksgntly2: hmm I need to shop some more
norajean_sf: kind of soft but not sponge
norajean_sf: Now for the nose
norajean_sf: I shape the outside of the nose, form the sides of the nostrils, then drill the holes by poking and pulling side ways.
beadyeyedbrat: eeww!
everclay: I was just thinking that
spksgntly2: looks painful
nefret111: haha
spksgntly2: she makes it look so easy
beadyeyedbrat: Now I would be squishing everything I'd already done.
everclay: me 2
mazutwo: regal nose
norajean_sf: Now let's make him happy
beadyeyedbrat: It's Jean Luc!
bonsaikathy: haha, she's done him before
bonsaikathy: love it NJ
norajean_sf: or we can make him sad
bonsaikathy: he's really shaping up
spksgntly2: very I make it look so easy
everclay: takes a lot of practice
everclay: shut uppa your face
spksgntly2: do you feel that those tools are a big help?
mazutwo: i need to practice practice practice#:-S
spksgntly2: me too
bonsaikathy: me too
everclay: welcome to the club
spksgntly2: agony?
posey4u: me toooooo
everclay: I'm in awe here, NJ
bonsaikathy: and tomorrow I may just take clay make a face, mush and make it over and then start over again :)
beadyeyedbrat: He just saw his cell phone bill
spksgntly2: lol
beadyeyedbrat: There you go Kathy
everclay: or mine
posey4u: thats cute
mazutwo: yeah aPeabody happening with heads
norajean_sf: let's make him old
bonsaikathy: he was about to eat a fly
beadyeyedbrat: Now he's starting to look like me.
bonsaikathy: totally awesome
mazutwo: a few strokes apush here and it changes so quickly
norajean_sf: Ok, Questions?
beadyeyedbrat: Are you using Super Sculpey?
everclay: this may be too soon - but what do you do for eyballs
bonsaikathy: I'd say premo
norajean_sf: Premo, white and burnt umber
beadyeyedbrat: ah
norajean_sf: eyeball cane, I'll get the link
beadyeyedbrat: Great flesh tone
bonsaikathy: I only use premo
everclay: got the link
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Eyeball/04-24-03-thms.htm
posey4u: Nora Jean...why dont you write a book ..your so gooddddddddd
norajean_sf: scroll down, there's a full face example how to do easy eyes
mazutwo: What exactly did you do to the eyes to age them please NJ
beadyeyedbrat: And make these into dvds for sale.
norajean_sf: bags under the eyes
norajean_sf: crows feet at the outer edge
bonsaikathy: and chin pulled back some
mazutwo: ah push up and lines
norajean_sf: sag the cheeks down to jowls at the jaw line
bonsaikathy: loss of bone from no teeth
norajean_sf: yes mash the lips in, thin them too
spksgntly2: would you recommend those tools you are using?
bonsaikathy: he'd make a great wizard NJ
norajean_sf: they are the only tools I use for face sculpting
norajean_sf: I'll save log at this point
nndewbre: I've been doing this like the book says, starting with the forehead and eyes. I just did one like NJ and I'm liking the look of it already.
spksgntly2: use them for anything else? like smoothing things out?
nndewbre: Seems to get it going right to do the chin first
bonsaikathy: ears, can you wait to do them until I can get home

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