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Face Sculpting Index - Friday Demo, Log 3 - Feet and ears

Demo Stuff

norajean_sf: I'll save log at this point
nndewbre: I've been doing this like the book says, starting with the forehead and eyes. I just did one like NJ and I'm liking the look of it already.
spksgntly2: use them for anything else? like smoothing things out?
nndewbre: Seems to get it going right to do the chin first
bonsaikathy: ears, can you wait to do them until I can get home
bonsaikathy: my coworker will be her in a minute and I'll be home 12 minutes after she gets here, lol
norajean_sf: sure BK
norajean_sf: brb
posey4u: i got some $ for my Bday ...guess what Im gonna get
spksgntly2: hmmmtools?
everclay: clay
norajean_sf: back, so any other questions?
posey4u: yepper....I need some input on an extruder
spksgntly2: my bda isnt till Im using hubby's charge card
posey4u: hey that sounds like more fun
spksgntly2: works for me
bonsaikathy: ok actually she probably won't be here for another 5 minutes or so, are ears the next part ?
norajean_sf: only thing I can say about extruders is put the plunger on the floor and press the extruder with your feet, catch the strands as they come up to you.
norajean_sf: wear flip flops
norajean_sf: or it hurts
norajean_sf: LOL
bonsaikathy: nope she's here
bonsaikathy: ok I'm shutting down and will be home in about 12-15 minutes
bonsaikathy: back soon
norajean_sf: Ok BK
bonsaikathy has left the conference.

spksgntly2: the clay would have to be really soft to come out an extruder wouldnt it?
beadyeyedbrat: bbiaf
posey4u: how about the one on glassattic thats homemade
everclay: I use a caulkin gun and the adapter from poly-tools
norajean_sf: one should condition the clay to have it soft, yes. I've heard of people breaking the disc with hard clay.
everclay: with my kemper gun
everclay: also if you squeeze too fast
posey4u: what adapter is that
norajean_sf: shall I get the link for the calking gun extruder thing?
everclay: it's a small plastic thingie
everclay: good idea
norajean_sf: brb with the link
everclay: it's hard to explain
posey4u: how about the ez sqeeze
everclay: yeah - that-s the next thing on my list
everclay: only it's expensive and the shipping to Denmark would kill me
mazutwo: what is the E_Z squeeze
posey4u: I also saw one on a site that a womans husband invented it cost 35.00
everclay: that's the EZ Squeezer
posey4u: there are a lot out there to pick from
spksgntly2: can you use one thats made for cookies?
mousefingers1 has joined the conference.

You have invited mousefingers1 to view your webcam.

everclay: it's probably not strong enough
everclay: Hi Pam
posey4u: the homestead is a home made one it looks great
norajean_sf: Let's do Roll Call so everyone knows each other, first name and location please
mousefingers1: Hello
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
mousefingers1: Pam, Ut
nefret111: kay, new mexico
everclay: Eva, Denmark
spksgntly2: Debbie,,, Rochester Ny
posey4u: Marsha..Clearfield,Oa
mousefingers1: I have missed claying with Y'all!
greatauntjudy: <--jude, Tehachapi, CA
spksgntly2: Nor
spksgntly2: oop..
mousefingers1: can't be here for long tonight:(( my clay stuff isn't in the computer room and I have to make something for a birthday party tomorrow afternoon<:-P
norajean_sf: We just reviewed doing a man's face and we'll be doing a female's face in a bit
spksgntly2: where do you get those tools? I looked on a couple sites and all I see are blades or wooden ones
norajean_sf: well it's a good time to come in and say Howdy, we're at a break of sorts
norajean_sf: clay shapers?
nefret111: what will you make, pam?
norajean_sf: I'll get the link for ClayAlley, that's where I get mine
norajean_sf: brb
mousefingers1: I'm making a picture frame for the new baby
nefret111: great idea
mousefingers1: I'm a new Auntie
nefret111: congrats
mousefingers1: First new baby in the family
norajean_sf: Clay Shapers are on that page
spksgntly2: thanks
nndewbre: I got my clay shapers from Clay Alley and boy did she get them to me fast.
everclay: Karen is VERY fast
mousefingers1: speaking of Karen...she is chasing down some new Pasta rollers for me
norajean_sf: brb, taking a wee break
spksgntly2: yep...using hubbys charge card
mousefingers1: Can I use your Hubby's card too???=))
everclay: I wish I had a hubby
everclay: lol
spksgntly2: sure he's asleep
mousefingers1: I don't;)
mousefingers1: don't want and don't need...I have my dog..Bear
everclay: Well - for his card only...
mousefingers1: LOL I'll agree on that part maybe
nefret111: i pictured eva as having a hubby
everclay: no need for the rest
everclay: why
nefret111: don't know
nefret111: a pretty danish woman
nefret111: thought you would be captured
everclay: well - I've had 2
posey4u: heres where i saw a different extruder
nefret111: ah ha
mousefingers1: I haven't ordered clay from Karen before, I understand she gives us a discount. Do you know how much?
everclay: giving who a discount?
mousefingers1: I've been sending someone to Michaels to get it
mousefingers1: The members of this group
everclay: CoC group
mousefingers1: She is the "official sponsor" of CoC
everclay: better become a member then
spksgntly2: Nora...whisch would be the best one to start out with? the #0 or #2?
mousefingers1: on shapers?
spksgntly2: yeah
mousefingers1: Nora's on a "wee" bit of a break
spksgntly2: ohhh
mousefingers1: what do you want to do with your shaper?
nefret111: i think that my hubby is coming down with a cold, and he got it by getting his driver's license pic taken - they make you put your nose where everyone else puts their nose!!!
spksgntly2: well practice the faces for one thing but I think they would be useful for smoothing things out
norajean_sf: back, someone has a question?
mazutwo has joined the conference.

everclay: wb
You have invited mazutwo to view your webcam.

mousefingers1: LOL I can think of some pretty nasty places
spksgntly2: seeing as how my nails are short..they sometimes poke the clay
spksgntly2: arent short sorry
mousefingers1: yes someone wanted to know which shaper is the best to start with
spksgntly2: yep..that was me
norajean_sf: Depends on the scale. I start out with large sizes to get general shapes, jaw line, forehead
affectsoftheart has joined the conference.

You have invited affectsoftheart to view your webcam.

everclay: brb
norajean_sf: go to medium sizes for the "First Pass" rough drafting mounds for features
norajean_sf: then I move to small size to get detail
norajean_sf: Now I've broken off the tip of zero sized clay shapers moving a boatload of clay
mazutwo: , sorry guys my pc is playing up today and it's not the old bag driving it
norajean_sf: that's why I don't suggest moving an elephant with a broom.
mousefingers1: and I wondered what the discount was that Karen gives CoC members. I've been getting my clay from Michaels. I have to send some poor unsuspecting personal aide that doesn't know anything down with a list of colors
norajean_sf: Marilyn we understand, you're also coming in from Australia
spksgntly2: makes sense...
mousefingers1: LOL
mousefingers1: That's my problem
norajean_sf: when I broke off the tip of my clay shaper I wept buckets
norajean_sf: it was the only one I had
nefret111: aw sorry
mousefingers1: I have shapers that are too stiff, and that has been a problem too.
mousefingers1: need a softer one
norajean_sf: so I got two to replace it and got some larger ones at the art store
beadyeyedbrat: Mine is a Forsline Starr and it's pretty rigid
nndewbre: I love these I got. I was using wood and plastic tools but these clay shapers make a world of difference
norajean_sf: for the larger ones hard tip is good, the smaller the size the softer the tip is better for me.
mousefingers1: BEADY!>:D<
beadyeyedbrat: eep! What'd I do?
norajean_sf: now did everyone see the Face Sculpting Prep page?
mousefingers1: I didn't look at the list, so I didn't see you there
mazutwo: some of the ones I have for porcelain art are very soft and a few I have for drawing are very hard
mousefingers1: so I just sent you a hug
mousefingers1: Love the new page you did for Karen
norajean_sf: Marilyn, before your computer kicks you off, do you want to see a quick review of feet?
beadyeyedbrat: Thank you. Hugs good
mazutwo: no I lost contact about then no that was the last one you put up i lost it
norajean_sf: while we wait for Bonsai Kathy to get home.
beadyeyedbrat: Feet make me crazy!
mazutwo: yes Please
norajean_sf: ok, quick feet for Marilyn
posey4u: tickle tickle
mousefingers1: =))
mousefingers1: busts a move
mousefingers1: I see toes
beadyeyedbrat: Is chubby foot
beadyeyedbrat: <lookingdown>
beadyeyedbrat: Look familiar
mousefingers1: I need to wrap mine, they are swelling up like balloons:-$
beadyeyedbrat: Mine are so flat I could stamp out burning ducks.
mazutwo: mine too
mousefingers1: mine are too
beadyeyedbrat: 2 many years as waitress/bartender
mousefingers1: no arch when I make a foot print
mazutwo: years of living in the tropics
mousefingers1: I have no excuse
beadyeyedbrat: Maybe if I ever wore shoes...
everclay: I've got nothin but archs
mousefingers1: I hate shoes, even when I walked
nndewbre: If you want to see some cute feet go look at Angela's Lisette in the photo pages. That little fairy is soooooo cute.
mousefingers1: now I sit on me bum....(_____|_____)
beadyeyedbrat: :-P\
everclay: that looks pretty flat, too
affectsoftheart has left the conference.

everclay: sowwy - couldn't help myself
mousefingers1: and it's gets flat when I sit
mousefingers1: LOL
mousefingers1: laughs out loud
mousefingers1: :D
mousefingers1: looks like dancers feet
everclay: she's making two left feet
mousefingers1: ballerina with two left feet
mazutwo: did Nj make two left feet
norajean_sf: yup
beadyeyedbrat: She didn't need to copy me.
norajean_sf: to show you the bare foot and the foot in a stocking
mousefingers1: but they are the same size, more than I can say about mine
mousefingers1: ahh:-?
mazutwo: ah I see
nndewbre: =D>
spksgntly2: hmmm how about a hand?
mousefingers1: Fabu
norajean_sf: make the foot curve like the letter "C" for the arch
norajean_sf: dig under the toes to make the ball of the foot
mousefingers1: Well claymates, I must run if I'm to get anything done
norajean_sf: pinch behind the heel and press the clay back because there's a bit of the foot that sticks out at the heel
everclay: bye Pam
mazutwo: you need to write abook Nj you could actually write an encyclopedia on polymer clay
mousefingers1: bye.
norajean_sf: have fun with the birthday gift
nndewbre: bye pam
bonsaikathy has joined the conference.

mousefingers1: I will, thanks
everclay: wb Kathy
mousefingers1: Hi Kathy
norajean_sf: Ah, Bonsai Kathy is here
bonsaikathy: thanks Eva
bonsaikathy: yup
nndewbre: wb Kathy
beadyeyedbrat: Have fun
bonsaikathy: and I'm seeing feet
mousefingers1: hate to say bye on your way in...
pcajenny has joined the conference.

beadyeyedbrat: Things will get better kathy
beadyeyedbrat: Hey Jen!
mousefingers1: but I gotta use NJ's feet to go
everclay: Hi Jenny
norajean_sf: we were doing feet
mazutwo: yes wb
pcajenny: hi
mousefingers1: >:D< to everyone
nndewbre: Hi Jenny
bonsaikathy: bye
You have invited pcajenny to view your webcam.

posey4u: hey Jen
mousefingers1 has left the conference.

mazutwo: bye
norajean_sf: So Bonsai Kathy wanted to see the ears done on the old man
spksgntly2: good night pam...hi jenny
bonsaikathy: yes please
beadyeyedbrat: Or you're going to have to teach him ASL.
norajean_sf: check the grid picture on the left and see how to line up the ears
norajean_sf: I'll put the same grid lines on the old man
mazutwo: ok
norajean_sf: going from the bottom of the nose to the side of the face, see if you touch your ear lobe
norajean_sf: do you touch your ear lobe when you draw a line on your face from the bottom of your nose?
norajean_sf: going to the side?
spksgntly2: i do
bonsaikathy: yes
beadyeyedbrat: yup
everclay: Did I loose your cam?
mazutwo: yes
You have invited everclay to view your webcam.

everclay: I'm still seeing feet
nndewbre: Me too, feet
norajean_sf: can't type and sculpt at the same time no matter how much I wish too
norajean_sf: LOL
everclay: OK
mazutwo: mand we thought you were super human
norajean_sf: Now on your own face, draw a line from the outside corner of your eye and where does it touch your ear
norajean_sf: LOL, I wish, arms like the Goddess Shiva
everclay: top
beadyeyedbrat: Just under the top
spksgntly2: same here
norajean_sf: now from the end of your jaw, draw a line going up and were does it go?
mazutwo: middle
norajean_sf: at the front of your ear?
everclay: bottom
spksgntly2: yep
everclay: earlobe
beadyeyedbrat: That little thing in front of the ear
norajean_sf: so we use the nose, eyes and jaw line to surround three sides of the ear
norajean_sf: ya what is that little thing called Kim? I always wondered.
spksgntly2: hits my little bumpy thing
bonsaikathy: yes
mazutwo: pardon
beadyeyedbrat: Yeah I do
norajean_sf: ya the bumpy thing
norajean_sf: LOL
beadyeyedbrat: Should I Google it?
norajean_sf: naw, later maybe, let's draw this grid on the old man
norajean_sf: also old men have longer ear lobes than they did as young men, fyi
bonsaikathy: yup
beadyeyedbrat: "do your ears hang low..."
spksgntly2: shame its just the ear lobes
mazutwo: =))
mazutwo: sorry I may be warped
everclay: actually they have bigger noses too
beadyeyedbrat: Oops
beadyeyedbrat: Did someone send me a message?
spksgntly2: well that was fast
everclay: not me
norajean_sf: ya the nose also grows as men age
beadyeyedbrat: Got it
mazutwo: does it grow or their cheeks sink in
norajean_sf: Now before I do a female face, are there any questions?
everclay: it grows
nndewbre: no
beadyeyedbrat: Got it. It's called the Tragus
bonsaikathy: no
norajean_sf: I got to save log if there's no questions.
bonsaikathy: but I love the face NJ
norajean_sf: WOW Kim!
everclay: no ?
mazutwo: no but thank you for the feet lesson while I remember to say it
norajean_sf: give that girl a High Five
beadyeyedbrat: Found it at a pircing site
nndewbre: =D>
beadyeyedbrat: I'm a trivia nut
beadyeyedbrat: B-)
norajean_sf: We'll do feet and hands again, Marilyn
spksgntly2: and what is the purpose of it?
mazutwo: ok
everclay: I couldn't imagine having that thing pierced
beadyeyedbrat: Lemme see if I can find that out.
beadyeyedbrat: A strainer?
norajean_sf: If you change the wrinkes in your ear you'll hear sounds coming from odd directions
norajean_sf: they did a study
spksgntly2: I got alot of things pierced, but that aint one of them
norajean_sf: it takes a while to get used to the new ear wrinkles with locating where sound comes from
beadyeyedbrat: Only have my ears so far
norajean_sf: less time to readjust after the faux ears are gone
norajean_sf: I best save log, brb
beadyeyedbrat: The role of tragus is generally believed as vertical sound localization.

spksgntly2: getting more done beady?
mazutwo: what is being pierced/ i had pierced ears once but they grew over and I am too chicken to have them done again. my earrings (dozens 0languish in a draw
beadyeyedbrat: Not much
nefret111: great, kim

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