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Face Sculpting Index - Saturday Demo - Log 1: Skull Form, Forensic Sculpting, Aluminum Foil Skulls

Demo Stuff

posey4u has joined the conference.

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rschneiter1963: hello ladies
beadyeyedbrat: Hiyas

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miss_meme_30: afternoon everyone
everclay: Hi there
norajean_sf: Right click on my name to choose "view webcam" I got to get something.
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rschneiter1963: a Skull?
beadyeyedbrat: wow he's cool
miss_meme_30: brb need food
everclay: or you get to look like him.....
leasbeadheaven: nj, can you send me an invite for the webcam? I'm getting a "server is busy" message
mommaclara2001 has joined the conference.
everclay: wb clara
mazutwo has joined the conference.
mommaclara2001: Thank uou.
everclay: Hi Marilyn
mommaclara2001: You
mazutwo: good morning everyone
mommaclara2001: Hi everyone.
mazutwo: it's 7am here
norajean_sf: Marilyn and I woke up for Demo just in Time, she in Australia and me in Rainy San Francisco
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clayladyinred has joined the conference.

mommaclara2001: Hi Shan
clayladyinred: hi :-)
norajean_sf: Ok, everyone right click on my name and choose "view webcam" if the server is busy keep on clicking
clayladyinred: thanks NJ
beadyeyedbrat: Funky font
everclay: already got the skull
raven_hill_wench: hi everyone
mommaclara2001: Hi raven
clayladyinred: better?
norajean_sf: coolness, Eva, we're just making sure everyone does.
rschneiter1963: NJ want us to make out font bigger?
norajean_sf: Yes please, it helps when I'm moved away from the monitor sculpting.
leasbeadheaven: I'm still not seeing it. can you send me an invite to the webcam?
mommaclara2001: ok
mazutwo: OK
raven_hill_wench: how big? lol
norajean_sf: Shannon, could you post to COC to let them know we've started demo please. I don't even have a browser window open yet.
norajean_sf: Momma Clara could you make that bold, by clicking the "B" on the menu bar, please?
clayladyinred: sure can NJ
mazutwo: I am going to get a cuppa while we wait brb
norajean_sf: Thank you honey.
mommaclara2001: Yes Maam
norajean_sf: That's what I am going to do Marilyn, my first cup of coffee awaits me in the kitchen. brb
beadyeyedbrat: coofffffeeeeee!
everclay: I'm on my 8th cup by now
raven_hill_wench: first cup? now thats a night owl
norajean_sf: Kim, font bigger bolder, please honey
rschneiter1963: got my soda right here
mommaclara2001: It is getting to be dinner time. Making soup.
leasbeadheaven: nj. I'm still getting a server busy
beadyeyedbrat: OKay
norajean_sf: Even though I got up early yesterday for Jury Duty by the time I went to bed I couldn't sleep.
rschneiter1963: so did you have to serve?
You have invited leasbeadheaven to view your webcam.
beadyeyedbrat: I'm going to the coffee IV soon
norajean_sf: Better font Kim, thanks honey
beadyeyedbrat: NP
leasbeadheaven: thanks NJ
norajean_sf: No I wasn't selected and if you go when called and you're not selected then you're done for the year.
mazutwo: back with tea and chocolate
rschneiter1963: oh great will remember that
rschneiter1963: I havent gone yet but I know one day I will
clayladyinred: ok, got an invite on COC NJ :-)
mommaclara2001: Is the schull moving?
norajean_sf: San Francisco is a City and a County, plus there's the Feds, we only have 700,000 residents. So one can be called more than once in a year. So I got my "proof of service" so I can say "Done my Duty".
norajean_sf: Momma if the skull is moving then I'm going to jump out of my skin.
norajean_sf: LOL
beadyeyedbrat: Maybe you've had too much coffee Clara
norajean_sf: LOLOL
mommaclara2001: Ok, just checking
rschneiter1963: NJ Bonsai Kathy is online now
mommaclara2001: :">
clayladyinred: maybe the camera got bumped a bit Mom :-)
rschneiter1963: she wanted me to let you know
norajean_sf: odd I sent her invite
bonsaikathy has joined the conference.
norajean_sf: there she is
beadyeyedbrat: Hi BK
rschneiter1963: yeah!!!
everclay: Hi Kathy
norajean_sf: Bonsai Kathy, has the group of teens shown up at the hotel yet?
clayladyinred: hi BK :-)
mommaclara2001: No, I was just checking to see if the web cam was stuck.:x
mazutwo: Has anyone used a small skull to sculpt over they sell them at art shops for sculptors
clayladyinred: ohhhh... gotcha
rschneiter1963: no
norajean_sf: things in the webcam will not move if I'm typing
norajean_sf: unless there's an earthquake in San Francisco
bonsaikathy: I'll be in and out but hello all
clayladyinred: no, I never have mazutwo
mommaclara2001: Hi Kathy
everclay: brb
mazutwo: Hi Kathy
norajean_sf: I think everyone has cam, no?
rschneiter1963: yes
leasbeadheaven: yes
mommaclara2001: Yes
mazutwo: I saw a skull being used on line but I think it was with paperclay
norajean_sf: Let's do roll call while we say yes or not got cam
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco, Cam open
clayladyinred: yes
mazutwo: yes
rschneiter1963: Bec Iowa cam open
leasbeadheaven: yes, Lea, NY
clayladyinred: Shannon, West Virginia
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville,WV
beadyeyedbrat: Kim, Sandy Eggo CA
everclay: Eva, Denmark
raven_hill_wench: shawna, Detroit
donnalny: yes
raven_hill_wench: I was trying to figure out where sandy eggo was rofl
clayladyinred: LOL
beadyeyedbrat: Say it Shawna
mazutwo: Ha got me too
everclay: you're a brat, Kim
raven_hill_wench: heh
beadyeyedbrat: Absolutely!
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
bonsaikathy: nothing like being late
norajean_sf: I'm going to review the face grid on this skull here. The faces I'll sculpt today will be larger than last night.
norajean_sf: how does that sound?
clayladyinred: great!
raven_hill_wench: sounds great
everclay: sounds good
mommaclara2001: Ok
mazutwo: great
raven_hill_wench: I love that little skull
raven_hill_wench: we need a demo on how to sculpt skulls!
beadyeyedbrat: YES we do
norajean_sf: This skull is a ceramic ash tray from the San Francisco Palace of Legion of Honor Museum gift shop.
clayladyinred: yikes! instant labotomy!! LOL
raven_hill_wench: ash tray? ha!
raven_hill_wench: well I still want to sculpt a skull
beadyeyedbrat: How fun
mazutwo: my son would love it
norajean_sf: This is a foil and clay cover that's been cured.
Dawn has joined the conference.
norajean_sf: Howdy Dawn
clayladyinred: hi Dawn
You have invited Dawn to view your webcam.
stariedawn: Hi buddy long time no see
bonsaikathy: HI Dawn
norajean_sf: Dawn and Bonsai Kathy can you make your font bigger and bold for my old eyes, please?
bonsaikathy: yup
norajean_sf: I'm going to put this foil and clay cover back on the skull here.
stariedawn: okayokay
leasbeadheaven: brb
bonsaikathy: had intended on it just hadn't had a chance yet
raven_hill_wench: zombie!
rschneiter1963: why?
beadyeyedbrat: eep!
bonsaikathy: why what
norajean_sf: let's review the face grid.
rschneiter1963: why the tin foil
bonsaikathy: armature
everclay: release
norajean_sf: The tin foil was put on the ceramic skull as a "release" so the clay didn't stick to it in the oven.
rschneiter1963: ok
norajean_sf: Exactly correct, Eva.
everclay: see
clayladyinred: creepy... a skull with braces ;-)
everclay: lol
beadyeyedbrat: That's what my second ex hub looked like when he woke up in the morning
raven_hill_wench: rofl
clayladyinred: LOL
clayladyinred: 3-d face grid!
bonsaikathy: hey Shannon
clayladyinred: hey BK!
nndewbre has joined the conference.
You have invited nndewbre to view your webcam.
raven_hill_wench: is there a specific proportional .....umm.... whatever .... for where to put the lines? lol
norajean_sf:  for Norma
clayladyinred: maybe I could get one of my kids to stand still long enough that I could try it on them ;-)
clayladyinred: yes raven
nndewbre: Yee gads
clayladyinred: eyes at half mark
norajean_sf: Check that page on face grid it has the explanation, you can book mark it for later.
nndewbre: Hi all, ok will do
norajean_sf: now let's put in the "V" lines, side of the nose, cheek bone, side of mouth, under lower lip.
rschneiter1963: will you keep the clay lines there?
bonsaikathy: no
bonsaikathy: they'll eventually be adjusted to form the face
mazutwo: will we have pics of this
bonsaikathy: but they are there to show you the proportions and give you a visual as to how to move the clay into place
nndewbre: We doing forensic science here?
bonsaikathy: for all the features
norajean_sf: not unless someone volunteers to do screen shots.
raven_hill_wench: thats looking like a science experiment gone wrong heh <ducks>
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/ScreenShots.htm
mazutwo: sorry can't help didn't read up on that
norajean_sf: the indentation of the cheek bones is a big "V"
clayladyinred: NJ, I'll try to grab screen shots for ya... had to see if my program was working :-)
bonsaikathy: thanks Shannon, I"m not able from work
mazutwo: thanks
norajean_sf: Ok, Shannon, we might have to catch the first part of this in the second review.
clayladyinred: yw
bonsaikathy: I'm on the laptop and can just barely watch the demo on this thing it's so slow
clayladyinred: ok NJ
norajean_sf: oh, rats, the door, brb
nndewbre: NJ, I can try screen shots, don't know, I get absorbed in watching
marlea_anderson has joined the conference.

ljcswartz has joined the conference.

beadyeyedbrat: Hi ladies
You have invited marlea_anderson to view your webcam.

ljcswartz: hi... interesting pic
You have invited ljcswartz to view your webcam.

clayladyinred: howdy
ljcswartz: spacing demo?
everclay: Shoot - gotta go babysit next door
beadyeyedbrat: T thinks the skull looks like a cenobyte
clayladyinred: ok Eva... see ya later
everclay: I'll leave everything on
raven_hill_wench: cenobyte?
everclay: might get back
norajean_sf: Ok, Eva
beadyeyedbrat: From Hellraiser
norajean_sf: It does look like a Cenobyte, that's from Hell Raiser
raven_hill_wench: ooh ok
clayladyinred: LOL
beadyeyedbrat: A creature who has been damned
norajean_sf: Pinky Link Jinx Kim, LOL
raven_hill_wench: I saw those movies but didnt remember all their names
beadyeyedbrat: He calls them "creatively gruesome"
clayladyinred: say that 10 times fast
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: Ok, so are there any questions about the fact grid and the "V" lines?
norajean_sf: why we use them as guides in sculpting?
mazutwo: no
raven_hill_wench: nope
norajean_sf: Someone mentioned forensice and sculpting.
nndewbre: not me, I'll catch the first part next round
beadyeyedbrat: Love forensics
leasbeadheaven: I'm back. yikes that's scary looking.
clayladyinred: wb Lea
nndewbre: Looks like I need a spell checker on messenger <g>
norajean_sf: There's a ramble, and it's linked to the face sculpting demo prep page. That talks about using facial reconstruction and forensics as a tool to sculpting.
norajean_sf: there's a link to a page of links to sites that deal with this topic.
norajean_sf: one thing about using a skull for sculpting is there's less added clay to the top of the skull than to the bottom, around the cheeks especially.
leasbeadheaven: I know I missed the beginning, but could you give me a brief breakdown of what i missed, if u don't mind?
norajean_sf: which part honey? The Face Grid?
leasbeadheaven: yup
norajean_sf: book mark that page and tell me when you're done.
norajean_sf: ok?
leasbeadheaven: go it. thanks
norajean_sf: For those who have not book marked the face sculpting prep page...
marlea_anderson: i have to go for a while- need to get dinner started- hopefully i can peek in a few times
norajean_sf: book mark that and it has a boat load of links for face sculpting, the face grid, forensic sculpting, etc.
norajean_sf: made for your convenience and mine, LOL.
leasbeadheaven: did you first put foil on the face before adding clay? I think that's when I stepped away
norajean_sf: ok, why do I use a face grid before sculpting a face.
norajean_sf: Oh that? I had a foil and clay cover to a ceramic skull prepared in advance. I'll take it off the skull to show you.
rschneiter1963: to get it lin3d up?
rschneiter1963: lined up?
mazutwo: So you put clay where it builds the features
rschneiter1963: to flesh it out?
rschneiter1963: like them crime shows?
norajean_sf: Now who has watched CSI, the forensic TV show?
beadyeyedbrat: mememe
clayladyinred: me me me!
nndewbre: memememe
beadyeyedbrat: And Forensic files
rschneiter1963: no but I watched others
mazutwo: me too
raven_hill_wench: I love csi
norajean_sf: so those who have watched forensic files or CSI have seen the process of building up a skull to get the face of someone who has come into harm's way?
raven_hill_wench: yep
beadyeyedbrat: yup
mazutwo: yes
nndewbre: yup
norajean_sf: then why don't we use these same skills in sculpting?
norajean_sf: use a skull under all the faces we sculpt
norajean_sf: and then build up on that skull?
nndewbre: because it cost money? <g>
clayladyinred: sounds just crazy enough to work LOL
norajean_sf: this is the opposite approach than the face grid on a lump of clay.
beadyeyedbrat: I wanna bucky skill
norajean_sf: instead of working from the surface down, we work from the skull forward.
mazutwo: well I did once but it was made out of foil shaped like a skull
norajean_sf: it's not expensive if you use a small foil skull that you've fasioned at your work table.
marlea_anderson has left the conference.

countrylady100ca has joined the conference.

nndewbre: OOOOHHHH, I see where you're going
You have invited countrylady100ca to view your webcam.

mazutwo: one day i will let you see a pic of my feral boy yuk
clayladyinred: hi Sonya
beadyeyedbrat: So you just have to guess at the muscles and such
nndewbre: Do a little sculpting on the tinfoil first
countrylady100ca: Hi Ladies
mommaclara2001: Hi Sonya
nndewbre: hi
norajean_sf: all the aluminum foil armatures I make for my figures have aluminum foil skulls for their head.
norajean_sf: I'll get a picture link.
clayladyinred: no, somewhere NJ has pics of where the muscles are
beadyeyedbrat: oh cool
nndewbre: I've used the tinfoil inside but just a ball, no shaping
beadyeyedbrat: Suppose I could look in an anatomy book
clayladyinred: or you can get a book of anatomy
clayladyinred: LOL yep
beadyeyedbrat: lotta gmta today
norajean_sf: Armature-Grp
norajean_sf: That's the link for the aluminum foil armature
countrylady100ca: Sorry in my thought are halloween is coming???? Oh how to sculpture
mazutwo: i have a book on anatomy that has those pics duh i never thought to use it for sculpting
norajean_sf: Armature-002
clayladyinred: NJ has a really neat way of doing the armature
rschneiter1963: Ok Elaine here gotta go my friends
norajean_sf: the last three pictures on this page show "getting a head in life"
beadyeyedbrat: I do Halloween all year long
rschneiter1963 has left the conference.

beadyeyedbrat: Put 3 pages together even
mommaclara2001: ByeElaine
countrylady100ca: Smile at kennedy
norajean_sf: now I'll get a link to a forensic site that show's tissue depth. I will also be saving log and it's a good time for a break. Chat, go potty, get coffee, and I'll be back in 10 minutes.

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