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Face Sculpting Index - Saturday Demo - Log 5: If Thine Eye Offend Thee.. Pluck It Out

Demo Stuff

norajean_sf: after the top of the hour break we can do something with his eyes.
clayladyinred: yeah.... I'll do that :-)
norajean_sf: and I'll get a link before I save log on how the eyes are going to be done.
mazutwo: what jar do I put the money in and where does it go the money that is
clayladyinred: I knew you weren't dumb :-*
norajean_sf: Sculpt/Eyeball/04-24-03-Thms
norajean_sf: Scroll down on this page to see how the eyes are going to be done. I'll be back after saving log. Break time, Maz chat up a storm so you don't get booted off. LOL
clayladyinred: Maz the quarter jar is where we pay up when we put ourselves down.... it's not real LOL
clayladyinred: stepping away for a minute
mazutwo: see that was a dumb question
nndewbre: biaf
clayladyinred: not so Maz... it just hasn't been mentioned much lately, so you had no way of knowing
mazutwo: ithink I will have one in my shed and when it is full give it to the hospice towards the special bed. I did that when the kids swore
norajean_sf: That's exactly how it works
norajean_sf: instead of dropping in coin money when folks swear
clayladyinred: great idea!
norajean_sf: we drop in coin money each time we doubt ourselves
norajean_sf: creatively
norajean_sf: saying things like "oh I don't have any talent." kerplunk, in goes a quarter.
mazutwo: yes well lately I would raise a small fortune
norajean_sf: then the money goes to buy more art supplies
norajean_sf: the biggest nay sayer we got is ourselves
norajean_sf: if we could stop that internal voice of doubt we'd go far
mazutwo: I like more art supplies just love to shop for them hate clothes shopping
norajean_sf: I got to find the circle kemper cutter thingie, brb
mazutwo: I know I am awful to myself and I procrastinate because of it
mazutwo: goodness poor man he looks like hes been in an argument
norajean_sf: ok, off to see if hubs needs anything before I begin on this eyeball effort
greatauntjudy: He's a Borg!
norajean_sf: Sculpt/Eyeball/04-24-03-Thms
mazutwo: what's a Borg
norajean_sf: Resistance is Futile
norajean_sf: It's from Star Trek Next Generation, half human half machine
greatauntjudy: He has been assimilated. LOL!
greatauntjudy: It's from Star Trek.
norajean_sf: ant colony mind set
norajean_sf: brb
mazutwo: oh I missed most of those as I was doing night shift when they were on here
leasbeadheaven: 3 cheers for NJ's hubs for sharing her with us!!!
clayladyinred: getting shots to epson
clayladyinred: yeah, James is wonderful!
mazutwo: yes the man has to fend for himself mine made french toast for breakfast
leasbeadheaven: thank goodness mine's at work or he wouldn't be too happy with me...hah!
mazutwo: My DH doesn't mind as long as I don't talk while he is watching sport or reading the paper
leasbeadheaven: yup. that too
norajean_sf: oh hubs is settled
mazutwo: funny creatures men
norajean_sf: we lost Shawna again?
mazutwo: oh dear not for good I hope
norajean_sf: Shannon, since we have digital pictures of this eye process you can take shots as I'm moving and we'll add the link to the eyeball section on the web, what do you think?
norajean_sf: has everyone seen the eyeball process on this page? Sculpt/Eyeball/04-24-03-Thms
norajean_sf: are there any questions before I get started with it?
mazutwo: yes NJ dear I have studied it well
mazutwo: no
clayladyinred: NJ, you want me to get shots WHILE you're doing the eyes? with the tools and such... not when you stop? correct?
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to condition some white clay and then I'll be using a slice of this eyeball iris to start his eyes. A circle of flesh is used for upper and lower lids. The circle is cut off center because the upper lid has more skin. Maz chat as you need to in order to stay online.
norajean_sf: Shoot at will, Shannon
clayladyinred: ok :-)
mazutwo: ok thanks NJ
clayladyinred: let me do something real quick before you start
norajean_sf: We have the step by step in digital pictures already and can refer folks to it. Ok Shannon I'm conditioning white and you just say "when"
clayladyinred: ok.... ready
mazutwo: that angle is good for showing the featurs well
mazutwo: features
clayladyinred: I've never tried eyes this way before... I'll have to give it a shot
mazutwo: that is a cane right
clayladyinred: yep, I believe so Maz :-)_
mazutwo: How much pressure do you use NJ when you are pressing pieces into place is it a stroke or a press
clayladyinred: I can't be sure, but I think she was just rolling the edge down a bit...
mazutwo: yes its hard to tell if it is a stroke or a press or both combined
clayladyinred: true
norajean_sf: His eyes are really googly
clayladyinred: LOL
clayladyinred: that was fun!
norajean_sf: but I'm going to build up his forehead and under his eyes to his cheeks a bit.
norajean_sf: Bringing someone in
spksgntly2 has joined the conference.

You have invited spksgntly2 to view your webcam.

clayladyinred: welcome Spksgntly :-)
mazutwo: hi
spksgntly2: ehllo hello hello.....I made it
spksgntly2: late but made it
clayladyinred: I'm sorry, but I don't know your real name :-(
spksgntly2: Debbie
norajean_sf: Let's do Roll Call
clayladyinred: ok! hi Debbie, I'm Shannon!
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
spksgntly2: debbie ny
leasbeadheaven: Lea, NY
clayladyinred: <----- West Virginia
spksgntly2: nice to meet you shannon
leasbeadheaven: where in NY, Debbie?
mazutwo: Maz Australia
clayladyinred: you too Debbie
spksgntly2: just going to ask you the same thing....Rochester
leasbeadheaven: oh, LI
greatauntjudy: <--jude, Tehachapi, CA
spksgntly2: this is bigger head than last night
nndewbre: Norma, Georgia
clayladyinred: very native american sounding name Judy :-)
clayladyinred: I think she's going to do smaller a little later Debbie :-)
spksgntly2: almost like a face mask
donnarae44 has joined the conference.

You have invited donnarae44 to view your webcam.

donnarae44: hi everyone
clayladyinred: yes, she has an armature under it, with foil on top, so the clay won't stick to it
clayladyinred: hi Donna!
spksgntly2: which has me know that stuff they use for casts..can you make a real persons face mold and cover it in clay??
mazutwo: hi Donna
donnarae44: i didnt know there was going to be a demo today. just got lucky and checked lol
clayladyinred: hmmm.... good question Debbie
clayladyinred: LOL well we're so happy you did Donna
mazutwo: um I have used bandage for casts and paperclay
donnarae44: thanks Shannon
clayladyinred: how did that work Maz?
spksgntly2: did you do a face?
clayladyinred: ooh, brow has been built up, and now NJ is building up the cheeks
mazutwo: ok abit fiddly with the bandage as it had to be damp and smoothed but a good impression
donnarae44: NJ how do you keep from squishing him when you are adding the clay?
spksgntly2: get my grandaughter as a guinea pig
mazutwo: yes we made a lot of masks for a show at a doll club I belonged to
clayladyinred: neat!
mazutwo: make sur she can breathe as it is pretty confining so nostril holes are very important
clayladyinred: Donna that's a good question.... I get something looking good, then it inevidatibly gets squished when I work on another section
donnarae44: yes, me too. cant seem to keep from squishing
mazutwo: if it is moving around as you do it that will help maybe a lazy susan type thing
clayladyinred: I've been trying setting sections with my heat gun... but that's difficult with a face.... you have to have everything so far just as you want it... works pretty good for other body parts though
mazutwo: how close do you get with the heat gun
clayladyinred: firm clay helps a lot too
clayladyinred: I try to stay around 4 inches or so.... I found out it's very easy to get scorch marks
clayladyinred: but you have to keep it moving
clayladyinred: NJ, he's looking great!
mazutwo: yes I would think so as too long in one spot could be disasterous
donnarae44: wish i coulda seen how she got those neat eyeballs in there
spksgntly2: yeah I missed that part too
clayladyinred: yes.... well I've heard some people say they scraped away a bad spot and redid it.... but I haven't tried that yet
mazutwo: canes mate canes
clayladyinred: Donna I got screen shots
norajean_sf: eyes are too big, time for an eye job
donnarae44: fantastic shannon
clayladyinred: I will send the link to the epson album later :-)
donnarae44: ok great. thank you
clayladyinred: yw
clayladyinred: I haven't been able to do a good eye cane yet... so I paint my eyes
clayladyinred: uh eye ripped out!!!
donnarae44: ohhhh NJ is doing an eye ectomy
spksgntly2: the movie jeepers creepers is flashing through my head
clayladyinred: ok... creepiest face so far.... LOL
donnarae44: Its cool that you can just take them out and replace them
mazutwo: facsinating how she rips and smashes and smooshes
donnarae44: wish they could take my bad parts out that easy lol
clayladyinred: yep.... she's Way over The Fear....LOL
clayladyinred: LOL me too
raven_hill_wench has joined the conference.

clayladyinred: wb Raven
mazutwo: THE FEAR of FAILURE???
raven_hill_wench: if I get knocked off again I quit! lol
donnarae44: although i wouldnt want my eyes riped from my face like that
clayladyinred: you got it Maz!
clayladyinred: LOL poor Raven
raven_hill_wench: lol
You have invited raven_hill_wench to view your webcam.

clayladyinred: LOL Donna
mazutwo: chat a bit Raven as I have to or my server shuts me down
donnarae44: must have been staring at another woman lol
donnarae44: that'l teach him
mazutwo: :))
clayladyinred: LOL perhaps.... I'm curious to find out why NJ took his eyes out
mazutwo: they were too big her opinion
donnarae44: cuz he was flirtin
raven_hill_wench: maz I usually dont hjave that problem, I can leave my pc online all day with no problem, its just today
clayladyinred: nostrils! he can breathe!
donnarae44: not if he's flirting. wont be breathing long
mazutwo: Raven I have 10 hour at a time contract but some days it is far to busy and they shut me down if they think I am not working
clayladyinred: hehe
raven_hill_wench: that would drive me nuts maz
norajean_sf: top of the hour, I got to save log.
raven_hill_wench: I once went 72 hours staying online with no problems
mazutwo: yes I can't wait for Broadband to get here in the country it takes so long for technology to catch up
raven_hill_wench: I miss my broadband, had to give it up until cash flow gets better so Im stuck on dial up

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