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Face Sculpting Index - Saturday Demo - Log 8 - Aluminum Foil Armature

Demo Stuff

norajean_sf: ok, Top of the hour and review of the aluminum foil armature.
mazutwo: good celabrating
raven_hill_wench: we all know what you do for your birthday
beadyeyedbrat: I've been spayed
clayladyinred: NJ, do you want shots of this?
raven_hill_wench: lol
norajean_sf: Earlier we made a foil skull.
beadyeyedbrat: Sorry, back to clay.
norajean_sf: No need we have the tutorial for this.
norajean_sf: but thanks for asking Shannon.
clayladyinred: ok... you're welcome :-)
norajean_sf: How we attach the foil skull to the aluminum foil armature is by putting it into a half sheet of aluminum foil. All sheets are about 4 inches/12 cm wide.
norajean_sf: and as long as you box of aluminum foil happens to be.
mazutwo: i still can't find my keys so i cannot clay along
norajean_sf: Armature-002
raven_hill_wench: a whole box of foil?
norajean_sf: the last three pictures on this page show how the head gets attached. I'm going to compress the aluminum foil strips, not twisting them, just compressing them and then I'll bend them in half.
norajean_sf: Three sheets four inches wide after you tear it off the box.
mazutwo: Dh found them huh I looked there twice
norajean_sf: They will be as long as your alumimum foil box is wide.
clayladyinred: yay DH!
mazutwo: yeah
clayladyinred: Raven, did you get your question answered?
norajean_sf: Questions?
donnarae44: son need to use the computer. will be back on in a few
norajean_sf: Shawna you got a question, honey?
clayladyinred: hb Donna
donnarae44 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: ok, well maybe she'll be back to the keyboard in a bit.
norajean_sf: Now we have three lengths of compressed alumimum foil, bent in half
clayladyinred: I think there was just a bit of confusion about length... not the length of the roll if it were unrolled.... but the width of the box
norajean_sf: two will be interlinked and one of those will be twisted to make the torso, the other will not be twisted because they will be the legs.
norajean_sf: Ah ok,
norajean_sf: so here I put two together and twist one of them, not all the way up, we need a bit at the top to attach the arms to.
clayladyinred: ohhhh.... only twisting one of them... that's where I messed up before
huntmommy has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: you only twist one of them for the torso Shannon
You have invited huntmommy to view your webcam.

clayladyinred: gotcha
clayladyinred: hi Huntmommy
norajean_sf: at the top of the torso twist you fan the ends open.
norajean_sf: that will anchor the arms which come next, that's the third compressed length of aluminum foil.
huntmommy: hi
norajean_sf: Armature-Grp
norajean_sf: That's what I'm reviewing, and introduce yourself to everyone HuntMommy.
norajean_sf: so folks can know your first name.
huntmommy: Hi, I'm Kris from canada
clayladyinred: welcome Kris!
mommaclara2001: Hi Kris.
mazutwo: Hi Kris
beadyeyedbrat: Hi Kris
huntmommy: thanks
clayladyinred: NJ is just showing us how to make an armature out of aluminum foil
norajean_sf: One note about this third length of aluminum foil, since it's going to be the arms and hands, the ends might have too much foil, goofing up your hand effort. I suggest before attaching it to the body, fan the ends and trim them a bit.
norajean_sf: any questions before we put the head on?
clayladyinred: don't think so
norajean_sf: anyone doing this with me?
norajean_sf: and if so are you doing ok?
clayladyinred: I'm just watching this time
mommaclara2001: I am watching, closely.
huntmommy: i'm watching too
mazutwo: yes please when you attach the arms do you leave any out for the foil that is to attach the head
norajean_sf: No Maz, this half sheet here will be how we attach the head
mazutwo: ok thanks
norajean_sf: Armature-02c
clayladyinred: this is the really neat part, in my opinion :-)
norajean_sf: One note on when you cover the head with the half sheet of aluminum foil.
norajean_sf: Where is the neck bone on your own body? Is it right smack in the middle under your head? Or is it more towards the back?
norajean_sf: anyone?
clayladyinred: back!!
beadyeyedbrat: bk
mommaclara2001: Toward the back
mazutwo: back
beadyeyedbrat: good point
norajean_sf: so when we compress this half sheet we're going to make sure that the narrow part is towards the back of the skull, right?
clayladyinred: if anyone answers "middle".... go to the emergency room immediately!!! LOL
norajean_sf: LOL
clayladyinred: but really.... I hadn't thought of that...
posey4u has joined the conference.

beadyeyedbrat: hi
clayladyinred: hello Posey
norajean_sf: So let's compress this half sheet around the skull, remembering the neck bone will be towards the back of the skull
mommaclara2001: Hi
beadyeyedbrat: How often do you feel your own skull?
huntmommy: hi
posey4u: hey Hi everyone
You have invited posey4u to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Armature-Grp
norajean_sf: door bell, brb
clayladyinred: Posey, NJ is showing us how to do an armature... check out the link above
posey4u: ok
posey4u: neato
clayladyinred: yep! very cool! she is just getting ready to show us how she attaches the head!
mazutwo: can't check these I think that and not posting cause my freeze ups
mommaclara2001: I want to stay to watch that, but that place on me is starting to tell me , i have been sitting to long.
clayladyinred: ok Maz.... the links will be in the log that NJ has been sending to the group
clayladyinred: ok Mom.... go take it easy... and feel better :-*
mazutwo: good thanks
clayladyinred: yw
mommaclara2001: I am going to try to stay, to see her attach the head.
clayladyinred: ok
mazutwo: wonder who is at the door if they are friend or foe
clayladyinred: too bad we can't control her cam movements, huh?? LOL
norajean_sf: back
clayladyinred: wb NJ!
norajean_sf: the pizza came and I had to get a plate together for James
mazutwo: we should tell her go go go
clayladyinred: no problem
norajean_sf: Let's get this head attached, why don't we?
mazutwo: ah food the way to a man's heart what about yours
clayladyinred: you need to eat too
clayladyinred: she placed the little foil skull she made earlier inside the square of foil
mommaclara2001: Seeing her do that is so neat.
clayladyinred: and is smoothing the foil around the skull and is gathering at one point, leaving a lot of foil left over
clayladyinred: yes it is!
clayladyinred: the left over flaps (see link above) will attach to the rest of the body
beadyeyedbrat: Crimping the foil down is hard on my hands.
beadyeyedbrat: Maybe I'm doing it too hard.
clayladyinred: you can use a hammer or whatever works for you, in most cases :-)
clayladyinred: to get it really tight
beadyeyedbrat: I"d have to do something like that.
mazutwo: yes of cours no air bubbles
beadyeyedbrat: Maybe my little ball peen
clayladyinred: I've done that... get it as good as I can by hand, then press or lightly pound it the rest of the way
mommaclara2001: Now look at that. Good job, NJ.
norajean_sf: so there it is, ready for the first layer of skin clay.
beadyeyedbrat: Lookee them shoulders
mazutwo: I seem to have a very long neck on mine
norajean_sf: ya, looks manly, so it'll be a dude
clayladyinred: yay!
clayladyinred: take it apart and try again Maz!
mommaclara2001: I am going to step away for a while. That made my neck hurt.O:-)
mazutwo: his arms a long???
mommaclara2001: Check back later.
clayladyinred: LOL ok Mom... talk to you later! we're going to in-laws after church tomorrow
norajean_sf: Maz, it'll be a Modigliani Figure then.
norajean_sf: long neck
mommaclara2001: Ok, hon. love you, bye for now.
mazutwo: ok that's novel
beadyeyedbrat: cya
clayladyinred: love you too.. byeeee Mom :-*
mommaclara2001: Bye all.
mazutwo: bye
norajean_sf: for those who are not familiar with Modigliani the painter
norajean_sf: long necks on his figures
norajean_sf: Bye Momma
norajean_sf: Thanks for coming today.
mommaclara2001: Thank , NJ
clayladyinred: it somehow reminds me of a strange character from the old Popeye cartoons...LOL
mommaclara2001 has left the conference.

mazutwo: yes it does ilove them especially Olive Oyl
minimadness423 has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: Now are there any questions about the aluminum foil armature?
clayladyinred: I don't know what that character was... don't think it was a person... oh well... LOL
You have invited minimadness423 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Howdy KathyL
clayladyinred: did you twist the neck much... or at all?
beadyeyedbrat: Alice the Goon
norajean_sf: I didn't twist the neck, just compressed it.
clayladyinred: that's it!!!!!!!
clayladyinred: oh ok... thanks NJ
minimadness423: Howdy! I like the idea of neck twisting...LOL
norajean_sf: the only part of the armature that's twisted is the torso.
clayladyinred: LOL hi Kathy!
norajean_sf: ya, keep the neck twisting for street fighting.
clayladyinred: oh ok.... gotcha!
mazutwo: yes when you do the neck part do you deliberately make a fat part around the shoulders like a shoulder plate almost?
norajean_sf: I take the fanned out foil sheet and wrap it around the shoulder area. If it bulks up the figure gets to be male. It's quite arbitrary.
norajean_sf: LOL
mazutwo: so if it's female do you squish it more
minimadness423: this one plays football
norajean_sf: I find that if I add more foil to bulk up the body, it gets in the way of posing the figure. I make a full figure nude and pose after dressing with clay fabric.
norajean_sf: that way the clay fabric drapes naturally.
mazutwo: or maybe slope it a bit
norajean_sf: To sculpt a figure dressed, posed, is a pain in the behind.
clayladyinred: Maz's long neck could turn into one of the African's that wear those rings on their necks ;-)
norajean_sf: lay them out flat, nude and raw, dress with clay fabric, dusting the inside where it meets the body so it doesn't stick, and then pose.
norajean_sf: South Asia, isn't it? Rings around the neck?
mazutwo: well i was wondering about the difference in shoulders for men and women before the clay goes on to make it look right
clayladyinred: could be NJ... I'm terrible at geography LOL
clayladyinred: that's it :-)
norajean_sf: both
mazutwo: it's Africa somewhere
norajean_sf: Africa and South Asia
mazutwo: ok that's new I love new ideas
clayladyinred: I thought I had seen Africans LOL whew... thought I was loosing it... ;-)
beadyeyedbrat: All I can say is ouch
clayladyinred: LOL
minimadness423: the longer the neck and more rings she can wear, the greater the bride price.
norajean_sf: So I'm going to grab a bite to eat, since the pizza came in. And we can cover this figure with the first layer of skin clay at the top of the hour.
clayladyinred: ok!
norajean_sf: I'll save log at this point and we're on break now.
beadyeyedbrat: How do they swallow?
mazutwo: I think the neck is elegant not extended I think female
clayladyinred: they probably aren't that tight
mazutwo: my figure that is
clayladyinred: cool.... hope you'll send pics after you've made her!

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