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Face Sculpting Index - Sunday Demo - Log 2: Why use aluminum for armature, to pose the figures

Demo Stuff

norajean_sf: before I do that I'll save log. For those who are new Check out the armature link, look at the pictures and I'll be back in a tick.
kamoe23: Sorry NJ, I didn't realize the time. I have to hurry up early on Monday. So I must say nighty night to ya'll
norajean_sf: Nighty Night Karin
rschneiter1963: nite Karin
spksgntly2: good night Karin
foggy5555: l8r
canastananny: Bye Karin
connie_flying: nite Karin
nndewbre: I'll be thinking about you Karin, sending vibes
mommaclara2001: Nite Karin
kamoe23: Have all fun, buy... and thanks Norma:-*
kamoe23 has left the conference.

nndewbre: :x
nndewbre: what time will the operation be?
connie_flying: Is the webcam only showing a skull, or is mine frozen?
rschneiter1963: skull on mine
spksgntly2: still a skull here
foggy5555: i only have a skull.
mommaclara2001: Skull
connie_flying: ok thanks :)
norajean_sf: Connie, I was saving log, and when I'm typing or saving log, no activity will take place with the cam. I need an assistant, ya that's the ticket. LOL
rschneiter1963: hahaha
connie_flying: awwwww NJ I'm used to seeing you make faces. LOL and I thought I was froze up.
mommaclara2001: She warms things up!
raven_hill_wench: mug shot! heh
raven_hill_wench: lol
norajean_sf: Ok, now folks ask me why I use aluminum foil and not wire.
spksgntly2: bulk?
rschneiter1963: release?
raven_hill_wench: cheaper
norajean_sf: It's because I pose the bodies after putting clay on them and not the other way around.
norajean_sf: also, as Shawna points out
norajean_sf: it's cheap
norajean_sf: handy
mommaclara2001: Ok, why do you use foil and not wire?
norajean_sf: LOL
raven_hill_wench: I buy mine at the dollar store heh
norajean_sf: Wire is a pill, posing figures with wire can poke your fingers
norajean_sf: let's look at the guy in rough draft that we did yesterday and put him in different poses right quick.
norajean_sf: he's wrapped in waxed paper
rschneiter1963: why waxed paper?
raven_hill_wench: keeps dirt off the clay
norajean_sf: keep him clean
raven_hill_wench: Im smart today, no quarters for me lol
norajean_sf: basicly. The waxed paper can be recycled for years, longer you use it the softer it gets, plasticizers leach into the waxed paper and it's cheap and handy to cover things.
raven_hill_wench: ooommm
norajean_sf: he knows yoga
rschneiter1963: haha
foggy5555: contortionist
icare4bunnies has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: now let's make him really relaxed
norajean_sf: Howdy Jael.
mona_77082: Ah...a Zen I hear an ommmmmm
icare4bunnies: hey!
esther_reeves has joined the conference.

canastananny: Hi Jael
icare4bunnies: didn't even know there was a demo, I'm behind the times
spksgntly2: hi bunny
mommaclara2001: Hi to the two new ladies.
icare4bunnies: is there a webcam?
raven_hill_wench: when posing him, how do you keep the foil from slicing through the clay?
spksgntly2: yep
raven_hill_wench: yep NJ has one
mommaclara2001: Yes there is
icare4bunnies: I need an invite, sweet nj
spksgntly2: right click on noras name
raven_hill_wench: right click her name, go to more then view webcam
spksgntly2: a new trick we learned today
spksgntly2: hit view webcam
norajean_sf: now he's going night night, where's his blanket?
icare4bunnies: I have a mac but I do remember how to get on it. I just didn't see "view my webcam" next to her name
raven_hill_wench: he needs a quilt
You have invited icare4bunnies to view your webcam.

spksgntly2: oh
norajean_sf: sent you invite to cam Jael.
mona_77082: Is his thumb in his mouth!?
icare4bunnies: thanks nj
raven_hill_wench: lol mona
foggy5555: is it possible to get video AND audio?
affectsoftheart has left the conference.

norajean_sf: can you bold your font Jael, it's easier for me to read
icare4bunnies: what did I meet?
canastananny: On mine I have to also click on to more
icare4bunnies: what did I miss
spksgntly2: me too nanny
icare4bunnies: this better?
rschneiter1963: she is posing mr man
norajean_sf: nothing, we're just starting, showing how to pose a figure when using aluminum foil armature
norajean_sf: great Jael, thanks.
raven_hill_wench: ellen, only if the person has messenger with voice and a microphone
norajean_sf: Now if he were a circus acrobat?
foggy5555: i don't think i have my mike hooked up yet
icare4bunnies: I've never done an aluminum foil armature.
raven_hill_wench: ouch
icare4bunnies: you are having too much fun nj
posey4u has joined the conference.

spksgntly2: wish I could bend that easy
canastananny: No sound is used as we have hearing impaired.... So to be fair to everyone ...
foggy5555: k
raven_hill_wench: are his elbows bending backwards?
canastananny: We only type out what we want to say
donnalny has left the conference.

icare4bunnies: and I don't have access to sound...
mommaclara2001: Hi posey
norajean_sf: no sound
canastananny: Right
You have invited posey4u to view your webcam.

icare4bunnies: yep
posey4u: hey everyone
raven_hill_wench: hi posey!
rschneiter1963 has joined the conference.

rschneiter1963: ok back
canastananny: glad you
norajean_sf: now does everyone have cam?
bonsaikathy: yup
norajean_sf: we had some folks get booted out
posey4u: yup
canastananny: yes
esther_reeves: yes
rschneiter1963: yup nake man
foggy5555: yes
mona_77082: Got Cam here
bonsaikathy: Hi Esther
krafty_karen_mc: yes here
esther_reeves: hi
connie_flying: yes
raven_hill_wench: I do and he looks double jointed
norajean_sf: Esther, how's your tummy? Feeling better?
esther_reeves: yes a bit
norajean_sf: big hugs
esther_reeves: thanks
posey4u: I just got in from the game
bonsaikathy: NJ since we've had several new folks to joins should we do a roll call
raven_hill_wench: football?
posey4u: yep Pittsburgh
posey4u: we are in the play offs
canastananny: Tamara here in Houston, Texas
raven_hill_wench: cool
norajean_sf: Yes, let's do Roll Call
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. tn
connie_flying: Connie - Reno NV
raven_hill_wench: we are hosting the superbowl, but wont be playing in it lol
icare4bunnies: Jael, Ill
foggy5555: ellen here in perry, ga (right outside warner robins afb)
raven_hill_wench: Shawna, Detroit
icare4bunnies: IL
mona_77082: Mona Houston
esther_reeves: Esther, Coventry, England
posey4u: Marsha Clearfield Pa
krafty_karen_mc: Karen.....Alberta
icare4bunnies: foggy, pink is hard to read, can you darken it?
posey4u: we have to play Denver next week end
foggy5555: is this color better?
norajean_sf: so the purpose of posing this rough draft male figure, for those who just joined, is to show how the aluminum foil armature aids in posing figures. Better then wire or anything else that I've found. Ok?
icare4bunnies: yes, thanks
norajean_sf: Armature-Grp
nndewbre: Norma, Georgia
norajean_sf: In this web section are many aluminum armatures posed in different positions.
mona_77082: I have grasped this principal and embrace it! :)
posey4u: maybe we all should buy stock in aluminum foil
foggy5555: he is a limber little guy
norajean_sf: but when we cover it with clay, we leave the arms and legs extended.
norajean_sf: Oh he's double jointed.
norajean_sf: he's playing Hide and Go Seek now.
norajean_sf: one mississippi, two mississippi
posey4u: can you image all the positions he can do
posey4u: LOL
raven_hill_wench: love the dress
rschneiter1963 has left the conference.
Showing Josana...
raven_hill_wench: wow
posey4u: I love her
spksgntly2: Thats pretty
mommaclara2001: Isn't she cute?
posey4u: yes
foggy5555: adorable
vlady6us has joined the conference.

icare4bunnies: I'll have to try this and see if I can do it well enough to teach it at one of my classes at Michael's.
norajean_sf: she was a full nude before getting clay fabric clothing
vlady6us: thanks
You have invited vlady6us to view your webcam.

vlady6us: hi everyone
norajean_sf: sorry about that Sandie
bonsaikathy: HI Sandie
icare4bunnies: did you bake her and then add clothes?
vlady6us: no problem
norajean_sf: I was fixing to copy a link when you IM'd me
posey4u: hey Sandy
mommaclara2001: Hi Sandy
spksgntly2: Hi lady
raven_hill_wench: we dont have anyone teaching clay at my michaels :(
norajean_sf: About the clothing made of cloth
icare4bunnies: aw
icare4bunnies: we didn't at mine until I started!
vlady6us: the lady who teaches at our taking lessons from me.....
posey4u: I see that clay is on sale
icare4bunnies: lol
norajean_sf: the body and the clay fabric were both raw, she was dressed with arms and legs extended.
vlady6us: yeah it is..and i was there at 10 this morning
icare4bunnies: I see, thanks nj
norajean_sf: Let's keep focus ladies, thanks
vlady6us: ok
raven_hill_wench: I need to get better at my techniques before I could think of teaching
norajean_sf: I'll take a break at the top of the hour and then everyone can chat.
mona_77082: So you started with a raw body, added raw clothes.... and then
norajean_sf: about the clay fabric and raw bodies.
icare4bunnies: I have a question - do you let the body sit so it can cool before dressing?
norajean_sf: If you dress the raw bodies with raw clay fabric and THEN pose them the draping of the fabric will be natural.
norajean_sf: Not really, the bodies need to be flexible.
icare4bunnies: but not mooshy LOL

You have invited raven_hill_wench to view your webcam.

rschneiter1963 has joined the conference.

rschneiter1963: am I here?
bonsaikathy: yes
spksgntly2: yep
mommaclara2001: yes
icare4bunnies: you are.
spksgntly2: lol
norajean_sf: sorry Shawna I was sending invite to cam to someone else
You have invited rschneiter1963 to view your webcam.

raven_hill_wench: sit still! lol
canastananny: Company just arrived... Hope to join again later. bye
spksgntly2: bye
bonsaikathy: bye
icare4bunnies: nj, do you ever heat set the face before posing?
norajean_sf: One trick about dressing a raw clay body
raven_hill_wench: lol ok
rschneiter1963: sorry
norajean_sf: dust the inside of the clay fabric with baby powder
foggy5555: hey all, i've got to go. hubby has dinner ready. i enjoyed watching the web cam demonstration and thanks for all of the warm welcomes! you're a great group!. Go Clayers!!! bye for now
bonsaikathy: great tip NJ
canastananny has left the conference.

spksgntly2: bye foggy
norajean_sf: you don't want the raw clay sheets to stick to the figure until the clay fabric is draped correctly
mommaclara2001: Bye
icare4bunnies: yes, otherwise you'd have static cling ;)
foggy5555 has left the conference.

mona_77082: That makes perfect sense!
rschneiter1963: what do you mean NJ?
raven_hill_wench: I never thought of that
icare4bunnies: your clothing doesn't stick to you as you move... hopefully
spksgntly2: how thin do you make the cloth?
raven_hill_wench: sometimes in the summer my clothes stick to me
bonsaikathy: I would think one of the thinnest settings
raven_hill_wench: thats pretty
bonsaikathy: Bec she means that if you dust the inside of the clay where it will touch the body before using it to make clay cloths it won't stick
icare4bunnies: you use premo, right? it's pretty flexible after baking
bonsaikathy: NJ I believe only uses premo
rschneiter1963: ok thanks
bonsaikathy: welcome
icare4bunnies: beautiful]
raven_hill_wench: fimo soft is pretty bendy after baking
norajean_sf: Links to how to make this clay fabric, the abalone fold is in that web section
vlady6us: i love the abalone fold big time
norajean_sf: dust the inside of the raw clay fabric when you're draping the clothing.
norajean_sf: when you cure the clay it'll be fine.
norajean_sf: Now someone had a question about curing faces?
norajean_sf: ask it now that I can see it.
norajean_sf: please
icare4bunnies: me
icare4bunnies: do you cure any part of it before posing?
mona_77082: How is curing differnt that baking?
norajean_sf: Thank you Jael
icare4bunnies: same thing
icare4bunnies: only with a heat gun
norajean_sf: All the figures go in to the oven many times
raven_hill_wench: I thought curing was baking
norajean_sf: when you check these web sections on sculpting, you'll see that I cure the clay in phases.
icare4bunnies: same thing, but I was thinking about using a heat gun
norajean_sf: Like with this figure here
mona_77082: So curing with a heat gun is like partial curing then?
norajean_sf: she was cured, then make up was added to her face and then cured again
raven_hill_wench: get something right, hurry and bake it
norajean_sf: Cure is to heat set, which can be done in more ways than baking
norajean_sf: that's why I use the word cure and not bake
norajean_sf: folks have been known to boil clay
raven_hill_wench: boil?
norajean_sf: heat set it with a heat gun
norajean_sf: yes boil
spksgntly2: that works?
norajean_sf: it can be done
raven_hill_wench: so water doesnt affect the clay?
norajean_sf: some folks have submerged clay in water, then microwaved it. I wouldn't but some folks do
norajean_sf: clay is plastic
norajean_sf: oil and water
norajean_sf: no problem
mona_77082: Ohhhh ok! It must be a delicate operation right! to make sure it isn't heated to long or to hot
raven_hill_wench: cool, I still wouldnt want to boil it though
norajean_sf: Some folks have cured unwrapped clay in the trunk of their car in a parking lot in a Mall in Texas during the summer.
norajean_sf: again I wouldn't recommend that. LOL
raven_hill_wench: lol on accident?
norajean_sf: on a window sill, by accident
norajean_sf: Yes, sad accident
norajean_sf: come home with unwrapped clay and it's cured
mona_77082: Texas definitely gets hot enough for that
raven_hill_wench: on top of my computer monitor rofl
norajean_sf: it sure does
norajean_sf: so I don't use the word bake when referring to heat setting clay
raven_hill_wench: I was so mad about that one
norajean_sf: because there's more ways to cure clay than to bake it
rschneiter1963: thre is?
raven_hill_wench: ok so baking is curing but curing isnt baking
norajean_sf: Ok, top of the hour, chat amongst yourselves as you like, I'm saving log and getting coffee for my husband. Brb
mona_77082: AFK for a bit here
raven_hill_wench: smoke break! lol
mona_77082: yep

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