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Face Sculpting Index - Sunday Demo - Log 4: Break Chat

Demo Stuff

norajean_sf: time for social chat, while I save log and stuff.
chenoa_2b: ok
norajean_sf: brb
clayalley: for those of you who talked me into it
clayalley: lol
clayalley: and am working on Prosculpt as we speak as well
leasbeadheaven: was it something I said? I came in & everyone's taking a break? LOL
mazutwo: Hi I slept in have only arisen from my bed
clayalley: That always happens to me too
raven_hill_wench: hey Karen, do you sell clay pusher tools as single instead of a set of 5?
clayalley: I can get them
clayalley: think I have some cones here somewhere
raven_hill_wench: cool, I dont want to buy 5 when I only need one
clayalley: is that the one you were wanting
chenoa_2b: bbl
raven_hill_wench: yep the cone shape
clayalley: Let me do some digging, I think I have it here already
clayalley: email me at so I can have your email address when I find it
raven_hill_wench: cool, thank you, let me know if you find them
raven_hill_wench: will do
leasbeadheaven: is it me? I'm only seeing a one-sided conversation
esther_reeves has joined the conference.

clayalley: you may need to reboot
posey4u: me too
clayalley: are you on a Mac
norajean_sf: Folks, check your chat preferences
raven_hill_wench: lol leas you cant see karen?
leasbeadheaven: nope
mommaclara2001: Me too.
norajean_sf: go to your Yahoo Friend's list, hit Messenger, Hit Preferences, UNCHECK the box that says "ignore all who are not on my friends list"
clayalley: Me too what mommaclara
clayalley: you cant see me either?
norajean_sf: then reboot
mazutwo: where is Karen
mommaclara2001: Am getting a one sided conversation.
raven_hill_wench: karen is clay alley, follow NJs instructions so you can see her
clayalley: or put me on your friends list
norajean_sf: Karen those folks who have the box checked that says "ignore all who are not on my friends list" might not see you because they don't have you added. Add Clayalley to your friends list people.
raven_hill_wench: well I do talk to myself a lot, but usually not in chat lol
norajean_sf: can you see her in the attendee's list on the right? you can add her from there.
clayalley: clayalley
mommaclara2001: I am going to reboot and see if that helps.
clayalley: There's just something "ghostly" about all this
norajean_sf: Karen they can't see you type clayalley if they can't see you type.
clayalley: LOL
leasbeadheaven: i didn't have the box checked
raven_hill_wench: lol
mommaclara2001 has left the conference.

clayalley: Duh!
norajean_sf: Change the preferences folks, or you'll have to see what you missed when I put up demo logs.
norajean_sf: brb, got to get more coffee.
esther_reeves: I can see you
clayalley: Hey Esther!
clayalley: How are you doing
esther_reeves: hi
raven_hill_wench: well at least I know Im not imagining you now
raven_hill_wench: heh
esther_reeves: not bad, running about tring to move things round builders
clayalley: I am a figment of your imagination Raven
raven_hill_wench: lol
clayalley: are you building?
raven_hill_wench: time to put the drink down huh?
spksgntly2: ok back
clayalley: come over here and help me then
raven_hill_wench: wb spks
spksgntly2: thanks
clayalley: I don't know what you are are drinking but I want some
raven_hill_wench: rofl
clayalley: you all
esther_reeves: ripping out and rebuilding the back of our house
clayalley: maybe I a bit tipsy myself
clayalley: way cool! I wanna do that too
esther_reeves: just done the attic
clayalley: but its way to expensive
esther_reeves: except no electric or water up there
clayalley: All the contractors around here want an arm and a leg
clayalley: plus they are so busy building houses that they don't want to do additions
esther_reeves: we got the place for a lot less than it will be worth so could afford it
clayalley: Coolness
raven_hill_wench: make little clay arms and legs and give it to them when they tell you the price lol
esther_reeves: took 18 month to find a builder here
posey4u: good idea
clayalley: you gotta stop drinking now Raven
raven_hill_wench: lol
raven_hill_wench: I havnt even started yet
clayalley: LOL
posey4u: ahh raven wewere just getting started
clayalley: I got pickle juice
raven_hill_wench: lol
clayalley: hicccc up
raven_hill_wench has left the conference.

esther_reeves: whats pickle juice?
clayalley: Raven you declined? I thought you were here
clayalley: Pickly juice is the juice from jar pickles
clayalley: Pickle juice
clayalley: duh
esther_reeves: oh ok !
clayalley: I think I need chocolate
raven_hill_wench has joined the conference.

esther_reeves: mumm that reminds me
clayalley: what
raven_hill_wench: lol knocked myself out
mazutwo: culdnt add Karen as I didn't have enough info
esther_reeves: I ahev a bar of green and blacks cherry choclate
esther_reeves: wonder if my stomach has settled enough ?
clayalley: well, pick yourself back up and put on a seat belt
raven_hill_wench: what info do you need maz?
clayalley: green and blacks cherry chocolate
mazutwo: whatever I need to add her to the friends list
bonsaikathy: Hi Karen
raven_hill_wench: just add the name clayalley
clayalley: Kathy Sweetie
clayalley: How you doing HOn
bonsaikathy: doing fine
clayalley: working today
bonsaikathy: how about you
clayalley: or home?
bonsaikathy: home
clayalley: fat and sassy, as always
mazutwo: I tried and it knocked it back could bre because I am in Australia
clayalley: fit as a fiddle and spry as a dead log
mazutwo: ok pending now
raven_hill_wench: do you see the name in the list of people in the chat?
raven_hill_wench: good
clayalley: who me?
mommaclara2001 has joined the conference.

You have invited mommaclara2001 to view your webcam.

clayalley: oh, not talking to me
clayalley: thas okay
leasbeadheaven: I need some help...I think I'm still missing some messages & I have the ignore button unchecked
clayalley: you added me?
norajean_sf: then you'll have to reboot
mazutwo: no I think Karen has to approve of being my friend
clayalley: I got the message that you added my id
leasbeadheaven: ok
leasbeadheaven has left the conference.

raven_hill_wench: yep maz just wait now
mazutwo: ok I will rejoin again then
norajean_sf: when you change the preferences you need to reboot to make it take
clayalley: NJ when was the last time you ate
mazutwo has left the conference.

norajean_sf: LOL, Karen, I'm grabbing a bite right now
clayalley: see, I gotta always be on your butt about that
norajean_sf: I fell out of bed and into demo, a half hour late. Was up until Dawn yacking with James.
norajean_sf: brewing coffee, brb
clayalley: yaking, sure
norajean_sf: See what would I do without you Karen. brb
clayalley: bet you wanna find out, huh?
clayalley: LOL
clayalley: I think she misses me sometimes
clayalley: hehee
mommaclara2001: Probably Karen.
clayalley: Hey Bonsai! You just gonna say Hi then disappear
clayalley: Hey Mommaclara
clayalley: how you doing Hon
mommaclara2001: Good, how about you?
clayalley: Wonderful
clayalley: as a matter of fct
mommaclara2001: That is great.
clayalley: leasbead must have knocked herself out
norajean_sf: while we're waiting for folks to reboot are there any questions about the aluminum foil armature?
norajean_sf: Lea is rebooting
norajean_sf: instead of logging out of yahoo messenger and logging back in
clayalley: How many miles of alum did you use NJ
norajean_sf: got to reboot to clear cache
raven_hill_wench: alright now what happened? now I dont see karen anymore
raven_hill_wench: grrrr
norajean_sf: Just about a foot's worth today
clayalley: HAHAHAHA
clayalley: I am a ghost
norajean_sf: Shawna, did you add clayalley to your friend's list and reboot?
clayalley: A spirit from beyond
norajean_sf: Here comes Maz
raven_hill_wench: no
clayalley: I come and go in the night
raven_hill_wench: I saw her a bit ago we were talking
clayalley: wavering thru the bushes
mazutwo has joined the conference.

You have invited mazutwo to view your webcam.

clayalley: I am talking to myself
norajean_sf: Karen I can see you honey
mommaclara2001: :">
clayalley: I know, I am just having some fun
chenoa_2b: But that means I am eavesdropping
raven_hill_wench: I hate my computer
clayalley: get a MAC
norajean_sf: Yahoo Messenger preferences not only have to be changed so you can see people chat who are not on your friend's list but one has to reboot for it to take.
clayalley: love my mac
raven_hill_wench: I didnt change anything though
mazutwo: ok I have you now Karen
norajean_sf: Then Shawna you might have to reboot anyway.
clayalley: heehee
clayalley: are you sure - as I am a ghost
clayalley: lol
raven_hill_wench: mumble mumble
norajean_sf: we're on a break before I cover this armature. so go ahead and reboot.
norajean_sf: I'm eating because Karen is here and she'll get on my case for not eating regularly.
mazutwo: i lost the webcam
clayalley: you bet your sweet bippie I will
norajean_sf: LOL
You have invited mazutwo to view your webcam.

clayalley: bippie, gipppie and all that jazz
norajean_sf: sent you invite to Cam Maz
mazutwo: got it thanks
clayalley: Hey Ravennnnnn do you see me Now
norajean_sf: Shawna do you see clayalley's typing?
mazutwo: I suppose I missed alot as I slept
clayalley: show me da Raven
clayalley: where did Bonsai go
norajean_sf: Karen maybe if you add raven_hill_wench and she accepts and adds you it might help.
clayalley: come back here girl
clayalley: I can do that
norajean_sf: Bonsai Kathy might be working and peeking in when she can.
esther_reeves: going to reboot cos things are going strange brb
esther_reeves has left the conference.

clayalley: Wooooo
clayalley: Its me, I know its me
clayalley: strange energy
clayalley: even stranger woman
clayalley: lol
norajean_sf: Karen, I'm taking longer breaks, because during question and answer I'm asking folks to stay on topic, while I'm showing a technique I'm asking folks to help describe what's going on or to answer questions of others. It helps a lot when we have longer breaks to take care of things like this Yahoo SNAFU
norajean_sf: and to chat socially
mazutwo: I am going to forage for some fodder brb
norajean_sf: it also makes the demo logs easier to get information from about technique
norajean_sf: ok, Maz
clayalley: Hey Mommaclara.... you sure can add me
clayalley: Totally understandable NJ
posey4u: I haer tht people from the eastern part of Pa are strangeeeeeeee
esther_reeves has joined the conference.

clayalley: thats why I am getting the crazies out now
mommaclara2001: Ok, thanks
You have invited esther_reeves to view your webcam.

clayalley: I truely am
clayalley: Wackie
clayalley: over the bend
clayalley: coocoo
norajean_sf: LOL, break time is the time to be silly
clayalley: chock full of nuts
clayalley: and beans
posey4u: I shouldnt talk I was the one who sent you the wrong email about the pasta machine
clayalley: OH< that was YOU
posey4u: yep I sorryyyyyyyyyyyy
clayalley: another wacky friend
norajean_sf: break time is a good time to ask about other techniques not covered in this particular demo too
clayalley: had me scratching my head, I tell you
posey4u: I was really sorry I thought boy she must think me nutsy
clayalley: I order them in cos I am limited in space
clayalley: it only takes a few days to get them in
clayalley: but I don't have room to store them
posey4u: how far away are you from Clearfield
clayalley: So I can get the Atlas PM's
clayalley: I am in Gettysburg - down near the MD line
chenoa_2b: Debra, are you there?
norajean_sf: I'll start the demo on the half hour, 10 minutes to go.
posey4u: your pretty far away then..Im off of I80 in the central part
clayalley: I was born and rasied between State College and Altoona
posey4u: then you know where I am
clayalley: Yup
posey4u: you ever come this way
spksgntly2: I am now if you meant me
clayalley: sometimes. I go home to see my Mom
spksgntly2: just got everyone fed
chenoa_2b: yeah, I meant you.
posey4u: its a nice area
clayalley: its a great area

posey4u: I agree
chenoa_2b: my daughter is going to want to know as much as she can about the area.
spksgntly2: while they were eating I had a try at making my foil man
leasbeadheaven has joined the conference.

clayalley: if the darn casino comes to town, I may be thinking of moving back up there
norajean_sf: Oh great, how did the armature go?
posey4u: you mean my area
spksgntly2: ojh
You have invited leasbeadheaven to view your webcam.

spksgntly2: not much out there
clayalley: yep

chenoa_2b: lol but her honey will be there. lol
spksgntly2: its in a small town, but Syracuse isnt far
posey4u: that would be great
spksgntly2: and we are about 2 1/2 hrs from there

norajean_sf: I think we're all back from rebooting?
clayalley: Jeannie Havel from pcpolyzine is looking for apts around here
clayalley: she wants to be close to MD again
chenoa_2b: How are the schools and housing?
leasbeadheaven: yes
spksgntly2: my son and wife had housing so they were in gouvernor..
mona_77082: Here NJ

chenoa_2b: How long dose it take to get housing?
spksgntly2: but change of events where she left him has put him back in the barracks


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