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Face Sculpting Index - Sunday Demo - Log 5: Covering the female armature with the first layer of clay

Demo Stuff

norajean_sf: Shall we do Roll call? Then we can cover this armature with clay?
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
spksgntly2: debbie NY
chenoa_2b: ok deb, talk more later.
posey4u: Marsha Clearfield,Pa
mona_77082: Mona - Houston
spksgntly2: ok
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
leasbeadheaven: Lea, NY
chenoa_2b: Carolyn Oregon
spksgntly2: I will ask my son
clayalley: Clay Alley Karen, Gettysburg PA
krafty_karen_mc: Karen...Alberta
esther_reeves: <- Coventry, UK
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
clayalley: where did everyone go
norajean_sf: Sculpt/MayDoll-2002/Group
mazutwo: Maz Australia aka Marilyn
clayalley: ah there you are Maz
norajean_sf: Obachan-grp
norajean_sf:  Doll-Tisha-Grp
norajean_sf: In these web sections I make female figures
spksgntly2: ok my foil armature didnt turn out like this one
norajean_sf: and this armature is going to be a female figure. I've shortened her torso, shortened her arms a bit as well
mazutwo: Mine did but is more feminine
norajean_sf: Everything takes practice even aluminum foil armatures.
spksgntly2: although my grandaughter thought it was entertaining and is playing with it
mazutwo: longer neck softer shoulder line
norajean_sf: These links are in the Demo log from yesterday,
norajean_sf: and the same links will be in this demo log when I get the pages built later today.
mazutwo: thank you Nj for this my DH didn't even blink when I said I was in conference and not too disturb me LOL
norajean_sf: I mention this because I want to remind the new folks that if they miss any part of a technique, I do review these things on a regular basis.
norajean_sf: Maz, LOL
chenoa_2b: oh! Amy came in, and thought I was looking at a charred body, the foil. And a decaying body!
norajean_sf: So, if we can begin I'll start out with the basic question. What makes a body female?
chenoa_2b: lol she wanted to know what the heck I was doing!
spksgntly2: lol
norajean_sf: What are the differences between a male and female body?
spksgntly2: hmm
spksgntly2: height
raven_hill_wench has joined the conference.

chenoa_2b: she is smaller, and curvy
posey4u: men more muscular sometimes lol
norajean_sf: How funny Carolyn. So ask Amy, what's the difference between a male and female body. Where are we going to add clay and not add clay?
mazutwo: females are usually more rounded where the muscles are
mona_77082: Longer neck, wider hips, breasts, shapely legs, narrower shoulders
You have invited raven_hill_wench to view your webcam.

spksgntly2: lol that doesnt look like me!
norajean_sf: and they don't have the same upper body muscles that men do unless they work out a whole lot.
clayalley: like me
norajean_sf: but wider hips to accentuate the waist
chenoa_2b: And women have that tiny little pot belly
norajean_sf: and more junk in the trunk
raven_hill_wench: tiny?
posey4u: they have more of a buttocks
norajean_sf: junk in the trunk
mazutwo: not me mines out there way out there
clayalley: you got a pic of me???
norajean_sf: as I said
chenoa_2b: well I can hope can't I!?!
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: The first layer of skin clay we're not going to worry about these mounds of female flesh.
raven_hill_wench: since I had a baby my tiny pot belly turned into a big pudge
clayalley: no baby, but big pudge here
norajean_sf: It's the second layer of skin, where I use the leaf shape cutters that we'll be focusing on building muscle mass.
spksgntly2: I still have baby fat
clayalley: I'm not fat, I'm juicy
chenoa_2b: lol
spksgntly2: more shape cutters..god there goes the charge card again
clayalley: water weight
mommaclara2001: =))
norajean_sf: so if there's no other questions, I'm going to cover the armature with the first layer of clay.
clayalley: oh, the leaf cutters
mazutwo: ok
spksgntly2: lol I know I saw them on your site
clayalley: on the kemper page
norajean_sf: Old Timers, help the new folks who have questions when My hands are busy. Describing what's going on when I'm working with the clay makes the demo logs better for those who can't attend.
clayalley: really great for doing layers of muscles
norajean_sf: I'm prepared
norajean_sf: LOL
spksgntly2: boy are you
raven_hill_wench: lol
clayalley: You sweetie
spksgntly2: you have a link for everything
norajean_sf: so if there's no questions I'll get started ok?
raven_hill_wench: ok
chenoa_2b: ok. let er rip!
clayalley: k
posey4u: ok
spksgntly2: ready
norajean_sf: it's in the log, so it's an easy find
esther_reeves: go for it
clayalley: she lays her hand down on the counter
mazutwo: i have clayalley bookmarked an easy find
clayalley: we see two figures
clayalley: one a bit pale and one really shiny
spksgntly2: i need a food processor too???
clayalley: it makes it easier to condition clay
mazutwo: The clay has been rolled out at the widest setting
clayalley: Wal Mart under $30
raven_hill_wench: you can use a knife and just chop the clay yourself if you cant afford a food processor, or you can use a blender
clayalley: check freecycle to see if anyone has one to give away
clayalley: Conditioning Premo beige by chopping it and putting into the food processor
clayalley: when its like cottage cheese, its ready to be taken out
mazutwo: What clay does NJ use again
clayalley: smush it all together and work the air out
clayalley: Premo Beige
chenoa_2b: All warm and crumbly
raven_hill_wench: premo
chenoa_2b: there it goes through the pasta machine
clayalley: roll it thru the pasta machine to form sheets
mazutwo: thanks
clayalley: laying it on a sheet of wax paper helps it not stick to your counter tp
clayalley: your sheets of clay, that is
chenoa_2b: Be sure to check for air bubbles also.
clayalley: rolling, rolling, rolling
clayalley: thru the pm
clayalley: making lots of sheets of clay
clayalley: wax paper between the sheets so they can be stacked
clayalley: in a small space without clinging to each other
clayalley: using your Kemper Leaf cutters,
clayalley: oops, I'm a head of her
chenoa_2b: she is getting the base layer of clay I think.
clayalley: looks like she is getting a base layer of clay on the head
mazutwo: first the head
clayalley: take a sheet of clay and cover the entire alum armature with a base of clay
mazutwo: now the arms
clayalley has left the conference.

mazutwo: gently squeezing to stick the clay to the foil
esther_reeves: I'm off, getting close to midnight here
spksgntly2: good night
raven_hill_wench: night esther
leasbeadheaven: goodnight
mommaclara2001: Good night Esther
chenoa_2b: nighty niyr
chenoa_2b: nite
mazutwo: smoothing it down
posey4u: nighty nite
mazutwo: nite
esther_reeves: night all say goodnight to NJ for me
chenoa_2b: k
esther_reeves has left the conference.

mazutwo: making sure it covers well especially where the elbows are
chenoa_2b: smothing the seams out
mazutwo: tear off the excess and then smooth and push the clay together to cover the limb
mazutwo: smoothing with the finger tips until it is well covered
mommaclara2001: I am gouing to have to go too. Goodnight all. Thank Nj for me.
raven_hill_wench: night momma
chenoa_2b: nite momma
posey4u: night nite
mazutwo: wrap the body and smooth and gently squeeze until it is all covered
mazutwo: nite
mommaclara2001: :x>:D< =;
mommaclara2001 has left the conference.

leasbeadheaven: good night
Staci has joined the conference.

mazutwo: who is mommaclara mum to
bonsaikathy: howdy Maam
bonsaikathy: how ya doing
You have invited Staci to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Yo Staci
norajean_sf: Hey honey
smorgan364: Hi, I can't stay long have to be to work at 8pm and still have to get ready
mazutwo: sorry got cut off
norajean_sf: Ok, less than one half hour to cover the armature with the first layer of clay.
mazutwo: now the legs same smoothing and gentle squeezing motions
norajean_sf: when putting sheets of clay on an armature, compress the clay to the foil going from one end to the other to push out any air bubbles.
norajean_sf: this first layer is the foundation to which we will add leaf shapes for muscle mass.
mazutwo: I sort of took over here sorry NJ
norajean_sf: I love it Maz
norajean_sf: I can't do both, move clay and type at the same time so thank you so much.
bluebell5071 has joined the conference.

You have invited bluebell5071 to view your webcam.

mazutwo: thats ok at least I have learnt something LOl
norajean_sf: Now if there's any questions about this part of the process it's time to ask them now.
norajean_sf: Teaching others is the best way to learn, Maz
norajean_sf: so I appreciate all ClayMates who describe what they see, it enriches the demo logs for those who couldn't attend or are just free to attend now.
mazutwo: true
norajean_sf: So are there any questions about this part of the process? We're coming up to top of the hour break.
mazutwo: what happens if you leave air bubbles?
norajean_sf: Air pimples
norajean_sf: hot air expands and the clay expands with it.
mazutwo: so little blots on the surface
chenoa_2b: Is the clay easier to move around when it is warm and fresh? Are there some things that shouldn't be left for later.
norajean_sf: So what if you're making a body and you get air pimples, what to do after curing?
mazutwo: add a little more clay
norajean_sf: Most things can be left to later, depends on how much you want to do later.
chenoa_2b: k
norajean_sf: You can file off air pimples and smooth the area with a mix of TLS and clay color
mazutwo: ok
norajean_sf: like filling in dry wall after taking down a picture.
chenoa_2b: I think you would sand down the pimple and fill with new clay
norajean_sf: exactly
norajean_sf: Now about what to leave for later
norajean_sf: I leave putting color on the face until after the first curing
norajean_sf: I leave adding hair, either clay hair made with TLS and clay color or hair extensions until after the first or second curing
mazutwo: do you cure it at this stage NJ
norajean_sf: The next step after this, Maz, is to add muscle mass with the leaf shape cutters
norajean_sf: door bell
norajean_sf: brb
mazutwo: ok
mazutwo: Karen Have you the Maken clay gun now
norajean_sf: back
norajean_sf: Is Karen still here?
chenoa_2b: I don't think so
norajean_sf: Well Top of the hour, I got to save log and it's time ya'll can socialize. brb
mazutwo: k will have look later
raven_hill_wench: I think she is away
mazutwo: has any body got one of the maken clay guns

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