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Face Sculpting Index - Sunday Demo - Log 6 - Adding mass to the Female and Why I do Demos

Demo Stuff

mazutwo: Karen Have you the Maken clay gun now
norajean_sf: back
norajean_sf: Is Karen still here?
chenoa_2b: I don't think so
norajean_sf: Well Top of the hour, I got to save log and it's time ya'll can socialize. brb
mazutwo: k will have look later
raven_hill_wench: I think she is away
mazutwo: has any body got one of the maken clay guns
spksgntly2: not me
mazutwo: has any one used Superflex clay
norajean_sf: Not me, Maz
norajean_sf: Oh you asked who Momma Clara is Momma to, one of our volunteers, Shannon/clayladyinred, that's her Momma.
mazutwo: I did a class on the web but only printed it off and it was for making a doll with superflex clay
mazutwo: Oh cool they both clay
chenoa_2b: Amy says "Hi!" NJ
norajean_sf: Let me wave to Amy
chenoa_2b: Amy says thanks, she hasn't seen you before! lol
norajean_sf: more chins than the Chinese Phone book
mazutwo: I don't know all of your volunteers but they do a terrific job on the site as you all do especially you Nj
norajean_sf: it's my pleasure, Maz.
mazutwo: can we all see you Nj please
norajean_sf: Oh a mugging? Sure.
chenoa_2b: Just makes me want to hug the heck out of ya NJ
mazutwo: ah you are so full of life and lovely. I reread your short stories the other day
chenoa_2b: >:D<
Staci has joined the conference.

smorgan364: I'm here , I'm here
smorgan364: LOL
norajean_sf: Oh which short story?
mazutwo: hi Staci
norajean_sf: or all of them?
smorgan364: Hi hi
mazutwo: the ones on Bonsai ?
norajean_sf: Staci it's so good to see you. Since you don't have week ends off if you want to have a mid week demo, let me know.
norajean_sf: I'll get the link for the Bonsai Trailer Court for those who don't know what we're talking about, Maz.
smorgan364: Well, I was thinking of hosting my Wed demo now that things are starting to settle down at work
mazutwo: ok worth reading
smorgan364: but, since I have been working the kids have piled my studio with all sorts of stuff
norajean_sf: Oh that would be cool. I'll come to your demo and be virtual scribe.
smorgan364: So I gotta get it cleaned up before I can do anything
mazutwo: I'll come too
norajean_sf: I understand
smorgan364: I haven't done clay in over 2 months
norajean_sf: yikes
smorgan364: I am depriving myself
mazutwo: I love this way of learning
smorgan364: and going into withdrawls
norajean_sf: like when I had that nerve pinch
mazutwo: worse than chocolate
smorgan364: Yep
rieandra has joined the conference.

You have invited rieandra to view your webcam.

smorgan364: I have tons of stuff I want to do, but haven't found time to do them
smorgan364: LOL
mazutwo: hi
norajean_sf: Ok, since folks have come and gone, let's do roll call so we can know each other's first name and location, please.
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
spksgntly2: Debbie NY
chenoa_2b: Carolyn in Oregon
raven_hill_wench: Shawna, Detroit
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
bluebell5071: Shirley in Mississippi
mazutwo: Maz Australia aka Marilyn
rieandra: rieandra Kansas
leasbeadheaven: Lea, NY
smorgan364: Staci- Joplin Missouri
krafty_karen_mc: <.....Alberta
posey4u: Marsha Clearfield Pa
norajean_sf: now is there anyone who does not have my web cam open?
mona_77082: Mona- Houston
mona_77082: Cam Ready!
smorgan364: I finally broke down and bought a heat gun...
mazutwo: ready
leasbeadheaven: ready
smorgan364: have some techniques I wanna do that I need it
norajean_sf: you'll have to show us that heat gun in action on one of your Demos, new people, Staci is a volunteer with the list.
norajean_sf: fyi
chenoa_2b: hiya Staci
smorgan364: Hi everyone
leasbeadheaven: hi Staci!
norajean_sf: ok, what I'm going to do next is add muscle mass to this figure and we're going to make a female figure. So we need hips, butts, breasts, etc.
mazutwo: ee embossing powder is so expensive here and I waaaaaant some to try/ I have the heat gun
raven_hill_wench: butts?
norajean_sf: LOL, lots of butt, butts
chenoa_2b: Don't forget the pot bellies too!
norajean_sf: LOL
chenoa_2b: lol
smorgan364: Marilyn, I bought mine when I got a $40 off coupon for michaels
mazutwo: are we doing pert boobs or women's type
chenoa_2b: A stripper or a momma?
norajean_sf: well let's start adding mass and see what she wants to be like, ok? If there's no questions at this point I'll get started.
smorgan364: LOL
chenoa_2b: k
mazutwo: we don't have Michaels in Aus and if I buy it has to be interstate so I buy from US as it is cheaper for me with our triple tax
smorgan364: No doubt I would too Marilyn
smorgan364: NJ is taking leaf shape cutters and cutting "skin tone" clay to add mass to the sculpture
raven_hill_wench: why leaf shape?
smorgan364: after she adds the mass, she can then smooth and shape into a lovely piece of art.
smorgan364: Because they are rounded and pointed, you can add bulk where you need them
smorgan364: You can use circle cutters too, but the leaf cutters add the most mass
posey4u: would you use smaller cutters for a woman
smorgan364: it looks like she is using the inch leaf cutter
raven_hill_wench: I only have squares...need to go shopping
smorgan364: so you use the size you need for the size doll you are making
smorgan364: that is about an eight inch doll she is working on
chenoa_2b: don't forget, the camera adds weight too. lol
raven_hill_wench: lol
smorgan364: no doubt
smorgan364: LOL
mazutwo: lol
smorgan364: she is cupping a leaf shape to add clay in the center for breasts.
smorgan364: viola....perfectly matched boobies
smorgan364: he he he
chenoa_2b: everyone has implants now days!
raven_hill_wench: lol
mazutwo: little balls in the cup
smorgan364: LOL you can do butt implants the same way
mazutwo: k
raven_hill_wench: so if you looked at a medical picture of a person with no skin (just muscles showing) you can just add clay where the seperate muscles are
chenoa_2b: makes sense to me.
smorgan364: that looks like the sheats of clay are ran through at a medium setting on her pasta machine, about a 3or 4
bluebell5071 has left the conference.

mazutwo: is that clay behind the kneee
raven_hill_wench: calves
mazutwo: k
smorgan364: She is putting clay ion the calves and thighs
mazutwo: nothing is smoothed yet as it is being placed the clay that is
mazutwo: is it being pushed on Staci?
smorgan364: yeah she is pushing the clay on and moving it into place
smorgan364: where it might need more bulk on the calf or butt.
chenoa_2b: bending the arms and legs, making the joints.
mazutwo: k
norajean_sf: the female figure
norajean_sf: now it's just a matter of smoothing
norajean_sf: but the leaf shapes give indentations where you need them to be
mazutwo: ah those boobs remind me of my heydays long long ago
spksgntly2: lol
raven_hill_wench: lol
rieandra: lol
chenoa_2b: lol
norajean_sf: now remember if your lady is laying on her side, gravity effects where the breasts are going to hang
smorgan364: don't we all wish ours were that perky again
smorgan364: LOL
smorgan364: as does age
chenoa_2b: those are definately bc
mazutwo: lol
smorgan364: LOL
norajean_sf: I use the Ma Kettle method, I hold them up with my belt
chenoa_2b: Before kids. lol
spksgntly2: and if on her back...look in her armpits
norajean_sf: exactly
raven_hill_wench: mine will always be perky rofl
norajean_sf: my younger sister wishes she had floppies, she got hershey kisses on a board
mazutwo: op or just luck or excercise
chenoa_2b: hey! I can still touch the floor! With my boobs
raven_hill_wench: rofl NJ thats what I got
norajean_sf: there ya are, can't warm clay canes without floppies
norajean_sf: got to tuck those cold canes under the arm then
mazutwo: my step mum always said hers were like fried eggs
raven_hill_wench: lol
chenoa_2b: Man can I warm up a lot of clay! lol
norajean_sf: LOL
rieandra: lol
smorgan364: or cold bars of clay
norajean_sf: I can loose my husband's wallet under mine
norajean_sf: and often do
raven_hill_wench: rofl
smorgan364: under the boobs....saves the hands
chenoa_2b: Just don't lose it! lol finding clay in bed is not always nice.!
mazutwo: =))
raven_hill_wench: I once found clay in my hair
smorgan364: NJ is adding muscle to the back now
smorgan364: ......and someone can type......I need to go get ready for work
mazutwo: when i did a lot of dyeing i always had colored fingers
smorgan364: have to leave in 20 minutes
mazutwo: ok Staci see ya
smorgan364: Love you NJ
smorgan364: See ya all soon
chenoa_2b: ok, smorg
raven_hill_wench: bye staci
posey4u: see ya
bonsaikathy: bye Staci
norajean_sf: love ya Staci
leasbeadheaven: bye
norajean_sf: see you soon
mazutwo: soes anyone want the job of typing
smorgan364: Marilyn, you were doing a fine job....keep up the good work :)
smorgan364: tata
Staci has left the conference.

mazutwo: k
raven_hill_wench: I would but cant type very fast right now, got a 1 year old on my lap
chenoa_2b: my hands are shaky, but I am sure with all of us we can make a good try at it.
mazutwo: I think can't see to wll that NJ is smoothing out the pieces that have been added
mazutwo: ok I have to take a quick break so I will brb
Krafty Karen has left the conference.

chenoa_2b: ok
chenoa_2b: showing a male and female figure
spksgntly2: barbie and ken
raven_hill_wench: what a lovely couple
chenoa_2b: gracy and george
spksgntly2: with her implants
raven_hill_wench: I love george and gracy, way before my time but crazy funny
raven_hill_wench: why does the female have the spine showing but not the male?
norajean_sf: LOL
chenoa_2b: most guys are spinless?
norajean_sf: Oh the male got mashed in doing poses, so he'll get his spine indented during the smoothing phase.
raven_hill_wench: rofl
spksgntly2: shes making them realistic
mona_77082: LOL
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: his pecs and abs will be more defined in the next phase.
raven_hill_wench: ok
chenoa_2b: is he getting a six pack to go with her implants?
norajean_sf: at this point we just want to make sure we have enough clay where we need it before we start to smooth the added bits.
norajean_sf: Ya most likely
chenoa_2b: I mean on his tummy
spksgntly2: do you make them anatomically correct?
raven_hill_wench: lol
norajean_sf: I've made anatomically correct puppets
chenoa_2b: yes she does! lol Even gotten in trouble for it!
norajean_sf: caused a stir at the Lexx convention
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: Carolyn remembers
chenoa_2b: yep!
norajean_sf: penis on a jump ring
raven_hill_wench: oh come on people are too prudish
norajean_sf: lost the penis during a three month tour before I got to the convention
chenoa_2b: We going to have a chimbo swap again?
norajean_sf: it was rolling around in my luggage
raven_hill_wench: lol
spksgntly2: I made a doll well and had to make him a penis out of clay..then glue it to the body
norajean_sf: Maybe Carolyn, we got a lot of new folks.
mona_77082: Were you able to re-establish said organ???
norajean_sf: Yes just had to turn the jump ring around so it wouldn't fall off again
spksgntly2: my kids looked in the toaster oven at a little pecker cooking and thought I was nuts
raven_hill_wench: whats a chimbo swap?
mona_77082: LMAO
norajean_sf: but I was writing to the list as I was on Tour and everyone knew I lost the penis
norajean_sf: Chimbo is penis in Japanese, and we had a Chimbo swap a while back
raven_hill_wench: aah cool
norajean_sf: because folks just got to get over being prudish about such stuff. We had people unsub about it, but gosh, we're all grown up here.
norajean_sf: and the Chimbo swap was a laugh riot
raven_hill_wench: wow there are too many prudes around
chenoa_2b: hey I had a aprtment inspection just while the boobs I had scuplted where cooling on the stove.
spksgntly2: I'll have to see if I still have my was little red riding hood and the wolf
norajean_sf: How funny Carolyn
mona_77082: besides, art should transcend all prude and modest considerations and go straight for the subject of the art right!>
norajean_sf: now if we share pictures that are anatomically correct, on the list, give folks fair warning
raven_hill_wench: yep mona
chenoa_2b: the guy wanted me evictedd after that. lol
norajean_sf: don't click if you get upset, sort of warning
norajean_sf: if they click, they can't complain
raven_hill_wench: I agree with that NJ
norajean_sf: if they complain to me I remind them that there are over 200 polymer clay lists with Yahoo Group
norajean_sf: of which we are only one
norajean_sf: they can leave as freely as they showed up
raven_hill_wench: but this one is the best
rieandra: but none teach like this one and they be loosing 4 sure
norajean_sf: We like to hope so, Shawna
norajean_sf: Oh there's folks who don't like the cut of my jib, I'll tell you true
chenoa_2b: it is because Nora Jean is not afriad to push the envelope.
norajean_sf: but since I'm not selling, I don't care
chenoa_2b: Go where others wont.
norajean_sf: I'm teaching for free to folks who don't have money for expensive retreats and are to far from clay guilds
norajean_sf: that's my audience
norajean_sf: if folks got a problem with me, hey, the world is wide
raven_hill_wench: love your attitude
mona_77082: Nora, is this the end of the tutorial?
norajean_sf: I don't have to censor myself or censor others, all we ask is that we treat each other with common courtesy and hopefully genuine fond regard
norajean_sf: ya, I'm winding down
chenoa_2b: dignity and grace.
mona_77082: Ok, I have a question
norajean_sf: been doing this for three days
norajean_sf: I'll take questions, sure.
mona_77082: It is completely non-related to this evenings subject matter.
mona_77082: I want to design a brooch that looks like a wall hung fountain, and I want water to spill over the front ledge into a bowl. Do you have any recommendations on how I might achieve a flowing water effect?
spksgntly2: sounds pretty
mazutwo: back DH lost his fav torch it's daylight here
mona_77082: yep.... a fountain pin.....hahahahaha
norajean_sf: someone used plastic wrap and poured Future floor polish on it and let it dry, did it in stages.
norajean_sf: that made a nice water fall in a mini scene
raven_hill_wench: ooh good idea
mona_77082: Hmmmm might work. I'll give that a try! Thank you soooo much!
spksgntly2: Ive seen that done with a train set when they were making a river and falls
norajean_sf: any other questions on anything?
raven_hill_wench: I love future polish

chenoa_2b: ok, all, I got to go. Been fun.
chenoa_2b: Hugs to ya all!
spksgntly2: night
norajean_sf: ok, Carolyn, good to see you and Amy
mona_77082: Gotta run here too! You all are the best! Thanks for every thing Nora!
leasbeadheaven: nope. thanks so much.
chenoa_2b: You will be seeing more of us! Thanks NJ!
raven_hill_wench: bye carolyn
mona_77082 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: great, Carolyn
chenoa_2b has left the conference.

spksgntly2: ok Im going to my room and play with my clay
norajean_sf: I still have to put the demo logs on the website and I have to do Elder Care tonight so that's why Sundays are sort of short
mazutwo: well I am sorry this is over for another weekend but I have a lot to think about and try out thank you NJ and thanks for the company gals
raven_hill_wench: thats fine, its been three days straight already
norajean_sf: thank you for helping with being virtual scribe, Maz
spksgntly2: good night everyone and thank you
norajean_sf: I really appreciate it
rieandra: question? is there a post somewhere of when demos are done?
posey4u: thanks alot every one
norajean_sf: I post to the list
mazutwo: my pleasure NJ anytime
spksgntly2 has left the conference.

rieandra: ty vm i am one of those folks in boonies u do this for and i appreciate it
mazutwo: see ya soon hugs maz
mazutwo has left the conference.

norajean_sf: I don't have the demos scheduled in the calendar because I'm On-Call for elder care
norajean_sf: you're why I do this
rieandra: Yes I am :) ty
norajean_sf: and for folks who are stay at home moms, caring for elders and children
norajean_sf: for folks who can't afford retreats and even if they could the retreats are far from where they live
posey4u: thats me...
norajean_sf: there's a lot of folks who can't access lessons elsewhere
norajean_sf: and I feel for them
norajean_sf: I really do
rieandra: i belong to all that list
norajean_sf: I used to have my feelings hurt looking at the price of retreats
norajean_sf: now that I can afford them and am invited to teach at them I don't
posey4u: we are truly lucky to have you NJ
norajean_sf: the feeling is mutual
leasbeadheaven: it's so unbelievably generous of you
raven_hill_wench: and we appreciate your care and sharing the great amount of knowledge that you do
rieandra: yes we do very much so
norajean_sf: Abe Lincoln said "God must have loved the common man, He made so many of them."
posey4u: amen
norajean_sf: someone has to serve those who are not rich or lucky to live near a guild
norajean_sf: and all the volunteers are with me on this
norajean_sf: so there is a dozen of us who serve you
norajean_sf: we see it as an honor and a blessing to do so
norajean_sf: so that's the Sunday Sermon
norajean_sf: LOL
raven_hill_wench: lol
posey4u: your gonna make me cryyyyyyyyyy
rieandra: you are a rare woman NJ
norajean_sf: it's out of love that we do what we do. You may not be able to pay us back, we ask that you pay it forward
norajean_sf: do something nice to someone else
norajean_sf: for us
norajean_sf: folks we can't reach
rieandra: amen to paying it forward
norajean_sf: that way we all work to make the world a better place
raven_hill_wench: Ive been following the pay it forward concept for years
leasbeadheaven: you're so right about to others & paying forward
norajean_sf: there's folks who gave energy to me, I can't pay them back because they are dead, in their honor I pay it forward
posey4u: I have tried also
norajean_sf: so if you had fun at the demo, post to the list, let folks know what they are missing
norajean_sf: that would be nice
posey4u: my MOm taught me how to pay it forward
raven_hill_wench: will do
rieandra: i will
leasbeadheaven: you got it!
norajean_sf: good, thanks. I'm going to save log and so I'll toddle off now. Thanks for coming to Demo.
posey4u: me tooo...they dont know what they are missing
rieandra: they dont 4 sure
posey4u: nite safe

leasbeadheaven: g'night!
rieandra: ty NJ, all niters
raven_hill_wench: bye!


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