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02-19-05 Flower Demo

Demo Log 2- Rose with one color

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

Kat Indpls IN: Kay nj went out she will be back
rjchase222: Hi Kat!
norajean_sf: Saturday Demo - Log 2 - After getting
Booted. Close out old webcam windows and open mine a
new when I get it back up.
Vicki in NH: no to going or baby sitting
Kat Indpls IN: <<<<<<<<<
Katie: Hi..someone booted me out
Katie: Ha
Lisa in Maine: to GOING
Lisa in Maine: Joe is going to babysit
Vicki in NH: I'm here but confused
norajean_sf: I got booted too just after saving the
first log
moettom: thank you ! yes my screen is downsized !
clayalley: Monique, you will need to reopen NJ's cam
clayalley: she got booted out
clayalley: so everything stopped
norajean_sf: Hilda's at the door, brb
Kat Indpls IN: hb
helenpankowsky left the room
helenpankowsky joined the room
Kat Indpls IN: shades of orange clay
Marlea in PA: boy, yahoo is being a butt today
Kat Indpls IN: are we doing oranges?
moettom: NJ where is your webcam ? I lost it
clayalley: Monique, do you have the cam back?
Marlea in PA: I believe they will be flowers Kat
Vicki in NH: Lisa Hang on Need to get wash from dryer
moettom: no how do I do ?
MountainMaMaDuke: I thought I read that we were going
to do flowers
clayalley: go to her name in yahoo messenger
Marlea in PA: close out the old cam
clayalley: close the old cam window
Kat Indpls IN: okie dokie
clayalley: does she right click on njs name?
moettom: I did that allready
MountainMaMaDuke: pretty colors up on the cam!
clayalley: I have a Mac and am not sure what to do for
Tammy: yes
Marlea in PA: there ya go, Karen knows how to explain
better than me, lol
norajean_sf: back
Marlea in PA: oh, lol
helenpankowsky: Hey! I got on using my MAc, love it
when it works!
Kat Indpls IN: wb
MountainMaMaDuke: WB
norajean_sf: does everyone have the webcam open again
rjchase222: Yes
clayalley: Monique do you have it back
Katie: yes
mommaclara2001: Yes, I do.
cgron: yes
MountainMaMaDuke: yes
krafty_karen_mc: yup
Shirley: I Do
moettom: No I lost it
Marlea in PA: yes for me too
Kat Indpls IN: yep
Tammy: yes
norajean_sf: Let me send an invite to webcam to
You have invited moettom to view your webcam.

clayalley: oaky
norajean_sf: sent
norajean_sf: Shall we do roll call, First name and
location please?
moettom: it's OK now
Katie: Katie NY
clayalley: cool
Vicki in NH: I'm back
Kat Indpls IN: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
clayalley: Karen, Gettysburg, PA
cgron: Clare- Minnesota
Esther_UK: <--Coventry
Shirley: wb
krafty_karen_mc: Karen... Alberta
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville, WV
Lisa in Maine: <---- c'est moi et je suis ici!
serena8805: serena,indiana
moettom: Monique, France
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
Marlea in PA: <---me
bernie: beaver county, pa
Tammy: <~~~~Idaho
connie_flying: Connie - Reno NV
Rickie Beth: Rickie Beth near San Francisco, Caliif.
Shirley: Shirley Maryland
Kat Indpls IN: wahoo another Hoosier
MountainMaMaDuke: Pauline Marlow NH
stargazer_sbpcg joined the room
Esther_UK: just off to do food brb
helenpankowsky: Helen In SA. how do I see the web cam
on a MAC?
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/OnSiteFlowers
These are the two pages with links to making flowers.
That's why I conditioned the clay that I did.
norajean_sf: Helen, go to your Yahoo Friend's list and
open my cam from there.
clayalley: Helen, go to yahoo messenger. Hold down the
control key
clayalley: a little menu comes up and click on view
friends web cam
norajean_sf: Karen tell her how to make the cam
"always on top" you have a MAC
norajean_sf: thanks
Rickie Beth: Hi Jean/Stargazer
clayalley: k
clayalley: got the cam Helen
clayalley: ??
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi RickieBeth! *waves*
Katie: Hi Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: LTNS
helenpankowsky: not yet. I'm SLOW!
norajean_sf: Ok, since we're reveiwing flowers today
we'll start out with a solid color petal first, then
do a blend, then do some stripes.
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Katie and everyone!
MountainMaMaDuke: How are you feeling Rickie Beth?
mommaclara2001: Hi Star
Rickie Beth: a little better but my foot is worse..
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/OnSiteFlowers
These are the two pages with links to making flowers.
Check out these pages while Helen gets the cam up.
rjchase222: Now we will all know how to do flowers for
the swap LOL
norajean_sf: yup
mommaclara2001: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!
MountainMaMaDuke: I am sorry to hear that!
Kat Indpls IN: hm Kay goes name stays
rjchase222: Thanks NJ!!!
Esther_UK: back
Katie: Hi Elissa
Tammy: ohh goody
mommaclara2001: Hi Elissa
Shirley: Hi Elissa
Rickie Beth: Hi Elissa...
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to use the leaf shaped
cutter tools to start making Roses.
norajean_sf: we'll do a solid color petal first.
stargazer_sbpcg: hi elissa!
bernie: welcome elissa
Lisa in Maine: RickieBeth ... have you gotten any
Kemper cutters in stock?
Kat Indpls IN: okay nefret is Kay and she got booted
but her name is still on the list told her to shut
down yahoo and reboot it still there and she can't get
back in
bernie: yep, nobody is cleaning their homes today, all
Rickie Beth: not yet. I will email you about this
later ...
Marlea in PA: does she have another name she can sign
in on Kat?
Lisa in Maine: OK thanks hon!
Marlea in PA: i had to come in with my son's name once
rjchase222: who cleans their houses?? Not me LOL
norajean_sf: Thanks Kat
norajean_sf: Ok, ready for roses?
mommaclara2001: ,RJ
Kat Indpls IN: let me find out
Lisa in Maine: yes m'am!!
moettom: yes
Shirley: ready
stargazer_sbpcg: yup!
mommaclara2001: Ready
Tammy: yeppers
bernie: ready set gooooo
cgron: yup
clayalley: Hey Elissa
clayalley left the room
Tammy: lol bernie
norajean_sf: I've pressed the clay sheet 5 notches
from the widest
bernie: lol tammy, i think i'm funny, it's lack of
mejbym joined the room
You have invited elissaheart to view your webcam.

mommaclara2001: Yes she does Elissa
norajean_sf: Sent you an invite to my webcam Elissa
mehreenx joined the room
Tammy: well I think you are bernie
clayalley joined the room
mehreenx: hello every one
norajean_sf: Aslaamu Alaikum Mehreen, we're doing
mehreenx: what did i miss
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/OnSiteFlowers
These are the two pages with links to making flowers.
Tammy: brb all
Katie: Hello
mommaclara2001: Hi Meh
norajean_sf: You missed my conditioning clay and
pressing sheets is all
bernie: it's all that late night "show and tell", we
did have fun!
helenpankowsky: ok, I am happy to join you all now,
web cam and chat and all systems are go
Marlea in PA: brb
clayalley: good girl Helen
mehreenx: ok....phew
norajean_sf: Mehreen is in Pakistan, for our new
Kat Indpls IN: poor Kay having her reboot her system
see if that works
~Shannon~Clayladyinred (clayladyinred) joined the room
Katie: Hi Shannon
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: hi Everyone!
rjchase222: Sometimes I think its harder to get into
demo than it is to clay! LOL
Shirley: Welcome Shannon
bernie: welome aboard shannon
Rickie Beth: Hello Shannon...
mommaclara2001: Hi Shan
clayalley: getting in and staying in
rjchase222: Hi Shannon
moettom: Welcome Mehreen, i am far away too, from
Kat Indpls IN: her name is still on the listing this
is frustrating
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: hi Mom
rjchase222: Kat can u IM her?
Kat Indpls IN: not right at the moment she is
rebooting her system
Tammy: ok Im back
mehreenx left the room
Kat Indpls IN: i've been on im since the start
mehreenx joined the room
moettom left the room
Shirley: wb Mehreen
Kat Indpls IN: yahoo having fun with everyone today
clayalley: Hey NJ, I got those small cutters now
without the tops
mehreenx: hi again
MountainMaMaDuke: hand out the velcro!
You have invited elissaheart to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: sent again Elissa, do you not see my cam
link on your Yahoo Friend's list?
moettom joined the room
You have invited moettom to view your webcam.

helenpankowsky: hi, mehreen!
norajean_sf: Sent another invite to webcam Monique
clayalley: Hey Elissa
mejbym: Helloallsorry i'm late. What are you making
moettom: It's OK I managed to reconnect to the webcam
norajean_sf: ok, now I'll make the first rose example.
Those who have free hands type what you see going on
clayalley: Hey Hon
mommaclara2001: Rolling the center petal
rjchase222: she is rolling the first petal that is the
middle of the rose
clayalley: using kemper leaf cutters and micro leaf
cutters, nj cut several out of a sheet of clay
Kat Indpls IN: ok Kay rebooted yahoo messenger no good
name stayed, then had her reboot her computer name
still stayed on list she still can't get in
mejbym: I need to get some of them. You have them at
clay alley?
Katie: you know off hand how much the set
that NJ is using costs?
clayalley: yes I have them
clayalley: around $8.50 or so
clayalley: I think
Katie: OK, I'll be coming in and ordering them
mejbym: goody. thanks
clayalley: I hope to get that lower soon
mommaclara2001: Putting an outside petal, aaround the
Shirley: Karen, do you take PayPal?
clayalley: got the micro cutters NJ is using the ones
with the white tops
mommaclara2001: Anothher petal going on
clayalley: yep, paypal, visa, mastercard, discover
Katie: ok
Shirley: ty
rjchase222: I can do these roses!!!!!!!
stargazer_sbpcg: is that a toothpick or a skewer??
that the rose is being built on?
clayalley: gotta put glue on your butt Elissa
clayalley: there she goes again
mommaclara2001: The petals are turning out a little at
the edges, before being wrapped.
rieandra left the room
rieandra joined the room
rjchase222: its a skewer
stargazer_sbpcg: thanx!
clayalley: bamboo skewer
mejbym: I need those larger sizes
clayalley: got them too
mehreenx: are all the petals same sise?
krafty_karen_mc: Is yahoo booting everyone today...?
clayalley: yep
moettom: skewer ?? what's that ?
MountainMaMaDuke: I was just wondering that My
mommaclara2001: The petals are getting bigger as they
are being put on.
clayalley: like a long round toothpick
MountainMaMaDuke: oooopss ....myself
mejbym: smile... I'll order some Monday
moettom: oh I see
Katie: get them in grocery stores? the bamboo skewers?
Shirley: NJ made four small ones and four larger ones
MountainMaMaDuke: My hands are clumsy today on the
clayalley: yes, maybe some cooking places
clayalley: maybe dollar stores
elissaheart joined the room
Katie: ok
rjchase222: Sometimes u can Katie
mehreenx: thnx shirley
clayalley: check walmart
Katie: ty
clayalley: pretty cheap
mommaclara2001: Looking good Nj
elissaheart: Ahhh! Now everything looks right!
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: yes I've seen them at walmart
in the isle where the other kitchen toys are....
timers, spatulas...etc
MountainMaMaDuke: there you go, Elissa
clayalley: yep,
krafty_karen_mc: Dollar Stores have 'em to..
Shirley: very pretty NJ
mommaclara2001: How is Greg doing today , Shan?
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: he's still hurting, but the
swelling is going down little by little
mommaclara2001: Good
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: the fingers aren't too
swollen, but the thumb and palm and back of his hand
Katie: Poor guy
Rickie Beth: brb..
MountainMaMaDuke: what happened Shannon?
elissaheart: What happened to Greg?
moettom left the room
moettom joined the room
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: he had his hand smashed by a
peice of heavy equipment last Monday
clayalley: NJ is flattening the leaf shap
clayalley: shape
clayalley: stretching it a bit
elissaheart: ouch!!
MountainMaMaDuke: OUCH OUCH
clayalley: and flaring out the end
clayalley: pushing it up the skewer/toothpick
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: yes, but it's not nearly as
bad as it could have been.... only one broken bone,
and one fracture
Katie: her webcam sure makes it look big
Lisa in Maine: very pretty, NJ!!
clayalley: to meet the other leaves
Katie: That's good Shannon
rjchase222: NJ can u make just a bud? Would u use an
armature for it?
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: yep... thank goodness!
Tammy: thats a question I have been wondering my self
rieandra left the room
rieandra joined the room
norajean_sf: ok, now I can take questions
mommaclara2001: That is a beautiful rose.
cgron: bravo
rjchase222: can u make a bud using an armature?
clayalley: would just a bud take an armature
mehreenx: very pretty
elissaheart: very realistic
mommaclara2001: Can the ones of us that don't have the
cutters, still make the roses?
clayalley: you just have to cut the clay Clara
moettom: the rose is great but i missed some parts of
the videos beeing disconnected from the chat room
rjchase222: yes I just took my exacto knife & cut them
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: you would just have to cut the
shapes out
clayalley: in the same teardrop shape
norajean_sf: I don't understand the armature question.
One needs to have something to put the flower on while
working on it.
norajean_sf: Monique, no worries. I'll repeat the
Tammy: can you make just a bud?
mejbym: you can use an oval too
rjchase222: if u made a bud out of foil, then covered
it clay
clayalley: or a cut circle
mommaclara2001: Thank you girls.
Katie: NJ, can you hold a coin up to it, so I can see
how big the rose is?
norajean_sf: I use the cutters because it's easier.
One can form the petals by hand
mommaclara2001: Ok, thank you.
mejbym: yes, a cut circle would be good
Katie: ty
rjchase222: I know u can do it by hand cause thats how
I did my first ones LOL
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: you might also look around
your house for things that might work as cutters
norajean_sf: see how many petals went into this rose.
Three sizes
rjchase222: NJ can u make a bud? Plz!!!
norajean_sf: small, medium and large
mejbym: but the teardrop looks the easiest
Katie: ok
norajean_sf: stretch out the top of the leaf shape to
get a rose petal shape.
clayalley: faster and easier with the right cutters
Kat Indpls IN: well that is strange
clayalley: what is Kat
norajean_sf: Razma I'll do a bud, you take one petal
and roll it around on itself
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: you could make templates out
of that clear plastic... what's that called? and just
trace the shapes out
Kat Indpls IN: can't get Kay back in
Tammy: I think I missed the setting on the PM what is
rjchase222: Thanks NJ
meplus5kids joined the room
clayalley: did she turn off her computer totally
Kat Indpls IN: yep
clayalley: sometimes you have to do that
Kat Indpls IN: her name is still on the listing it
never disappeared
clayalley: and the electricity?
Katie: I don't remember, but she does say it in here
someplace Tammy.
mejbym: how late wil you all be here? I have to leave
shortly, for a while
connie_flying: NJ needs to boot her out of here
norajean_sf: When one can't get back into Yahoo
Messenger chat, go use the list chat room
norajean_sf: like the MAC users do
clayalley: jup
Tammy: thought so just didnt want to go back through
all of the stuff on top LOL
Kat Indpls IN: oh shoot never thought of that
MountainMaMaDuke: Tammy: she used 5 notches from the
widest setting
norajean_sf: I'll save log, brb
meplus5kids: Hi all
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: hi Jean
Katie: ha , I can't Tammy, cause mine gets stuck when
I do.
moettom left the room
meplus5kids: Won't let me see the webcam. Says you are
at your max
Tammy: thanks MAMA D
mejbym: yhat's what I am using >S<
moettom joined the room
MountainMaMaDuke: no problem
meplus5kids: Okay, I'm in now
norajean_sf: brb

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