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02-19-05 Flower Demo

Demo Log 4 - Two Color Rose and Inverted Blend Piss Off Pansy

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

norajean_sf: Saturday Demo - Log 4 - Now does everyone
have a cam window open so I can show the next flower?
Lisa in Maine: alright ...hang on everyone and let me
see if I can work this differently
clayalley: Yea, that happens Helen
MountainMaMaDuke: Penny: feels good to have clay again
doesn't it. There are two things that I cannot be car and my clay!
pennyi: shes a very special person and i hope you all
keep her in business by ordering from her.
norajean_sf: Does everyone have someone's cam open. If
so I'll start a blend for the next Rose of two colors.

Sherry: I have a window open
clayalley: We do that sort of thing thru the slush
fund too
helenpankowsky: Dadgum yahoo. going wonkie on me I can
only see
Katie: says not available Shannon
MountainMaMaDuke: OK here
serena8805: i fo
clayalley: so all our claymates can have clay
Alix: Soup run .. bb in 10
mommaclara2001: I tried Shan, it wouldn't let me on.
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: hmmmmm...... let me go out of
the room and come back
stargazer_sbpcg: the response on the chain of cams
looks good here...
clayladyinred left the room
Tammy: Is the picture on mine good?
stargazer_sbpcg: just a second behind...
MountainMaMaDuke: dang this new technology!
clayalley: see that cutter with the white top
mehreenx left the room
stargazer_sbpcg: if that...
clayalley: that now is open
mehreenx joined the room
clayalley: its a micro cutter
~Shannon~Clayladyinred (clayladyinred) joined the room
Tammy: mines a little cheapy wanna make sure
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: hmmmm...I still don't have a
cam by my name
nefret111: kathy, i'm going to the series of shots of
the new yahoo messenger - how to access the web cam,
and see if i can find out how to access nj's cam.
nefret111 left the room
nefret111 joined the room
Lisa in Maine: OK anyone that has my cam open ...
how's that?
norajean_sf: My cam is maxed out
Kat Indpls IN: lol
Tammy: Hey me too hows mine for ya?
norajean_sf: open any other cam available, they are
focued on my stuff on their screen
MountainMaMaDuke: looks good from here Lisa
Lisa in Maine: thx Pauline
clayalley: using Zinc Yellow and cadium red nj blends
the two colors
helenpankowsky left the room
helenpankowsky joined the room
MountainMaMaDuke: just a couple of seconds behind
Shirley: thanks Karen
clayalley: stacking them and twisting them together
clayalley: rolling the log of two colors
mommaclara2001 left the room
Tammy: Rickie are you on mine?
Rickie Beth: Yes I am Tammy
clayalley: rolling the log thru the pasta machine
mommaclara2001 joined the room
Tammy: so it looks ok?
clayalley: rolling the sheet into a log again
MountainMaMaDuke: Tammy: I have yours up now, looks
clayalley: twisting the log
clayalley: rolling the log again
Tammy: ok good thank you MAMA D
MountainMaMaDuke: ok
mommaclara2001: Shan yours is working now.
clayalley: forming it into a triangle
pennyi: well i just wanted to thank rickiebeth for her
thoughtfullness and her kindness to me in my time of
clayalley: putting it thru the pasta machine
pennyi: and i wanted to do it publicly
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: thanks Mom.....finally got it
clayalley: repeating the process
Katie: boy, she did that fast
pennyi: so i have to go
clayalley: rolling the sheet into log
pennyi53 left the room
clayalley: twisting the log
clayalley: rolling it smooth again
JeanM: Is that 3 times?
clayalley: forming a triangle
Tammy: this is her skinner blend?
clayalley: the third time
clayalley: yes
clayalley: yes, skinner blend
clayalley: NJ method
mejbym left the room
clayalley: #4
Tammy: looks easier then the other way
MountainMaMaDuke: Shannon: I have your webcam up right
now, it looks good from here
clayalley: going thru the process again
helenpankowsky left the room
helenpankowsky joined the room
clayalley left the room
mejbym joined the room
MountainMaMaDuke: WOW - yahoo is having a ball with us
today! Sarcasm!
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: thanks Mama!
MountainMaMaDuke: OK
Sherry: I wish my work area was where I could watch
and follow along
Katie: me too Sherry
mejbym: got disconnected
mejbym: Clay alley, what is your name?
Kat Indpls IN: i wish my work area was clean
norajean_sf: I got room for three more viewers
cgron left the room
cgron joined the room
Katie: Karen
You have invited cgron to view your webcam.

Katie: she got booted too
norajean_sf: Clare I sent you an invite to my cam
Sherry: yeah if my area was clean I could take my lap
top over there.. but it would be to much work to get
that done now. lol
cgron: i still have you NJ
norajean_sf: coolness
nefret111: how can i view your web cam, too, nj?
norajean_sf: Ok, so I have a blend, this is how to do
the rose without the cutting tools
You have invited nefret111 to view your webcam.

mommaclara2001: I left you NJ, to give someone else
norajean_sf: Sent invite Nefret
norajean_sf: so this is how you make a two color rose
petal without the cutting tools
nefret111: thanks so much, nora jean!!!
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: you see NJ has made slices of
the blend she just made
MountainMaMaDuke: welcome Kay
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: she flattened a slice out a
bit and rolled it on a skewer
nefret111: thank you, pdduke
Rickie Beth: I am going to watch typing....
as i need to elevate my foot....
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: ok RB.... take care of
MountainMaMaDuke: darn it, Rickie Beth...I hope this
foot starts getting better soon, take care!
Sherry: For smaller roses I've done similar with a
sewing pins..
mommaclara2001: Rickie Beth, Bless you.
Rickie Beth: I will be here watching....
MountainMaMaDuke: OK
stargazer_sbpcg: passes RickieBeth the comfy stool and
cushion for her foot...
meplus5kids: Hope you feel better RickieBeth
Shirley: Blessings to you Rickie Beth
Tammy: Me too Rickie
Rickie Beth: Thank you all for the kind thoughts
MountainMaMaDuke: you gotta feel the love !
Katie: Wow, I like it done this way. Pretty
mommaclara2001: I just made a rose , watching NJ.
Rickie Beth: I feel your love....
Alix: Let's start a Gimpier Than Thou group LOLOL
Katie: Cool, Clara
Rickie Beth: LOL..
Rickie Beth: be back typing in a while..
Tammy: oh goody momma C
stargazer_sbpcg: Wahoo Momma!!
rjchase222: MommaC I knew u cld do it!!
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: yay Mom!
rjchase222: quiet now RB & REST!! THATS AN ORDER!
mommaclara2001: Thanks
MountainMaMaDuke: brb - need a cold drink
rjchase222: Kewl NJ!!!
helen050959 left the room
Tammy: could you make pansy this way?
Lisa in Maine: beautiful, NJ!
helenpankowsky left the room
helenpankowsky joined the room
luxo632000 left the room
serena8805: that is gorgeous
rjchase222: I think u cld make pansy's Tammy this
elissaheart: I love it, NJ
bernie: that's a beautifful rose
Shirley: really very pretty NJ
nefret111: gorgeous rose!
MountainMaMaDuke: aahhh! much better. Woodstove making
me dry
Tammy: yes it is just lovely
MountainMaMaDuke: very pretty NJ
cgron: Beautiful
meplus5kids: Beautiful rose NJ
Katie: pretty NJ
Kat Indpls IN: pretty rose
Deedee: awesome rose
Sherry: yes lovely
moettom left the room
moettom joined the room
Deedee: i have yellow/orange roses in garden looks
very similar
Marlea in PA: I'm back- Holy Wow, so many webcams!!!
Marlea in PA: and all doing the same petal?
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: we're piggy backing NJ....
MountainMaMaDuke: they are all showing NJ cam, she
reached a limit
Tammy: NJ's is full click on mine Mar
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: for some reason not everyone
could connect to her
Marlea in PA: ohhhh
Marlea in PA: i should have noticed that, lol
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: LOL
bernie: LOL Mar
Shirley: who can tell me what she is doing now?
bernie: that's what i would have thought too
helenpankowsky left the room
helenpankowsky joined the room
bernie: boy, all claying like syncronized swimmers
Tammy: Yes what is she doing???
mommaclara2001: I was wondering that to Shirley.
Kat Indpls IN: petal vein maybe
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: NJ just took a thin lengthwise
slice and inserted it into a peice of the blend
Tammy: why?
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: I bet she's making pansies??
bernie: cause she wants to tammy, lol
mommaclara2001: Oh making veins. Like a leaf.
Shirley: LOL
Tammy:  Berniw
bernie: she is so inventive
MountainMaMaDuke: she is putting vein colors inside
the petal, and will probably make a different type of
flower with it
bernie: love ya tam
Missy~VA (miss_meme_30) joined the room
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: Missy!
Katie: Hi Missy
mommaclara2001: 'Hi Missy
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: hi Nancy
Missy~VA: hiya everyone!
Shirley: Hi Missy
Katie: and Hi Nancy
Tammy: right back at ya Bernie
Marlea in PA: hi missy...right box now
Tammy: Hi missy
Missy~VA: on another
moettom: Hi !
Vicki in NH: hi missy
mommaclara2001: Hi Nancy.
nancy: hi everyone
Shirley: Hi Nancy too
Missy~VA: lol mar
bernie: hi nancy and missy
Vicki in NH: hi Nancy
rjchase222: was the plug she used circular or square
when she cut it?
Marlea in PA: hi nancy
Hey Nurse!! (mrsstancil) joined the room
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: those coming in.... if you
can't get NJ's webcam, you can choose one of
ours.....we're showing her too
MountainMaMaDuke: square to rectangle
Tammy: NJ's cam limit is reached click on someone
Hey Nurse!!: greetings
Missy~VA: hiya michelle!
mommaclara2001: round I believe
moettom left the room
Hey Nurse!!: that's me.
moettom joined the room
Missy~VA: michelle....see the lil tellies next to the
names to the right?
bernie: warning, open only one cam or otherwise you
may be seeing quadruple action
Hey Nurse!!: yah
Hey Nurse!!: haha
Hey Nurse!!: k
Tammy: LOL
Missy~VA: go down to see norajean
Tammy: Bernie
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: could make more flowers that
way! LOL
Marlea in PA: i have 5 here, lol
Missy~VA: right click view cam
Hey Nurse!!: too many ppl viewing.
Missy~VA: should let ya view
Missy~VA: try again
Hey Nurse!!: said max number ppl viewing
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: try someone elses
Shirley: for us newbies, what exactly is NJ doing?
Missy~VA: cane looks like
Hey Nurse!!: k
Tammy: click on mine Nurse
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: she's making a blend.... to
make flowers
meplus5kids: LOL!
Missy~VA: shannon.....
Missy~VA: i was happy dancin last night!!!!
Marlea in PA: I'm going to walmart tonight and will
probably pick up a cam...anything to look for other
than zoom?
Hey Nurse!!: got it thanks!!
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: what happened Missy??
Marlea in PA: missy made an adorable cane
Missy~VA: i done a cane!!!
Marlea in PA: oops sorry
meplus5kids: DBL LOL!
Missy~VA: dragonfly cane!!!
Sherry: making roses is so hard when a kitty is trying
to help. lol
MountainMaMaDuke: lol
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: oh wonderful! I can't wait to
see it!
meplus5kids: zzzzzzzzzzzz
Missy~VA: gettin pic
nancy: everything is hard when kittys help!!!!!
Missy~VA: ohhhhhhhhhhhh michelle...did ya get a cam
Hey Nurse!!: yah
helenpankowsky: well, now I'm in chat, but can't get
the cam. ARGGGGHHH!!!!
mehreenx left the room
Hey Nurse!!: Thanks tammy
mehreenx joined the room
Missy~VA: look at the top of that click on webam and
then always on top
MountainMaMaDuke: NICE NJ
meplus5kids: HI TAMMY!
Hey Nurse!!: already way ahead of ya
Missy~VA: lol
Sherry: that looks so cool NJ
Missy~VA: just makin sure!@
Tammy: your welcome Nurse
Missy~VA: nj i missed that????
nefret111: like a butterfly wing!
Hey Nurse!!: oh wow---
meplus5kids: lol
Hey Nurse!!: dang it
Hey Nurse!!: missed the beginning
Marlea in PA: i closed out all of my cams but one if
that helps
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: I have plenty of room, if you
want to watch through my cam
MountainMaMaDuke: Is she making a pansy?
meplus5kids: piss off
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: pardon??
norajean_sf: a pissed off pansey?
Marlea in PA: lol
Tammy: looks like one to me yeah
MountainMaMaDuke: really?
rjchase222: OOOOOO another neat flower to learn to
norajean_sf: seeing red
Hey Nurse!!: applause
Hey Nurse!!: applause
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: looks great NJ!
Tammy: wanted to learn how to make those
Vicki in NH: vicki seeing pretty
meplus5kids: boobs
helenpankowsky: who has a cam on NJ's Cam?
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: I do
Tammy: I do
connie_flying: ohhhhhhhhh got a kid here
bernie: i do
Shirley: who in the world is that?
norajean_sf: Michelle , Hey Nurse. Cute Picture on the
Hey Nurse!!: thanks norajean
Missy~VA: there is my cane...the last pic!
norajean_sf: Let me give you a wave since it's your
first Demo
norajean_sf: my hair is still wet
Missy~VA: nj...i brought michelle in hope thats ok
Hey Nurse!!: laughing
Hey Nurse!!: cool
meplus5kids: Piss off Hey Nurse!
Hey Nurse!!: right backatcha
rjchase222: 2 muggings in one demo?? Yikes!!
nefret111: great to see you, nj!
norajean_sf: Jean, Hey Nurse is ok, honey
norajean_sf: let's do top of the hour save and then
I'll go out and come back and we can do a roll call
helenpankowsky: thanks,clayladyinred!

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