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Flower Review


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02-19-05 Flower Demo

Demo Log 5 - What the Hell Flower and Stargazer Lily Review

norajean_sf: Saturday Demo - Log 5 - Roll Call Please,
First name and Location
norajean_sf: <<<< That's me
Marlea in PA: <---me
Esther_UK: <--Coventry
Vicki in NH: Vicki in NH
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
Tammy: <~~~~~Idaho
Missy~VA: excuse me jean?
Shirley: Shirley in Maryland
Sherry: florida
Hey Nurse!!: Michelle here-florida
serena8805: serena, indiana
Missy~VA: <~~~
Car: <<<<<<<<<----Carla, NY
connie_flying: Connie -- Reno NV
mehreenx: Mehreen Pakistan
Hey Nurse!!: ooo, indiana
cgron: Clare-Minnesota
krafty_karen_mc: Karen...Alberta
MountainMaMaDuke: Pauline in NH
Missy~VA: whats up with jean today?
bernie: pa
meplus5kids: Missy,LEAVE !
nefret111: kay santa fe
mommaclara2001: Clara,WV
nancy: Nancy Clatskanie, Oregon
helenpankowsky: Helen connected up all over the place
in San Antonio
elissaheart: Elissa Santa Clara, CA
Hey Nurse!!: THE
norajean_sf: Jean must have a child on her computer
Hey Nurse!!: elissa???
meplus5kids: Sorry,Missy
Hey Nurse!!: omg
norajean_sf: meplus5kids, that's not Jean typing. It's
a naughty child
Kat Indpls IN: <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hey Nurse!!: ooo Indy!!!
Missy~VA: i figured that!
Hey Nurse!!: HOME
norajean_sf: until further notice we may have to put
meplus5kids on IGNORE
Deedee: kansas
Missy~VA: thought whats up then figured it
Marlea in PA: wanna try a new arrow
Marlea in PA: <<`,,me
Marlea in PA: mah, no good
Missy~VA: stop that mar
Tammy: ohhh thats kinda cool LOL
Missy~VA: u cant do that
Missy~VA: leave mar
Missy~VA: lol
rjchase222: now make that into a cane Marlea! LOL
Marlea in PA: I can always use yours missy <~~
Missy~VA: so my link didnt come thru?
helenpankowsky: lol,rj!
Marlea in PA: lol, wish i could Raz
Missy~VA: <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ME
norajean_sf: If meplus5kids is bothering you, right
click on the name and put the person on ignore and
someone is getting a whipping when Mom comes home I'll
Marlea in PA: i don't see a link Missy
Missy~VA: i bet so too!
Tammy: when you do I wanna see
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: Missy, I don't see a link by
scrolling back.... but I can get it later, or can you
email it to me?? please?
Missy~VA: heheheh nj
krafty_karen_mc: lol NJ!!
Missy~VA: hold on...
rjchase222: brb
Hey Nurse!!: me 2
krafty_karen_mc: Someones gonna get a beatin'
norajean_sf: I'm keeping the naughty child due for a
grade A spanking on so Mom can see what is going on
with her yahoo messenger
Missy~VA: lol
norajean_sf: everyone else can put them on IGNORE
Missy~VA: goin to embrass jean!
MountainMaMaDuke: done
Missy~VA: when she reads the board!
Missy~VA: brb
Marlea in PA: i added spaces around the yahoo, did it
norajean_sf: This grandma will fly down to New Orleans
and do the spanking myself
meplus5kids: ANDREW
norajean_sf: a DRIVE BY Spanking
Tammy: nope sorry missy
MountainMaMaDuke: LOL NJ
helenpankowsky: lol,nj
meplus5kids: THAT'S ME!
Hey Nurse!!: lol
norajean_sf: Andrew get off of your mother's
Messenger. You're in big time trouble dude
Hey Nurse!!: norajean
Hey Nurse!!: drive by
krafty_karen_mc: Do you charge by the hour or just by
the spanking NJ?
Missy~VA: ok i am back now i had to go get me
something to drink
norajean_sf: I'll do a spanking for FREE
Hey Nurse!!: ooo-let's all do a spank swap
norajean_sf: Comando Granny
krafty_karen_mc: Got one of my own you could practice
Marlea in PA: lol, if andrew were smart he'd be saying
a siblings name.....hmmn, who could it be, lol
Lisa in Maine: alright ... y'all are getting kinky on
THAT one!! LOL
moettom left the room
moettom joined the room
mommaclara2001: That is a good idea A swap spanking.
We all get turns.
Hey Nurse!!: yep.
norajean_sf: Ok, now this inserted blend petal, what
if we reduced it and stacked it and then did a petal?
helenpankowsky: LOL on this spanking routine. Yall are
crackin' me up!
Alix: alix the gimp. Hickory NC .. xoxox to all, can't
type one-handed ... broken clavicle but not in agony
norajean_sf: Oh if I did something like that my Mother
would have hit me so hard my clothes would be out of
style when I stopped rolling
norajean_sf: she'd have slapped me into next week
Lisa in Maine: how'd you break it, Alix ... if it's
not too personal a question ...
Tammy: You all would get tired spanking all of mine
nefret111: is that a gallardia?
norajean_sf: LOL
krafty_karen_mc:  lol NJ...
Missy~VA: (no longer accessible)
Missy~VA: did ya get that link?
Lisa in Maine: how many kids, Tammy?
nancy: okay i gotta call hubby...need a big screen
Tammy: 6 LOL
Missy~VA: lol nancy
meplus5kids: BLAB!
Missy~VA: did that link come thru?
Tammy: yes it did missy
Alix: car wreck .. lateral impact (left shoulder)
Lisa in Maine: How old, Tammy?
Missy~VA: it is the last pic in that album!
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: just got it Missy......was
helping someone get to chat
helenpankowsky: Oh, Alix, I'm sooo sorry. Sounds
Tammy: 16, 14, 10, 7, 2, 1
mommaclara2001: Nice cane Tammy. Cute clay things
rjchase222: OOO Missy the dragonfly is way to kewl!!
Good job girl!!
Lisa in Maine: OUCH Alix
Missy~VA: ty!!!
Missy~VA: that is my second cane!
Missy~VA: first was a jellyroll
Missy~VA: lol
mommaclara2001: Good job
rjchase222: I'm impressed!!!
Tammy: my sis loves dragn flys might have you show me
how to do it
Lisa in Maine: is the 2 y/o a twin, perchance?
moettom left the room
moettom joined the room
Missy~VA: i done it last night durin demo
Missy~VA: lol
Tammy: nope
Lisa in Maine: you sound like another Tammy I know
who's got 6 kids is all
Marlea in PA: anyone get their web cams from walmart?
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: oh Missy that's so cool!!!!!!!
I love it!
Tammy: I did Mar
bernie: good job missy
Missy~VA: ty!
Hey Nurse!!: Missy--too cute babies-dragons.
Missy~VA: now have to figure out what to do with
Hey Nurse!!: nice work!!!
Tammy: nope mine are all singles Lisa
Marlea in PA: cool Tammy, hoping to get one
tonight...are you happy with yours?
nefret111: i'd like to know what brand of webcam to
get, too!
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: LOL
Lisa in Maine: ok ... sorry Tammy!
Marlea in PA: Missy has the most wonderful sculpted
Missy~VA: thanks blushing!
tedi382001 joined the room
Marlea in PA: mu hubby went nuts for them...told her
i'm jealous because he doesn't go nuts for mine
helenpankowsky: missy, do you have yooour web cam on
to see this dragonfly?
Tammy: well duh Mar showed you all last night
Hey Nurse!!: Marlea--got mine from Wal-mart
Hey Nurse!!: lol
norajean_sf: Ok, did you all see how I doubled the
Tammy: Not a problem Lisa
Missy~VA: i dont got a cam
Missy~VA: did u see it?
Missy~VA: helen?
nefret111: how much to webcams run?
helenpankowsky: oh, so who's showin' the dragonfly?
nefret111: do, not to
Lisa in Maine: the other Tammy I know also does candy
norajean_sf: ClayMates, did you see how I doubled the
blended stripes?
Deedee: no i missed it jnnj
mehreenx: yeah Nora
Tammy: mine was 18 at walmart
Marlea in PA: lol, I know i saw Tammy, just wondering
how difficult it is to hook up for the puter impaired
like me
rjchase222: no I am having probs following the double
MountainMaMaDuke: that one I missed NJ - dog is being
a pest here
Marlea in PA: cool nj
tedi382001: hi everyone
Tammy: nope I missed it NJ
nefret111: $18? that is a great deal!
stargazer_sbpcg left the room
MountainMaMaDuke: OK
Missy~VA: i just showed a pic of it helen
Deedee: ok
mommaclara2001: Hi Tedi
Shirley: NJ, we newbies need someone who understands
more than us to write it when you are doing it
Marlea in PA: narrowing at each end made the petal
Missy~VA: i done it last night
rjchase222: OK kinda like the DCF?
Tammy: it was easy Mar
Missy~VA: looks like fire nj!
Missy~VA: i love it!
Marlea in PA: cool, i'll get the name from ya before i
Lisa in Maine: alrighty all ... I gotta go make dinnah
for my brood ...
Missy~VA: bye lisa
mommaclara2001: Bye Lisa
Lisa in Maine: thanks for the demo, NJ ... beautiful
nefret111: what are you going to fix, kitty?
Marlea in PA: see ya Lisa
helenpankowsky: ok,missy
Tammy: bye lisa
bernie: bye lisa
Missy~VA: of course i missed most of the demo and
wouldve loved to seen this one!
Vicki in NH: bye Lisa
nefret111: bye
Lisa in Maine: LOL ... well ... hubby is rather
"fussy" so he's getting chicken and plain rice ... I'm
getting a stir fry!
Marlea in PA: i missed most's boyfriend
stopped by
nefret111: that sounds very good - thanks!
Lisa in Maine: LOL
Marlea in PA: sounds good lisa
countrylady100ca joined the room
tedi382001 left the room
Lisa in Maine: g'night everyone!
Marlea in PA: we had encore family sized entrees, lol
kittekattz left the room
countrylady100ca: I just roped someone in okay
tedi382001 joined the room
Hey Nurse!!: is this a tigerlilly
nefret111: that sounds good, too, marlea
stargazer_sbpcg joined the room
bernie: only if they behave themself sonya,
Marlea in PA: lol, not so good but fast!
nefret111: wb, stgar
bernie: lol
rjchase222: yep thinks its a tiger lily
nefret111: star
Hey Nurse!!: looks lovely so far
norajean_sf: Nope, not a stargazer
norajean_sf: it's the
norajean_sf: What the Hell Flower
Missy~VA: wb jean
norajean_sf: LOL
nefret111: lol
Hey Nurse!!: I love those
Marlea in PA: lmbo!
Missy~VA: hey love that name!
countrylady100ca: Smile Berine. It is Clay o City
Kat Indpls IN: chicken legs for us tonight think i'll
put some barbq sauce and bake them
stargazer_sbpcg: thanks... satellite fade... raining
buckets here...
Marlea in PA: yes, what the hells grow well in my
zone, lol
polymerparrot left the room
bernie: i'm smilin
nefret111: yum kathy
Hey Nurse!!: lol marlea
Hey Nurse!!: well it LOOKS tigerlillyish
Missy~VA: michelle marlea is one of my bestest buddies
cgron left the room
Missy~VA: as is bernie and shannon
rjchase222: I like what the Hell kind of flower name
Marlea in PA: woo hoo!
nefret111: afk
Hey Nurse!!: I can imagine
Missy~VA: rj-raz is a case too
Missy~VA: i met michelle in another chat the other day
Hey Nurse!!: Hey Missy--thanks for the invite by the
Hey Nurse!!: preciate it.
crzy4dzny left the room
Missy~VA: np told ya u would love it1
Marlea in PA: cool, nice "meeting" ya Michelle
Hey Nurse!!: tyvm Marlea
tedi382001 left the room
Hey Nurse!!: BTW--Im an Indy transplanted to Florida
Missy~VA: wish mary was here
Missy~VA: she is at the retreat this wkend thou
Hey Nurse!!: actually I was abducted and they screwed
up my shore leave papers-put me back in the wrong
tedi382001 joined the room
Shirley: NJ, thanks for the demo. I have really
enjoyed it and am sorry I have to leave early. We
haven't eaten and I have to fix something. See ya next
week. Hugs
tubytu left the room
norajean_sf: Ok Shirley
Missy~VA: hey mar now instead of the 3 M's guess we
can be the 4 Ms huh?
Marlea in PA: bye shirley
Missy~VA: bye shirley
rjchase222: NJ when did u eat last?
norajean_sf: Ok, now the stargazer has spots
Marlea in PA: lol...
mommaclara2001: Bye Shirley. Talk to you later.
Tammy: bye shirley
norajean_sf: in a blend, Michelle
Missy~VA: nj u just amaze me!
Hey Nurse!!: oh, it's not a what the hell??
Hey Nurse!!: it's a stargazer.
norajean_sf: so let's take a bit of this blend and let
me show you
Marlea in PA: mmmm.... i like it
rjchase222: NJ WHEN DID U EAT LAST?
mehreenx: will we do orchids today Nora????
Hey Nurse!!: which blend sweetie--
Marlea in PA: that's it Raz..get on her!
Hey Nurse!!: yellow to crimson?
Missy~VA: nj can we do inclusions one day?
norajean_sf: I ate before demo
Missy~VA: raz is in TROUBLE!!!!!!!!
Missy~VA: heheheh
Marlea in PA:
rjchase222: Hey Missy u know how NJ is about not
eating right? LMAO
Hey Nurse!!: ok
Missy~VA: yes i do!
Marlea in PA: cool nj
Missy~VA: wheres doug?
Missy~VA: he is usually here to 'daddy' nj...LOL
Marlea in PA: i missed stargazer the first time...
tedi382001 left the room
Hey Nurse!!: viola
Hey Nurse!!: it's a snake
Hey Nurse!!: lol
countrylady100ca: I am watching double NJ and Jean
webcams LOL
helenpankowsky: is nj adding inclusions?
tedi382001 joined the room
Alix: marigold
nefret111: do people click on "super mode is off" and
have the webcam get better?
rjchase222: OOOO I remember her doing this before!!
helenpankowsky: sure looks like it
Marlea in PA: lucky you , Raz, I missed that demo!
rjchase222: now don't ask if I've tried this yet LOL
Marlea in PA: lol...
Tammy: me too
Missy~VA: come on raz
Hey Nurse!!: so as the blend gets darker do you stay
with the darker snake??
Missy~VA: DCF...bring back memories girl?
Tammy: so shes makeing marigolds?
rjchase222: I'm still workin on my jester out of all
my dcf's!!
Missy~VA: hehehehehe
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: I heard that RJ!
rjchase222: no putting the spots into the stargazer
Hey Nurse!!: o
Marlea in PA: i think she's showing how to do a
stargazer lily Tammy
Marlea in PA: adding the spots
rjchase222: heard what Shannon? Me? LOL\
Tammy: ohhh ok the marigold thing confused me LOL
Missy~VA: lol
Missy~VA: purdy nj
Marlea in PA: yes, it is pretty
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: nifty neato!
Missy~VA: ok whats everyone else doin on cam?
Alix: I'm pooped bye all xoxox *poof*
alixnc left the room
Missy~VA: she broke the 10sec rule!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Marlea in PA: so if I want a tiger lily I can add
brownish spots
stargazer_sbpcg: my cam is zoomed in on NJ's...
rjchase222: I would think that would work Marlea
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: mine too
Marlea in PA: 10 seconds people!
Hey Nurse!!: ??
Tammy: mine too
Hey Nurse!!: very pretty
bernie: mine also
Missy~VA: when saying goodbye michelle give people
10seconds to say
rjchase222: brb
Hey Nurse!!: k
Marlea in PA: lol, mandatory 10 seconds, lmbo
Missy~VA: lmbo
Hey Nurse!!: maybe he/she hates long goodbies.
Missy~VA: lol
Hey Nurse!!: alex--he or she?
Missy~VA: it?
Missy~VA: lol
Hey Nurse!!: omg
elissaheart: hey all, I just added the link to my
gallery in my profile.
Marlea in PA: lol, i say that because I'm always a day
late and dollar short when saying goodbye, they sign
out before i can catch them
Missy~VA: j/j
Hey Nurse!!: ok, IT hates long goodbies.
Tammy: ohh Mar a he/she LOL
Marlea in PA: another, great- we can form a club
MountainMaMaDuke: thank you Elissa
Missy~VA: i didnt know elissa was here
Missy~VA: im behind
Hey Nurse!!: what is that stick--Is that a toothpick?
nefret111 left the room
nefret111 joined the room
Hey Nurse!!: the flower stalk
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: a skewer
rjchase222: probably a skewer cut in half me thinks
Marlea in PA: i just love that cane
Hey Nurse!!: k
rieandra left the room
MountainMaMaDuke: a bamboo skewer
Tammy: the he/she club
Missy~VA: lol
rieandra joined the room
Marlea in PA: yes, my friends Pat and Chris belong to
Missy~VA: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Tammy: lol mar
serena8805: nj that looks great but i have to go,
thanks for sharing
serena8805 left the room
Missy~VA: bye serena
rieandra: karen? that shaper NJ is using can u tell
what size it is?
Missy~VA: dang
rjchase222: bye serena
Marlea in PA: see ya serena, glad you came
rieandra: looks larger than what i just got
Missy~VA: 0
bernie: see ya serena dear
Hey Nurse!!: c ya
mommaclara2001: Beautiful hearts Elissa . That is a
favorite of mine too.
Marlea in PA: sorry folks, I'm feeling a little rowdy
Hey Nurse!!: you get a spank
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: not you Marlea....LOL
Tammy: lol makes it fun mar
Marlea in PA: i might enjoy it Michelle....oh making
myself laugh here
rieandra: u sure it 0 looks larger than mine?
Tammy: me too mar lol
norajean_sf: Ok, that's the stargazer lily trick, a
jelly roll blend with snakes
Hey Nurse!!: bosh that's a lovely flower--it a
stargazer a real flower?
Missy~VA: might be a 2 but everytime i ask she says 0
rjchase222: Kewl NJ
Missy~VA: what size shaper NJ?
rieandra: oh ok ty miss vm
mehreenx: will we do orchids today Nora????
Tammy: oh you make it look easy NJ
Marlea in PA: it's gorgeous NJ, definitely one of my
favorite canes
norajean_sf: I'll do an orchid after I save log, brb
moettom: lovely, NJ, i learned a lot tonight. Thank
you so much !!
rjchase222: k

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