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02-19-05 Flower Demo

Demo Log 6 - Review of the five flowers

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

norajean_sf: Saturday Demo - Log 6- Roll Call and
Question Time
Hey Nurse!!: just don't wants lot of hassle
norajean_sf: <<<< That's me and I'll take questions
Marlea in PA: i absolutely love M03 elissa
Hey Nurse!!: Michelle Florida
mommaclara2001: Clara. Glenville, WV
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook Ca
krafty_karen_mc: Karen...Alberta
MountainMaMaDuke: Pauline NH
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: West Virginia
Missy~VA: <~~~~~~~~~~~~ME!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Nurse!!: Norajean what's your brand of clay
mehreenx: Mehreen Pakistan
Sherry: sherry florida
Marlea in PA: no fancy arrow for me
bernie: pa
Tammy: <~~~Idaho
Rickie Beth: Rickie Beth ...near San Francisco,
elissaheart: Elissa, Santa Clara, CA
Marlea in PA: aww Karen, cute
moettom: Monique, France
Hey Nurse!!: Sherry--where are you.
Hey Nurse!!: Also in Florida here.
Missy~VA: we lost helen...shes on a can she
get back?
helenpankowsky joined the room
Kat Indpls IN: <<<<<<<<<
Sherry: Orange Park... You?
Missy~VA: there she is!
Missy~VA: wb helen
nancy: great flowers nj
Deedee: <kansas
helenpankowsky: hooray! I'm here and there! whew
Marlea in PA: `,,Marlea,
PA,,` there, that's my fanciness again
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: I need to go get dinner
finished..... thanks for a great demo NJ! bye
Hey Nurse!!: Sherry-Palm Bay
Hey Nurse!!:
mommaclara2001: Bye Shan
Marlea in PA: i love the group of them together NJ
rjchase222: bye Shannon!
Rickie Beth: Bye Shan
norajean_sf: Sorry, had to fix the lighting
Esther_UK: <--Coventry
Marlea in PA: bye Shannon
Missy~VA: `,,Missy VA,,`
Deedee: by shannon
bernie: see ya shannon honey, been wonderful and
Missy~VA: hehehehehe
Sherry: Wow those flowers look sharp all together like
Missy~VA: bye shannon!
Tammy: bye shan
norajean_sf: See ya Shannon
Marlea in PA: lol, i'm willing to share
Missy~VA: hey shannon
Missy~VA: wait
helenpankowsky: NJ you got such great variation from
one cane!
norajean_sf: I got room on my cam for a couple of
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: yes Missy Sissy?
Missy~VA: brit needs ur dd yahoo name!
Missy~VA: shes been buggin me
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: ok just a sec
Missy~VA: ty
norajean_sf: I'll take questions now that I'm looking
at the monitor
Deedee: what size of shaper u use?
Missy~VA: what size shaper ya got there
Missy~VA: lol
Deedee: lol
norajean_sf: Size of clay shaper depends on the size
of the petal.
Marlea in PA: to make a tiger lily i would i make a
stargazer with brownish spots?
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: Missy, it's lil_chubzy
Missy~VA: TY!
norajean_sf: I'll get the link for the spotted petal
countrylady100ca: My question to NJ How are you??
~Shannon~Clayladyinred: yw.... byeeeeee
Marlea in PA: thank you
Sherry: Hey Nurse where is Palm Bay? I'm from Montana
I still don't know where things are here.. lol
Deedee: ty
Missy~VA: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
norajean_sf: Good thank you Sonya
clayladyinred left the room
countrylady100ca: Good job on these flowers
norajean_sf: Ok, there's two links for flowers with
Kat Indpls IN: well time for me to get dinner started
son has mentioned 5 x's that he's hungry so i need to
feed the MONSTER
countrylady100ca: And take care NJ and Ladies
Kat Indpls IN: love all the flowers and thanks for the
demo NJ
norajean_sf: Bye Bye to those who are leaving
Missy~VA: bye kat
Hey Nurse!!: Sherry--PB is just below Cocoa
elissaheart: Yippeeeee! The postman just delivered the
box of cane scraps that I bought from Jenny Pat!
Missy~VA: u leavin sonya?
norajean_sf: I have room for 6 people on my cam
Marlea in PA: oh thanks for that link NJ
Hey Nurse!!: Bye leaving ppl.
Kat Indpls IN: Christmas in Feb. for Elissa have fun
Sherry: I'll have to look on map blast..
kgedrich left the room
Tammy: bye you all leavin
countrylady100ca: Sooner. I have to back to packing
and put them in storage. People will come and look the
house that will in listing.
norajean_sf: As for clay preference. I got achey hands
so I use Premo because it doesn't hurt my hands to
work with it.
Rickie Beth: the flowers are so beautiful
elissaheart: You're not kidding, Kathy!
Missy~VA: ahhhhhhhhhhh bye sonya
bernie: since nj has room for more folks on cam, i'm
gonna shut mine down now
norajean_sf: Thanks Rickie Beth, the lighting is weird
because of the rain
norajean_sf: Thank you Bernie
nancy: our weather is wonderful...
nancy: knock on wood...
Marlea in PA: none of you in CA are in mudslide zones
are you?
bernie: you are welcome nj
nefret111: it is thundering now in santa fe
norajean_sf: Piggy backing the cam is a FIRST for demo
rustic_studio joined the room
norajean_sf: Watch out being online during a
Marlea in PA: hi Patty
Rickie Beth: NJ, they still look so beautiful ..Iwould
love to have some herer on my day...
nancy: that was a hoot
norajean_sf: when there's lightening it's best to turn
off the computer
rjchase222: I don't think I am in mudslide zone but
one never knows out here in CA
nefret111: thanks, nj
norajean_sf: ok, questions about flowers?
nefret111: uh oh here comes the rain
rustic_studio: hi there
norajean_sf: these flowers that we did today?
Marlea in PA: was just reading about it today razma
rjchase222: thats what I had to do last nite bad
Missy~VA: hiya rustic
mommaclara2001: Hi Rustic
krafty_karen_mc: yup, fried my modem one time in a
thunder storm...
norajean_sf: shall I review?
Marlea in PA: i always shut down with lightning, dang
puter cost too much to blow
Tammy: besides slaming them on a pendent do I use
something to make them stick
Missy~VA: sure nj
Deedee: yep please
Sherry: review sounds good
MountainMaMaDuke: Nice work NJ - I need to go
norajean_sf: First we did a rose with one color. Then
a rose with two colors done as a blend
norajean_sf: See ya Pauline
nefret111: i'm on wireless - am i still in danger?
MountainMaMaDuke: everyone have a great night!
Rickie Beth: Bye to all that are leaving..
rjchase222: bye all
nancy: i gotta go...starving...great flower NJ...
Marlea in PA: you too pauline
norajean_sf: if you are plugged in during a
thunderstorm it'll hurt what ever is plugged in
pdduke2003 left the room
mommaclara2001: Bye Pauline
techi_mom56 left the room
norajean_sf: I unplug everything, computers, printers
rustic_studio: are the itmes on the cam what NJ made
nefret111: i have the main line plugged into an
arrester - but i think i had better get off! thanks
again nj for getting me on and for the demo!
Rickie Beth: I have a surge protector..will this be
good enough?
Deedee: yes
Hey Nurse!!: unless you got a surge protector
Hey Nurse!!: lol
Marlea in PA: yes, there sure are patty
Rickie Beth: LOL
rustic_studio: beautiful flowers!
norajean_sf: After making a blend I took a strip of
the blend and inserted it for stripes on the Piss off
rustic_studio: sorry I missed everything
norajean_sf: LOL
krafty_karen_mc: I had a surge protector and it still
fried my modem
Marlea in PA: lol, that'll stick too NJ
norajean_sf: I will be reviewing flowers for a while
norajean_sf: then I took the inserted stripe petal and
doubled it for the What the Hell Flower
rustic_studio: which is the piss off posey?
helenpankowsky: just in time for the flower pendant
Hey Nurse!!: Karen--o, no kidding
krafty_karen_mc: sucked
Hey Nurse!!: brb--gotta feed tootsie.
norajean_sf: then taking some of the blend I pressed
it to have one color at one end and another color on
the other end of a long ribbon and buried snakes for
the dotted petal
norajean_sf: with all canes... a line is a sheet, a
dot is a snake, a gradation of color is a blend, don't
over think these things.
norajean_sf: That's the main point of this demo.
Change the colors and you have different flowers
rjchase222: oooooooo NJ now it makes sense!! thanks!!
Tammy: thanks NJ
countrylady100ca left the room
check out this page please
norajean_sf: see how one cane can make many flowers
norajean_sf: The blue flowers were all made with the
same cane. The orange flowers were made with one cane.
Change the petal shape and you have different flowers,
using one cane.
Sherry: oh those blue ones are beautiful,, I love that
color blue
norajean_sf: do you have this page open?
Marlea in PA: i do
norajean_sf: see how one cane can yield many flowers,
change the petals is all you need to do.
Tammy: I cant lol
krafty_karen_mc: Guess I gotta go...hubby
calling...see ya all next time. Thanks NJ. It was
great as usual!
Missy~VA: bye karen
norajean_sf: Okie Dokie Karen, see ya later.
Marlea in PA: bye karen
Tammy: bye karen
krafty_karen_mc: bye bye!!!!!!
mommaclara2001: Bye Karen
krafty_karen_mc left the room
rjchase222: bye Karen
norajean_sf: Ok, it's top of the hour. I'm going to
save log and take a break for biologicals. brb

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