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02-19-05 Flower Demo

Demo Log 7 - Review of Flower Tutorials

Lost some text... review of flower tutorials...


Here's some ideas of using flowers on pendants.

rustic_studio: yes, the video is "marvelous mica clay
and ghost imaging"
Marlea in PA: lol, now i have to look up a pic of him
Esther_UK: I'm off getting sleepy.
norajean_sf: Sweet Dreams Esther
Tammy: night esther
Esther_UK: time for bed
Marlea in PA: aww, i love Kurt's mamas gifts
bernie: back
Marlea in PA: goodnight Esther, sweet dreams
bernie: night Esther
Esther_UK: nite all
Rickie Beth: good night Esther..
Hey Nurse!!: I found some sugarfree popsicles that are
waaay yummy!!!
Hey Nurse!!: Night Esther.
Sherry: good night
helenpankowsky: Ilove the lei
esther_reeves left the room
Missy~VA: back night esther
Rickie Beth: I want sugar free one!! I have regular
ones only right now..popsickles are addictiong..
Marlea in PA: I LOVE wisteria
Hey Nurse!!: I know--these are soo good
Staci (smorgan364) joined the room
norajean_sf: Ain't the wisteria fun?
rustic_studio: i'm on a fudgesicle kick right now
norajean_sf: For Staci
Hey Nurse!!: am I missing something--wisteria?
norajean_sf: Check out the last link Michelle
Tammy: ohh fudgesicle ummmm
helenpankowsky: oooh the wisterias are lovely
Staci: Thanks NJ
Marlea in PA: mmmm, when it comes to ice cream i melt
for creamsicles
Staci: Howdy everyone
norajean_sf: I just heard Homer Simpson say
"fudgsicles yummmm"
Marlea in PA: lol
helenpankowsky: lol
Rickie Beth: YUMMM to Homer
norajean_sf: but
these are so easy, four flowers, one leaf, makes a
flower pendant
Hey Nurse!!: lol
rjchase222: I bet u r hungry NJ!! LOL
Rickie Beth: brb..
norajean_sf: just grabbed a bite on break
rustic_studio: there's a small brewery in milwaukee
that makes great soda too and they have one called
orange dream that tastes just like a dreamsicle!
Missy~VA: fudgesicles and dreamsicles????
Missy~VA: what?????????
rjchase222: Good Girl I'm proud of ya!
norajean_sf: Thanks Momma Razma
Missy~VA: man i need to take a trip to the store!
rjchase222: your welcome daughter LOL
norajean_sf: LOL
Rickie Beth: favorite!!!
norajean_sf: so making flower pendants isn't all that
difficult when you realize that one cane can make many
norajean_sf: add a couple of flowers to a pendant and
you're done
norajean_sf: Like
smorgan364 left the room
Tammy: thanks NJ
helenpankowsky: Maybe I'll do the swap. You make it
sound so easy, NJ!
Staci (smorgan364) joined the room
Marlea in PA: mmmm i'll have to pick
them up on my trip to wally world tonight...thanks
elissaheart: did that url I gave work for anyone?
Hey Nurse!!: lost my room look, everything smooshed
rjchase222: O come on all of ya & do the swap with
norajean_sf: go out and come back in Michelle
Rickie Beth: I missed seeing it..I will go back and
mommaclara2001: Gosh Nj, Thanks. I have been
wondering, what I was going to make.
norajean_sf: save the room as a favorite
mrsstancil left the room
elissaheart: It dodn't work for me, but I have
moettom left the room
moettom joined the room
norajean_sf: Monique is back, check out this page
Marlea in PA: i don't see the link elissa
norajean_sf: we're discussing putting flowers on
Staci: Tammy and Nj's webcam LOOK exactly the
same......LOL what did I miss here?
Rickie Beth: I could not find it Elissa..
mehreenx: i just nodded off ....i think i'll go to
sleep...thanks for the Demo Nora
norajean_sf: We were piggy backing cams Staci because
I maxed out
rjchase222: nite mehreen!!!
moettom: Whaouhh !!!! lots of inspiration ...
norajean_sf: Sweet Dreams Mehreen
Rickie Beth: the flowers of NJ's are wonderful..
elissaheart: ok. well, I tried. I can give you the
auction number and anyone can find it that way.
Rickie Beth: the colors are really pretty
norajean_sf: use all the colors you find in flower
Rickie Beth: Night Mehreen
Tammy: night mehreen
rjchase222: I just go out to my garden for color
mehreenx: thnks....RJ please sign me up for the swap
mommaclara2001: I didn't see the link , Elissa.
Marlea in PA: nj, do you have any links for spring
flowers? daffodils, hyacinths, tulips
elissaheart: good night, anyone who's leaving.
mehreenx: bye
mehreenx left the room
rjchase222: OK Mehreen I'll get ya signed up!!
Rickie Beth: I know they are real colors, but
sometimes polymer doesn't look as pretty as your
flowers do ..
helenpankowsky: well,got to go. Have a school play
tonight. Sweeny Todd, the kids are awsome. See you
next week! thanks, NJ. Bye to All
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/OnSiteFlowers
here are the older tutes on flowers
Marlea in PA: cool, thanks
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay (lvmypolymerclay) joined the
Rickie Beth: Good Evening Helen..
moettom: Thank you very much for this demo Nora jean,
I had a great time (except for yahoo disconnecctions
)) looking forward to another one
norajean_sf: Marlea I don't have those sort of
flowers, but all you got to do is get a flower book,
look at them and replicate
nefret111 left the room
norajean_sf: Thank you for coming in so late at night
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: just thought I'd pop in to say
Marlea in PA: yep get some if i can and dissect
norajean_sf: Yo Lynn
Rickie Beth: Hi Lynn
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: pretty flowers
norajean_sf: The last batch of flowers I got as a gift
I took them apart on cam
Marlea in PA: nice meeting you monique- glad you came!
norajean_sf: made everyone go YIKES
Marlea in PA: i remember that
rieandra left the room
Rickie Beth: I think I recall that moment
norajean_sf: took apart roses, stargazer lilies,
everything, to see the shape of the flowre petals. Oh
coolness you were there
moettom: Well it's time for me to go to bed now; bye
every body ! see you next time !
Tammy: i missed it
norajean_sf: Sweet Dreams Monique
rieandra joined the room
Rickie Beth: bye - sweet dreams Monique
Michelle (mrsstancil) joined the room
norajean_sf: Tammy it was so funny, when I started
taking the flowers apart everyone went yikes
Staci: Guess I missed all of demo, sorry NJ
Missy~VA: wb a;;
Missy~VA: all
mommaclara2001: Bye Monque
norajean_sf: Michelle did it work?
Missy~VA: dang
Marlea in PA: felt bad for them(the flowers, lol), but
they were going to wilt soon anyway, right?
Michelle: I don't know what happened
elissaheart: ok, here's the item number. 8167952134
ok, here's the item number - 8167952134 8167952134
8167952134 8167952134 8167952134 8167952134 item
number 8167952134
Tammy: night monique
elissaheart: oops
Rickie Beth: Tammy .it might have been before you came
norajean_sf: LOL
elissaheart: sorry
norajean_sf: that's easy enough for you to say Elissa
elissaheart: lol!!!
norajean_sf: if you copy the url you can paste it to
the chat
norajean_sf: didn't that work?
Marlea in PA: bwaahahaaa, i think i have that number
elissaheart: try this one instead: 8167952134
Tammy: yep it was bummer deal
Marlea in PA: pasting urls hasn't worked lately for
some of us nj
norajean_sf: copy the url from the top of the browser
Elissa and paste that in the chat
mommaclara2001: Thanks Elissa
elissaheart: ok, I'll try again.
Marlea in PA: they show for the person doing it but
for no one else
norajean_sf: Michelle, the chat goes wonky sometimes,
makes the chat area go down to two lines, we just have
to go out and come back in
this is the link for more current flowers
Tammy: brb
Staci: there is the link to what Elissa is trying to
send people to
Marlea in PA: not showing staci
norajean_sf: how odd
Staci: What do you mean it isn't showing?
norajean_sf: nope
Staci: LOL I can see it
Marlea in PA: the link- you can see it, but we can't
Rickie Beth: cannot see the link
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hubby is home...time to get
dinner and head to storage unit...have a good evening
Marlea in PA: that's what i mean by it being goofy,
norajean_sf: another wonderful feature of Yahoo Chat
norajean_sf: See ya Lynn
Rickie Beth: good evening Lynn..
mommaclara2001: Bye Lynn
lvmypolymerclay left the room
Vicki in NH: bye lynn
Tammy: ok I'm back
Tammy: do I still need my cam on?
Rickie Beth: good
bernie: i'm leaving with Lynn, gotta have din din,
thanks nj, love to all
do you see this link?
mommaclara2001: Bye Bernie
norajean_sf: I can see it, can you?
Tammy: bye bernie talk to you later?
norajean_sf: See ya Bernie and thanks again
Staci: Bye Bernie
Rickie Beth: I am leaving was great to be
with friends today...
rjchase222: I have to go to got company!!
Missy~VA: bye bernie
norajean_sf: feel better Rickie Beth
bernie: no problem, my pleasure
Missy~VA: bye raz
rjchase222: Thanks NJ for another great demo!!
Tammy: ok bye Rickie beth
Missy~VA: bye rb
meplus5kids joined the room
Marlea in PA: no link showing since the flowers/leaves
babasbunja left the room
rjchase222: Be well my friends!
Sherry: Thanks for the great demo NJ
elissaheart: if that one doesn't work, then I give up
norajean_sf: See ya Razma
Missy~VA: jean is that u?
rjchase222: bbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee poof
meplus5kids: Yep, got kicked out AGAIN
Marlea in PA: bye raz
rjchase222 left the room
Michelle: ooo, ricky---bye honey
norajean_sf: Jean do you have a child named Andrew?
Missy~VA: did andrew get a beatin?
meplus5kids: Yes
Marlea in PA: at least i caught raz to say bye, lol
norajean_sf: did you know he was on your Yahoo
meplus5kids: What did he do?
Rickie Beth: bye (I'm really leaving this time)
is always so hard for me to leave....(we got the
numbers Elissa)...until later...XOxoxoxoxxoxOOO
Missy~VA: told us to piss off
Marlea in PA: lol, tattle tail
norajean_sf: it's in the logs so you can read what he
was writing
Missy~VA: hugsssssssssss rb
meplus5kids: I am so sorry. Beating time
mommaclara2001: Bye Ricky. Talk to youlater.
Missy~VA: lol
Tammy: bye Rickie beth
Missy~VA: got a cam jean???
meplus5kids: No
Marlea in PA: bye rickie- get to feeling better hon'
Staci: I guess I missed alot?
norajean_sf: That's what I told him and he shut up
after a bit of Commando Granny Growling
Missy~VA: dang i wanted to watch
Missy~VA: he was good after nj got
meplus5kids: I am so sorry.
norajean_sf: Ya I copped a woof ticket. Naw it's not
your fault, but you needed to know.
Marlea in PA: lol, i think once you said you were
saving it he was worried NJ
elissaheart: bye rickie Beth
Rickie Beth: Nurse cannot find the chat room right now
Tammy: Oh Jean it can happen to anyone with kids
meplus5kids: My youngest got sick and had to step
away. Didn't know he was on with ya'll.
norajean_sf: What's her Yahoo ID RB?
Rickie Beth: ok, it is all taken care of with Missy.
meplus5kids: I am so embarrased
Rickie Beth: thank you
norajean_sf: Don't be embarassed, but he does need a
talking to. A new attendee didn't know what to make of
being dissed
Missy~VA: im takin care of michelle
Staci: NJ, what cane did you use to make that rose?
norajean_sf: ok, thanks Missy
Michelle: Woo hoo!!!
rickiebeth2005 left the room
Marlea in PA: wb michelle
norajean_sf: the red rose? Just red clay... LOL
Missy~VA: lol
Staci: Oh no the one with the yellow on it
meplus5kids: Going to deal with Andrew. Sorry about
that. Night all.
norajean_sf: a blended plug
Missy~VA: jean
Missy~VA: dont go
Missy~VA: its no prob
Missy~VA: we got a kick outta it!
norajean_sf: oh Spank him later
Missy~VA: lol nj
Tammy: night Jean was really no problem
Vicki in NH: Nj can you show the cutters again
Marlea in PA: lol, yep- don't be too harsh on him...i
probably would have done something similar when i was
meplus5kids: I am so upset with this. The word
grounded for life comes to mind right now
Missy~VA: lol
Vicki in NH: thanks Nj
norajean_sf: we got on his ass good Jean
Marlea in PA: lol, the piss off threw me a bit though,
Missy~VA: i told everyone it would embrass ya jean
norajean_sf: he was silly enough to ID himself, that's
the funniest part
norajean_sf: "Whoop me please"
Staci: LOL
Marlea in PA: i know, at least blame a sibling
norajean_sf: LOL
Missy~VA: lol nj
elissaheart: that was funny!
norajean_sf: I'd have blamed it on the dog
meplus5kids: I didn't even know he knew things like
Missy~VA: lol nj
Marlea in PA: ahhh, but maybe it was a sibling
norajean_sf: Fido is typing with both paws
meplus5kids: Great public school training
Tammy: It would me too Jean dont worry about it
Missy~VA: i think its because of the name of the
flower nj was doin?
Missy~VA: lol
Marlea in PA: that's how it was named
norajean_sf: Hey I had a "friend" send a porn picture
norajean_sf: saying it was me
Missy~VA: or did nj name it after him?
norajean_sf: and he was 32 years old
norajean_sf: Shooting someone came to mind
Marlea in PA: there was a bit of confusion before we
knew it wasn't jean...
Missy~VA: lol
Marlea in PA: lol
rustic_studio left the room
norajean_sf: I've not spoken to him since, truth be
meplus5kids: Andrew is 9 y/o's old and shouldn't be
talking like that to ANYONE!!
Marlea in PA: oh no, lovely friend
Missy~VA: bye
Tammy: does my cam need to on still
norajean_sf: No Tammy thanks for the piggy back
Missy~VA: to on still?
Missy~VA: lol im mean
Staci: I gotta go.....honey wants to have a "TALK"
norajean_sf: I can read typonese reeeel gud
Staci: lol
norajean_sf: uh oh
Missy~VA: me too nj
Staci: see y'all next week
norajean_sf: "The talk"
mommaclara2001: Bye Staci
Staci: he he he
norajean_sf: ok, Staci
norajean_sf: did you save the room?
Missy~VA: bye stac
Michelle: bye Staci
Marlea in PA: night staci
Staci: sure did NJ thanks
norajean_sf: ok, honey
smorgan364 left the room
meplus5kids: Thanks everyone, I'm really sorry about
norajean_sf: now off to "address issues"
elissaheart: good night, Staci]
Missy~VA: if his talk is like my dh talk shes goin to
have FUN!!!!
Missy~VA: hehehehe
norajean_sf: Oh Jean it's not something you need to
feel bad about, but Andrew does need to know what's
Missy~VA: dont sweat it jean
norajean_sf: that's why this posey is called the Piss
Off Posey
Missy~VA: kids are kids....just choke him and be done
with it
Missy~VA: lol
Missy~VA: lmao
Marlea in PA: lmao...forever chronicled
Tammy: lol
Michelle: kik
Michelle: lol
norajean_sf: KIK
Missy~VA: i needed a good laugh
Missy~VA: kik
norajean_sf: LOLOL
elissaheart: lol!!
Michelle: kik=lol without paying attention.
Marlea in PA: i'm going to start typing kik, i like it
Missy~VA: lol
Michelle: good to see you laugh
norajean_sf: that slayed me
norajean_sf: KIK
Michelle: lol
elissaheart: kik
Michelle: I MEANT LOL haha
Michelle: omg
norajean_sf: I can't stop laughing
Michelle: I'll never live it down
norajean_sf: nope
Michelle: giggle
norajean_sf: now when new list members come to chat
they aren't going to know what the heck we mean by KIK
Michelle: yep--that's me
norajean_sf: it'll be a COC short hand
Michelle: code
norajean_sf: how funny
norajean_sf: we needed a good laugh
norajean_sf: I'm just glad I wasn't sipping coffee
Michelle: nasal java
norajean_sf: pull out the spew guard for the keyboard
Marlea in PA: lol...i mean kik
Michelle: tonight we'll be flushing the nasal cavities
with hot coffee
norajean_sf: ok, so the next couple of demos we're
going to be reviewing flowers for the Newbie Box Swap
Marlea in PA: cool
norajean_sf: we got to review leaves if we're doing
Tammy: oh cool
Michelle: yaaay--I love greenery, and fauna
Vicki in NH: thanks NJ
norajean_sf: with our extras we can make Quarter Jars
Michelle: as in jars for quarters??
Vicki in NH: what's a quarter jar?
norajean_sf: I'll get the link
Michelle: poor norajean--spends lots of time hunting
links for us newbies...
Marlea in PA: she's fast
Michelle: BTW--I fixed my nicname on Yahoo--Put my
real name in there FYI
Marlea in PA: whips those puppies out faster than i
can close my window out
Michelle: well, at least she's not half-fast
(halfassed) haha
norajean_sf: each time we doubt ourselves, put
ourselves down, call ourselves a dummy, we toss a
quarter in a jar we've decorated.
Marlea in PA: har dee har har...
norajean_sf: KIK
norajean_sf: I get a KIK out of you
Missy~VA: kik
Tammy: well I had better go and get something done
norajean_sf: Michelle did you check out that page on
the Quarter Jar?
Tammy: thanks for the demo NJ
Marlea in PA: kik  now let's not wear it out yet
norajean_sf: Thank you for your help Tammy
Missy~VA: im gettin something done....moldin my butt
marks in this chair!
Tammy: Oh not a problem any time
norajean_sf: we got to KIK the habit, Marlea?
Missy~VA: bye tammy
Marlea in PA: oh god....NJJJJJ!!!!
norajean_sf: LOL
Marlea in PA: 
norajean_sf: we're winding down, last 15 minutes of
Tammy: bye all take care
Vicki in NH: Nj your quarter jar is awesome
Marlea in PA: bye Tammy, maybe catch ya later
norajean_sf: I've made more since then and gave them
to girlfriends who have to break the habit of putting
themselves down
Tammy: yep for sure mar
Marlea in PA: oh, before you go, do you have the name
of your cam Tammy?
Michelle: yes, norajean--just finished that page
Lisa in Maine (kittekattz) joined the room
Missy~VA: hiya lisa!
Marlea in PA: hi lisa
Missy~VA: have fun today michelle?
Lisa in Maine: Hey Missy, Marlea!
Marlea in PA: nah, she won't come back now
Check this one out
rieandra: would be a good jar to give to young
Michelle: heck yeah!!!
Missy~VA: told ya!
Michelle: it was a KIK in the pants.
Michelle: lol
Missy~VA: lol
norajean_sf: I love this one, gave it to my next door
Lisa in Maine: Oh WOW! I missed a lot!! Those are
beautiful, NJ!!
Missy~VA: good idea rie!
Marlea in PA:
Tammy: Mar--micro innovations was 18
mommaclara2001: I have cover two jars, would be great
for quarter jars
Missy~VA: ok mar quit rollin those eyes!
rieandra: break the habit really early
Marlea in PA: cool, thanks a bunch Tammy
mejbym left the room
norajean_sf: We're going to be reviewing flowers for a
while Lisa, so there'll be more demos on flowers and
we'll make some quarter jars.
Tammy: not a problem Mar
Lisa in Maine: GREAT NJ ... I'm only back for a bit,
though ... gotta bathe the boys in a bit and put them
to bed
norajean_sf: we're at the end of demo
Tammy: talk to you later for sure gotta have my
laughing qouta
Missy~VA: so should i get a cam too?
norajean_sf: ok, Tammy thanks again
Marlea in PA: okie dokie
Missy~VA: hugs tammy!
Vicki in NH: Missy I got one at Walmart for 28.95
norajean_sf: Missy if you want to show your work, sure
rieandra: i have a logitech miss
elissaheart: It sure has been fun, NJ.
Michelle: Missy do you demo alot?
norajean_sf: me too, Logitech
Lisa in Maine: I tried my hand at making a stargazer
lily the other day, but my dots turned out more square
than anything else. Oh well!! LOL
Marlea in PA: vicki- which did you get, i'm going to
wally world for one tonight
Missy~VA: u mean come to demo michelle?
Tammy: and the kids and the cat and hubby and what
ever else will stand still
norajean_sf: your snakes were cut strips?
Marlea in PA: oh cool
Vicki in NH: I got the Creative Labs one
Lisa in Maine: no, they were snakes
Missy~VA: i want a cheap one
Sherry: I've been looking at the logitech webcam
Michelle: no missy, you need a cam IF you demo alot.
Missy~VA: maybe my mom still has mine?
Sherry: seems to have a lot of good revies
norajean_sf: you reduced the cane on the work table
instead of stretching it?
Lisa in Maine: I tried doing it like you'd shown us in
demo ... didn't turn out "quite" like yours!! LOL
Michelle: don't get a cheapo
Marlea in PA: is there anything that is a muct for
one? i assume zoom
Sherry: Hubby will be traveling they have a set at
super walmart marked 39
Missy~VA: muct?
Lisa in Maine: I grabbed it in the middle and went
outward ...
Marlea in PA: must, lol
Missy~VA: muct kik goin on here
norajean_sf: odd, we'll have to review that next time
norajean_sf: lol
Marlea in PA: hey missy,
Tammy: well going now bye bye
Tammy: *poof******
Missy~VA: bye tammy
norajean_sf: Well I'm going to toddle off. I got a
hungry husband here pouting
Marlea in PA:
Vicki in NH: missy
tily072096 left the room
Michelle: bye tammy
norajean_sf: thanks for showing up and being so fun
Michelle: thank you norajean
mommaclara2001: Thank you Nj. Goodnight all.
rieandra: ty NJ for the flowers.....see ya soon
Missy~VA: btw michelle ive never demo'd
Vicki in NH: Thanks for demoing
Michelle: o
Missy~VA: yes vicki?
rieandra: take care all by34now
norajean_sf: thanks to all who piggy backed my signal
when I maxed out, that was brilliant
Marlea in PA: thank you NJ- I had a ball
Vicki in NH: I'll turn mine on & you can judge your
Missy~VA: ok!
Marlea in PA: bye dee
norajean_sf: well Hubs is looking pitiful so I gotta
norajean_sf: xoxo
Missy~VA: night nj ty!

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