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Inverted Blend Insert Petals

Demo - Log 4 - Variations on the Inverted blend petal cane - Adding Spots

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norajean_sf: Saturday Demo - Log 4- Variations on the
Inverted blend petal cane
norajean_sf: ok, any questions?
bernie: we were there til almost 4 am but was talking
krafteame: Yes I was , I havent been feeling well
Suzy: there is the name
norajean_sf: So far
Deedee: what is your first name kraft?
bernie: didn't wish to wake you up
little38chevy: but a month or so ago some in my
canadian beaders group mentioned this group before i
joined here
krafteame: Oh Ok got it
mehreenx: have we done the orchid already ???
Suzy: you talking about last night Bernie?
bernie: yep suz
krafteame: Lisa
Suzy: did you do the hair?
bernie: working on the fur wig now, lol
krafteame: since there is already another Lisa I put
Lisa T to help with confusion
Suzy: I can't wait to see it
bernie: it really is coming out awesome
msraven54: Ought to be awesome Bernie
Suzy: I just got back from michaels and raided the
rest of the clay
bernie: she looks like tina turner, lol
msraven54: lol
Rickie Beth: lol
Suzy: are you on cam
little38chevy: cool suzy
bernie: no
bernie: later will be
merrie60us: she is making logs/snakes out of white
bernie: watching nj for now
Suzy: I want to see Jenny P cane that thing she was
making last night its going to be HUGE
merrie60us: what is in the center
bernie: love her canes/flowers
msraven54: teeny tiny ones lol
merrie60us: different color
Lisa in Maine: I think I missed that ... did you wrap
the white/pearl around a plug of the petal, NJ?
Suzy: Oh that reminds me I do have something pictured
that was NJ flowers inspired.
krafteame: is the little cane she was making plain
krafteame: Oh I see it has the color in middle
msraven54: dont think so
msraven54: pink in middle
merrie60us: wrap petal cane with the red or darker
color put a snake in it
Suzy: blah I don't have a bigger pic of it just a
Suzy: I'll send it through the picture list
merrie60us: put three snakes seperated then wrapped
again and put three more snakes
norajean_sf: hold up, got to get something
Lisa in Maine: this technique, with different colors,
would look cool for peacock feathers, wouldn't it?
msraven54: oooh yeah it would Lisa
Lisa in Maine: I've been dying to try something like
that ...
msraven54: Go for it--would love to see
Lisa in Maine: LOL ... you haven't seen my "turquoise"
... think it will be a while before I actually get it
msraven54: ROFLMAO Lisa
greatauntjudy left the room
msraven54: Hey no failures--just failures to try...
Lisa in Maine: LOL true
norajean_sf: there's my first Peacock cane effort
Lisa in Maine: ooooooooooo NJ ... have I told you
lately that I absolutely LOVE you????
msraven54: Wow, NJ that was pretty cool
Vicki in NH: you don't tell me that?Lisa
Staci: LOL my kids think they need to put their
fingers on the screen to ask what NJ is doing
little38chevy: lol
Suzy: too cute Staci
Staci: Well, it would be cute if the two that are
doing it weren't 12 and 14
Staci: LMAO
Suzy: that is true LOL
Sherry: my dog barked ..went to check her and she just
wanted the puppy to come out with her (he's year old)
Suzy: how cute
msraven54: Thats interesting
Sherry: They are being such pains... the kitty keeps
wanting to help me with my clay.
Lisa in Maine: LOL Mother ... sorry ... I was getting
Suzy: My kitty knows not to go on my desk
little38chevy: oh oh kitty hair in clay,lol
Donna_in_NV (donna_stamps) joined the room
msraven54: Hi Donna
little38chevy: hello donna
Shirley: Hi Donna
Suzy: hi donna
Connie - in Reno: Hiya Donna
Lisa in Maine: sorry Donna ... wasn't at my desk when
you IMed
Vicki in NH: hi Donna
Rickie Beth: Hi Donna
Sherry: hi Donna
bernie: hi donna
little38chevy: rickie beth
Lisa in Maine: Hey Rickie Beth ... didn't see you in
little38chevy: my duaghter has some drawings done for
Suzy: we need a blue color
Rickie Beth: Yes, I got here late
Donna_in_NV: Can't stay long but wanted to get added
back to favorite room since lost them all when dial up
connection lost and had to reinstall at beginning of
Rickie Beth: wonderful!!
Lisa in Maine: how's the foot doing?
Donna_in_NV: Hi all, and thanks, Lisa, for invite
Rickie Beth: foot=ok
Lisa in Maine: no problem donna
little38chevy: thats pretty nj
Donna_in_NV: Sorry I can't stay - have lots to do with
grandsons - catch you all tomorrow
Sherry: oh cool there is a zoom that makes it so I can
see better..
little38chevy: hagd donna tc
Connie - in Reno: bye Donna
msraven54: ok bye donna
Lisa in Maine: bye Donna!!
Vicki in NH: bye donna
Rickie Beth: bye Donna
donna_stamps left the room
Suzy: how long does it take for things to come through
the picture list
Suzy: kicks it
norajean_sf: Ok, now see how we can take a cane and
add to it for a more complicated flower petal?
little38chevy: yes
msraven54: yes
Shirley: yes
pasadena_cal: eye candy
rjchase222: looks like a lollipop!
Sherry: Impressive
Suzy: taffy!
little38chevy: yummy
elissaheart: I need to get going. Great demo, NJ!
little38chevy: hagd tc
elissaheart: bye all
msraven54: bye elissa
Rickie Beth: By Elissa
Suzy: Hi Elissa and Bye
Shirley: bye
cgron: got to go, thanks NJ
cgron left the room
rjchase222: neato NJ
elissaheart left the room
norajean_sf: Top of the hour save, brb
Vicki in NH: cool

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