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Inverted Blend Insert Petals

Demo - Log 6 - Variations on one cane

norajean_sf: Saturday Demo - Log 6- Variations on one cane - Roll Call
riverstyxrd: Jesters? Out of flower canes?
pasadena_cal: Looks like a hibiscus show
norajean_sf: <<<< Me
Vicki in NH: me
msraven54: Check
these out --Parrot tulips, now that might not be so tedious
Sherry: Florida
msraven54: Sandy in Missouri
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
meplus5kids: Jean, New Orleans
pasadena_cal: Cal in Pasadena
bernie: pa
Rickie Beth: Rickie Beth in Walnut Creek...
krafty_karen_mc: Karen...Alberta
riverstyxrd: Elayne, Medina Ohio
Missy~VA: <~~~~me
riverstyxrd: Sanyd, the parrot tulips would work with are
so right!
msraven54: love those colors
riverstyxrd: Razma, jesters?
norajean_sf: Now the spider mums, we have a problem with the petals
being too thin to make in 3D, but one could do it as a flat 2D cane
Suzy: Suzy in Chatsworth,CA
msraven54: really, cool
riverstyxrd: Suzy....good town name for a chat room!
rjchase222: yes river I am making a jester out of my "ooppss" from the
dcf's I've made
norajean_sf: and about a flower being tedious, anything can be tedious
if one doesn't work with colors they like or are making something they
aren't excited about.
norajean_sf: one has to get into a sort of meditative space, put in a
video or listen to music you like
msraven54: agreed
norajean_sf: use colors that thrill you, work on flowers you adore
msraven54: yes you are so right
norajean_sf: then it's a labor of love and it's like a meditation in
bernie: absolutely my philosophy
norajean_sf: sex can be tedious if you don't like the person
norajean_sf: LOL
minimadness423: KathyL Kentucky
Rickie Beth: lol
rjchase222: LMAO NJ
norajean_sf: James is asking me what I'm laughing about
meplus5kids: lol
helenpankowsky left the room
helenpankowsky joined the room
pasadena_cal: Tell him you're discussing sex
msraven54: that is what I did last nite after demo, when I couldn't
sleep--was really tired but woke up when I laid down-so got up and put
on Kenny G and made purple rose
norajean_sf: Yes, and he rolled his eyes
msraven54: lol
pasadena_cal: LOL LOL
rjchase222: thats a man for ya NJ
Suzy: LOL River I guess so, that is the town I live in though!
norajean_sf: Well rolling of the eyes is better than that backward
kiss he does... pffffft
pasadena_cal: Always on our mind.
rjchase222: ROFLMAO
msraven54: lol NJ
norajean_sf: if I get one "ha" then that means I'm really funny
norajean_sf: he's my hardest audience
msraven54: The parrot tulips would be able to be made 3D tho, right NJ?
norajean_sf: did I miss the link for that?
msraven54: yep
norajean_sf: saving logs and stuff I miss a lot
norajean_sf: got the link handy?
msraven54: hold on
riverstyxrd: What about the frillies on the parrot tulips?
norajean_sf: hold up, let me look
norajean_sf: hmmm, let me do an experiment
msraven54: ok
pasadena_cal: Do you ever polish or lap your blade?? Or just replace
norajean_sf: a bit of mashing on the edge
Staci: OK I am back sorry
msraven54: hey...looking good..
norajean_sf: I just replace it Cal
Staci: had a girl had to find some clothes for she split them playing
on the trampoline
msraven54: that might just work..
riverstyxrd: there was a discussion about using sandpaper to sharpen
blades on one of the groups....has anybody tried that?
msraven54: nope
riverstyxrd: Staci, must be warm where you are!
pasadena_cal: Never ever do that. use what barbers used for years. a
leather strop. with abrasive if needed.
riverstyxrd: It is freezing here....going to have freezing rain on
Sunday and then about 6" of snow.
msraven54: yuck...
riverstyxrd: I wonder if my Dad still has his leather strops...he used
to shave with a straight razor
msraven54: its 56 here, tomorrow nite sleet
riverstyxrd: you can have mine!
Missy~VA: one that will stay around for more than a few hrs!
pasadena_cal: That is a neat textured effect, NJ
Staci: It is about 70 degrees here today
riverstyxrd: I see a tulip happening!
Sherry: That really does look neat.
Staci: 3 of the kids are out playing b-ball and two on the trampoline
msraven54: me too
Staci: at least they are outta my hair
bonsaikathy: Wow, that's working great NJ
riverstyxrd: I have some daffodills just peaking out with their green
stalks....Can't wait for spring
riverstyxrd: Wow, NJ, great
msraven54: Oh that is sooooooo pretty NJ Thank You
norajean_sf: don't be afraid to experiment
rjchase222: By jove I think she's got it
norajean_sf: what have you got to loose after all, a booger's worth of
msraven54: Yes she does!!!
riverstyxrd: that is a mighty big booger
Sherry: that would work for an iris to
norajean_sf: lol
msraven54: Thank You NJ gonna try it
norajean_sf: depending on the nose
norajean_sf: LOL
msraven54: lol
bernie: lol
Staci: ROFL
minimadness423: Bravo we can do that edge on orchids and
iris. Dad has some beautiful lace edge iris in his garden...can't wait
until May when they start to pop!
bonsaikathy: Oh NJ, I forgot to tell you, Takumi has 6 teeth now
norajean_sf: Wow 6 teeth
norajean_sf: he is so cute
bonsaikathy: I didn't even know he had one, Jr. told me, so I fussed
at my son, lol
msraven54: Watch Kathy he be dring soon LOL
bonsaikathy: thanks hon
msraven54: driving even
krafty_karen_mc left the room
norajean_sf: even
norajean_sf: LOL
bonsaikathy: they grow way to fast
bonsaikathy: won't be long and he'll have a first birthday
msraven54: yes they do...<big sigh>
Missy~VA: brb
bonsaikathy: but NJ is honorary Godmother so had to share that with her
riverstyxrd: yes, Kathy...I have a 26 year old, a 23 year old and a 7
riverstyxrd: they are still growing up fast!
bonsaikathy: wow, bit difference
msraven54: I have 2 28 year olds
norajean_sf: the 7 year old was a bit of a surprise I'll bet
riverstyxrd: yes, but we love him dearly!
minimadness423: NJ. I have never bought the cool shaping tool. I
always improvise. Do general craft stores carry them...if so which
Staci: Raven, I will trade you all mine for your two 28 yr olds
norajean_sf: he picked you, I do believe that
riverstyxrd: that is why I was outside shooting baskets in the cold!
Rickie Beth: I have polymer pets children
norajean_sf: Said came after I had my tubes tied
Staci: LOL then I wont have to worry about raisin them
norajean_sf: so he picked ME
norajean_sf: not the other way around
msraven54: LOL Staci
Staci: It was worth a try?
riverstyxrd: yes, NJ, I agree
msraven54: Yep it was lol
Staci: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
riverstyxrd: wowowowowow
Staci: middle child is the only boy
bonsaikathy: wow NJ, and what a handsome guy he is too
norajean_sf: So when ever Said complains to me about something I tell
him "You picked me as parent, remember that"
msraven54: WOW Satci, busy girl weren't ya? lol
bonsaikathy: glad he came on cam that day
riverstyxrd: I also have a step daughter 36 and two granddaughters 4
and 1
norajean_sf: he's as big a ham as I am that's the truth
Staci: LMAO They are mine and ours or theirs
msraven54: He is way handsome NJ
norajean_sf: ya he thinks so too. LOL
norajean_sf: a bit too much at times
msraven54: ROFLMAO
bonsaikathy: haha
bonsaikathy: so does my son
Staci: My bio kids are 12, 14....his three girls are the 10, 11, 13
msraven54: mine too
msraven54: ahh ok Staci, I was feelin sorry for
riverstyxrd: I don't know what to do with girls!
Staci: LOL I might be slow...but not dumb....I knew when to quit
krafteame: Hi Im back, I got half of it vacumed, I have to rest, I
have back probl N its hard for me to do it.
minimadness423: Well, I'm going to mosey off now...have an offer for
some shopping and dinner.
msraven54: So did I, mine came 2 at a time...
Staci: LOL
Staci: make it easier huh
riverstyxrd: shopping and dinner sounds great...have fun
krafteame: I have 5 kids, 8 grandchildren and two stepsons
msraven54: yep, get it done in one fell swoop lol
msraven54: Have fun shopping
krafteame: I had my only daughter when I was 15 and a year later my
1st son, then the rest came 6yrs later
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Staci: Am I the only one that Freezer cooks in the group?
Staci: Wb Jude
riverstyxrd: I smell chili cooking in my hubby does
wonderful things in the kitchen
jude: Howdy!
msraven54: nope I do too
krafteame: I do but needto stock up
Rickie Beth: WB Jude
riverstyxrd: what is freezer cookings?
msraven54: Chile sounds good
rjchase222: wb Jude
Staci: Once a month cooking
msraven54: wb Jude
rieandra left the room
krafteame: I make veg soup, stew, chili, lasana, spag sauce and freeze
exstra meals and portions
Staci: You shop on one day......cut up and prepare veggies the
next.....third day you make a bunch of casseroles and feed your freezer
riverstyxrd:, but I do freeze, can and dry....
riverstyxrd: my hubby does not like casseroles....<sigh>?
bonsaikathy: I do the same thing when I have time
Staci: then you don't have to cook the rest of the month.....just take
out a dish put in the oven and bake
riverstyxrd: What are you cooking up there, NJ?
krafteame: I just make exstra when I make something so I can freeze
for second meal of it and I always am freezing bowl portions
minimadness423 left the room
msraven54: brb someone at the door
Staci: I used to do that too Krafteame, when I made meatloaf or
something like tha
Staci: that**
krafteame: NJ R U making a cane and then going to fill in empty spaces?
riverstyxrd: Flower = leaf?
krafteame: NJ and Kat both make stuff look so easy, why dont we see
you guys struggle.
riverstyxrd: that is off cam...
Suzy: that is pretty
Staci: LOL
krafteame: I see now
krafteame: that is pretty
bonsaikathy: now that's fantastic
riverstyxrd: here is my storm warning: Winter storm watch in effect
from late Sunday night to Monday evening, The NWS in cleveland oh has
issued a winter storm watch. Snow will develop late Sunday night over
the watch area. The snow may be mixed with freezing rain or sleet
across the northern part of the watch area with a mixture of snow,
sleet or freezing rain in the southern part. Snow accumulations will
range from an inch in the southern part to 1 to 2 inches in the north
Sunday night. The mixture will change to all snow Monday with
additional accumulations of 4 to 6 inches
Staci: wow sounds like fun
Staci: I miss Ohio weather
Staci: I was born there
rjchase222: OOo I'm glad some other part of this country is getting
bad weather I'm finally drying out!!
riverstyxrd: It sure makes one appreciate the changing seasonsa
riverstyxrd: seasons
Deedee (rieandra) joined the room
Staci: Wb Deedee
Deedee: ty
Mary in OH (rossija9) joined the room
Staci: Hiya Mary
Missy~VA: wb mary
bernie: glad you are back mary
riverstyxrd: We (Ohio) have had a tough winter...terrible storms, ice,
floods, lack of power for days.....
Mary in OH (rossija9) joined the room
Missy~VA: wb again mary
Mary in OH: Whew, made it back
rjchase222: Mary u need some duct tape?
krafteame: BRB gotta finish vacuming, Its hard with bad back
bonsaikathy: it's very frustrating when that happens, but happens to
me much more in MSN messenger than in yahoo
Missy~VA: hb
Mary in OH: Thanks, Razma! I think I'm OK now. My IE went wonky &
everything locked up.
babasbunja left the room
riverstyxrd: Mary...where in Ohio are you?
rjchase222: Tell those gremlins to get out of your puter!!
Mary in OH: Columbus
bonsaikathy: whoops
riverstyxrd: you were without power this winter too!
bonsaikathy: now we lost NJ
Missy~VA: huh oh lost nj
jude: Lost NJ.
riverstyxrd: ah...I lost her too!
jude: Lost in Space! Yikes!
rjchase222: we've lost connection Houston
Mary in OH: no, I was lucky & never lost power
riverstyxrd: my bother was out for about 18 hours
rjchase222: u still with us NJ?
norajean_sf left the room
bernie (babasbunja) joined the room
Rickie Beth: she is now a black screen here also..
Sherry: think we lost her
jude: Nope, she's gone, gone, gone.
norajean_sf joined the room
pasadena_cal: shes back
Missy~VA: wb bernie
norajean_sf: Bonsai Kathy can you save log and send it through the
list please
Missy~VA: wb nj
bonsaikathy: yes maam
bernie: thanks, got booted out
riverstyxrd: I was out for 8 hours one time and then in January I was
out for more than 2 days....that is when we were flooded because the
sump pumps were not working
norajean_sf: Thank you honey
norajean_sf: I got booted too Bernie

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