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Inverted Blend Insert Petals

Demo - Log 7 - End of Demo and What's to Come Next Week - Flower Jar

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pasadena_cal: shes back
Missy~VA: wb bernie
norajean_sf: Bonsai Kathy can you save log and send it
through the list please
Missy~VA: wb nj
bonsaikathy: yes maam
bernie: thanks, got booted out
riverstyxrd: I was out for 8 hours one time and then
in January I was out for more than 2 days....that is
when we were flooded because the sump pumps were not
norajean_sf: Thank you honey
norajean_sf: I got booted too Bernie
norajean_sf: close out my cam folks, I'll open it up
riverstyxrd: I still do not have the cam.....
Mary in OH: yikes, Elayne
riverstyxrd: so......I am ready for spring!
Staci: You need to shut down the cam and restart it
Mary in OH: NJ hasn't turned cam back on. you need to
close out the window you have open
riverstyxrd: okay
pasadena_cal: I have log for today with time stamps if
you want.
riverstyxrd: did it
bernie: yep, this big ad took over the chat room then
everything went wonky
bonsaikathy: done
riverstyxrd: got her back!
riverstyxrd: brb
rjchase222: got her back
bonsaikathy left the room
bonsaikathy joined the room
Sherry: This flower would make a cute fairy dress
bernie: yes it would sherry
bonsaikathy: decided I'd close out and come back in
just in case
bonsaikathy: NJ that looks so much like a tulip it's
bernie: missy, keep my seat warm, have to go to
neighborhood store, brb
rjchase222: brb
pasadena_cal: Amazing collection
pasadena_cal: What was approx color mix you started
bonsaikathy: wowie zowie colors for sure
msraven54: I am back--WOW NJ Gorgeous
norajean_sf: colors...hmmm
bonsaikathy: the tulip ones especially look too real
norajean_sf: pearl for sure
Missy~VA: hb bernie!
norajean_sf: crimson
norajean_sf: and gosh,
Staci: LOL Sorry Nj
norajean_sf: scraps really, mostly crimson mixed with
pearl and maybe a touch of blue. I really don't know,
norajean_sf: No worries Staci
pasadena_cal: Looks very lifelike for many flowers I
have known.
norajean_sf: the trick of the day is taking one cane
like the inverted blend insert
norajean_sf: and doubling it, adding to it, changing
the petal shapes
norajean_sf: so it goes from this first stage to this
last stage
bonsaikathy: the one on my left is pretty but the one
on my right just looked good enough to eat
Deedee: if i hadnt seen it i would never think it all
started with one cane
norajean_sf: That's why I did the demo this way. To
take you from one cane design, the inserted blend and
taking it through different variations
Staci: Nj, does beautiful work
bernie: back
riverstyxrd: stretching our minds....thanks NJ
Deedee: yes she does
pasadena_cal left the room
pasadena_cal joined the room
norajean_sf: you don't need to make a bunch of
different canes, you just need to fart around with
one, see what you can add, if you can double it, or in
the case of the last one take seven sections of it and
put it together
norajean_sf: I love the last variation
bonsaikathy: yes so do I
Deedee: me 2 reminds me of a tropical flower petal
bernie: and that's the truth, look at those options,
so pretty
Mary in OH: me 3
Sherry: That last one is so delicate..
norajean_sf: yes it is sort of tropical, now if we did
that in green?
bernie: me55
norajean_sf: we'd have a nice tropical leaf
Mary in OH: leaves
bonsaikathy: good are you doing it again
bonsaikathy: I'll have to watch closer how you got to
the last stage of that petal
norajean_sf: not today, but I'll go over this same
sort of variations on a theme next week
bonsaikathy: ok
norajean_sf: I took this section and took seven of
them to build one petal
Deedee: ty the more i see it the more it sinks in
krafteame: Im back , its over, whats new At least my
house is vacumed, I know it sounds strange but it is a
major thing for me to accomplish without alot of rest
pasadena_cal: NJ I had a continous log for today -
-until I just got booted out.
bonsaikathy: one of these days I'm going to finally be
free enough to just stop and watch instead of having
to work on things the same time
Deedee: they are really lovely NJ
bernie: well thanks nj, great job as usual
norajean_sf: all the logs went through to the list Cal
Deedee: the ones in the middle if in yellow blend
would be like buttercups
krafteame: thank you NJ
msraven54: Thank You for making tulips NJ
norajean_sf: Are there any questions at this point
about these flowers?
bonsaikathy: all are very impressive NJ and thanks so
krafteame: Mary where is Ohio are you? I grew up in
OHio is why I ask, I noticed OH next to your name
riverstyxrd: no...thanks for everything NJ
Sherry: Thanks for the awesome demo.
msraven54: None here
krafteame: well done as always
msraven54: I second that Sherry
Mary in OH: I'm in Columbus
Staci: None here, awesome job them
norajean_sf: Now will making flower petals be a little
easier for y'all?
riverstyxrd: Mary is in Columbus, I am sound of
bonsaikathy: yup
msraven54: Yes
krafteame: the girl I grew up with in cleveland
married and moved to columbus
riverstyxrd: brave new world!
Vicki in NH: I think so nj Thank you
norajean_sf: if you take these flower petals and
sprinkle them on a sheet and press....
Deedee: yes tyvm
norajean_sf: you get a really nice effect
krafteame: I have her address, the street is a long
strange name. her name is Holly williams(maiden name
msraven54: oh wow ok
norajean_sf: then if you take 3D flowers and add them
to a pressed sheet... I'll get the link
krafteame: I wish I had her addie at hand, something
like Brittingham drive
Mary in OH: Not ringing any bells, though I probably
know someone who knows someone who knows her.
norajean_sf: Check that out before we end demo
krafteame: Is there are road that sounds like
Brittingham or simular?
norajean_sf: taking flower petals pressed to a sheet
in 2D, then adding 3D flowers on top of it
msraven54: Awesome Flower Jar NJ
bonsaikathy: oh that's wonderful NJ
riverstyxrd: wowowowowowo
norajean_sf: just another variation on this theme
Sherry: that is so cool
riverstyxrd: Columbus is a big city....
norajean_sf: brb
Sherry: thats sort of what I'm working on ...a little
msraven54: i really like the flowers..
Sherry: good ideas..
Mary in OH: I don't have a map handy, or I'd check
krafteame: Yes it is, I grew up with her from 2yrs old
until 14yrs old, I have lost contact the last 6yrs
msraven54: I thought they would be harder than they
are--since Nj makes things look soooo easy
riverstyxrd: Well, I am off to help finish up
supper.....great to have chatted with everyone
riverstyxrd: bye
msraven54: bye
Mary in OH: bye Elayne
bonsaikathy: bye
krafteame: bye
bernie: bye elayne
norajean_sf: A lot of things that look complicated are
really a bunch of simple things
norajean_sf: piled up on each other
Sherry: NJ makes it look easy but when I think of
doing that last one I don't knowit looks scary
msraven54: I am learning that
krafteame: They are so pretty
pasadena_cal: Great demo today, NJ
Sherry: yes beautiful flowers
bonsaikathy: I'm just glad I was on vacation and could
krafteame: they look natural instead of fakey, I dont
know if I am expressing myself right
krafteame: The colors flow
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm starving, ran off to the grocery
store and jumped into demo and only had coffee and a
norajean_sf: so I'm going to go eat
bonsaikathy: ok
pasadena_cal: gotta go. thanks.
msraven54: Go and eat NJ
bonsaikathy: than you NJ
Deedee: ty 4 today NJ
pasadena_cal left the room
krafteame: Bye NJ thank you so much
norajean_sf: I'll save this log and send it through,
thanks for showing up to Demo
Staci: Thanks NJ
Sherry: THanks again NJ
msraven54: Thank You very Much NJ
norajean_sf: it was very productive I think
Vicki in NH: Bye NJ again thank you
jude: Thanks NJ! Great demo!
Sherry: bye every one.. big hugs
Mary in OH: Thanks NJ!
msraven54: Yes it was
Deedee: it was 4 me
greatauntjudy left the room
Mary in OH: Now to try some of those tips myself.
norajean_sf: now let's go off and make some flowers,
send what you discover through the pix list
norajean_sf: so we can see
norajean_sf: ok?
msraven54: Bye all, I am gonna go too, see y'all
norajean_sf: now I'll toddle off
norajean_sf: xoxox
bonsaikathy: bye everyone

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