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Demo Stuff

Hurricane Frances and the Hurry Cane

09-04-04: Demo Log 004, 1:30pm PST.

Fearless Leader: brb'
twigffa: neat chel, do you have pics posted?
chelyha55: not yet but I will soon
x4wheelinblonde joined the room
x4wheelinblonde: How is everyone holding up?
rickiebeth1: twiggy, should show your recent Versa-Tiles to
me...the ones I have seen are beautiful
chelyha55: good here in CA
rickiebeth1: good here in central Calif..
x4wheelinblonde: good to hear
Fearless Leader: Also I'd like to point out it took less than an
hour to do this mask
twigffa: have you seen the red and purple ribbon/tube ones?
Fearless Leader: and scraps were used for the Hurry Cane
Fearless Leader: so don't let THE FEAR hold you back ClayMates
Fearless Leader: just jump on in and make the clay bend to your will.
alice_minis_4all: Nj and All thanks to everybody I will go o sleep
chelyha55: oh yes, please NO FEAR!
Fearless Leader: Sweet Dreams Alice
jude: Night Alice.
rickiebeth1: Twiggy, I have not seen teh red and purple ribbon
tubes....I want to see them...
Phyl: night Alice have a good one
Fearless Leader: Ban THE FEAR
x4wheelinblonde: night Alice
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: nite Alice
esther_reeves: night
rickiebeth1: Sweet Dreams alice..
alice_minis_4all: And I wish all the best to everybody
alice_minis_4all: Thanks
Phyl: thank you Alice
alice_minis_4all: kisses
rickiebeth1: >:D<:-*
alice_minis_4all: :)
Phyl: stick in some feathers and baubles and beads and you can go to
mardi gras
alice_minis_4all left the room
Fearless Leader: lol
rickiebeth1: NJ, it looks like the God of the Blue Turtles,,says
twigffa: just remember to keep your shirt on....
Fearless Leader: I amuse myself
twigffa: lol
Phyl: by the way NJ I just wanted to tell you the trick with turning
off the toaster oven works perfect
Phyl: thanks soooo much for that one
x4wheelinblonde: I still don't get that one
chelyha55: what trick is that?
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I hate saying this but I need to go take a nap
chelyha55: hey you're allowed to take a nap
Phyl: i was having problems with baking temps. she said to get it up
to the temperature and then turn it off and take a nap
rickiebeth1: Have a wonderful nap, Lynn..
chelyha55: I do it all the time
Phyl: works great
rickiebeth1: I love taking naps, also....
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I have to much stuff to do, but I'm going to
hit this keyboard in a second lol
chelyha55: and what, after your nap the clay is done?
Phyl: yup
x4wheelinblonde: how does it work if the oven is off?
Fearless Leader: the cooling oven trick I got from a book somewhere
Fearless Leader: I forget where
chelyha55: hm. Well if it works
Phyl: in other words just leave it in there until it coools down
Fearless Leader: preheat electric ovens to the temp you want
Fearless Leader: put your stuff in
Fearless Leader: turn the oven off
Fearless Leader: go take a nap
janniebrandt: I want 2 say thanks 2 NJ and 2 everybody for tonight
rickiebeth1: This is how NJ does a lot of her curing,,right??
Phyl: works like a charm
janniebrandt: i need 2 log off now
x4wheelinblonde: someone told me to put broken pieces off a terra
cotta pot in the bottom to hold heat
Phyl: glad you could make it Jannie
Fearless Leader: Ok Jannie
Fearless Leader: thanks for coming
twigffa: night jannie
Phyl: come back again
Fearless Leader: hope you had fun
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: well I don't have to bake anything, but I'll
do that nap....catch you all later
esther_reeves: night
rickiebeth1: Bye to you, Jannie
Phyl: great talking to you
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: night Jannie
Fearless Leader: see ya Lynn
janniebrandt: me too
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: TaTa
Phyl: bye Lynn
Fearless Leader: since I started early and it's HOT here today I
might end the demo earlier than usual
lvmypolymerclay left the room
Fearless Leader: it's raised 10 degrees since I got online
Fearless Leader: from 74 to 84
janniebrandt: i had a great time and thanks for all the help again
Phyl: we are tied NJ
Fearless Leader: our pleasure Jannie
janniebrandt: i hope 2 be back soon
chelyha55: 84 in SF? What's up with that?
Phyl: great Jannie
Fearless Leader: looking forward to it
janniebrandt: was great talking 2 u all
rickiebeth1: OK, NJ, you did great polymer art/work today....
Fearless Leader: it's going to be 93F today
janniebrandt: night night
Fearless Leader: sweet dreams
Phyl: yes fantastic work NJ
chelyha55: oh yucky!
chelyha55: way too hot for me
rickiebeth1: thank goodness for air conditioners,,or the Kato clay
would be partially cooked
janniebrandt: ;)
Phyl: o h oh does that mean mine is all cooked rickie beth?
janniebrandt left the room
chelyha55: here it gets to where I just can't do anything else until
the evening
Fearless Leader: I'm not going right yet, but when the sun hits my
windows I'll have to mop the floors and spritz the curtains with
water to keep the place cool
Fearless Leader: old fashioned air conditioning
chelyha55: the clay I got from Rickie Beth is very fresh
Fearless Leader: hang wet wash inside the house
rickiebeth1: Thank you Cheryl....
chelyha55: hey that's a cool idea
Fearless Leader: my friends from Egypt taught me that
Phyl: dosen't the humidity make it seem hotter?
Fearless Leader: close the curtians and sprintz them with water
chelyha55: it wouldn't work in a humid climate
Fearless Leader: we have off shore breeze, it's dry heat
Fearless Leader: fire season
x4wheelinblonde: hey NJ have you heard about putting broken pieces
of a terra cotta pot in the bottom of the toaster oven to hold heat?
chelyha55: but it's dry in Egypt
twigffa: chel, when i am in mexico, i put a baggie of water in the
freezer so it freezes in a flat sheet
chelyha55: I do that with a folded wet washcloth
rickiebeth1: I wan tto go to Mexicowith you..
Phyl: well ya can't get any drier than vegas gotta try that one
Fearless Leader: I heard about that Shawn, but I don't use a toaster
oven so I have not tried it
chelyha55: I learned that from a chiropractor
chelyha55: you put it in a ziploc bag
x4wheelinblonde: ok just wondering...just heard that the other
day..wasn't sure about that one
twigffa: i put it under my tile or glass, what ever i am workingon
chelyha55: then you can shape it to whatever you are icing, like
your knee or the back of your neck, etc
Fearless Leader: check glass attic
Fearless Leader: I've been fixing all my broken links at Glass Attic
Fearless Leader: old com links that changed to biz links
chelyha55: I sometimes put my whole corian work surface in the
fridge or freezer!
Fearless Leader: hoping that will help folks, now that I have a new
web host I can see the links that need to be redirected
chelyha55: brb...
Fearless Leader: when I do them right, eh Esther?
Fearless Leader: LOL
rickiebeth1: What good ideas for keeping cool!!!
esther_reeves: Grin
Fearless Leader: She helped me figure out why one of my redirected
pages was just cycling endlessly
Fearless Leader: whew, Thanks again Esther that was a real favor you
did for me
esther_reeves: Linux has much more useful error messages
Fearless Leader: Oh I just remembered I have feathers that will
match this mask
esther_reeves: though installing it may have killed the windows
drive on that machine
esther_reeves: still we have other machines :)
esther_reeves: just need to recover the data
esther_reeves: great feathers, would they burn if you baked the mask
with them insitu?
Fearless Leader: they won't burn
Fearless Leader: won't be in there long enough I figure
x4wheelinblonde left the room
esther_reeves: got to go.. food is ready. Great mask, glad I could
help on the webpage :)
Fearless Leader: ttfn Esther
esther_reeves: see you
esther_reeves left the room
Fearless Leader: I'm going to put this in the oven before it gets
too hot, brb
Fearless Leader: Oh I just got an invite to a lunch with my son. I'm
going to end this demo but I'll be back when the sun goes down and
it's cool enough to work with the clay.
twigffa: ty so much nj, have a nice lunch!
jude: Okie, sounds like a plan. Thanks NJ! Great demo!
jude: Will see everyone later! Bye!
Fearless Leader: Thanks everyone for showing up and see you tonight
after 8pm, if you're free
greatauntjudy left the room
Fearless Leader: xoxo
twigffa: i am still in my jammies, i guess i should get dressed now
rickiebeth1: NJ..enjoy your time with your son...and thank youfor
your time..and M.L. says BYE!!
Fearless Leader: Tell Master Lawrence I said Toota Loo
Fearless Leader: ;-)
rickiebeth1: I, too, am in my PJ's..
Fearless Leader: Oh Said is giving me the Look
Fearless Leader: I'd better go
rickiebeth1: ;)
Fearless Leader: xoxoxox
rickiebeth1: XOXOXO
twigffa: i turned on the puter, there was a demo, so i just grabbed
my first cup of coffee and been here since
twigffa: see you all later!

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