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12-25-05-02: Aba Fold and Start of Face Mold

12-25-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm posting to the list that we're
here and sending the first log through. brb
leasbeadheaven: hooray! I'm finally in. thanks
phyllisinvegas: right click on NJ's name and click on
view web cam
phyllisinvegas: does that work for you ?
bartonstudio_com has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Back
norajean_sf: Ok, since I was up late last night
getting the coleus leaf web section built I'm still
having my first cup of coffee of the day.
norajean_sf: If it's all the same to y'all I'm going
to ease into the demo today. Have my coffee first, eat
a bit of cinnibun and chat with y'all.
phyllisinvegas: no problem here, take your time
rossija9: Cool.  Was hoping there was some food to go
with the coffee.
nndewbre: pass over a piece of cinnibun...
rschneiter1963: can I have some too?
norajean_sf: does anyone need help with cam?
norajean_sf: how's that, some Christmas Morning food
and a Martoonie
nndewbre: that looks like a mighty little piece
kamoe23: No thank you, this time it is ok
phyllisinvegas: lol no nutrition in that one
norajean_sf: not low fat too
norajean_sf: sorry
norajean_sf: I was typing two different sentences in
my head
phyllisinvegas: lol
norajean_sf: not fattening and low fat
norajean_sf: I best have my coffee
norajean_sf: I'm not fully awake yet
kamoe23: can you tell me what time is there?
nndewbre: It's OK, I'm sick of sweets really, lady
finger cookies, pecan pies, rum balls, snickerdoddles,
banana nut bread....
norajean_sf: half past noon Karin, 12:31pm
phyllisinvegas: it is 12:30 here
rschneiter1963: 2:31 here
nndewbre: 3:31 in Georgia
norajean_sf: It's like 9pm your time in Germany,
norajean_sf: or later
kamoe23: Oh, here it's 21.30 pm
norajean_sf: Oh American's go cross eyed with a twenty
four hour clock
norajean_sf: it means we got to subtract 12 from 21
phyllisinvegas: for sure
rossija9: 7:30 pm?
rossija9: nope... neve mind...
rschneiter1963: 9:30?
phyllisinvegas: 9
norajean_sf: LOL
vlady6us has left the conference.

norajean_sf: unless one has been in the Military or
been a Military wife Americans don't know for 24 hour
kamoe23: When you wake up I'm still getting tired soon
wingsbe2 has joined the conference.

kamoe23: Hope I understand right. It's 9.30 in the
evening .. is that ok?
norajean_sf: So Karin, you choose what I will do
first. It is tradition in Demo that those at the
latest time zone get first pick.
wingsbe2: O.K. great!!!  Happy Holidays everyone:)
You have invited wingsbe2 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Happy Holidays Mary
norajean_sf: Let's introduce ourselves to each other
phyllisinvegas: Happy happy day
norajean_sf: <<<<< That's me
phyllisinvegas: Phyllis - Las Vegas, Nevada
sbjwh: Sue  TX
rschneiter1963: Bec - Marion Iowa
wingsbe2: <<<Mary in Indy
kamoe23: Karin from Germany
leasbeadheaven: Lea in NY
rossija9: Mary H, Dublin, Ohio
nndewbre: Norma, Georgia
babasbunja: bernie pa
nndewbre: Georgia, USA  <G>
kamoe23: think I'm the onliest german here
phyllisinvegas: I have a couple of drops of german
blood in me, does that count?
norajean_sf: So Karin, what would you like to see done
first,  you will tire first.
rossija9: I'm 1/4 German, does that count too?
norajean_sf: sorry gals, it's by time zone
norajean_sf: ;-)
kamoe23: Ok Your Germans too LOL
rschneiter1963: sorry everyone I suddenly have people
rschneiter1963: will catch you all later
rschneiter1963 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: So Karin, what will it be? What technique
are you curious about?
kamoe23: I don't know, better someone other tells
something It's a little bit difficult for me to
translate so quick. I'm glad for everything
norajean_sf: Shall we proceed with the abafold? Face
Molds and Covering a Tin?
phyllisinvegas: sounds great
wingsbe2: Sounds good to me
norajean_sf: I'll get the links if that's alright with
kamoe23: Technique lol I need everything to know
norajean_sf: Ok, let me get the links...
norajean_sf: What I'll be using for aba fold are the
colors used in yesterday's Coleus cane
norajean_sf: and Pearl
norajean_sf: I'll start to prep the pearl, got to
change webcam angle.
phyllisinvegas: dang I am trying to remember how to do
screen shots, been so long
phyllisinvegas: brain is moldy
norajean_sf: I'll get you the link
phyllisinvegas: ty NJ
norajean_sf: But we have a web section for aba fold
phyllisinvegas: ok I will wait then
phyllisinvegas: I love that fold
norajean_sf: So it's not really necessary to get
screen shots for the aba fold
norajean_sf: I think we have screen shots from earlier
phyllisinvegas: good
norajean_sf: if I do something new then we need it,
like when I constructed the Coleus cane, it's a Go
Figure now without screen shots.
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: I'll have to do it again and take digital
pictures for a good tutorial
norajean_sf: bringing in someone new
nankelly has joined the conference.

You have invited nankelly to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Welcome NanKelly, what's your first name
and location?
norajean_sf: It's your first time in Demo too. \(*o*)/
nankelly: Nancy, I'm in Oregon
phyllisinvegas: Welcome welcome
wingsbe2: Hi Nancy
kamoe23: Hi Nancy
norajean_sf: Is this your first time in Demo?
sbjwh: Yesterday was my first time nan, and this is a
fun group
norajean_sf: This is what I'm doing first, folding
pearl clay with color added
norajean_sf: Ooops lost Nankelly
norajean_sf: or she went invisible
phyllisinvegas: wish i could go invisible
phyllisinvegas: think of the possibilities
norajean_sf: Oh magic words poof poof and piffles,
make me just as small as Sniffles, anyone remember
phyllisinvegas: lol nope
dragonladyw2001 has joined the conference.

rossija9: no, never heard tha before
sbjwh: sweet little mousey
norajean_sf: Cartoon reference, a  little girl could
get as small as a  mouse
You have invited dragonladyw2001 to view your webcam.

phyllisinvegas: well someone poof poffed on my head
kamoe23: Think you talk about me LOL
phyllisinvegas: bring back the stretching rack
norajean_sf: Hubs just asked for coffee... brb, I
can't let him near the coffee maker or we're drinking
very strong mud
phyllisinvegas: lol grows hair on your chest
phyllisinvegas: Hello? Is anyone here besides me?
rossija9: still here...just quiet
phyllisinvegas: whew!
kamoe23: Yes I'm still lurking
phyllisinvegas: thought I was deserted
leasbeadheaven: yup. just waiting for nj
nndewbre: me too, thought something was wrong
phyllisinvegas: she is making coffie for hubby
wingsbe2: I be here
nndewbre: Gotta keep hubby happy.....VERY important..
phyllisinvegas: oh you bet it is
phyllisinvegas: life can bemiserable when he isn't
norajean_sf: back
norajean_sf: I can't let him make coffee, just a waste
of good coffee grinds
norajean_sf: plus the mess he makes
phyllisinvegas: lol i hear that one
norajean_sf: it's like he knows if he heads towards
the kitchen I'll dro everything like a fire broke out
norajean_sf: which it might
norajean_sf: drop everthing I mean
norajean_sf: LOL
phyllisinvegas: haaaaaaaaa
Yahoo! Messenger: city_girl_70 has declined to join
and sent:  No, thank you.
nndewbre: They learn how to do that with the washing
norajean_sf: Ok, everyone have cam. I'm going to start
preparing the pearl clay, chopping it in the food
processor and rpessing sheets.
norajean_sf: pressing sheets, I'm speaking Typonese
phyllisinvegas: no problem here
leasbeadheaven: LOL!
wingsbe2: gottcha
phyllisinvegas: that is my first language
dragonladyw2001: I read things backwards anyway. So no
problem here either. Holiday greetings to everyone,
phyllisinvegas: and the same to you
norajean_sf: Ok, I'll get started then and all y'all
just have a nice holiday chat.
kamoe23: Thank you
dragonladyw2001: Does anyone know what the lesson
today is going to be?
kamoe23: Abalone fold
phyllisinvegas: lol NJ
dragonladyw2001: ooooooo! Yummy!
phyllisinvegas: I love that look so much
phyllisinvegas: I think it is one of my all time
kamoe23: Think about to buy a new food processor
nndewbre: what does putting the clay in the processor
do that wouldn't happen if you just warmed it up on a
heating pad?
phyllisinvegas: I need to buy my first one one of
these days
phyllisinvegas: it saves time and is much easier
kamoe23: Yes, indeed I see it
kamoe23: I'll do all with my hands
sbjwh: I don't care what color combo u use, this turns
out great
phyllisinvegas: I have been too
dragonladyw2001: I've been looking around at all the
thrift shops, but apparently other clayers have been
getting there ahead of me. No luck finding a processor
yet. I'm too cheap to shell out $30 to buy a new one.
phyllisinvegas: That is for sure, I am going to hit
the rumage sales when it warms up a bit
nndewbre: $30? I didn't know you could buy one for
dragonladyw2001: I think I've seen them at Target in
the $30-40 price range.
kamoe23: On here it is more expensive
nndewbre: We're talking about the processor, not the
pasta maker, right?
phyllisinvegas: ah that is pretty neat NJ
phyllisinvegas: yes the food processor
dragonladyw2001: That's the coleus leaf from
phyllisinvegas: yes
nndewbre: Is the processor how she got those little
dots in the flower yesterday??
sbjwh: U mite try the black and decker small food
chopper, abt 10$, new.
dragonladyw2001: Is that the one that holds about a
cup of stuff?
phyllisinvegas: no she built the cane that way
sbjwh: coleus turned out great
sbjwh: yes
nndewbre: I missed the first part of that yesterday,
got in on the last of the coleus
phyllisinvegas: she put a coleus leave between two
pieces of pearl clay and ran it through the pasta
phyllisinvegas: now she is folding back and forth
phyllisinvegas: like a fan
bluebell5071 has joined the conference.

You have invited bluebell5071 to view your webcam.

bluebell5071: my IM is not working
norajean_sf: How do you mean?
bluebell5071: oh I see you now
norajean_sf: I got your IM
phyllisinvegas: I see you bluebell
bluebell5071: ok Im here now
norajean_sf: reeled ya in...
bluebell5071: yep
norajean_sf: I'm making aba fold with a slice of the
Coleus cane from yesterday
norajean_sf: sandwiched it between two layers of pearl
bluebell5071: ok
norajean_sf: folded it and I'm fixing to press it
right now
leasbeadheaven: is the coleus leaf essential to making
the abalone?
phyllisinvegas: no you can use any colors you like
phyllisinvegas: great for scraps
norajean_sf: no, check out what was used in this tute
norajean_sf: I use scraps, but limit it to colors you
might find in abalone shell
norajean_sf: mostly
norajean_sf: but it's all experimental so I have no
idea how this one will turn out right now
phyllisinvegas: looks pretty good to me
wingsbe2: pretty colors
phyllisinvegas: yes
dragonladyw2001: I like the nice subtle colors.
norajean_sf: now I'll fold going in the other
directions and get that cube effect
phyllisinvegas: trimmed of the edge and is fan folding
it again
leasbeadheaven: it's kind of like a ripple fold,

phyllisinvegas: yes
phyllisinvegas: place in pasta machine with the folds
wingsbe2: interesting
kamoe23: OOOhhhhh, that looks very interesting
phyllisinvegas: not sideways like I did
phyllisinvegas: couldn't figure out why the dang thing
didn't look right
phyllisinvegas: anyone else's camera freeze?
wingsbe2: no
phyllisinvegas: ok
kamoe23: no
phyllisinvegas: i got it now
bluebell5071: no
phyllisinvegas: weird yahoo
phyllisinvegas: flash wow I am blind
wingsbe2: looks like she is taking pics
norajean_sf: I'm stopping to take some pictures as I
go along
kamoe23: Yes she want's to do that for tut
phyllisinvegas: She wants to show King Tut?
phyllisinvegas: strange NJ
phyllisinvegas: lol
dragonladyw2001: Tut-tut.
phyllisinvegas: lol
phyllisinvegas: are you tutting at me?
leasbeadheaven: is stratching it sideways?
dragonladyw2001: Indeed.
leasbeadheaven: meant stretching
leasbeadheaven: does there need to be any prep work
done to the tin to keep the clay from coming off
Yahoo! Messenger: heartlandimages has declined to join
and sent:  Thanks, but no thanks.
phyllisinvegas: looks like she just placed it on the
tin and is folded it over the edge
phyllisinvegas: o that is nice
leasbeadheaven: that looks awesome
dragonladyw2001: You could always clean it off with
rubbing alcohol first or give it a light sanding, but
that isn't always needed.
dragonladyw2001: I think I feel a trip to the work
room coming on after this. Assuming I can find my
pasta machine. I just moved in October and am still
living out of boxes.
phyllisinvegas: I moved in July and am still living
out of boxes don't feel bad
phyllisinvegas: off with their heads
leasbeadheaven: oooh. I see people!!!
dragonladyw2001: Live people or dead people.
phyllisinvegas: very dead no brain in that one, must
be a man
dragonladyw2001: A friend of mine moved over a year
ago and she's still unpacking, too.
leasbeadheaven: ROTHFLMBO!!!
phyllisinvegas: they are moulds
bluebell5071: lol
norajean_sf: look at this
rossija9: LOL Phyllis!
dragonladyw2001: They do have brains. They're just
located in the auxilliary command center.
norajean_sf: this face mold looks like the face that
the impression will make
phyllisinvegas: that is not where mine's is located
believe me
norajean_sf: we turn the indented mold shape into a
convex face
norajean_sf: dig
dragonladyw2001: Cool.
nndewbre: dig
phyllisinvegas: yup I dig it
sbjwh: Velly cleaver
norajean_sf: ok, that's the way you can check your
leasbeadheaven: I'm assuming these are your own molds,
that you've made?
nndewbre: I want to see it come out of there without
getting all warped...
phyllisinvegas: she has a neat trick for that
norajean_sf: if you want to see how the mold will
shape the impression you can use a mirror on the mold
leasbeadheaven: are you going to show us how to make
norajean_sf: these faces were made just for making
face molds
leasbeadheaven: I'm a newbie, can u tell? most of u
probably know all this already.
dragonladyw2001: That one looks like Harrison Ford
norajean_sf: It's Michael McManus, who played Kai in
the TV series LEXX
norajean_sf: I use the characters to teach sculpting
dragonladyw2001: Ahh. I should have know. <g>
dragonladyw2001: known.
norajean_sf: ok, now these sculpted faces didn't turn
out right the first time
norajean_sf: I did it in stages
norajean_sf: Check that out for a minute while I save
log, please.

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