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12-25-05-03: Face Mold, With Aba Fold, Getting Expressions

12-25-05 Demo Log Index
member with CITY-o-Clay?
madleend: would love ya forever if ya could
madleend: not yet ...
madleend: and had no idea you were having demo today
madleend: just was checking out site ...
madleend: someone had mentioned to me
norajean_sf: Good, I'm glad you're here
madleend: me too ...
norajean_sf: we have marathon demos over the holidays,
second year for this
madleend: that's great to know ...
norajean_sf: We're reviewing face molds done in
increments. Do you have my webcam open?
madleend: yes i do
okeedokey55 has joined the conference.

You have invited okeedokey55 to view your webcam.

rschneiter1963: NJ could I do this for my masks I want
to do for the traveling gentleman?
rossija9: Hi Madleend, can you see my typing now?
norajean_sf: The next thing I'm going to do is use an
already cured face mold and put patterned clay in it
madleend: i sure can ... thanx hon
wingsbe2: How about me Madleend Mary in Indy
madleend: yes i can ... that was nice of you!
norajean_sf: somewhat like what you see in this web
norajean_sf: and
rossija9: Kinda hard to miss half the chatting....
We're all friends here already!
madleend: that's part of the fun of demos
madleend: trying to save those links to favorites at
same time LOL
norajean_sf: I send demo logs through the list so if
you join you can save the links later
madleend: oh boy ... have to get thinking cap on for
that LOL
norajean_sf: now this face mold looks like the face
impression will, trick of the eye
Yahoo! Messenger: msraven54 has declined to join and
sent:  No, thank you.
norajean_sf: let's practice with a bit of the purple
norajean_sf: noses are a hassle, so pull out the clay
a bit to mash in the nose area of the face mold,
remember to dust for a resist
madleend: unfortunately, i'll have to leave in 15 mins
or so for dinner at a friends ... what miserable
norajean_sf: we'll be here tomorrow
madleend: they gave us friday off ... have to work
tomorrow >:P
norajean_sf: missed his chin
dragonladyw2001: 'Bye everyone. I have some visitors
coming in a few minutes. I'll try to check back later.
dragonladyw2001 has left the conference.

bluebell5071: bye
wingsbe2: See ya
kamoe23: bye
okeedokey55: merry christmas
sbjwh: bye
madleend: that came out well ...
donnarae44 has left the conference.

kamoe23: That looks good
sbjwh: yeah
rschneiter1963: question
norajean_sf: yes
rschneiter1963: how do you get the back nice and flat?
rschneiter1963: so if I did a mask like this
norajean_sf: cut off the excess, but then pulling the
clay out of the mold will need a "handle"
rschneiter1963: ok
norajean_sf: so add extra clay on the back, make the
face mold, then cut off the handle after you get it
out of the mold
rschneiter1963: okey doke
norajean_sf: Shall we use the left over aba fold sheet
with this face mold?
phyllisinvegas: yes kewl
kamoe23: Ok
leasbeadheaven: sure
rschneiter1963: ok
norajean_sf: ok, so we dust the face mold and then lay
the aba fold sheet in it, using a clay shaper we ease
the sheet into the chin and nose area, very carefully
sbjwh: absolutionary
norajean_sf: I have to lengthen the scrap to fit
norajean_sf: add pearl to the back of scraps and press
to lengthen
norajean_sf: I'm going to fold this and press again
sbjwh: Oh, wow
kamoe23: Greeeaaaat. I'm falling
rschneiter1963: neat
leasbeadheaven: super!
norajean_sf: Now when we put eyes into this face,
change the expression we can get a lot of different
wingsbe2: cool
okeedokey55: cool stuff, gotta finish dinner...hope
you all have a great holiday
norajean_sf: Check this web section for how this face
looks with faux wood and different expressions
norajean_sf: Happy Holidays, have a great dinner
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to show you all something
bluebell5071: bye now
norajean_sf: are you ready?
okeedokey55: ty bye bye
rschneiter1963: yup
kamoe23: jep
wingsbe2: sure
phyllisinvegas: aaaaaaaaaaaaaah
phyllisinvegas: beautiful
norajean_sf: We don't need to always do full face
norajean_sf: we can do faces on an angle
okeedokey55: beautiful, ok now I am leaving....
norajean_sf: have the eyes looking to the side
phyllisinvegas: pretty sharp
norajean_sf: and get a whole different effect
sbjwh: magic
norajean_sf: and all magic are just tricks
kamoe23: can't get closed my mouth
okeedokey55 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: We can make our face molds have
expressions, but we always start out with a face
without expression
bluebell5071: gotta go for now . Will see you guys a
little later....
norajean_sf: and then work from there
norajean_sf: Ok honey
bluebell5071 has left the conference.

rschneiter1963: hw do you do that?
norajean_sf: Sculpt a face without expression
norajean_sf: make a mold
norajean_sf: make an impression of that mold
norajean_sf: then give it different expressions,
happy, sad, suspicious, fearful
rschneiter1963: ok
norajean_sf: but we always start out with a mold
without expression and then manipulate it later like
in this web section
norajean_sf: Top of the hour and I got to save log,
brb, time to stretch, go potty, get more coffee, smoke
em if you got em
norajean_sf: brb
rschneiter1963: ok
kamoe23: OK
sbjwh: ok


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