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12-25-05-04: Aba fold in face mold, attach to the tin with ruffled edges

12-25-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: Top of the hour and I got to save log,
brb, time to stretch, go potty, get more coffee, smoke
em if you got em
norajean_sf: brb
rschneiter1963: ok
kamoe23: OK
sbjwh: ok
madleend: bernie just im'd me ... having technical
problems and she's really not in conference any more
madleend: so don't think she's rude if you talk to her
and don't get an answer!
rschneiter1963: :) thanks
madleend: no problem ...
norajean_sf: Back
madleend: well, it's time for me to drive an hour in
the rain to go for dinner ... thanks for your warm
norajean_sf: So any questions about making face molds?
madleend: everyone enjoy the rest of the day!
norajean_sf: See us next week
madleend: thanks norajean
madleend: sure will ...
norajean_sf: if you don't have anything planned for
New Year's Eve
norajean_sf: we'll be here
madleend: gee, you know me already ... no life !
norajean_sf: Such is the life of a Clayer
madleend: ok ... i'll use that as an excuse LOL
norajean_sf: and join the club
norajean_sf: LOL
madleend: tee hee ... what a hoot!
norajean_sf: drive carefully and have a good evening
madleend: thanks ... bye all!
madleend has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Bye Bye
norajean_sf: Ok, any questions at this point?
kamoe23: Not yet
leasbeadheaven: nope
norajean_sf: Ok, so taking the face mold with aba fold
I'm going to trim the edges and ruffle them by
stretching the edges of the clay before attaching it
to the tin. Ok?
wingsbe2: Don't think so
rschneiter1963: have you ever use them embossing
powders to dust?
norajean_sf: Nope I'm too cheap
norajean_sf: LOL
rschneiter1963: ok
norajean_sf: Oh let me show you something, I don't
think it's on the sites
rschneiter1963: neat!
phyllisinvegas: Mica powders would look awesome in a
mould for a release agent
wingsbe2: like that
phyllisinvegas: wow that it fantastic
norajean_sf: faux wood, razor cut and pressed
norajean_sf: an experiment
rschneiter1963: when you say pressed is that the pasta
phyllisinvegas: Great result to that experiment
phyllisinvegas: yes pressed is through pasta machine
rschneiter1963: thanks
phyllisinvegas: or rolled with a roller if you don't
have one
rschneiter1963: ok
phyllisinvegas: hey get that thing out of my nose
wingsbe2: LOL
rschneiter1963: was going to ask what she was doing
phyllisinvegas: fixing the face a bit
norajean_sf: I got air pockets
phyllisinvegas: must be a air head
sbjwh: lol
phyllisinvegas: lasix surgery
rschneiter1963: just cause he fell asleeep in class
phyllisinvegas: lol
wingsbe2: Not even an hour old and surgery
phyllisinvegas: help I am melting
phyllisinvegas: looks like he is in a puddle
sbjwh: pod person being formed
phyllisinvegas: lol
phyllisinvegas: oh gonna give him some eye balls
wingsbe2: Oh help, my eye is falling
rschneiter1963: hehe
phyllisinvegas: lazy eye
rschneiter1963: I told you not to dilate my eyes
phyllisinvegas: lol
phyllisinvegas: you used to much
sbjwh: lol
phyllisinvegas: hey my mother told me not to put sharp
objects in my eye
rschneiter1963: haha
phyllisinvegas: those clay shapers are really handy
norajean_sf: door bell
phyllisinvegas: ding dong
rschneiter1963: will have to look at the site so I can
really see it
wingsbe2: Yeah....something else to add to my want
leasbeadheaven: the nerve...can't they see she's in
the middle of delicate eye surgery?
sbjwh: Wish I had more than the 3, but use them all
the time
phyllisinvegas: lol
phyllisinvegas: I like the soft ones, they are easy to
rschneiter1963: hope the patient lasts till she gets
phyllisinvegas: looks like he is fading
rschneiter1963: well I ahve it down on my wish list
sbjwh: me too
phyllisinvegas: might need mouth to mouth
rschneiter1963: eewwwww
phyllisinvegas: lol
phyllisinvegas: pituey
wingsbe2: My eyes are getting awfully dry!
phyllisinvegas: where is the visine?
rschneiter1963: please close my eyes
rschneiter1963: I am frozen and cant move
norajean_sf: back
rschneiter1963: we were keeping eye liner company
wingsbe2: Ohhh that feels better
phyllisinvegas: ahhh eye lids
phyllisinvegas: eeeeeeek
phyllisinvegas: ou scared me
leasbeadheaven: that's a scary sight!
phyllisinvegas: These tins she is making are the
neatest thing, I like one so much in a demo I bought
it from her LOL
rschneiter1963: :)
phyllisinvegas: Looks like one of the mafia boys
phyllisinvegas: Hmmmm I think I dated him last week
rschneiter1963: hehe
norajean_sf: Bringing someone in
merrie60us has joined the conference.

You have invited merrie60us to view your webcam.

phyllisinvegas: Hi merrie
norajean_sf: Merry Merrie!
phyllisinvegas: lol
merrie60us: Hi
merrie60us: How late am I
wingsbe2: Hi merrie
merrie60us: I was here earlier and fell asleep
phyllisinvegas: you are never late here
merrie60us: Hi
merrie60us: what are you making?
merrie60us: looks like abalone?
phyllisinvegas: a face tin with abalone fold sheet
merrie60us: oh I love it
merrie60us: How was the face made? with a mold or free
phyllisinvegas: mould
merrie60us: Happy Holidays to all
phyllisinvegas: then added eye balls
merrie60us: I don't celebrate Christmas
phyllisinvegas: Seasons greetings
sbjwh: happy days to u
merrie60us: covering aol case
merrie60us: and to you>:D<
phyllisinvegas: she is ruffling the edges by
stretching out a little
rschneiter1963: why?
merrie60us: Did she show how she made the abalone?
phyllisinvegas: yes she did
merrie60us: with pearl and tads of color
phyllisinvegas: with the colieus cane piece
merrie60us: I think I saw her to do it a long time ago
I have been
merrie60us: coming to the web demos for years
merrie60us: love them
merrie60us: thank god we have NJ
phyllisinvegas: absolutely
merrie60us: ooh with the colieus
merrie60us: that came out gorgeouw
merrie60us: can't spell
phyllisinvegas: it sure did
merrie60us: gorgeous
merrie60us: I have never scuplted but think I want to
merrie60us: doing faces
merrie60us: I have watched NJ do it quite a bit
phyllisinvegas: it is a very interesting thing to do
merrie60us: havee you
merrie60us: love the colors
rschneiter1963: why does she ruffle the clay?
phyllisinvegas: I have played with making funny faces
so far
merrie60us: style
phyllisinvegas: so it gives a nice back drop to the
merrie60us: did you see her tutorial
rschneiter1963: not been here for awhile
phyllisinvegas: instead of just placing the face on
the tine all by itself
merrie60us: there is a tutorial for this with great
pictures I don't have the link
merrie60us: thanks
merrie60us: very nice
merrie60us: is the inside covered also?
phyllisinvegas: looks like golden boy
sbjwh: I just love this
phyllisinvegas: no just the outside of the top of the
phyllisinvegas: folded it over the edges
norajean_sf: Ok
merrie60us: hmm interesting sometimes I put that fake
velour stuff that you pour on inside my boxes
merrie60us: yes
norajean_sf: LOL
merrie60us: very nice
merrie60us: love colors
norajean_sf: just had to sit and rest my arms. I was
in an akward position to get it on cam
phyllisinvegas: he is cute
wingsbe2: Love it
norajean_sf: He needs some fine tuning, but he's
getting there
merrie60us: make sure you take care of your arms and
sbjwh: The eyes r great, I need to make some eyes.
rschneiter1963: he looks like what are you going to do
to me next
norajean_sf: That's why I'm taking regular breaks
merrie60us: do you have any ice
norajean_sf: I'm going to fuss with his ruffles,
probably dust him with some mica flakes
merrie60us: ooh sounds great
norajean_sf: But the clay is very warm and tacky
norajean_sf: It has to rest too
merrie60us: did you just put clay directly on tin or
put glue first?
norajean_sf: but it's a good review of aba fold, face
molds and covering tins
merrie60us: Take a break til top of hour
norajean_sf: I just wipe the tin off on my shirt
norajean_sf: LOL
merrie60us: :D
norajean_sf: Nothing more than that
phyllisinvegas: ROTFLMBO
kamoe23: your barbarian method? LOL
merrie60us: sometimes when I do that it pops off after
norajean_sf: Do you bend the clay sheet over the edge
of the tin?
norajean_sf: that seems to anchor it down for me
leasbeadheaven: thanks NJ for the great tutorial. have
to go meet friends for dinner. hope to catch you again
norajean_sf: The Barbarian Method, exactly Karin
merrie60us: hmm I think so
norajean_sf: Have a good dinner and see you tomorrow
merrie60us: by leas
phyllisinvegas: bye Lea
merrie60us: your doing this tomorrow also
kamoe23: By,by
norajean_sf: See how the same aba fold that covers the
tin looks lighter with the additional pearl I added to
stretch it out?
leasbeadheaven: bye everyone!
merrie60us: yes
norajean_sf: bye bye honey
merrie60us: Did you just chop up the cane ends and put
on pearl and blend
merrie60us: sorry I missed that part
wingsbe2: Yes now that you mention it
norajean_sf: It looks a lot nicer in person. I should
get a picture of this while I'm thinking about it
norajean_sf: boy I broke a sweat
merrie60us: are you alright?
phyllisinvegas: take a break woman
merrie60us: take a break is right
norajean_sf: I have a lot of lights around me so it's
hot on cam
norajean_sf: I'm taking my break just typing and
sitting down. LOL
merrie60us: what is the temp in CA today?
norajean_sf: So any questions regarding aba fold,
covering tins, or face molds?
merrie60us: It is warm here in Boston
norajean_sf: I don't know Merrie, it's raining but
it's probably warm outside
kamoe23: We should change places lol here it's cold
and rainy
wingsbe2: It was snowing here in Indy most of the day
norajean_sf: 58 F
merrie60us: wonder if that snow is on its way here
suppose to be very very cold here Tuesday
norajean_sf: right now
phyllisinvegas: If you use corn starch for a release
will that effect the clay
kamoe23: How nice, Mary. We're waiting for snow
merrie60us: 50 in
merrie60us: boston
rschneiter1963: ok sorry gotta go again
merrie60us: no Phyllis
merrie60us: bye
rschneiter1963: thanks for the demo
rschneiter1963 has left the conference.

wingsbe2: I was raining, then turned to a wet snow
norajean_sf: Cornstarch is used as a release for clay.
Some folks don't care for it because it clumps up some
phyllisinvegas: ok thanks
merrie60us: I used it and washed off after baking
phyllisinvegas: good to know
norajean_sf: but you're in Vegas so the ambient
humidity wouldn't effect the corn starch as  much as
like in Florida or Arkansas
phyllisinvegas: so true
norajean_sf: where there's a lot of water everywhere
merrie60us: I put it in a piece of organza type fabric
and make a puff and tie it and then just dust my
norajean_sf: I'll save log at this point, close enough
for top of the hour, brb

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