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12-25-05-06: Pendants from left overs and Holly for the Holly Daze

12-25-05 Demo Log Index
jeanniehavel has left the conference.

norajean_sf: I'm going to save log, brb
phyllisinvegas: oh man those are fantastic
phyllisinvegas: I love clay flowers
kamoe23: Now I have to leave you. Thank you for the
great lesson and a amazing event for me. Thanks to all
for your patient of me.
phyllisinvegas: come back soon
wingsbe2: see you Karin
norajean_sf: Good having you here Karin
phyllisinvegas: Night Karin
sybi98: brb, dinner time
kamoe23: Thank you all, love to stay with you
kamoe23 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: brb
norajean_sf: had to close some windows, it's raining
norajean_sf: and at an angle
greatauntjudy: Rain? Oh, right. Storm supposed to get
here tonight or something.
norajean_sf: It's hitting SF now, been rainging
lightly but it just started to come down heavy and I
had windows open for fresh air
norajean_sf: but when it rains on an angle ... LOL
norajean_sf: blew over one of my smaller window plants
norajean_sf: So someone was asking for Holly?
norajean_sf: Oh that was Merrie, but she's left out
for a bit
norajean_sf: so I'm open for Short Orders
greatauntjudy: I just had a turn, so...
wingsbe2: sorry, my mind is blank, everything is new
to me
phyllisinvegas: could you show us how to make a quick
norajean_sf: we could use the left over aba fold
phyllisinvegas: that would be pretty
rossija9 has left the conference.

nndewbre has joined the conference.

You have invited nndewbre to view your webcam.

phyllisinvegas: Hi there
norajean_sf: I'm doing a quick pendant
nndewbre: Hi all, I'm back...
phyllisinvegas: welcome back
rossija9 has joined the conference.

You have invited rossija9 to view your webcam.

nndewbre: thanks, gag gifts all over with, Christmas
is done, thank heavens!
rossija9: Thanks NJ!
norajean_sf: Now I just roll the top end of the
pendant shell shape to make room for a cord
nndewbre: that looks like a large tongue
phyllisinvegas: lol
rossija9: The server won't let me view the webcam
again....  I'm going to head off & work on a clay
phyllisinvegas: sorry
phyllisinvegas: have fun
rossija9: Thanks for the demo, NJ! 
norajean_sf: let's try my sending you an invite
rossija9: Merry Christmas/Happy Day to everyone!
You have invited rossija9 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: did that help?
norajean_sf: good now you got cam
rossija9: YEs.  Strange that I can only get in with an
invite today.
norajean_sf: Yahoo is weird
nndewbre: Is it just some servers that you have this
trouble with?
phyllisinvegas: to say the least
rossija9: Don't know -- the error message tells me the
servers are busy.
phyllisinvegas: a lot of people were getting that
norajean_sf: I'm just going to take some aba fold
scrap and cover a bit of pearl clay with it. If I poke
a hole through it, then we have a pendant.
rossija9: I'm usually one of the ones who has an easy
time of it.  Guess I'm about due.
nndewbre: Hmmmm, my husband facets and cabs. Wait till
he sees how I can do a cab now. heheheh
phyllisinvegas: question. If I have a square or
rectangle piece and I want to add a bead to the top
for the cord, what is the best way to attach the bead
to the pendant so it is secure?
norajean_sf: mash it
norajean_sf: LOL
phyllisinvegas: i am a good masher
rossija9: Do you have any people to finish up NJ?
That you could "clothe
norajean_sf: I rough up the edges where they meet and
give it a mash
rossija9: coleus or stargazer fabric
phyllisinvegas: so it just stays when baked?
merrie60us has joined the conference.

phyllisinvegas: wb merrie
You have invited merrie60us to view your webcam.

merrie60us: hi
norajean_sf: I do have a figure that's already clothed
in Stargazer lily petals that I need to repair
norajean_sf: but I don't think that's something I can
do in demo because it would be difficult to manage the
norajean_sf: it's part of the Dragon Tenders
norajean_sf: Now that Merrie is back I did promise her
rossija9: Just going to ask if it was.
merrie60us: did I miss it?
rossija9: Just in time, Merrie.
norajean_sf: I held off with the Holly Merrie since
you were away
merrie60us: thanks
norajean_sf: The repair of the Dragon Tenders, 4
bodies that got mashed when a pile of stuff fell on
them, is a big chore I've been avoiding, so I'll do
Holly, which is not connected with a big YIKES
norajean_sf: Let me get the link for the holly efforts
rossija9: understandable.  Though I hope you'll feel
up to working on Dragon Tenders soon!
rossija9: It a wonderful piece.
phyllisinvegas: Thanks for all the pointers NJ it has
been great fun again. I have to run now . See you all
norajean_sf: See ya Phyllis
phyllisinvegas has left the conference.

merrie60us: bye phyllis
norajean_sf: I'll get some of those green sheets out
and see if we can find some colors that will be
kissmystamp has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: Merrie your friend is here
merrie60us: good
You have invited kissmystamp to view your webcam.

merrie60us: thanks
merrie60us: can you send her a webcam invite please
kissmystamp: yes, I am talking w/her on the phone now
sybi98 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Already sent her invite to the cam
norajean_sf: I'm on it
norajean_sf: LOL
merrie60us: thanks
norajean_sf: lol
greatauntjudy: There she is!
kissmystamp: thank you
merrie60us: first time here on a web
norajean_sf: Then Merrie you can explain to her what
I'll be doing preparing the clay, ok?
miss_meme_30 has joined the conference.

You have invited miss_meme_30 to view your webcam.

miss_meme_30: hiya everyone
merrie60us: Nora Jean is condiitoning sheets of clay
rossija9: Hi Missy!
norajean_sf: Holly for the Holly Daze
nndewbre: I think I'm going to have to expand my craft
room. That's a big chunk of clay. How many pounds do
you think she has laying around?
merrie60us: lots
merrie60us: putting clay in processor to condition
merrie60us: saves on hands
merrie60us: takes clay out of processor
nndewbre: I suppose you have to clean that processor a
lot to keep from contaminating your clay, right?
merrie60us: bet she has more than one bowl
nndewbre: ahhhh, yes.....
norajean_sf: One bowl
norajean_sf: but if you chop it long enough for the
clay to ball up
norajean_sf: you can pick up the stray noogies easily
nndewbre: OK, like bread dough huh!
norajean_sf: if I have to add Liquid clay to old clay
I'll wipe it down with a wet wipe, but it's less often
than you'd think
kissmystamp: i feel like a stray noogie trying to keep
track of oall these screens...LOL
merrie60us: ha ha
nndewbre: I think I'm getting acclamated. I had
trouble yesterday trying to watch the screen and keep
up with the talk but it seems easier today.
kissmystamp: i need a dramamine before i do this
nndewbre: LOL
merrie60us: =))
merrie60us: takes blue to conditon
kissmystamp: cute merrie
kissmystamp: thnks for the invite, i,m off to the
kissmystamp: hope to cope again sometime...LOL
merrie60us: :D
kissmystamp: :-SS
merrie60us: making sheet of dark green in pasta
kissmystamp has left the conference.

norajean_sf: It takes some getting used to being in
merrie60us: I know
norajean_sf: well I'm going to do a blend with these
two greens. I added yellow to the yellow/green to
lighten it up. I added blue to the darker green to
deepen the color but it was Kato clay and it didn't
get as dark as I expected. Kato clay mixes
merrie60us: are you mixing kato and premo?
merrie60us: Does it still smell?
norajean_sf: I only added a little, so I can't smell
it anymore
merrie60us: making easy breezy blend
merrie60us: such a good invention
nndewbre: Geezzz, that looked like she smelled it and
threw it down. :))
merrie60us: :))
norajean_sf: I did exactly that
merrie60us: squeezing blend
nndewbre: :))
merrie60us: put through pasta machine rolling
merrie60us: cutting air bubbles
merrie60us: ?
merrie60us: twisting
merrie60us: squeezing
nndewbre: pretty
merrie60us: put through pasta machine again
merrie60us: popping air bubbles
merrie60us: rolling
merrie60us: into log
merrie60us: light on one end
merrie60us: dark on the other
merrie60us: twist
merrie60us: oh you know the rest
miss_meme_30: lol
merrie60us: :)
merrie60us: now we have a blended sheet
merrie60us: that she is folding
merrie60us: back and forthe
merrie60us: forth
merrie60us: then put through pasta machine resulting
in a long ribbon
merrie60us: rolling into log
merrie60us: from light to dark
merrie60us: taking ribbon sheet of dark green and
rolling that over log
merrie60us: appears to be reducing a little
bonsaikathy has joined the conference.

You have invited bonsaikathy to view your webcam.

bonsaikathy: Hi all and Merry Christmas, can't stay
merrie60us: Hi Kathy
norajean_sf: Merry Christmas Bonsai Kathy
norajean_sf: thanks for stopping by for a greeting
bonsaikathy: at Alicia's and about to do webcam
conference with my son and Grandsons in Okinawa :)
bonsaikathy: hugs to all of you
norajean_sf: Oh wonderful
merrie60us: oh great
norajean_sf: Give  my best to your family
bonsaikathy: yes, haven't seen Takumi in  month's
norajean_sf: Screen shots, Screen shots
merrie60us: enjoy
bonsaikathy: got to see Jr. the other day but Takumi
was at  Yuko's parents
bonsaikathy: night all
merrie60us: night
norajean_sf: Bye Bye
bonsaikathy has left the conference.

merrie60us: reducing log
merrie60us: reshaping
merrie60us: sort of oval
merrie60us: and flattening
merrie60us: okay lays flattened log on table
merrie60us: puts lighter green sheet on top of it
merrie60us: same size and width
merrie60us: folds in half to cut now has two pieces
merrie60us: lay side by side
merrie60us: cuts again into three pieces each all teh
same size
merrie60us: puts one piece next to the other
merrie60us: on top of each other
merrie60us: like stacked
merrie60us: press together
merrie60us: even off edge with blade
merrie60us: cut at angle
merrie60us: straight through
merrie60us: put another piece of green clay on one
half of cut
merrie60us: even off with blade
merrie60us: put two pieces back together but flip one
merrie60us: I think
merrie60us: yes so looks like chevron
merrie60us: wrap with another sheet of light green put
through pasta machine on thin
merrie60us: keep wrapping
merrie60us: squeeze
merrie60us: reduce
merrie60us: to about diameter of quarter
merrie60us: but that does not really matter
merrie60us: cut into thirds
merrie60us: take center piece
merrie60us: shape
merrie60us: cuts a slice
merrie60us: takes shaper and reshapes
merrie60us: edges of leaf and gives texture
merrie60us: oh cool looks sort of ruffled
merrie60us: very nice
merrie60us: looks so real
merrie60us: thanks
norajean_sf: oops wrong picture
wingsbe2: wonderful
merrie60us: that picture is pretty
merrie60us: anybody there
wingsbe2: yup
nndewbre: Wonderfull NJ, my husband just caught the
last of it. He is amazed. I had to take him out to the
web site and show him the orange.
miss_meme_30: i am....just quiet
miss_meme_30: brb
norajean_sf: Ya the oranges are hip but the bread is
merrie60us: peanut butter sandwiches are great
norajean_sf: open faced sandwiches are my favorites
nndewbre: I don't think I've looked at the bread yet.
I was fasinated with the orange.
melodyhill2000 has joined the conference.

merrie60us: and imagine how small she makes them
norajean_sf: took me two years to figure out the
bread, no one would tell me
merrie60us: with such detail
You have invited melodyhill2000 to view your webcam.

merrie60us: I cannot work in mini
buffy10207 has joined the conference.

You have invited buffy10207 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: I ordered Judy Belcher's book and it was
due to arrive before today so I could show my mini
food that's in it.
norajean_sf: But it didn't show up
merrie60us: but I have it
melodyhill2000: hello-just got back from my son's
w/two grandchildren in tow. they are pretty wiped
though, and waiting for my 2 daughters to get home and
"play", so I can join for a while. what are we working
merrie60us: and I immediatly saw your food
buffy10207: Merry Christmas everyone  & thank yo NJ
merrie60us: write a book
merrie60us: hi
nndewbre: I can see that it would be hard to get the
color right wouldn't it! Since the bottom is lighter
then the top and the white in the cuts. Geezzzz....
norajean_sf: Oh just hang out, we're just goofing around

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