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12-25-05-07: Rose Trick, Cut from a cone shaped cane

12-25-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: I got to save log because it's top of the
hour, while I'm doing that why don't we introduce
ourselves to each other
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
merrie60us: Merrie, Boston
merrie60us: brb
buffy10207: Diane, Iowa
wingsbe2: mary in indy
melodyhill2000: Melody-Vichy, Missouri
rossija9: Mary H, Ohio
nndewbre: Norma Dewbre, Georgia, USA
greatauntjudy: jude, Tehachapi, CA
nndewbre: brb, gotta get clothes out of dryer
melodyhill2000: have you been busy today?
buffy10207: just got back from a family Christmas &
thought I'd pop in to see what was going on
norajean_sf: I'll bring out what we were doing
merrie60us: back
merrie60us: oh those flowers are gorgeous
buffy10207: yes they are
buffy10207: cool mask
norajean_sf: So that's a quick review of what we did
so far
merrie60us: wonderful
norajean_sf: Three flowers, Coleus leaf, aba fold,
face mold, cover tin, holly
norajean_sf: I think
merrie60us: I have to take a five minute break and
make the beds
merrie60us: brb
norajean_sf: That's the only thing that was really
new, the coleus
norajean_sf: everything else has web section, like the
stargazer lily, the fan fold flowers, the holly. The
links are in the demo logs sent to the list.
norajean_sf: A slice of the end of cane of the Coleus
went into this aba fold here on cam
norajean_sf: you can see the same colors
norajean_sf: just muted with more pearl is all
melodyhill2000: sorry-my cat wanted to play
norajean_sf: Does anyone have any questions, since my
hands are free to type?
norajean_sf: or are we good for a wee break?
nndewbre: I don't. I will forget it all when I try to
do it tho' (thanks goodness for the screen shots on
the web)
melodyhill2000: sounds OK
merrie60us: back
merrie60us: good another break can get the laundry
norajean_sf: Ok, how about a wee break. I'm going to
heat up some food for the hubs and catch a bite
merrie60us: be back
norajean_sf: How about 15 minutes?
merrie60us: okay
nndewbre: Good for me. I know you must be very tired.
I need to go to bed but I don't want to miss anything
norajean_sf: back at the half hour
norajean_sf: It's either doing this or doing chores.
I'd rather do this but I do have to feed the hubs.
norajean_sf: be back on the half hour.
greatauntjudy: Food, time for food? Goodie.
melodyhill2000 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: back
merrie60us: me too
nndewbre: I
nndewbre: I'm here
nndewbre: sorta
leasbeadheaven: i'm back from dinner...hope i didn't
miss too much
merrie60us: missed nothing
merrie60us: we all just got back
leasbeadheaven: what is she making now?
merrie60us: not sure but she looks like she is
reducing the flower cane
merrie60us: cuts a slice
merrie60us: a few slices
merrie60us: must be making a flower
merrie60us: lots of slices
merrie60us: shaping slice with fingers
merrie60us: and then rolling around clay shaper
merrie60us: takes another slice and
merrie60us: shapes  into leaf shape
merrie60us: wraps that around bud on shaper
merrie60us: doing it again with another leaf
merrie60us: petal I should say
merrie60us: I would really like to know how to layer
petals to make a pod
wingsbe2: ummm    looking like a rose so far
merrie60us: are each of these petals becoming bigger
and bigger or all the same size?
merrie60us: yes
merrie60us: it does
merrie60us: petals starting to bend outward
merrie60us: keeps adding more petals
merrie60us: yes you are right does look like a rose
merrie60us: gorgeous
merrie60us: how get off shaper
nndewbre: So she must be making each petal thinner as
they are getting bigger off the same cane, right?
merrie60us: makes sense
merrie60us: not sure
merrie60us: I can imagine making a poinsetta like that
in those colors and putting glitter on the edges.
merrie60us: hmmm good idea
nndewbre: so pretty!!
merrie60us: =D>
merrie60us: what is she doing now
merrie60us: ?
merrie60us: another flower
merrie60us: in reds
nndewbre: a bud
merrie60us: oooh
nndewbre: Nope, not a bud
merrie60us: adding petals
merrie60us: another rose
merrie60us: in red
merrie60us: mmmm
merrie60us: she is so good at shaping the leaves
merrie60us: lots of patience
merrie60us: is that red a blend hard to tell
nndewbre: Oh so pretty!=D>
norajean_sf: Ok, the flower petals from yesterday
norajean_sf: when done like a rose
norajean_sf: gives you a totally different flower
buffy10207: very pretty
norajean_sf: This is an orange-ish flower petal made
into different flowers, depending on how you shape the
petals after cutting
norajean_sf: Here is a blue exerciese. Same flower
cane, sliced and then the petals formed different
after slicing
norajean_sf: trick to roses is to reduce the flower
cane like a cone
norajean_sf: so you have small slices for the inside
of the rose
merrie60us: oh interesting
norajean_sf: as you slice cane for the outer petals
cut from a wider part of the cane, cut wider cuts
wingsbe2: nifty
norajean_sf: so your petals will get larger as you to
nndewbre: Ah hah! I was pondering that
wingsbe2: I noticed that on the last rose when you
sliced it
norajean_sf: Here's the first experiment with slicing
rose petals from a cone shaped cane.
norajean_sf: The blend still needed work to do, but
the theory was usable


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