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12-25-05-08: Reviewing Leaf Cane and the Dreaded Chevron Flip

12-25-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: Top of the hour save, or close enough to
top of the hour, brb
norajean_sf: back
norajean_sf: Shall I review the chevron flip for the
leaf cane for those who are new?
leasbeadheaven: yes. i missed that one
nndewbre: That WAS neat!
buffy10207: i'd like to see it again
norajean_sf: Ok, what I'm going to do is do a blend of
two colors of green. Then make that blend into a jelly
roll. Flatten the jelly roll and add a "vein" sheet
over it. Cut it into sections and stack. Then comes
the chevron flip.
norajean_sf: We'll just flip out. I tell ya...
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: so let me clear the deck here and I'll
show it done.
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bluebell5071 has joined the conference.

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bluebell5071: Heyyyyyyyyy
norajean_sf: We're reviewing a leaf cane
bluebell5071: great
miss_meme_30: have to run hugssssssssssss
miss_meme_30 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: after stacking anything, fat blended
ribbons or just straight sheets
norajean_sf: if you cut on the diagonal
norajean_sf: and then flip one side around
norajean_sf: you get a chevron
norajean_sf: this is the chevron flip
greatauntjudy: I love the chevon flip. It is really
greatauntjudy: It is one of the first things I tried
that worked. :D
merrie60us: I have to go I am getting a bad headache.
not sure why will try and come back
merrie60us: very nice leaf
bluebell5071: very pretty
norajean_sf: ok honey, feel better
leasbeadheaven: that's great, nj
merrie60us: thanks
leasbeadheaven: you make it look so easy
norajean_sf: trick is
norajean_sf: it is easy
norajean_sf: LOL
leasbeadheaven: easy for u to say!
norajean_sf: ok, let's say you're going to mix some
green from yellow and blue
norajean_sf: practice with yellow and blue stripes
norajean_sf: you're going to mix the two colors
together so there's no harm in practicing things like
the chevron flip
norajean_sf: layer sheets of any two colors you're
planning on mixing anyway, yellow and red, yellow and
blue, blue and red
norajean_sf: layer the sheets and form a block
norajean_sf: cut diagonally across all the sheets and
flip one side around
norajean_sf: you'll see how easy it is
norajean_sf: then you take that same trick and cut
jelly roll blends with separation sheets
leasbeadheaven: do u have a link to a tutorial for
this in case I forget how to do it?
norajean_sf: it's a variation on the same technique
norajean_sf: Sure hold on
norajean_sf: That last link, it has a good example of
doing the chevron flip
leasbeadheaven: thanks so much. will check these out
norajean_sf: Also on the list in the photo area we
have the album on the Dreaded Chevron Flip
norajean_sf: Razma had difficulty with it so we
reviewed it each time she came to demo.
norajean_sf: She named it the DCF
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: but in the album on the list I used non
leaf colors to make it easier to see
norajean_sf: that is the chevron flip with just layers
of two clay colors
norajean_sf: if we added a center vein and an outside
surround sheet it'll look better, but that's the
norajean_sf: any set of horizontal lines cut on a
diagonal, flip one side will give you a chevron
norajean_sf: even animal print
rossija9: Goodnight everyone!  Thanks, NJ.  Gotta
go...  See you tomorrow.
rossija9: Bye....
leasbeadheaven: I just took a look at the last epson
album with the blue & green & I think I get it. will
have to give it a try one of these days.
rossija9 has left the conference.

marlea_anderson has joined the conference.

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marlea_anderson: hello folks!
leasbeadheaven: hi
norajean_sf: Merry Christmas Marlea or Happy Chanukah
bluebell5071: hey Marlea
norajean_sf: We were just reviewing the chevron flip
marlea_anderson: Christmas in my case but happy
anything is good, lol
marlea_anderson: i noticed from the cam- looking good
norajean_sf: I am looking for an example of using the
chevron flip with animal cane
norajean_sf: there it is done with tiger for tiger
nndewbre: Well, I hate to leave but I have to. Took
something for a headache and it has made me sleepy.
Thanks NJ, you are amazing. Is this going on tomorrow
norajean_sf: Sure see you tomorrow
nndewbre: Bye all
bluebell5071: bye
norajean_sf: Rest well
leasbeadheaven: bye. feel better.
marlea_anderson: bye
nndewbre has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Since we have folks coming in and a lot
of new ClayMates in demo let's introduce ourselves to
each other
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
leasbeadheaven: Lea, NY
bluebell5071: Shirley in Mississippi
wingsbe2: mary in indy
marlea_anderson: Marlea in PA
greatauntjudy: jude Tehachapi, CA
buffy10207: Diane - Iowa
norajean_sf: and there's 10 on cam. I sent invites out
to those watching on cam who are not in here.
norajean_sf: I just had a flash on another way to work
the leaf cane. Aunt Jude came up with the term
"tearing paper" for how to ruffle the edges of leaves.
pratchettsmom has joined the conference.

greatauntjudy: :D
norajean_sf: Howdy PratchettsMom, what's your first
name and where are you in the world?
pratchettsmom: Cathy and I'm in Orlando...How are you?
norajean_sf: real good Cathy, what I did just now is
to ruffle the edge of a leaf with the "tearing paper"
move, named by Aunt Jude here
pratchettsmom: I missed the part where you went from
having the colors of the cane to where you started
making a leaf...I don't know what happened...
marlea_anderson: oh no, i just get here and hubby
wants me to go watch gangs of new york- i'll try to
make it tomorrow
norajean_sf: Ok, Marlea
marlea_anderson: goodnight and have a pleasant
marlea_anderson has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Cathy I'm not sure what part you missed.
pratchettsmom: well, you had the cane with the colored
layers and then the next thing I saw you were making a
pratchettsmom: I'll check out the link after...thanks
norajean_sf: This album has pictures of the sort of
leaf I made earlier
norajean_sf: I'll cut off a slice of leaf cane and
show you how I manipulate it, I use the curve between
my thumb and forefinger and give it a bit of a pinch
along the center vein
norajean_sf: bending it over my fingers
norajean_sf: I'll use a large slice to show you
pratchettsmom: I think I missed how you made it into a
leaf cane, but I think I can figure it out...
norajean_sf: Let me show you something else, it's the
basics on how to make a chevron that goes into the
leaf cane
norajean_sf: here's two colors, just stacked sheets
pratchettsmom: that's what I missed...
norajean_sf: if you cut along the diagonal and flip
one side around, you get the chevron.
norajean_sf: if you cut diagonally across fat ribbons,
made with a blend that was rolled up in a jelly roll.
norajean_sf: you get a different effect
norajean_sf: This is the flattened jelly roll blends.
norajean_sf: this is the leaf cane that was made with
cutting that on a diagonal
pratchettsmom: O
pratchettsmom: sorry...I'm confused...cut diagonally
across jelly roll and stack them?  then you make them
into leaf canes?
norajean_sf: I do a blend first. Then roll the blend
into a jelly roll. Then I flatten the jelly roll into
a long fat ribbon
norajean_sf: I then put a layer of clay on top of that
fat ribbon to be separation between the segments on
the leaf.
norajean_sf: Cut the long fat ribbon into sections and
norajean_sf: like this one at the end
norajean_sf: Then it is cut on the diagonal
pratchettsmom: okay...thanks
norajean_sf: I'll do it for you if you want. I can
never have enough leaf cane
norajean_sf: got a few minutes, it won't take a long
time to show you.
norajean_sf: pictures work a bucket of natter
pratchettsmom: well, if you don't mind...sure
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: I don't mind.
pratchettsmom: what's a bucket of natter?  we don't
have that expression in the south...<g>
pratchettsmom: and how, when you make the chevron, do
you get the same color on the outside on both sides of
the diagonal?
norajean_sf: I just made it up Cathy
norajean_sf: bucket of natter
norajean_sf: That's a good question, you don't get
exactly the same thing on both sides after the flip
pratchettsmom: live in that part of the
country, huh?  we don't just make things up down
here...or wait, maybe we do...<lol>
pratchettsmom: but you go ahead and shape it into a
leaf cane, correct?
norajean_sf: So I surround the leaf cane after the
pratchettsmom: ah...that's what I was wondering...
pratchettsmom: are you specifically demoing leaf canes
tonight or you're just waiting for other people?
norajean_sf: I never have anything planned
norajean_sf: so if you need to see the chevron flip
leaf cane, that's what we'll do
norajean_sf: Merrie wanted to see Holly earlier so we
did holly
pratchettsmom: no, I think I caught most of that
norajean_sf: it's like a Diner, Short Order
pratchettsmom: want fries with that?
merrie60us: I am back
norajean_sf: exactly
merrie60us: feeling a little better
norajean_sf: Yo, was just talking about you
merrie60us: had atooth pulled Thursday
norajean_sf: how you wanted holly so you got holly
norajean_sf: OUCH
merrie60us: been getting headaches
norajean_sf: kisses to your owie
pratchettsmom: glad to hear it Merrie
merrie60us: thanks
merrie60us: what are you making now
pratchettsmom: glad to hear you're feeling better, not
that you've been having headaches...
merrie60us: understood
pratchettsmom: do most people have voice here or use
norajean_sf: Another leaf cane. Cathy here is new to
Demo and would like to see a leaf cane so I'm doing
pratchettsmom: thanks
merrie60us: chat
merrie60us: oh good
norajean_sf: No voice used, some of our list members
are deaf or heard of hearing
pratchettsmom: seemed like I was the only one
norajean_sf: plus the background noise of everyone's
home would make it impossible
norajean_sf: I think folks are full of food, been here
for a long time and are chilling is all.
pratchettsmom: I have hearing loss, but unfortunately,
it hasn't prevented me from talking or typing...<lol>
pratchettsmom: much to my husband's chagrin, I might
norajean_sf: Well it is for folks like you with
hearing loss that I never use the voice function
during demos.
norajean_sf: Well I'm going to do a blend first.
pratchettsmom: well, thank you..I hear okay, but not
as much as I'd like...have hearing aids
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Blend-Grp
norajean_sf: I like to make leaf cane with blends to
try to get the highlight and shadow that leaves have.
pratchettsmom: since you're being so accomodating,
could you use some color other than green?  <lol>
Just kidding!!
norajean_sf: So while I'm doing that I can't type and
miss a lot in chat. If you have questions you can ask
when I'm back at the keyboard.
norajean_sf: Oh hey, I'm an easy date, honey. LOL
pratchettsmom: damn, and I'm here in Florida and
there's an easy date elsewhere....
norajean_sf: bringing someone in
dragonladyw2001 has joined the conference.

You have invited dragonladyw2001 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Ok, now I'll do the blend
norajean_sf: top of the hour, I got to save log, take
a minute


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