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12-25-05-09: End of Second Day of Holiday Marathon, Review of Leaf Cane

12-25-05 Demo Log Index
Demo ended early because my elderly neighbor, Hilda,
needed help.


norajean_sf: top of the hour, I got to save log, take
a minute
dragonladyw2001: Hi, all. What project is NJ working
on now?
pratchettsmom: leaf cane
leasbeadheaven: she's reviewing leaf canes
dragonladyw2001: Thanks, that'll come in handy for a
project that's brewing in my mind.
norajean_sf: back
pratchettsmom: never seen a blend done or started
quite this way, Nora Jean
norajean_sf: This album has screen shots of this
norajean_sf: Oh this is the Easy Breezy way
norajean_sf: we only have to press it a half dozen
norajean_sf: and not two dozen times
pratchettsmom: my kind of way.....that's why I hate
skinner blends so much, you have to put them through
so many times...
norajean_sf: by wringing it like a wet wash cloth we
save effort
pratchettsmom: this is much easier...I love you more
than ever!
norajean_sf: watch, I'm only going to press this a
half dozen times, in between twist it
norajean_sf: door bell
norajean_sf: folks, most of you know I do Elder Care
on call for my next door neighbor
norajean_sf: they are 92 and 96
norajean_sf: well Hilda needs me for a few minutes
pratchettsmom: wow...
norajean_sf: and I can't really say no, not on
leasbeadheaven: no problem.
merrie60us: no problem take your time
pratchettsmom: hey, just showing me this much easier
way to do a skinner blend has been awesome...
norajean_sf: so .... I'll be back in 10 maybe 15
norajean_sf: and if anyone else has a webcam
norajean_sf: open it up and share what you know with
the new clayers
norajean_sf: I gotta go and I'll leave this up and be
back as soon as I can
norajean_sf: brb
merrie60us has left the conference.

greatauntjudy: I have got to go. I may be back a bit
later. Night all!
greatauntjudy has left the conference.

dragonladyw2001: Night.
norajean_sf: back
norajean_sf: but I don't think I can stay
norajean_sf: Gerald is very old and very weak
norajean_sf: and Hilda's usual home health aid is off
celebrating Christmas with her family
norajean_sf: I usually put Gerald to bed on Sunday
night, but I'm going to have to go back to help Hilda
before his bed time
leasbeadheaven: no worries NJ. You've been so generous
with your time.
norajean_sf: I'll be back tomorrow
bluebell5071: you sure have
norajean_sf: and Hilda's home health aid will be back
on duty
bluebell5071: Ive learned so much already
norajean_sf: it's just that Hilda's alone for too long
wingsbe2: do what you need to do and we
will see you later
bluebell5071: yes
leasbeadheaven: bye everyone. see you tomorrow.
buffy10207: yes go do what you have too
norajean_sf: Thanks everyone, I told Hilda you would
all understand.
leasbeadheaven has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Nighty Night and I'll see you tomorrow if
you have the day off
norajean_sf: xoxo
wingsbe2: See ya Monday
bluebell5071: bye everyone
buffy10207: nite all

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