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12-26-05-01: Started Demo

12-26-05 Demo Log Index
merrie60us has joined the conference.

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rschneiter1963 has joined the conference.

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rschneiter1963: THank you!  I am done with confusing
myself with paper work hehe
Yahoo! Messenger: msraven54 has declined to join and
sent:  No, thank you.
rschneiter1963: need some play time
seafibers has joined the conference.

merrie60us: need web invits
merrie60us: oops web cam invite please
norajean_sf: I got to get the cam up first, LOL
merrie60us: oh sorry
rschneiter1963: how is everyone doing?
countrylady100ca: ;;)
seafibers: Hello all!  Hope everyone had a wonderful
leasbeadheaven has joined the conference.

rschneiter1963: had a great 3 day weekend off got much
house stuff accomplished hehe
countrylady100ca: rschneiter asked how is everyone
doing.  For me  #:-S:)
rschneiter1963: oh now you are either relieved or
happy hehe
merrie60us: I have not done a thing all weekend except
go for a walk to day and see how out of shape I am
countrylady100ca: Both Rschneiter. 
kamoe23 has joined the conference.

whwatson3733 has left the conference.

rschneiter1963: ok now my name is Bec everyone and
merrie60us: Hi, I am Merrie
rschneiter1963: wish I could change my darn name on
kamoe23: Hello Ladies, I'm Karin - Germany
seafibers: Hello.  I am Mauri.
rschneiter1963: hello Merrie and Karin!
rschneiter1963: and Mauri
merrie60us: hi
kamoe23: Hi all
rschneiter1963: hello everyone happy Monday
countrylady100ca: I told my hubby that I would like to
stay at home to catch my breath from overwhelm busy
for a week. 
seafibers: Hello Bec.
countrylady100ca: So no school for two weeks.  :-SS
seafibers: I am organizing my fabric closet today.
I've needed to do so for months.
countrylady100ca: Just kidding about :-SS:">
seafibers: Yea!!! No school.
leasbeadheaven: hi everyone
rschneiter1963: haha I have been taking pic of the
miniatures I have gotten in swaps going to put them
in a notebook so I can see what is what
seafibers: Oh that's cool
seafibers: I am doing the same thing with my fabric.
norajean_sf: Ok, could you all try opening my webcam
by right clicking on my name on the right and choosing
"view webcam" we were having difficulty with it
rschneiter1963: Mauri I been meaning to do it for
quite sometime so guess now is the presence
seafibers: I haven't been involved much in claying for
over a year but that is about to change.
countrylady100ca: I am mother of four children under
12 4/5 years old.  Three boys (few weeks to be 13
years old, 10 and 8 years old and little girl at 5
years old)  8 years old are still on cholocate with
colors hyer & restless
merrie60us: that is not an option
rschneiter1963: hey now that my brother is all moved
in and I get a bit more organized well watch out
rschneiter1963: Ok I am in NJ
norajean_sf: Merrie you can't right click on my name?
seafibers: it is under 'more' when you right click
countrylady100ca: no webcam icon yet
merrie60us: yes byt webcam is not an option
norajean_sf: Ok, Merrie I'll send you an invite. I
just wanted to know if some folks could open cam
without me.
You have invited merrie60us to view your webcam.

seafibers: Right click on her name and the 'webcam'
option should be under 'more'.
merrie60us: THanks
merrie60us: Ooh I like that box
You have invited countrylady100ca to view your webcam.

seafibers: Me too!
leasbeadheaven: could u send me an invite too?
You have invited leasbeadheaven to view your webcam.

merrie60us: Is that clay?
countrylady100ca: Wow   Awesome NJ
leasbeadheaven: ok. i'm in
norajean_sf: The JenDoll is clay and most everything
else is made by Miniaturists and ClayMates
seafibers: The JenDoll is precious.
norajean_sf: For a closer view of the items, check
that web section
countrylady100ca: NJ as doll have tiger desk (her
dream) and everythings minaturist.
norajean_sf: This room box has all scales, one inch,
half inch, micro mini
seafibers: The tiger desk is clay?  Wow!
norajean_sf: just like our own rooms
countrylady100ca: That is more clear in website than
merrie60us: wow
norajean_sf: It's a big ottoman
countrylady100ca: It is not deak  my mistake
seafibers: That's cool.
rschneiter1963: I have a question for you all
countrylady100ca: what rschneither
rschneiter1963: since I will hopefully have more time
on my hands I need to organize what clay i have.  HOw
do you all do that?
rschneiter1963: I have a 4 drawer thing on wheels that
I bring out to the living room
seafibers: Oh no!  How precious!  I love that tiny
rschneiter1963: but the clay part has me kind of
rschneiter1963: is that a tickle me elmo?
seafibers: I have a tiny tool organizer that I
purchased from homedepot.  I will try to find a
rschneiter1963: he is so cute!
rschneiter1963: and thanks
seafibers: how swwet.  Tinkly me elmo.
merrie60us: I have stuff everywhere, plastic draws
shelves regular draws bins
merrie60us: wow so small
merrie60us: chocolates?
seafibers: little bear maybe
seafibers: oh now that is really cutetoo
countrylady100ca: 4 drawer thing on wheels is great
idea.  You know the hospital have what you called like
you write or eat like table with wheels.  I have that
so attached with pasta machine and motor.   Forgive me
I am very picky when it comes mostly rooms have carpet
and wood floor that only left is kitchen/dining and
bathroom have vinly floor but will change to title
prevent hole and damage that only I use.  I have not
working or play clay since moved in new home last
countrylady100ca: Forgive me to long chat
seafibers: oh that is nice
seafibers: I like the christmas box
seafibers: I may try to make one like that
norajean_sf: What I wanted to point out with this room
box is when we fill in a mini scene we can use all
scales, not limit ourselves to just one inch, or one
half inch
norajean_sf: That's why I have a doll house in a room
norajean_sf: as well as micro minis on the table
rschneiter1963: so what ever is pleasing to your eye?
Yahoo! Messenger: sbjwh has declined to join and sent:
 Thanks, but no thanks.
merrie60us: I could never make anything that small
merrie60us: it would melt in my hands and disappear
seafibers: Really nice box.  I like it.
seafibers: haha
norajean_sf: Our own lives are filled with real life
size things, our dolls, our collections of nick nacks
merrie60us: wish I could I love the room
norajean_sf: A lot of the miniatures I make, like the
mini food, my hands don't touch the clay after the
cane has been reduced. It's mostly tool work, and with
magnifying glasses.
rschneiter1963: and have you foudn NJ that each person
is different on interprting 1:12 scale?
merrie60us: hmm
norajean_sf: I couldn't handle some of the clay things
with my fingers, it'll ruin the mini food, like
lettuce and such
merrie60us: would like to try
merrie60us: and make
seafibers: That makes since.
merrie60us: are you going to demo?
norajean_sf: The only thing I find is most mini food
is not yummy looking.
rschneiter1963: nwo mind you I dont do mini food but I
know what you mean
seafibers: brb
norajean_sf: I'm going to post to the list that we're
here and while I'm doing that why don't y'all discuss
amongst yourselves what you'd like to see done. brb

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