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12-26-05-05: break chat

12-26-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: Top of the hour, I got to save log, good
time to stretch
norajean_sf: it's all clay design, the fabric for her
clothing is clay sheets
norajean_sf: brb
curika1: i'm going to stretch too
nndewbre: Does this lady look like NJ?
melodyhill2000: me three!
nndewbre: me four, I'll go look at faces....<g>
kamoe23: Get some coffee to stay alive, someone more?
vlady6us: no thanks. got sprite here
countrylady100ca: How is your holiday??
countrylady100ca: or days off
vlady6us: was fine here ty sonya. how about yours?
countrylady100ca: Pretty good and busy with holiday. 
Now Relax and rest today.   Kids starting their
holiday from school today because they says not
counting  busy busy like parents take them to out with
parent's plans but they do have good time. 
vlady6us: glad u r relaxing today
babasbunja: first time using the pearl ex, love it
vlady6us: a new addiction..bernie?
babasbunja: for sure sandie
vlady6us: i love my pearl ex
babasbunja: had them for months, decided to try them
today with the pendants
vlady6us: i use mine quite often bernie. especially on
babasbunja: how many colors do they come in sandie?
leasbeadheaven: what are ATC's?
vlady6us: i have 24 colors and i know there is one
more set of 12 bernie
vlady6us: atc's are artist trading cards..lea
vlady6us: so fun to make and swap
leasbeadheaven: I never heard of those.
babasbunja: oh great, there goes my christmas money,
LOL, i only have five colors
vlady6us: lol bernie. i got mine in sets at michaels.
with a coupon
vlady6us: do a google search for them lea...
leasbeadheaven: will do
vlady6us: u can email me lea if u want and i will show
u pics
norajean_sf: back
vlady6us: wb nj
norajean_sf: I wanted to show you something with this
tiger chop natasha log
vlady6us: cool
norajean_sf: we can make this into a tube bead
norajean_sf: and then add cane slices to it
melodyhill2000: lea-walk away from the google (unless
you are looking for another addiction) LOL I have some
posted at
norajean_sf: there's no tutorial on my site for this
leasbeadheaven: thanks Sandie. what is your e-mail
leasbeadheaven: LOL Melody!
vlady6us: wow gonna look at all of those
leasbeadheaven: ty1
vlady6us: have u done any swapping melody???
vlady6us: i was in a swap and now have atc's from all
over the world
melodyhill2000: yes, all those on my site are gone-i'm
list mom for a mini atc list
vlady6us: i havent done any mini ones yet
melodyhill2000: i got kicked off-can you reinvite me
norajean_sf: beaders, this is for you, shall I start
or shall I go get a sandwich? ;-)
vlady6us: youre here melody
You have invited melodyhill2000 to view your webcam.

vlady6us: you need food nj....
vlady6us: i know how you are...
nndewbre: start NJ unless you reall want a sandwich
vlady6us: its not if she wants one NN..she needs
nndewbre: OK, go eat NJ
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to fetch a sandwich, when I
come back I'm going to take a natasha log and put
flower and leaf slices on it. brb
vlady6us: ok. good nj...
curika1: i'm going to make one too real quick
vlady6us: ok
nndewbre: Good, I think hubby has supper just about
done here too.
kamoe23: For this I hold my eyes open
vlady6us: oh cool. my hubby is gone for about 4 to 6
weeks again. left this morning
leasbeadheaven: what time is it for you Karin?

vlady6us: lol kamoe
melodyhill2000: vlady-mini's are no larger than 2 1/2
x 1 1/2-lots of fun
kamoe23: midnight
nndewbre: Poor Karen, I would be asleep
vlady6us: thanks melody i will make some of those too
kamoe23: I sleep from the yesterday-demo till midday
vlady6us: i like making the regular size ones a lot
vlady6us: oh wow karin
merrie60us: hi
merrie60us: back
merrie60us: looks like I missed a lot
vlady6us: wb merrie. nj is making a sandwich
merrie60us: oh good I am making my sons dinner
merrie60us: ugh
vlady6us: cool
merrie60us: no rest for the weary
vlady6us: lol
merrie60us: what did I miss
melodyhill2000: i have been taking a break from ATC as
i focused on clay I feel the need to work with paper
again tho, and miss the fun of ATC's-so much art-not
enough time!
merrie60us: did you make the canes also or just the
vlady6us: im making atc's with polymer clay melody
vlady6us: i have never made anything with paper
vlady6us: chop....merrie
vlady6us: for pendants
kamoe23: Please help, what's atc?
melodyhill2000: cool-i've thought about that, but
haven't carried thru-do you have pics posted anywhere?
vlady6us: atc=artist trading cards
vlady6us: on polymer clay central..melody..theres a
place that shows all the atc's from the swap
vlady6us: 3 pages of them
kamoe23: thank you. I did some (lots,tons) of
3-D-Cards for a long time
vlady6us: oh wow. i want to learn how to make those
kamoe23: It's funny an easy. Have some to look in my
album on yahoo.
vlady6us: i saw some in a scrapbooking shop one
day..they were so gorgeous
kamoe23: Yes, I love to do them. Have to stop it, my
place is so small.
vlady6us: i cant afford a new "hobby"
kamoe23: My hobby is to do all at the same time,
....sometimes LOL
vlady6us: lol
vlady6us: my house has been taken over with poly clay
kamoe23: Don't play with clay near the comp.
vlady6us: but why?
vlady6us: its right next to puter...
vlady6us: i always have bits of clay in keyboard. lol
kamoe23: That's the reason=))
babasbunja: going to take my first break, brb
vlady6us: ok bernie
vlady6us: lol karin...
vlady6us: its ok. i  clean it off often
kamoe23: Time for you can play with clay;)
vlady6us: lol. im conditioning clay right now
curika1: tall glass bottle of dipping/marinade sauce
fell off frig and smashed - glass and sauce is now all
over my entire kitchen floor, rugs, etc :(
curika1: hadn't been opened lol
vlady6us: oh no..thats not good curika
leasbeadheaven: uuugggh! poor you
curika1: got paper towels and scooted all towards the
center lol
curika1: finished making my san and here i am... will
do thorough cleaning later
vlady6us: brb. dog wants out..
kamoe23: Poor girl#:-S
vlady6us: dont cut yourself curika
curika1: i know... i HATE cleaning up messes lol
curika1: i won't... will be careful
curika1: couldn't believe how far that glass went -
curika1: guess that should teach me not to put stuff
on top of the fridge
leasbeadheaven: luckily, it was during a break! LOL!
curika1: yes! ol
curika1: lol
leasbeadheaven: agrees with norajean_sf
creationsbypat has joined the conference.

leasbeadheaven: never mind. was just playing around
with the emoticons!
You have invited creationsbypat to view your webcam.

curika1: lol
norajean_sf: Pat I'm catching a bite to eat, brb
nndewbre: My husband put a bottle of home made wine on
top of the fridge once and it was still
fermenting...Blew the top off that sucker and we had
strawberry wine all over the ceiling.
curika1: ROFLMAO
curika1: and that stuff likes to stain, if it gets on
curika1: did it wipe off the ceiling ok?
nndewbre: There were pink spots on that ceiling until
we painted it a couple of years later...
curika1: lol i bet there was lol
curika1: ahh, what would life be like without the lil
trials and tribs? lol
nndewbre: Certainly isn't boring around our house..
curika1: lol mine neither


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