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12-26-05-06: Embellished beads, Use what you want on my Site, Luny's Site and link area

12-26-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: back
curika1: ROFL - no! 
vlady6us: back. now im gonna take a little ride to
7-11. back in about 20 minutes
curika1: pressure cooker no less lololol
curika1: wbnj
curika1: can't believe all the room i have on this
puter desk now - i can clay in front of the screen now
nndewbre: How old is your son?
curika1: 24
babasbunja: hubby offered to make me some toasted
cheese sandwhiches, lol, i love them
curika1: i do too... that sounds good
nndewbre: You raised him right!
curika1: he's never spent that much on me for 1 item
before - lots of things, but not one.  Yep! :)
norajean_sf: Ok, what I'm going to do here is take
this tiger chop natasha log and make it into two tube
beads, then I'll embellish the beads with flower
petals and coleus leaves.
curika1: k
norajean_sf: just because natasha beads start out
rectangle doesn't mean we can't form them into tube
merrie60us: ooh sounds beautiful
norajean_sf: I keep a skewer in it as I for it, makes
it easier to work with
curika1: or any shape, for that matter... right?
norajean_sf: exactly
norajean_sf: the rectangle natasha log is just our
merrie60us: okay so I missed alittle did she roll the
bead on the skewer to make the tube?
norajean_sf: I could cut this tube bead into little
disks, like you find with ostridge egg shell beads
norajean_sf: yup, Merrie
norajean_sf: just skewered it and formed it into a
tube bead
merrie60us: thanks
merrie60us: took tube off skewer
merrie60us: and
madleend has joined the conference.

creationsbypat: I don't have your web cam NJ
You have invited madleend to view your webcam.

madleend: hi all ...
You have invited creationsbypat to view your webcam.

merrie60us: hi
You have invited madleend to view your webcam.

babasbunja: hi hon
curika1: edie, from my guild, came up with putting her
cured beads on a turkey skewer, puts it into her
Dremel, puts her sandpaper in her other hand, turns on
Dremel, and sands away.  Does the same when she
polishes her beads!  How cool is that?  Easier to
control without ruining it.
leasbeadheaven: hi
curika1: hi
madleend: sheesh ... sorry about that LOL
norajean_sf: LOL Madleend
creationsbypat: got it thanks
merrie60us: putting on bamboo skewer now
merrie60us: rolling
madleend: for those of you not on my msgr list, i
won't be able to see your chat ... it's a yahoo horror

norajean_sf: and roll it with the bamboo skewer inside
merrie60us: doesn't hole get distorted or too big/
merrie60us: ?
madleend: hiya bernie ...
norajean_sf: add madleend to your Friend's list
please, her Yahoo is wonky
norajean_sf: she can't see your chat without you
adding her, thanks
babasbunja: you sweet thing, how was work?
madleend: that's a kind way of putting it ... thanks
merrie60us: what is her id
norajean_sf: madleend
madleend: horrible when you know the rest of the world
is home
babasbunja: LOL, so true
norajean_sf: if you can see her on the attendee's list
you can add her as contact there
norajean_sf: right click and "add as contact"
curika1: how do you add?  i only have nj on mine lol
(new at this still)
norajean_sf: see the list of names on the right of
this conference window?
madleend: and my car broke down last night ... so i
walked 2 miles to work and back 2 miles ... ugh
curika1: yes
merrie60us: on top of yahoo messenger it says add just
click on it
merrie60us: not at top of this window
norajean_sf: go to Madleend and right click, or right
click on everyone and start adding as contact
madleend: thanks nj ... that is so kind of you to take
the time to do that
babasbunja: oh no girlfriend, but you are in better
norajean_sf: otherwise, Madleend, you'll only be
getting part of the chat
madleend: and to all of you for doing it LOL
norajean_sf: that'll be weird
norajean_sf: we still got to figure out why that
happens to you, put that on my To Do list
norajean_sf: LOL
madleend: used to it, nj ... it's actually quite
interesting when you fill in the blanks ... or even
better the non-sequitors !!!
norajean_sf: but we got to get it fixed. It's
obviously something wrong. Because since I have more
than 300 list members and Yahoo Friend's list limits
me to 300 contacts, there's a lot of folks who come to
demo who are not on my Friend's list. I still see
their chat.
norajean_sf: so something's wonky and needs to be
fixed for you.
curika1: can you see my name madleend?
madleend: sure can ... hi curika
curika1: guess i took a round about way of inviting
her lol
curika1: hi there :)
madleend: sorry ... getting all kinds of im's at same
time LOL
curika1: lol
nndewbre: "wonky", that's an interesting term.. is
that like "thingy"?  :))
madleend: like "out of wack"
norajean_sf: it's British I think, something's "wonky"
norajean_sf: I watch a lot of BBC programs, pick up
their slang
nndewbre: hubby has supper ready, gotta go bbl
curika1: the bbc show i mainly watch is House
Invaders! lol  I also like their version of The Office
madleend: hey nj ... very interesting results when
looking for "pics of flowers" on yahoo ... lots of
your pc flowers and leaves show ... i think that is
soooo hot
curika1: byeeeeeeeeeee
bluebell5071: bye
madleend: just got on my list and leaving ... how
those two activities aren't related LOL
curika1: lol
norajean_sf: Ok to review for the folks who just came
in, we're taking a natasha bead made of tiger cane
chop, turning it into a tube bead and then
embellishing it with flower and leaves.
madleend: hope*
Yahoo! Messenger: mommaclara2001 has declined to join
and sent:  No, thank you.
madleend: thanks for the update, nj ...
merrie60us: take tube off bamboo rod
merrie60us: cut in half
curika1: something's goofy with webcam... it's big -
full screen, and i can't get it to go small again.
When I right click on webcam it says to either restore
or minimize, but it won't do it - it instead takes
over the entire screen :(
curika1: can anyone help with that?
madleend: sure ... hit "escape" key
norajean_sf: press escape
curika1: cuz i can't see this chatting
curika1: ok
babasbunja: that's what happened to me yesterday, LOL
babasbunja: remember madleend?
madleend: sure do, you silly girl!
curika1: it went away completely... and now it says
windows virtual memory minimum too low
curika1: i think i have to reboot
babasbunja: then i couldn't get back in
madleend: that's beyond my knowledge, sorry ...
madleend: close all unneccary windows ...
curika1: i'll reboot, then can you reinvite me nj?
leasbeadheaven: maybe if you reboot?
curika1: k - going to reboot - byeee
curika1 has left the conference.

vlady6us: back
curika1 has joined the conference.

babasbunja: wb
madleend: hiya sandie
madleend: 1
madleend: wb mary
curika1: ty lol
kamoe23: I love the contrast from wildlife and flower,
looks phantastic
vlady6us: hey mad. hows it going
vlady6us: ty bernie
madleend: ugh ...
You have invited curika1 to view your webcam.

vlady6us: ugh what mad?
vlady6us: whats wrong??
norajean_sf: So when you see beads with flowers and
leaves, know that you can do that too
madleend: car broke down last night out on LI ... it's
there and i'm here
curika1: darn, wish i hadn't missed it
vlady6us: oh no mad. thats not good
madleend: nope ... walked 2 miles each way to and from
work LOL
norajean_sf: just taking the canes from this week end
and reducing them small, cutting them thin and adding
them to beads
madleend: good exercise?
curika1: ahhh ok
leasbeadheaven: where are you from Madleen? I'm on LI
vlady6us: wow mad
madleend: i'm in woodside ... car's in mineola
curika1: wow... that's a long walk
vlady6us: to far to walk in the cold
kamoe23: Don't know what I should start first tomorrow
leasbeadheaven: oh. i'm in plainview
madleend: not that cold ... just the wind!
vlady6us: well. the wind makes it seem colder...duh!!
madleend: that's not real far, lea
curika1: just the size of a penny
babasbunja: very attractive
leasbeadheaven: not at all
madleend: that sure makes for a lot of possibilities,
nj ... like that idea a lot!
norajean_sf: Karen Lewis is famous for her barrel
bluebell5071: very pretty
norajean_sf: which are beads with cane slices added on
curika1: yes she is but you know what?
vlady6us: woo woo mad..theres a clay buddy for you
madleend: well, not exactly next door sandie!
curika1: leaves and flowers are the basic kind of
canes... and how she can be upset re copyright....
thinking only she can do them
vlady6us: lol. mad
curika1: doesn't make sense to me
vlady6us: how far?
curika1: i mean, every pcer makes leaf canes and
flower canes and beads
madleend: lea ... about how far would that be?
leasbeadheaven: from woodside?
madleend: yeppers
norajean_sf: Anyone can make canes of flowers and
leaves, and they can add them to beads, there's no way
to copyright that
curika1: i know!  sheesh!
norajean_sf: the trick is not to become a one trick
madleend: not a patent either ...
curika1: but I've read a few interviews she's given re
'her' beads
leasbeadheaven: i'd say about 45 min. to an hour by
car. more like an hour
curika1: no chit! lol
vlady6us: thats not that far mad..
norajean_sf: That's why I say, anything you see on my
site, go copy
norajean_sf: go sell what you make
norajean_sf: you have my blessing
madleend: now if i had your skill .... hmmmmmmmmm
norajean_sf: I got more experiments up my sleeve
curika1: and nj, most pcers feel that way... judith
skinner for one, donna kato for another
kamoe23: NJ you are very generous
morganalilith387 has joined the conference.

vlady6us: some other famous pc'ers say the same thing
too nj. and im so grateful that you all share so much
of yourselves
vlady6us: hi morgan
You have invited morganalilith387 to view your webcam.

madleend: hiya morgan
norajean_sf: Because no matter how much we try it's
difficult to copy something exactly
curika1: it's the 'stars' that say that, and share...
it's the 'character actors', the 'wanna-be's, that
want all the credit for it lol
morganalilith387: i'm lissa from pennsylvania.  i
haven't intro'd myself on the list yet. 
curika1: i learned that when i worked in hollywood
vlady6us: thats for sure nj
leasbeadheaven: I love how versatile your thigns are.
how 1 thing leads into a whole other direction and has
many uses. know what I mean?
norajean_sf: Oh yes, let's introduce yourselves
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
vlady6us: sandie florida
curika1: i know... we each put our own creativity into
vlady6us: yes we sure do curika
leasbeadheaven: Lea, NY (LI)
madleend: madleen ... nyc
creationsbypat: Pat Florida
curika1: mary - dallas
babasbunja: bernie "momma B" pa
bluebell5071: Shirley in Mississippi
vlady6us: hey pat..where in fl? do i know you?
creationsbypat: Pensacola
norajean_sf: I can't get my tiger cane to be the same
from one batch to the next.
vlady6us: ahhhhhhhhhhh thats right..
norajean_sf: If I can't copy my own stuff how can I
expect other people to do so?
madleend: anyone new in here ... if you're not on my
msg list, and you want me to see your chat, please add
me "madleend" to your list ... it's a yahoo thing!
norajean_sf: That's why I don't measure anything.
creationsbypat: lol
vlady6us: lol nj
curika1: that's cuz pc has a mind of its own, nj! lol
norajean_sf: Add madleend so she can see your chat
leasbeadheaven: ROFLMAO!!!
norajean_sf: I'll give you a general idea, some theory
on a technique, you use your own colors and designs
and use the technique
norajean_sf: it's all good
madleend: sounds like a plan !!!
curika1: yep :)
vlady6us: and from there you can tweek it to suit
yourself too
norajean_sf: Also some of the things I do are a ton of
different techniques all piled on to each other, like
the lady with the pot
vlady6us: shes gorgeous
kamoe23: Karin - Germany, but I just say Good bye. My
eyes get tired, think go to bed. Thank you NJ for the
great lesson again. Love to stay here with all of you.

norajean_sf: there's canes that went into the clay
fabric there's chop and toss for her necklace, there's
sculpting, there's a ton of stuff on her.
curika1: the instructors who come to our guild to
teach, some are amazed that she teaches 1 thing, but
there are 20 different things she's seeing! lol  It's
always that way... one gal said it makes her think
she's going crazy, teaching 20 different classes in 1!
norajean_sf: Nighty Night Karin. Sweet Dreams honey
vlady6us: night karin
leasbeadheaven: bye karin
kamoe23: Dreaming from canes, Natashas.....
madleend: bye karin
norajean_sf: LOL
leasbeadheaven: LOL
norajean_sf: That's the plan, Karin
curika1: nite karin
madleend: nj ... are you ever in the NE?
kamoe23: Bye all..... I know NJ, that makes me crazy
norajean_sf: I went on a three month tour that went
from Nova Scotia to Florida
norajean_sf: east to Arkansas and Houston, TX
curika1: i bet that was fun
madleend: that must have been a hoot!
kamoe23 has left the conference.

vlady6us: she stayed with a friend of mine. mad...
norajean_sf: I've done shorter tours up and down the
coast of California
madleend: really ... that must have been fun!
norajean_sf: Yes, Nancy Welsh and Sonny
merrie60us: did I miss it/
curika1: all the new ppl you meet?  cool!
vlady6us: it was before i got into pc
madleend: and did you pop over, sandie?
merrie60us: ?
norajean_sf: went to visit Luny who was near by
madleend: yikes ... timing is everything!
merrie60us: KIDS
vlady6us: some one of these days nancy and i are gonna
go see luny
madleend: who is luny?
norajean_sf: that was before 9/11. I was flying with
my sister's Delta family pass.
vlady6us: another lady in central fl...mad
madleend: otay
norajean_sf: Luny is an old timer on the CITY-o-Clay
madleend: is that why she's luny?
madleend: lolol
merrie60us: Hello did I miss it?
curika1: lol
norajean_sf: She loves Looney Toon cartoon characters
madleend: ha ...
curika1: does she make them out of clay?
norajean_sf: Daffy Duck and such
norajean_sf: not really she does a lot of Florida
themed items
madleend: those are the old, steady & good ones
curika1: ah
norajean_sf: palm trees, beach scenes
curika1: makes sense -
norajean_sf: Now if any of you have a website, add
your link to our link area with CITY-o-Clay
merrie60us: very nice
norajean_sf: That's where I went to get Luny's link

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