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12-31-05-01: Sandie's Amazing Canes

12-31-05 Demo Log Index
rschneiter1963 has joined the conference.

serena8805 has joined the conference.

Yahoo! Messenger: pcajenny has declined to join and
sent:  maybe later
rschneiter1963: hello happy new year
countrylady100ca has joined the conference.

posey4u has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: Happy new year
rschneiter1963: NJ you would be so proud of me
posey4u: Same to you NoraJean
norajean_sf: Just got online, not doing anything in
particular but hanging out
norajean_sf: What did you do/
norajean_sf: ?
serena8805: happy new year everyone
rschneiter1963: well I covered a wine glass in clay
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sent:  No, thank you.
rschneiter1963: made a tree
norajean_sf: Got Pix?
rschneiter1963: well sort of
rschneiter1963: where do I put them?
posey4u: looking on Amazon for some books
norajean_sf: In an album on the list. I'll get you the
rschneiter1963: on the main clay site?
posey4u: brb
norajean_sf: What books are you looking for?
rschneiter1963: ok they are there now
norajean_sf: ok, let me go look
ljcswartz has joined the conference.

rschneiter1963: please be kind hehe
ljcswartz: I can only stay a bit but happy to be
bonsaikathy has joined the conference.

rschneiter1963: helo my dear and glad your hear
rschneiter1963: here
rschneiter1963: hello Kathy
bonsaikathy: sorry NJ, you sent the invite and I got
called away right away, lol
norajean_sf: Very pretty Becca
rschneiter1963: you think so?
rschneiter1963: Kathy showing NJ my work today
norajean_sf: yes I do. let us know if the petals stay
on the glass
rschneiter1963: ok
norajean_sf: Most of the things I've added to glass
stay put, but I put a layer of clay down and then add
bonsaikathy: so far only one of mine knocked off NJ
and it was bumped pretty good and mine are sticking
out from the trunk
norajean_sf: I'm going to set up cam, I'm disorganized
kamoe23 has joined the conference.

rschneiter1963: oh heck not disorganized
norajean_sf: Let me get the things I cured last night.
rschneiter1963: ok
rschneiter1963: Kathy thanks for telling me how to
texture the trunk
bonsaikathy: welcome
bonsaikathy: you know me and trees, lol
bonsaikathy: got to have the texture
rschneiter1963: yup
rschneiter1963: that is neat NJ
norajean_sf: Now I don't know if this lid will slide
so ....
kamoe23: Hi claymates, I want to say hello for a short
moment. We have party on here. I wish you lots of fun
there and a HAPPY NEW YEAR from Germany.
rschneiter1963: when you cure it do you keep the lid
You have invited bonsaikathy to view your webcam.

rschneiter1963: happy new year!
You have invited countrylady100ca to view your webcam.

You have invited kamoe23 to view your webcam.

You have invited ljcswartz to view your webcam.

You have invited posey4u to view your webcam.

You have invited serena8805 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: just sent out invites to cam
norajean_sf: Happy New Year Karin
norajean_sf: I can't take the lid off at all. So the
lid was on when it was cured.
rschneiter1963: NJ do you cure the tin with the lid
rschneiter1963: oh ok
rschneiter1963: pretty flower
kamoe23 has left the conference.

You have invited ljcswartz to view your webcam.

You have invited posey4u to view your webcam.

You have invited bonsaikathy to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: BonsaiKathy you just got cam open, let me
show you the sliding lid on this tin
vlady6us has joined the conference.

You have invited vlady6us to view your webcam.

vlady6us: hi everyone
rschneiter1963: hello
norajean_sf: Happy New Year Sandie
vlady6us: happy new year nj
norajean_sf: I was just showing the things I finally
got cured last night.
rschneiter1963: I have a question
norajean_sf: yes Becca
rschneiter1963: when I am trying to do things and then
cure them and I play with them sometimes they break
rschneiter1963: am I playing with the clay too much?
serena8805 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: Breaking can be caused by a number of
countrylady100ca: never play clay too much;)
norajean_sf: the clay can be not conditioned enough
norajean_sf: or cured too low a temperature or for not
long enough
rschneiter1963: ok so playing iwth it is ok
norajean_sf: I drop kick my stuff and it doesn't break
norajean_sf: my grand  children can break things but
they have to really put their minds to it.
norajean_sf: LOL
countrylady100ca: Be honest with you   I have not play
clay for a while.
rschneiter1963: ok so what do you cure it at again?
Yahoo! Messenger: affectsoftheart has declined to join
and sent:  No, thank you.
norajean_sf: Sonya, what have you been playing with if
not clay?
rschneiter1963: ah heck country lady  you at least
played with it
norajean_sf: I cure things over and over
norajean_sf: add things and cure again
vlady6us: i just took 4 bowls out of the
norajean_sf: YEAH Sandie
vlady6us: wanna see?
rschneiter1963: yup!
norajean_sf: sure, got webcam or pix?
vlady6us: webcam..thank you santa....
norajean_sf: Amen
Yahoo! Messenger: nndewbre has declined to join and
sent:  No, thank you. Anniversary party in progress.
norajean_sf: let us know when you have the webcam set
up, the TV icon doesn't show up anymore it seems.
vlady6us: its on now
norajean_sf: oh it shows on the Friend's list. Cool
vlady6us: oh cool
rschneiter1963: the what list?
bonsaikathy: your list of contacts
norajean_sf: The Yahoo Messenger Friends list, the cam
link shows for people who have their webcams up
rschneiter1963: syas not available
vlady6us: try again
rschneiter1963: do I need to add her to my list?
vlady6us: maybe rschneiter
bonsaikathy: try that
norajean_sf: I'm waiting for Sandie to give permission
vlady6us: i just did nj
norajean_sf: Oh It is open now
rschneiter1963: ok now can anyone tel me how to get
rid of the Rschneiter
rschneiter1963: my name is Bec or beccas lol
norajean_sf: Big bowl
norajean_sf: Hmmm I knew how to change the name, it's
in the profile, let me check.
vlady6us: does anyone have it yet?
norajean_sf: I have it Sandie
vlady6us: cool
vlady6us: anyone else?
rschneiter1963: no not yet
vlady6us: did u get an invite rschneiter?
rschneiter1963: thank you dear
norajean_sf: If you want to change the lighting it's
on the webcam window. File, preferences, webcam -
camera settings
bonsaikathy: I do Sandie
bonsaikathy: you can find out who's viewing
vlady6us: how?
norajean_sf: on the webcam window, click webcam,
"who's watching"
vlady6us: my desk is trashed
bonsaikathy: top left I think it is
norajean_sf: Becca
norajean_sf: I think I found it
norajean_sf: On the Yahoo Messenger Friends List
rschneiter1963: ok
mousefingers1 has joined the conference.

vlady6us: hi pam
You have invited mousefingers1 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Happy New Year Pam, I got your e-greeting
norajean_sf: Becca, It's ... messenger, my profile,
then there's an "edit/ change profile"
vlady6us: im gonna be a show off now...
ljcswartz: showing off it good!!
norajean_sf: Oh having a webcam is too fun
norajean_sf: Does the light shine through the bowls?
vlady6us: no
norajean_sf: Oh basket weave look to the inside
ljcswartz: but that would be fun
mousefingers1: howdya gotta take the dog out befor he
blows up I'll be right back
vlady6us: hb pam
norajean_sf: Ok, Pam
vlady6us: thats number one
norajean_sf: What did you use to prop up the bowls
when curing, Sandie?
norajean_sf: Oh there's the other bowl
norajean_sf: very cool
vlady6us: glass votive candle holder and salt shaker
rschneiter1963: ok that is not working so think I have
to make a new id but thanks
norajean_sf: Sorry Becca I thought that would work
rschneiter1963: yeah I know
norajean_sf: Wow Sandie, you're really geting good
with canes
norajean_sf: wonderful work
vlady6us: ty nj. those are spliced canes. way easy to
norajean_sf: Beautiful bowls. You got really inspired
vlady6us: lol ty
norajean_sf: he he he
ljcswartz: how do you get the edges so nice?
norajean_sf: Wow how many bowls did you make? This one
is really lovely.
vlady6us: cut circle out with a cd
vlady6us: ty
vlady6us: i have 7 altogether
ljcswartz: super idea
norajean_sf: your caning skills have blossomed
ljcswartz: do you use them??
vlady6us: tyvm
norajean_sf: I feel proud like a grandma
norajean_sf: ;-)
vlady6us: i probably will. these are the first ones i
ljcswartz: I  have one for catching odd items:-)
vlady6us: this is the first one. with scrap clay
norajean_sf: Sandie, I have a button on my webcam,
just discovered it yesterday, it take a picture of
what the webcam is seeing. Maybe you can catch some
pictures and load them into the photo share area.
norajean_sf: WOW
norajean_sf: Now that's impressive
norajean_sf: love the blends
norajean_sf: wow wow wow
norajean_sf: I got goose pimples
norajean_sf: very impressive, I'm just gobsmacked
norajean_sf: love how you have different desigsn on
the inside like that
norajean_sf: designs
norajean_sf: Oh there's a raw sheet
vlady6us: its a good way to use up old canes
vlady6us: this is the start of another one
norajean_sf: do you roll it out with a brayer?
vlady6us: actually it is rolled out. now i will run it
through pm on 1 2 3
norajean_sf: they seem too large for a pasta machine
norajean_sf: no kidding
norajean_sf: wow
vlady6us: then cut the shape out again and do the
other side
vlady6us: 4 3/4" across
norajean_sf: I'm just so impressed. Your cane work has
really come along and these bowls are just wonderful.
vlady6us: thank you nj..
norajean_sf: you've been a busy girl
vlady6us: heres one of my fav. canes
norajean_sf: show me, Oh wow, goose pimples again
norajean_sf: oh you got to get pix of these and share
with the list
vlady6us: i made several spliced canes in one week
vlady6us: ok
norajean_sf: get your "wowsies" from the Claymates
norajean_sf: he he he
vlady6us: i have pics of slices of most of my canes.
hundreds of them
norajean_sf: in an Epson album?
norajean_sf: Oh that's a great basket weave
vlady6us: i made two with the same colors and put them
to gether differently
norajean_sf: Like quilt blocks
vlady6us: almost
norajean_sf: if you have pictures of canes saved
somewhere, got a link?
norajean_sf: share the link and I'll save log and send
it through the list.
norajean_sf: Yeah Plaid, I've been wanting to
experiment with plaid
vlady6us: i have an epson album somewhere with
hundreds of pics
norajean_sf: somewhere
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: maybe I can find it, want me to try?
vlady6us: ive been making a lot of plaids...sending
them to someone else and she has been making a few
things with them and selling her items and my canes
vlady6us: i will get it nj
norajean_sf: ok
vlady6us: there are a lot of different albums there..
norajean_sf: Tumbling blocks
norajean_sf: \(*o*)/
vlady6us: yep
norajean_sf: wowie zowie
norajean_sf: ever too cool. I'll save log and send it
to the list. brb


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