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12-31-05-02: Sandie's First Demo - PC Bowls

12-31-05 Demo Log Index
vlady6us: there are a lot of different albums there..
norajean_sf: Tumbling blocks
norajean_sf: \(*o*)/
vlady6us: yep
norajean_sf: wowie zowie
norajean_sf: ever too cool. I'll save log and send it
to the list. brb
vlady6us: ok
Yahoo! Messenger: tismeshelley has declined to join
and sent:  No, thank you.
norajean_sf: oops lost your cam, Sandie
vlady6us: bummer
vlady6us: did anyone else lose it?
ljcswartz: mwe too
ljcswartz: me too
rschneiter1963: yes
norajean_sf: got it back
vlady6us: i hit a wrong button. lol
bonsaikathy: I had to drop it because I'm on my slow
laptop and can't have to many windows open at once
norajean_sf: you can close out my cam window BK
norajean_sf: I'm not doing anything but looking at
Sandie's work,
norajean_sf: Cute sandle
vlady6us: lol. ty
vlady6us: i made a few of those
norajean_sf: I sent the log through saying "Sandie's
Amazing Canes"
norajean_sf: LOL
vlady6us: how about artist trading cards? lol
norajean_sf: I'm getting your epson page up and book
marking it
norajean_sf: brb
vlady6us: ok
norajean_sf: back
vlady6us: wb
norajean_sf: Oh is that an Artist Trading Card?
vlady6us: yes
norajean_sf: very pretty
vlady6us: the butterflies are paper
norajean_sf: image transfer or pictures
norajean_sf: Ok
norajean_sf: still pretty
vlady6us: no transfer.
norajean_sf: Now that's really nice, are you going to
embellish it?
vlady6us: the backs are all finished too
vlady6us: not that one
norajean_sf: totally cool
norajean_sf: oh I see
norajean_sf: Is artist trading cards something done on
another list or forum?
vlady6us: this is gonna be for a swap at my guild
norajean_sf: I do like them very much, gives us a
blank canvas to experiment with.
norajean_sf: Central Florida Clay Guild?
vlady6us: green/white gingham cane with poinsettia
vlady6us: no. orlando area guild
norajean_sf: Oh I see
countrylady100ca: NJ  Another groups does have Artisti
Trading Cards include Canada Clayamies
vlady6us: nancy and i both belong to that one now
norajean_sf: Sonya, thank you. It's a nifty idea
vlady6us: cool sonya
norajean_sf: the two of you should share links with
the list from your different guild sites if you have
vlady6us: i was in a swap at PCC and got back cards
from all over the world
countrylady100ca: Depend on who host for swap
vlady6us: i can do that nj
norajean_sf: It's a wonderful idea, even if it isn't
for a swap.
norajean_sf: Oh Oh That's really trippy, Sandie
vlady6us: well these are made to be swapped or traded
and never sold nj
vlady6us: thats partly a lightning cane
norajean_sf: I understand. I'm always looking for
ideas that give Clayers a reason to experiment
vlady6us: this has pinata inks on it
norajean_sf: oh really, how do you feel about the
vlady6us: the background was scrap clay that i liked
and needed to make something with
vlady6us: i sketched the pic. on it and filled in with
norajean_sf: Very Florida that palm tree
countrylady100ca: Awesome NJ
norajean_sf: Sonya have you used Pinanta Inks?
norajean_sf: I've not used them
vlady6us: this one has pearl ex on it
countrylady100ca: I like about mixed Media Polymer
Clay like artist trading cards
countrylady100ca: Yes  I do
vlady6us: me too sonya
norajean_sf: they seem like a lot of fun, clay
experiment opportunities
vlady6us: beads?
posey4u: I lost the web cam
vlady6us: they are really fun to make nj
vlady6us: did u get it posey?
countrylady100ca: I agree with sandie
posey4u: thank you
vlady6us: yw
countrylady100ca: You should try it NJ but you can use
on clothes for fun.
countrylady100ca: and much more
norajean_sf: So the size of the trading card is what?
vlady6us: 2 1/2" by 3 1/2"
norajean_sf: Stargazer - Jean may be opening your Cam
vlady6us: same size as trading cards or playing cards
norajean_sf: she's in another conference and will join
us when she's free
vlady6us: oh cool
norajean_sf: I told her to open your cam
vlady6us: i was in the other conference too.
norajean_sf: he he he
vlady6us: jenny patterson has her cam on too
countrylady100ca: I am both of them
vlady6us: i had to many windows open sonya
countrylady100ca: I have four webcams.  I might be mad
vlady6us: lol
norajean_sf: LOL
countrylady100ca: If you are good at organize
countrylady100ca: I can see all
norajean_sf: I can only have two open because I'm
getting IMs
vlady6us: jean just made a really cool cane nj
ljcswartz: I am going to have to go --  Happy New Year
to all :-)
ljcswartz has left the conference.

vlady6us: happy new year to
norajean_sf: oh she's quick
norajean_sf: LOL
vlady6us: i try to put slices of my canes on index
bonsaikathy: I may get kicked out when I close out
this extra window if so Bec can you grab me back in
Yahoo! Messenger: bonsaikathy has declined to join and
sent:  No, thank you.
bonsaikathy has left the conference.

rschneiter1963: heck yes I will
bonsaikathy has joined the conference.

rschneiter1963: ok invited we wiat
rschneiter1963: you here now?
bonsaikathy: thanks
bonsaikathy: yup
rschneiter1963: no prob
donnarae44 has joined the conference.

countrylady100ca: Wow  sandie
You have invited donnarae44 to view your webcam.

vlady6us: what sonya?
norajean_sf: Donna, vlady6us Sandie has her cam open
norajean_sf: and there's two other clayers with cams
donnarae44: oh  how pretty
countrylady100ca: The Cance you made
norajean_sf: but who are not in this conference
norajean_sf: stargazer_sbpcg and pcajenny
vlady6us: we should all get in the same conference at
the same time
norajean_sf: Oh that's the cane that was mindblowing
donnarae44: that is gorgous
norajean_sf: Sandie, show Donna the bowl made of this
cane here
norajean_sf: Donna, Sandie made these bowls that were
just amazing
vlady6us: dont haave one with that cane. lol
donnarae44: i am sooo jelous  lol
vlady6us: i did the edges of that one with
scrapbooking scissors
norajean_sf: well now that Sandie has a webcam maybe
she can do some demos in the future
donnarae44: that would be great
norajean_sf: I got to do biologicals. Brb
vlady6us: ok
donnarae44: those are really beauties sandy
vlady6us: thank you so much
vlady6us: i dont have enough room on my desk
donnarae44: i cant for the life of me figure out how
you made them.  Im like a little child. Have to be
whowed every step of the way
vlady6us: i cut a circle out of scrap clay. size of a
donnarae44: you are using an old ed?
donnarae44: cd
vlady6us: then covered one side with thin slices of
vlady6us: rolled them with rod and then ran through pm
on 1 2 3
vlady6us: then cut it out again. now im gonna cut the
circle again and cover the other side
donnarae44: why is it that when i roll in pasta
machine on thinest, it wrinkles and warps?
vlady6us: they all do
rschneiter1963: yes pleas answer that
vlady6us: i never use the thinnest number on pm
donnarae44: ahhh  thats good to know
rschneiter1963: so what do you do with the ruffly
vlady6us: and if u do....take a sheet of wax
paper....lightly lay the clay on that and start
running it through the pm u will want to lift the clay
up so it doesnt stick
countrylady100ca: Yikes about Thinnest Number  Wreak
screw up
rschneiter1963: besides beat them into submission
lvmypolymerclay has joined the conference.

vlady6us: hi lynn
vlady6us: im in two of them
lvmypolymerclay: oh  lol....howdy and thanks for
getting me into this one
vlady6us: hey everyone lynn is a fellow clayer friend
of mine from central fl. also
rschneiter1963: welcome lyn
lvmypolymerclay: thanks : )
lvmypolymerclay: I see you broke out the xmas gift
vlady6us: i put this on a sheet of wax paper so it
doesnt stick when i put cane slices on it
vlady6us: how ya doin' lynn?
lvmypolymerclay: pretty good...enjoying the warm
vlady6us: its awfully humid today
vlady6us: hmmmmmm how does this look for one side of
the bowl?
vlady6us: to go with this?
lvmypolymerclay: I didn't notice any, but I've been
inside with the windows open...looks great
rschneiter1963: where do you live?
donnarae44: brb  phone
lvmypolymerclay: I live in Apopka
vlady6us: central florida
vlady6us: both of us
rschneiter1963: ah
countrylady100ca: Alberta
lvmypolymerclay: brrrrrrr
rschneiter1963: Iowa here and it is darn cold
vlady6us: 68 degrees here now
lvmypolymerclay: was in the upper 70's
countrylady100ca: -3
lvmypolymerclay: big BRRRRRRR
rschneiter1963: -10 here
lvmypolymerclay: no thanks  LOL
rschneiter1963: wind chll even lower
lvmypolymerclay: been there done that
vlady6us: me too
countrylady100ca: Did someone knapped NJ
lvmypolymerclay: she might be helping Gerald
vlady6us: to early to put him to bed yet lynn
lvmypolymerclay: thats true
norajean_sf: I'm back
lvmypolymerclay: wb
rschneiter1963: what is she doing?
norajean_sf: I had to do biologicals and I'm cooking
vlady6us: wb. im laying slices out for another bowl
countrylady100ca: whew  I thought Gerald knapped you
rschneiter1963: ok thanks
norajean_sf: just put on the potatoes so I can't space
out on the time
norajean_sf: took the chicken out of the oven
norajean_sf: Oh coolness Sandie is show us how she
does these bowls
posey4u: yum Im coming to your house to eat
countrylady100ca: I think I have enough Turkey. 
Yesterday made homemade turkey soup out of bones
posey4u: it might be cold by the time I get there from
lvmypolymerclay: I'm having Shrimp scampi later
norajean_sf: Simple fare, baked chicken, masked
potatoes and steamed broccoli
lvmypolymerclay: I get to watch demo now and Rear
Windos on's that for a combo
norajean_sf: Oh now Hubs wants some thing. brb
lvmypolymerclay: window that is
vlady6us: lol lynn
vlady6us: i try not to overlap the slices
posey4u: theres a football game on at my house
donnarae44: mine too..  always  lol
lvmypolymerclay: I'm home alone so my picking
vlady6us: me too lynn
posey4u: after football there is basketball
vlady6us: i take it your hubby is outplaying with
rschneiter1963: ok kids need to get off for a while
wish you all a happy new year
rschneiter1963 has left the conference.

vlady6us: happy new year
lvmypolymerclay: yeah he is running mickeys office
tonight till 10ish.  He'll be home for New Years
donnarae44: happy New year to you rs
vlady6us: oh cool.
posey4u: happy new yearrs
posey4u: oops rs
lvmypolymerclay: went to the park last night while he
was working in front of cinderellas castle and we
watched the dry fun of the New years fireworks..they
were awesome.
donnarae44: i havent quite got the knack of canes
yet....  or anything else for that matter  lol
posey4u: Hey Donna can I join your group too..
vlady6us: now im gonna roll this with rod til i cant
feel any ridges in the clay
donnarae44: lol   you betcha
donnarae44: that is awsome sandy
vlady6us: this part is really important when u cover
things too
vlady6us: get it as smooth as possible
norajean_sf: back
vlady6us: wb
norajean_sf: those CDs come in handy
lvmypolymerclay: anyone here seen Rear Window with
Jimmy Stewart before?
norajean_sf: yes, but a long time ago
donnarae44: as least we finally found a use for them
posey4u: long time ago its a great movie
lvmypolymerclay: how does he go to the bathroom with a
cast up to his waist LOL
donnarae44: yes, loved that movie...  And Jimmy
norajean_sf: Sandie, it's amazing that the bowls are
the size of the CD
norajean_sf: they look much larger in webcam
vlady6us: nj.i even cover cd's
norajean_sf: Now there's a FABOO idea too
norajean_sf: using the CDs as a canvas
lvmypolymerclay: you ever make clocks out of the
sandie?  I have done a few
vlady6us: will show u some in a min
vlady6us: not yet lynn. some day tho
posey4u: how do you keep the cd from sticking to the
norajean_sf: if it sticks when you're using it for a
cut out shape, it's easy enough to peel the clay off
I'd imagine
donnarae44: these are going to be bowls?
vlady6us: so far it hasnt stuck but if it did..i would
clean it off with baby wipe and dust with powder or
corn starch
vlady6us: yes donna
vlady6us: side1
donnarae44: wow. how cool is that
vlady6us: 2
mousefingers1: beautiful roses NoraJean
donnarae44: yes they are.  I have made a few roses but
nothing like that
mousefingers1: If you are ever asked "Does a Bear go
in the woods?" The answer is yes and no. Yes, he pees
outside, makes its' Mom wait and wait in the freezing
cold until she sure he's done. No, he comes inside to
poop! Go figure!
norajean_sf: Thanks Pam. Just got the stuff from last
week end cured last night.
norajean_sf: It's so cool to have someone else doing
demo. Now I can watch and learn something new.
mousefingers1: You are a busy lady aren't you?
vlady6us: lol nj
mousefingers1: I love the demos
posey4u: me too
vlady6us: this is ready for the oven
lvmypolymerclay: Thats funny mouse.  I asked that
question when I lived on 10 acres of mountain. I asked
if they go in the woods....answer no, they went in my
yard  LOL
mousefingers1: Hey, my cussing buddy-you're doing
double time aren't you?;)
donnarae44: me too.  Directions are for those lucky
people who can follow them
norajean_sf: I got Peabody in IM, brb
mousefingers1: lol=))
norajean_sf: It's so fun that there are two
conferences going on, even if we can't attend both.
It's just nice to know that there are options for
clayers who are at home today.
wwpeabody has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: Peabody, vlady6us has her cam open
norajean_sf: I'm going to save log
donnarae44: can we start having demos every day?
lvmypolymerclay: I might just have to go grab my clay
now, but then I can't be near the computer
donnarae44: lol  please
vlady6us: gladu got wanda there nj..
vlady6us: hi wanda
donnarae44: hi wanda

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