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12-31-05-07: Three Cams on at the same time

12-31-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: Ooops I best save log
beadyeyedbrat: Muchas gracias
pcajenny: brb
beadyeyedbrat: People online can be so rude. Always
brbing in your face.
nndewbre: yells, "For Crying out loud!"
vlady6us: lol
nndewbre: Hey, I just found something new
vlady6us: what?
pcajenny: bk
vlady6us: wb
pcajenny: ty
nndewbre: That list that punched in "for Crying out
nndewbre: Didn't know that was there
nndewbre: Let me see what this one does
nndewbre: ducks out of the way
pcajenny: ok these are disks I designed to fit the
clay gun
pcajenny: in template shapes for quilts
vlady6us: and they are wonderful too
bonsaikathy: folks it's time for me to close out my
drawer and get ready to go home and relax for a couple
bonsaikathy: Happy New year to all of you
bonsaikathy: nite
beadyeyedbrat: Happy Ny
vlady6us: night kathy. happy new year
minimadness423: nite BK...HNY!
nndewbre: night kathy, happy new year
bonsaikathy has left the conference.

pcajenny: these are the 3 shapes I need
beadyeyedbrat: If we buy your disks, do we punch them
vlady6us: yes kim.
vlady6us: easy to punch out
beadyeyedbrat: Fine with me.
buffy10207 has joined the conference.

vlady6us: i did it with the end of a pencil
vlady6us: hi buffy
buffy10207: hi there
beadyeyedbrat: Prolly use the sheet for mokume gane
beadyeyedbrat: Hi Buffy
You have invited buffy10207 to view your webcam.

pcajenny: yep kim
norajean_sf: Hey Buffy
lunytuner: Hey Buffy! Happy New Year!
buffy10207: so what are we working on
norajean_sf: Shawna, since you're new to the list and
new to demo. Is there anything you'd like to see done?
buffy10207: Happy New year to you all
raven_hill_wench: I dont know
vlady6us: happy new year buffy
norajean_sf: you said you were interested in face
minimadness423: Jenny is showing us her quilt canes
vlady6us: cool jenny
raven_hill_wench: yes Ive been trying but it never
norajean_sf: would you like for me to sculpt a face
from scratch for you?
raven_hill_wench: I also like faux work
lunytuner: How cool is that! Now I wish I hadn't given
my clay gun away!
raven_hill_wench: yes! that would be great
nndewbre: yes, she would like that... <g> but wait
until the gun goes off.....
lunytuner: A face would be great NJ!
norajean_sf: I got to get in my practice for the face
sculpting demo that's coming up. Hold up and I'll get
set up.
raven_hill_wench: ok
norajean_sf: y'all can watch Jenny while I clear the
deck and change cam angle
raven_hill_wench: I have such big plans for when my
claying techniques become more advanced
beadyeyedbrat: So do I.
beadyeyedbrat: and I've been doing this for almost 7
raven_hill_wench: lol oh great
beadyeyedbrat: Finally going to make mats for my Froud
vlady6us: fast jenny
beadyeyedbrat: If you've ever cranked a clay gun by
hand, you can appreciate how fast that is.
wingsbe2: Nice diamond shape
lunytuner: That's whay I gave mine away, lol!
nndewbre: neat Jenny. And then you will put them
together like a quilt?
vlady6us: yes she will nn
pcajenny: yep
beadyeyedbrat: Way off topic...
beadyeyedbrat: But does the Burger King freak anyone
else out?
lunytuner: YES...he's a real sicko looking thing!
vlady6us: no why?
nndewbre: You mean that dumb commercial?
raven_hill_wench: rofl if he was standing next to me
smiling it would freak me out
beadyeyedbrat: Yes
vlady6us: lol
vlady6us: havent seen it
beadyeyedbrat: Looking in your window
nndewbre: It's pretty stupid all right
raven_hill_wench: the face they gave him looks a bit
beadyeyedbrat: Climbing in your bed
lunytuner: He looks evil.
beadyeyedbrat: It would be okay if it didn't always
stay that way.
nndewbre: He looks like a dirty old man
beadyeyedbrat: Like, his face moved...
beadyeyedbrat: something
beadyeyedbrat: There you go
nndewbre: The dancing fingers through the window
really gets me
beadyeyedbrat: Isn't that creepy?
lunytuner: Face seems to be frozen in an evil leer or
beadyeyedbrat: And the chick who dances with the
fingers. A real braniac, that one.
vlady6us: look at jenny go
nndewbre: On anothe subject, Baby Noor has made it to
pcajenny: who is baby Noor
beadyeyedbrat: Noor?
nndewbre: The baby they thought would die if she
didn't get treatment so the soldiers got it together
and managed to get her sent over here.
beadyeyedbrat: Oh. Good for her
nndewbre: CNN has been broadcasting all kind of
depressing stuff today, they finally said something
posey4u: I watch Fox news
vlady6us: fox rocks
posey4u: you bet
raven_hill_wench: I dont watch the news
posey4u: they have a ny special tonite
vlady6us: cool
nndewbre: Yes, that's why I have it on. Waiting for
the party
nndewbre: Or do you mean Fox has the NY special
posey4u: I love those 2 together
beadyeyedbrat: Egad.
posey4u: they have a ny special tonite at 11 est
beadyeyedbrat: Thomas wants to watch the Monk marathon
nndewbre: You know, that's kinda discusting <G>
vlady6us: lol
beadyeyedbrat: I have my own issues. Why would I wanna
watch someone else's?
posey4u: whats disgusting
bluebell5071 has joined the conference.

pcajenny: lol I love monk!
nndewbre: that gun machine
bluebell5071: hey
You have invited bluebell5071 to view your webcam.

lvmypolymerclay: New season of Monk starts Jan 13
norajean_sf: PCAJenny has her cam on and is making
quilt canes
vlady6us: hi bluebell
bluebell5071: hi there
norajean_sf: so if you add her to your friend's list
you can open her cam I think.
buffy10207: hi bluebell
posey4u: yo bluebell
bluebell5071: hey all hows everyone?
lvmypolymerclay: I was out for a few...did NJ go
somewhere cause all I see is a pasta machine  LOL
lunytuner: Howdy Bluebell! Happy New Year to you!
beadyeyedbrat: She's setting up
norajean_sf: I'm great. getting some skin clay
together to do a quick face sculpting exercise
posey4u: we are just camming away
lvmypolymerclay: TY
norajean_sf: brb, got to send someone something.
raven_hill_wench: what do you use for skin clay?
bluebell5071: Happy New Year to you all
lunytuner: NJ is gonna sculpt faces...mixing up skin
color I think right now
beadyeyedbrat: I was afraid to ask
nndewbre: Jenny, are all those strips from one cane?
posey4u: that gun is just amazing...what the name...EZ
vlady6us: yes
pcajenny: no, they are from 2 different canes
posey4u: gotta have one
beadyeyedbrat: But I have an unusual imagination
pcajenny: the tool with the crank is the EZ squeezer
beadyeyedbrat: Your friends are going to sell out Jen
nndewbre: Good, couldn't figure out why the color
pcajenny: the clay gun is made by Kemper or Sculpy
vlady6us: my cam is on too for a little while
posey4u: they work good together
nndewbre: Are you going to make Karen give you some
kickback when we all go to Clay Alley to oreder one?
nndewbre: order
beadyeyedbrat: Whoopee! 4 webcams at once!
nndewbre: four??? who am i missing?
vlady6us: 4..
vlady6us: ?
lvmypolymerclay: Well folks, hubby is on his way home
so time to get ready to do the New Year thing with
him. I'm sure he will fall asleep shortly after
midnight LOL so I may be back later.  If not Happy New
Year to you all and hope to see you in demo again
posey4u: i only have 2
raven_hill_wench: who else has a cam? I only have 2
nndewbre: Do the rest of you feel left out too?
vlady6us: i just turned mine on
posey4u: give us an invite
raven_hill_wench: ooh what are you making vlady?
beadyeyedbrat: One went down. boo
beadyeyedbrat: I have Jen, NJ and Sandie
lunytuner: lvmypolymerclay ...Have a wonderful time
with hubby...happy New Year to you and yours honey!
lvmypolymerclay: Thanks Luny and same to you and yours
; )
lunytuner: Thank you Lynn! :>
lvmypolymerclay: night
beadyeyedbrat: nite
norajean_sf: Stargazer and Sandie have cams up too?
vlady6us: r u leaving lynne
beadyeyedbrat: Happy NY
beadyeyedbrat: Sandie does
lvmypolymerclay: yep
beadyeyedbrat: Looks like Jean does, but I didn't get
a reply to request.
vlady6us: night lynn happy new year
bluebell5071: who is Stargazer?
nndewbre: that's three, now who is four?
posey4u: nitey lynn
norajean_sf: Happy new year Lynn
lvmypolymerclay: thanks Sandie....happy NY to you too
nndewbre: HNY Lynn
norajean_sf: stargazer_sbpcg
lvmypolymerclay: Thanks Posey and NJ
beadyeyedbrat: Jen, NJ, Sandi and Stargazer
lvmypolymerclay: and everyone else : ). MIght be back
in DH falls asleep fast
vlady6us: cool lynn
lvmypolymerclay: till then.......poof
lvmypolymerclay has left the conference.

lunytuner: Thanks Sandie! What are you making?
vlady6us: gonna make another bowl
lunytuner: Kewl! I Love the pattern and colors!
vlady6us: right now im smoothing cane slices really
nndewbre: Thanks for letting me in Sandie
norajean_sf: sorry about that. I had to send someone
vlady6us: ty...that is gonna be the outside
vlady6us: yw nn
vlady6us: cool jenny
raven_hill_wench: NJ what do you use for skin color?
nndewbre: Wow, thanks Stargazer
vlady6us: tumbling block jenny?
lunytuner: That is looking really nice Jenny. The
colors are so vivid!
pcajenny: yup
nndewbre: now I have a question
nndewbre: how do we have room to write
vlady6us: lol
nndewbre: I can see I am going to have to have another
pcajenny: next color!
lunytuner: Hee hee...had that same question in an old monitor with small screen... this
whole web cam, chat, communication thing just blows me
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to sculpt a face, starting
with the face grid. I'll get that link.
minimadness423: Sandie...finally a use for all those
AOHell CD's they send out!!!!
vlady6us: me too
pcajenny: brb
bluebell5071: I use CD's to make sun catchers
vlady6us: jean...will u turn on cam for me please
vlady6us: cool bluebell
minimadness423: Dang putting spikes in the
head of a PC voodoo doll?????  Who do you have on your
mind????  =))
wwpeabody: ok,back from dinner what I miss
raven_hill_wench: lol

nndewbre: If you don't have four cams on that's what
you missed
vlady6us: ty jean
minimadness423: it does look like that doesn't it?  or
do I just have too much caffeine on board???????
wwpeabody: there is 4 now
bluebell5071: Stargazer will you turn on cam?
lunytuner: Hey Peabody darlin! Happy New Year to you!
raven_hill_wench: yeah it does look like that
wwpeabody: and a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Luny
raven_hill_wench: I only have 3 who am I missing?
nndewbre: stargazer?
nndewbre: Sandie?
bluebell5071: NJ I dont think your cam is working for
me. Do I need to exit and get back on?
lunytuner: Peabody...NJ is going to do a face
sculpt...Jenny is doing a quilt and Sandie is making a's rocking around here!
pcajenny: bk
nndewbre: and stargazer has some blocks
raven_hill_wench: ok now I have 4
raven_hill_wench: glad I can multi task
bluebell5071: I still dont have 4
norajean_sf: whew
norajean_sf: my typing got weirded out after that link
vlady6us: do u have mine bluebell?
lunytuner: I sure heard that NJ!!
bluebell5071: yes
norajean_sf: Stargazer/Jean I was trying to get your
cam, server busy, I'll try again
bluebell5071: I have Sandie, Jenny and NJ
wwpeabody: whos cam am I missing have NJ,Sandies,and
raven_hill_wench: you are missing stargazers
vlady6us: stargazer has hers on but i dont think she
is working on anything at the moment
wwpeabody: ok
norajean_sf: Server's busy it says for Stargazer
raven_hill_wench: I just got stargazers, maybe I made
the server busy
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to sculpt this face. So I
won't be able to read or type unless I put it down.
norajean_sf: for those who are interested in face
sculpting, are you ready?
norajean_sf: or do  you need to go potty?
bluebell5071: NJ I dont know if your cam is on for me
bluebell5071: I dont see any movement
You have invited bluebell5071 to view your webcam.

lunytuner: I'm ready...may have to tuck  Stan and the
dog to bed in a few but I'll be here.
norajean_sf: Oh I'm typing and wrestling anacondas
here, no movement on the cam
raven_hill_wench: ok Im ready
posey4u: need to potty wine is going right thru me
bluebell5071: ok
norajean_sf: I'm fixing to make a move.
raven_hill_wench: ooh a glass of wine sounds good
norajean_sf: and I do a couple of faces so if you miss
something I'll do it again. Ok?
lunytuner: EVerybody duck...hee hee
posey4u: I even had cheese & a pear yum yum
raven_hill_wench: ok
nndewbre: I'm ready for face sculpting but it doesn't
look ready. Ah there you are
nndewbre: do you have foil in that NJ
lunytuner: Sandie...I can't tell but I am assuming
that you are cutting the cane slices very
vlady6us: yes i am michele
vlady6us: as thin as i can
lunytuner: Thank you Sandie!
vlady6us: and because im layering some of them im
rolling them out more often
lunytuner: That makes good sense!
vlady6us: most of my work doesnt need much sanding
lunytuner: That's the best most of the work
on the raw clay - less sanding later!
vlady6us: got that right
lunytuner: LOL!
lunytuner: Sculpting and extruding and rolling, oh
my...I am plumb out of breath just watching all this.
vlady6us: lol
raven_hill_wench: Im watching all this and playing on
my own
nndewbre: Having them all open DOES slow down the
picture tho'
lunytuner: So does dial up ...hee hee
bluebell5071: I never got Jean's open.
vlady6us: shes not doing anything bluebell
nndewbre: I had to close two so I could watch NJ
raven_hill_wench: I need some of those tools NJ is
using....rubber tipped paint brushes?
nndewbre: me too
lunytuner: Clay shapers
lunytuner: That looks super Sandie!
bluebell5071: their expensive
raven_hill_wench: where can I get some? havnt seen
them at my craft shop
lunytuner: Karen at Clay Alley has them
raven_hill_wench: ok thank you
lunytuner: Good prices always ytoo!
vlady6us: now i have two ready to bake
lunytuner: Typonese error
raven_hill_wench: I can read typonese, Im very fluent
myself lol
lunytuner: so funny too!
lunytuner: Awesome face NJ! Really!
bluebell5071: it sure is
norajean_sf: Ok, I'll take questions and do it again.
raven_hill_wench: and done so quickly!
nndewbre: What size are your clay shapers NJ
nndewbre: Takes me two days to do that much
norajean_sf: by using the face grid I know where the
features are going to go
norajean_sf: zero, 2 and big boy
norajean_sf: I don't know
raven_hill_wench: thats probably where I have been
going wrong, never used a face grid
lunytuner: I worked on a face and I spent 4 days just
doing the nose...sigh...
norajean_sf: Oh someone just shot off a firecracker,
made me jump
norajean_sf: Let me show you a nose trick
norajean_sf: ok?
pcajenny has left the conference.

norajean_sf: noses are triangles
lunytuner: ARe you gonna mug us again NJ? hee hee
raven_hill_wench: lol
norajean_sf: we lost PCAJenny?
vlady6us: yep
pcajenny has joined the conference.

posey4u: her cam is still on
norajean_sf: she's coming back
vlady6us: wb jenny
pcajenny: oops
raven_hill_wench: are you pushing up the clay to make
the nose or pushing down the clay around the nose?
norajean_sf: Jenny add some other ClayMates to your
Friend's list so if that happens again you can IM them
if I'm turned away from the monitor
norajean_sf: Let me show you the nose trick
nndewbre: I have been adding the nose
pcajenny: I do have them, but asked you anyway!  LOL
norajean_sf: now a nose is a triangle under neath
lunytuner: Another bowl Sandie?
norajean_sf: from the front
vlady6us: yeah. but this one will take a bit longer
norajean_sf: after you form the triangle you poke the
nostril and pull sideways
norajean_sf: look
vlady6us: gonna do one side all with small leaf canes
bluebell5071: Sandie, I love the way you do that. Ive
got to try it.
lunytuner: Terrific! What a way to spen New Year's
Eve...and no hangover in the morning!
vlady6us: its really fun bluebell
bluebell5071: such a pretty bowl
minimadness423: Sandie...don't put a motor on that will shoot clay across the room...LOL
raven_hill_wench: I agree luny, Ive never had so much
fun on new years
vlady6us: did u see the finished ones bluebell
bluebell5071: just that last one
vlady6us: thats jenny with the extruder
vlady6us: i have 7 finished ones bluebell
bluebell5071: wow
minimadness423: oops...looking at one and typing to
the other...I need nuther drink...making a Dr. Pepper
run folks
pcajenny: lol
bluebell5071: ohhhhhhhh my goodness how pretty
bluebell5071: awesome
norajean_sf: so that's the nose trick
raven_hill_wench: thanks NJ
minimadness423: I saw that Jenny...what's in the
bluebell5071: wow
lunytuner: Those are absolutely gorgeous! I read about
the bowlse log sent to the list ..that's what made me
break down and
norajean_sf: make a triangle from the front and below
then drill nose holes and pull sideways
minimadness423: didn't look like Dr. Pepper to
bluebell5071: I cant wait to try that
pcajenny: well the DH brought it to mee
minimadness423: that's it...that looks better than Dr.
Pepper any day
bluebell5071: those are sooo pretty
pcajenny: and it's NOT Dr. Pepper
bluebell5071: Ive only used the cd's for the
suncatchers so far

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